Introducing the Onyx wireless controller from Hori, available for PS4 next week

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Introducing the Onyx wireless controller from Hori, available for PS4 next week

From 15th January it joins our expanding range of officially licensed controllers for PS4

Last October, we announced we were bringing a new range of officially licensed controllers to PS4. Designed to work seamlessly with all PlayStation 4 consoles (including PS4 Pro) and give gamers more ways to play, we wanted to offer a range which reflected the community’s diverse playstyle and help introduce new people to the great games and entertainment available on PS4.

In this spirit, we are pleased to present the latest addition to our range, the Onyx Wireless Controller from Hori, which will be available across the region* from 15th January.



In addition to featuring all core controls and direct Bluetooth connectivity**, the Onyx packs into its broad grip design a touch pad, dual vibration motors and offers asymmetrical sticks. As a result, this latest addition to our growing range makes it easier than ever for gamers to find a controller that suits their unique playstyle.



Let us know in the comments section which officially licensed controller you’re most interested in, and find out more about other PS4 Accessories here.


*Check with local retailers for availability.

** USB cable not included. To charge the controller, use the USB cable supplied with the PS4 system.


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  • Looks good but will wait for other colours.

  • Come to us Xbox players!

  • Wireless is inferior, so that’s a no.

    Left analogue stick is in the wrong place, so that’s a no.

    Lightbar is required for some VR games, so that’s a no.

    • You can use it in wired mode.

      Most people prefer the Xbox layout. Standard PS4 layout is decent, not great.

      Lightbar is useless IMO. I have PSVR. Not impressed with PSVR anyway. Which games?

      Luckily, no-one is forcing you to buy it. I will tho. DS4 feels so bad in the hands after using the Xbox One / Elite controller.

    • “Most people prefer the Xbox layout.”

      A lot of people MIGHT prefer it but I doubt MOST do.

    • Nice point, I’m pretty sure the dualshock 4 v2 with cable connection is more pro than these ridiculous controllers :)

    • Are you kidding? The XBox pads are uncomfortable crampy crud in comparison to the DS4.

    • This ☝? I use lots more my PS4 that X1S, but man Sony went South with DS4, five my DS4 has lost all thumbs and one just went AWOL…

      XBone1 I use Elite controller what is something else that DS4, I don’t expect this HORI to be nothing new under the sun, but Man (or woman) can hope right?

    • I hate xbox controllers! This is def a waste of money for me! Wow Sony! Just wow! It also looks like I need huge hands to hold it! Why did you stray from the reg design!! It fits perfect in my hands! And no pink!? There are a diverse group of gamers including FEMALES!! I don’t want a controller that looks like it belongs in a gym!

    • You know HORI designed this right? Not Sony.

    • Hori designed it but Sony is advertising the product…

    • Some of us don’t have baby hands.

    • “a lot of people MIGHT prefer it but I doubt MOST do.”

      uh, I would honestly lean towards ‘most’ rather than ‘might.’ Part of the reason this came in to existance was the fact that most (yes, MOST) pro eSports players (people who spend more time with a controller in hand than you do) have complained like crazy when having to switch from XB1 to PS4, where as the other way around there’s been complaints but they die quickly due to people adjusting so well to the new controller. This was what led to SCUF creating the SCUF Impact controller for PS4, it’s increasing sales of which helped lead to sony finally listening and creating a controller like this. There is a science to controller design and it’s effects on average hands over time, and quite simply, XB1 got it right. This is what happens when you do more than just make games, you heavily QA and experience test your peripherals. While I tend to use the impact for ps4, i’m stoked to see this is now an option for many friends looking for a controller like this who may not be able to shell out on the price of a scuf at the moment. Well done, playstation.

  • I already have a Nacon Revolution Pro for my preferred XBox-style stick layout, but it’s nice to have a wireless option too. Any word on RRP?

  • Yeah the left stick in that position is an immediate turn-off for me, personally.


    • Yes of course you can. Just add 1 hardware (dualshock 4 wireless adapter) and 1 software (input mapper). So you can play all pc games with this controller on your pc.

  • Great. Tired of my DS4. Xbox layout is way better.

    Can it be used on PC too?

  • R u kidding kidding with us?

  • can i use a headset with this controller?

  • XBox stick placement is awful. Never made any sense to me. Symmetry is best

    • I disagree but we’re all different.

    • It is awful. I’m pretty sure that design was done because the Xbox dpad is so bad they tried to push it further away..

    • Xbox One layout is far better. Which is why most good controllers uses that, and not DS4 layout. Nintendo use Xbox One layout on Switch Pro Controller…. Feels way more natural and precision is better.

    • Actually, Nintendo have gone back to the GameCube controller layout that Microsoft copied for the x box controller.

    • Xbox and GC came out pretty much the same time?

    • and out loud, his (Carnivous prime, above) statement * almost * makes sense on paper… until you realize no one uses their hands symetrically, everyone’s got a dominant hand, in addition to the fact that your thumbs move with less precision or more based on how low or high they are when your hands are curved, which is why a stick typically used for camera control would be placed lower than a stick used for movement. A great example of these muscle differences is similar to the base-of-thumb method for judging meat doneness. Touch your left thumb to your left index finger, then with your right hand press into the big base between your palm and the bottom of your thumb on the left hand. Now touch your left thumb to your pinky and feel the difference in firmness in that same spot and how the muscles have changed. As I’ve said in another post in this thread, there’s something to be said for the science of controller design and hand fatigue.

  • Id love one how much are the going to be

  • Woow so ugly. Maybe the price to be very competitive other wise o don’t see a reason to buy this think. Only Xbox symmetry and Bluetooth for me it’s not enough. I will stick with cable but lots of goodies on my nacon pro.

  • Finally a custom wireless controller. It’s just a shame the sticks aren’t symmetrical, I really wanted to try out one of those high quality third party controllers.

    • They aren’t symmetrical because most people don’t like them to be symmetrical. Look in game forums. People generally hate the DS4 layout and highly prefer Xbox One layout. The Switch Pro Controller also uses Xbox layout… Most good controller does.

  • Prefer to have a DS4 Elite controller. Come on Sony pull your finger out!!!

  • What is the battery life?

  • But still no decent media controller, and I have to watch movies with a game pad. Pathetic.

  • I do like the design but I don’t like the fact that it looks to much like a Xbox controller

    • Why? Xbox One has a much better layout than DS4.

    • No, it does not.

    • Yes it does. Which is why Microsoft and Nintendo both use it. Feels way more natural and precision is better. A stock Dualshock controller is pretty bad. Modding can make it decent tho; Quality thumbsticks (not rubber add-ons) and grip.

      The only people that seems satisfied with DS4 stock, has smaller than average hands.

    • Buddy calm down what’s the point of saying the same thing to so many people, if they like the symmetrical approach better so be it. Why do you even care so much.

    • Because reasons.

  • Will this require a dongle like the over ear headset?

  • I’m more interested in HORI Tactical Assault Commander GRIP. After playing with SplitFish FX on PS3 I’m quite close to buying it. Could use an article here describing it for more people. It’s officially licensed so there should be no problem in promoting it.

    I currently own Mini Gamepad which is useful for handicapped people as well.

  • Hope this third-party controller is of a better quality then the original ps4 ds4. But hori has served me with fighting sticks for quite some years and never let me down. This might just be wth I need to play tekken 7 at its best.

    But can I wire it like a DS4(2016) to lessen the input lag even further?

    Also, since its an HORI it should be good and responsive for fighting games right?

  • Looking at this controller made me vomit, let alone USE one!

  • Left stick is perfectly placed for me… the four face buttons are placed where they are because that is the perfect place for the right thumb, as most games uses the left stick to control movement it makes sense for the left stick to be opposite them.

    • If you use the left stick with your thumb, with this position you’re unable to use the dpad with your fingers at the same time.

      So for example, in Nioh you can’t use the items while moving, or change equipment in Dark Souls or countless other examples.

      So it’s a big downgrade.

    • Yeah i agree, the left stick is placed perfectly.

      This layout is way more comfortable than the standard ds4 layout. Looking forward to this controller

    • You use the right joystick more often (to look around) than the facebuttons, so it’s a priority imo, and should be where the facebuttons are (since that’s where your thumbs naturally end up with this design). I never understood the appeal of unalligned joysticks.

    • @Stonesthrow: What games are you playing… outside a few open world games the right face buttons get used way more than the right stick… the position of the stick on the Dualshock just smacks of laziness .

    • @MiseryPrincess: For you maybe… I rarely use the D-pad for anything that where speed is important… change weapons or heal in Fallout maybe, but most of the time it’s in the way… left stick opposite the face buttons makes way more sense.

    • uhm, what games are you playing? Some sidescroller indies? You use the right stick to look around as much as the left stick to move. That goes for TPS, FPS and most modern games in general. Facebuttons are just for reloading or jumping or whatever, which ofcourse are important inputs as well, but not CONSTANTLY used like for moving and looking around. Sort of like how you conceive the D-pad, the facebuttons are important, but not more important than the actual joysticks and as such, don’t need your thumbs on it all the time.

    • Modern games generally make more use of the shoulder buttons than the “face” buttons for most things. Basically any FPS uses R2 as fire, driving games use R2 as accelerate, even games like DS2 and Monster Hunter use the shoulder buttons for combat. If the games do use the face buttons, they generally also use the Dpad.

      The other big problem with the layout is if you do use the upper controls, there isn’t a proper hand grip, not that there is one anyway. If you don’t have stubby little fingers there’s nowhere to put them. At least it doesn’t have the horrible battery pack I suppose.

  • Finally! It seems to tick all the boxes for me.

  • No headphone jack? I thought it was just the phones… soon the still relevant and useful headphone jack will be eradicated.

    • You know that audio thru headphone jack has really lousy quality right? Low bitrate, to reduce latency. And using it, will further increase input lag on controls.

  • why this look like Xbox controllers, i aint mad,juss the design too close

    • Because the Xbox One controller is far superior to DS4 for most people. Especially people with larger hands. Using DS4 for extended periods of time hurts and precision sucks. DS4 needs modding to be decent.

  • So basically it’s an Xbox controller. Okay…

  • Releasing new licensed products is cool but how about supporting them? Nacon Revolution Pro controller is amazing but there isn’t a native PS4 app that take full advantage of it; it needs a PC, which defeats the whole purpose of a PS4 controller…

    • Everyone has a PC. Who cares. You only need the PC if you want to change controls and it supports several profiles. How much can you customize the DS4 from the PS4? haha.. Volume.. Light Bar..

  • I’m still convinced that Sony allow these…things…purely to make the basic DS4 look so much better in comparison.

    This is just a crappy layout crappy xbone controller (so crappy grips) without headset (so no communications) or lightbar support (so wont work with all games), and is probably much more expensive and crappily made.

    The only good Hori controller is the Slime one.

  • I need xbox layout, I got a ps4 at Christmas but it’s been nearly unusable for me due to the controller. Interesting timing though, Brook has just launched an xbox adapter so I could use my xbox elite on the ps4, but neither that nor the horzi seem to be available in Australia. Basically whoever can sell it here first I’ll buy lol.

    • Get a Scuf impact mate. The analogues are in the same place as DS4 but it has an Xbox shape and paddles like an Xbox Elite controller. As well as replaceable analogues.

    • Scuf impact is bad and overpriced. I’d rather mod an original DS4 if you prefer the sticks like that (with Xbox Elite sticks, easy).

      Nacon Rev Pro 2 (wired) or Hori Onyx (wireless) for Xbox layout. Much better choices.

  • damn it! I’ve just bought regular DS4 last month! and that onyx looks lit AF!

  • I love PS4 world

  • If it has a bigger battery life I’ll get it. Otherwise, I’m not wasting my money.

  • I don’t know about you guys but seeing the ps buttons on an xbox controller somehow feels sad…

  • Possibly even more ugly and unhandy than the real Xbox controllers… And what’s the point anyways? The Playstation controller on PS4 practically is half an Xbox controller with the bigger handles, flat joysticks, larger size and ridiculous priority of triggers over shoulder buttons. They ruined their own controller to appease the competition, great way of showing love to your lifelong fans, Sony… Maybe you could charge us for bad online experiences on top of that, too. Oh wait…

    • Unhandy? You got baby hands? Symmetrical sticks sucks for aim/precision. Asymmetrical sticks feels more natural. Which is why both Microsoft and Nintendo uses it.

      DS4 without modding, is terrible.

  • Well, damn. I just put down $150 for the Nacon Pro 2 controller. At least that extra money is going to the 2 extra buttons on the back….fml.

  • Why have they made a pad that looks like the Xbox controller I mean that bad is one of the worst around and this just looks like itnwoukdnbe just as uncomfortable to hold someone shoukd bring out e next generation of the N64 controller

    • N64 controller! Most brilliant Nintendo controller ever. The only controller that made shooters like Goldeneye and Perfect dark feel perfect, with only one joystick. I have seriously been wishing for something similar since the Wii, that has had nothing but gimmicky controllers ever since :(

    • Microsoft and Nintendo uses the layout that most people prefer.

  • okay, so let me get this straight: We ask for a PS4 pro controller, thinking of back paddles because we dont’ want to deal with expensive and cheap customer service from the likes of Scuf… and we get an officially licensed pad with no back paddles? I think we have enough options in that regard… or is it supposed to have backpaddles? can’t see it mentioned anywhere…

    • I believe the Raiju and the Nacon provide back paddles and are “Pro” controllers and officially licensed. Not sure what else you want?

    • Nacon Rev Pro 2.. Or mod your DS4 – Stock DS4 is terrible anyway.

    • Okay, So you’re telling me the only way to get backpaddles is to have either a defect controller (I know what I’m talking about, I got 3xNacon Rev 1 and 2 times Nacon Rev2, exchanged them all everytime because of joystick issues and very bad triggers) which costs 2 the price of a normal DS4, or a controller which costs 4 times a normal DS4 which I did not buy because it is just too expensive for wanting 2 backpaddles.

      Those are some NOICE options we got there. I just want the classic DS4 with 2 backpaddles for around 80 dollars tops. I don’t see the point in having to spend so much just for 2 backbuttons and have the rest of the controller not work properly!

      I build one myself by modding an older controller of mine to test this. It worked out for a while but I’m an amateur, I don’t have the skills to make a product of quality like Sony could. But I had to spent 15€ on top of an old controller of mine to make it work. There would be longer lag input and my controller, due to being old, stopped working altogether. I could remake one myself but I would actually prefer if Sony would just finally decide to do it themselves, they know that the demand is there, there is no reason for them not doing it.

  • How much will it cost? And will it be compatible with remote play?

  • it probably doesn’t work with the charging stadion, and no headphones is kind of stupid i think

  • [DELETED]. The Xbox community is alittle more positive… Either way the Xbox controller is what I miss most about my xbone. So I gladly welcome this product.

  • Wow, how did no one notice this is basically Hori’s pro controller for the Nintendo Switch, just with PS buttons lol

  • Want! Bring to US, please!

  • If you’re looking to add paddles to your DS4, try the Collective Minds Dominator Strike Pack (more on that below).

    As to this controller: I played on Xbox 360 from its launch to the launch of the PS4. I have to say that I liked the Xbox Controller, but I liked and like the DS4 a lot more. It felt great from the first time I touched it. I am also a great proponent of the triggers – for simple immersion, tapping a shoulder button to fire a weapon never felt as good as “pulling a trigger”. I’m not a competitive player, so I don’t mind the added time it takes to pull it all the way through, I just like how it feels.

    I don’t mind either thumbstick positioning, but I only would’ve been interested in this if it had paddles on the back – meaning a wireless PS4 controller with paddles that had a regular warranty. Scuf and the likes are expensive and, sadly, suffer from bad quality, not so great customer service, and a, frankly, laughable warranty time considering the price you pay.

    While the Nacon and Raiju “pro” controllers for PS4 offer additional buttons / paddles, I don’t like the placement of them – especially those additional buttons between the shoulder buttons on one of them. The Xbox One Elite controller comes with four paddles that are actually situated in a place where your fingers naturally end up (for me at least, but I hold my controller with the index fingers on the shoulder bumpers and my middle fingers on the triggers, and apparently not everyone does it like that). A similar setup for a licensed and wireless PS4 controller would be wonderful.

  • Right now, I am using the exceptional (and very cheap) Collective Minds Dominator Strike Pack for PS4, which basically adds two greatly placed, and instantly programmable paddles to your DS4 via a plug-in dongle (you just snap the device onto your DS4), but it also makes the controller wired and can only be used with their proprietary USB cable due to a custom plug (and that’s only 3m long).

    But it costs less than a new stock DS4, comes with a year-long warranty (I’ve had mine for 14 months now and no issues), and I’ve had great experiences with their customer support (I have an email thread of over 80 back and forth mails, 10 of which contained specific questions they answered at length before the Dominator even released).

    They have by now updated the device to allow you to swap any two buttons on the fly, released additional software to let you program even more elaborate remappings and not just swappings (including stick sensitivity and deadzone adjustment), and are very open to suggestions.

    Yes, the Strike Pack comes with “Mods”, basically cheating software – I wish it wouldn’t, as I think most people just want cheap paddles, and the Mods and updating them requires dev time they could spend elsewhere, in my opinion (like storing different mappings on the device).

    But you don’t have to use the mods, there’s a Tournament mode that just allows remapping and the paddles.So if you’re looking to add fully programmable paddles to your DS4 in an easily affordable way and don’t mind that it will then hang on a 3m cable (and if you are willing to jump through a very few hoops when starting your PS4), the Dominator Strike Pack is something you might like to take a look at.

    I don’t normally endorse things in this way, but I have been looking for a good and affordable controller option with paddles for a long time before I found the Dominator, and since it’s not really well-known in Europe, I thought I would mention it.

    And I am very, very happy with it.

  • No thanks I already have a Xbox controller

  • It looks awesome! Will it ever come to the U.S? My wallet awaits…

  • Oh look another controller PS4 controller that looks like an Xbox controller, cool No THANX. Can we get an PS4 Elite controller that is like a PS4 controller like you know the xbox elite controller is like an xbox controller, not this imitation of an Xbox controller stuff….

  • I want this thing so bad for my PC.

    • Not sure it has PC support. Hori don’t even have the product listed on their website.

      Nacon Rev Pro 2 would probably be a much better choice. Full PS4 and PC support. Wired tho.

  • Oh Hori, Hori……Sooooooo close to knocking out the park…

    sadly…THE only reason I’m not buying….no 3.5 jack so I can’t use my main gaming headset to stream to my channel…

    was so looking forward to trying this and reviewing , sadly not gonna happen,

    so when or if you do 2.0…please, get the jack on it…?

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