15 things you probably didn’t know you could do in your PS4 settings menus

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15 things you probably didn’t know you could do in your PS4 settings menus

Get the most out of your PS4 and customise your experience with our tips and tricks

If you’ve ever immersed yourself in your PS4’s settings menus you might have noticed that your experience with the system is highly customisable. From remapping your Dualshock 4 control scheme, to changing the type of Notifications you see on screen, there are a huge array of tweaks you can make to ensure everything is just as you like it. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to get you started…

1. 3, 2, 1… SHARE!


Timing is essential to take perfect screenshots. The “Easy Screenshots” feature under [SHARE Button Control Type] in the [Sharing and Broadcasts] menu allows you to capture images with a single click of the SHARE button. We definitely like the “Press and hold” alternative of the “Standard” option but we find the single click one faster and more precise.

2. Eyes on the prize

We want to bring the entertaining experience of PlayStation 4 to the broadest audience possible, which is why the system has some features designed to help visually impaired players.


Under [Accessibility] you will find options such as “Invert Colours”, “Larger Text”, “Bold Text” and “High Contrast”. With “Zoom” you can enlarge a portion of the screen by pressing the PS and the Square buttons at the same time, navigate the screen with the left stick, revert back to the original size of the image by pressing the Circle button when you’re done and jump back in the action. This could prove particularly useful for the games that have menus and interfaces that can be read in between action sequences.

3. Your DS4, your controls


Also in [Accessibility], you’ll find “Button Assignments”, which allows you to completely remap the buttons and the sticks of your Dualshock 4. The feature is primarily designed for mobility-impaired players but anyone can take advantage of it. Want to change the configuration of the buttons of a game that doesn’t have the ad-hoc option for that? “Button Assignments” is here for you.

4. The advantages of your primary PS4


Activate your PS4 as your primary system using the option “Activate as Your Primary PS4” in [Account Management] to extend the benefits of your PlayStation Plus subscription and the use of your applications to every user on your console (Family on PS4 filters still apply).

But hey, there’s also something in it for you, dear primary user! You can now enjoy the automatic download of your pre-orders and purchases from PS Store, as well as the option to connect to your PS4 through Remote Play from another device. Just don’t forget to leave your PS4 in Rest Mode.

5. Features available in Rest Mode

Sometimes I wonder what I would do without the handy options in [Set Features Available in Rest Mode] under [Power Saving Settings]. Well, my Dualshock 4 would constantly be out of power, for starters!


  • Activate “Supply Power to USB Ports” and plug your DS4 into the console after your gaming sessions to have it fully loaded and ready for your next adventure.
  • Select the checkbox “Keep Application Suspended” to enter Rest Mode without closing any applications; the next time you use PlayStation 4 you will be able to jump right back in the action where you left off, without any loading times.
  • But the crown goes to “Stay Connected to the Internet” that enables the download and upload of data while your system is sleeping. Upload saves to your PS Plus cloud storage and download firmware or game updates automatically; turn on PS4 from a network; manually start downloads on the go using PlayStation Store on any web browser… it works like a charm!

6. What’s that lock?


Have you ever seen a little lock in the thumbnail of a game in the dashboard that makes it unplayable? It means that something went wrong with the license that you purchased on PlayStation Store. There’s no need to call the locksmith – just use the option “Restore Licenses” under [Account Management] and after a quick synchronisation with PSN, your game will be available again.

7. Please do not disturb


  • Want to have more control over which notifications you see on screen? The [Notifications] menu allows you to choose the kind of alerts you receive and also gives you the option to turn them off entirely during the playback of a movie by ticking “Disable Pop-Ups While Playing Video”.
  • Have loads of friends on PSN but only want to be informed when your best buddies go online? Use “Notifications When Friends Go Online” and select their IDs to tailor the alerts around the friends that you care the most.

8. Log-in options


  • If your PS4 is shared by several users but you are the one that uses the console the most, you might want to check [Login Settings] to make the login process a little bit more personal. Enable “Log In to PS4 Automatically” to skip the user selection screen when firing up the console.
  • “Login Passcode Management” lets you create a four-digit pin code for improved security and privacy.
  • A special treat for those of you with PlayStation Camera: tick “Enable Face Recognition” and your system will recognise your face and automatically log you in.

9. “Hi, my name is…”


Do you know that you can give your PS4 a name and even talk it? Check [System] menu and see for yourself. If you want to rename your console, perhaps because you have more than one PS4 in your house, just go to “System Information” and get creative.

And yes, we said that you can talk to your PS4. Activate “Operate PS4 with Voice” in [Voice Operation Settings] and exclaim “PlayStation!” to a microphone connected to the system (the internal mic of PlayStation Camera works as well), follow the instructions on screen and control the console with your voice.

10. Safety first


Are you thinking of trading in your PS4 to upgrade to a PS4 Pro? Don’t forget to do a back-up of your current system first and then initialise it to completely erase your private data from the hard drive. Use the option “Initialise PS4” under [Initialisation] and choose how deep you want the deletion to be.

  • “Quick” is the fastest option but your data could still be retrieved with the use of specialised tools.
  • “Full” takes several hours but guarantees a complete removal of every single byte of information related to you or the other users on the console. Be very careful because the process cannot be stopped and reverted!

11. This is for the Trophy Hunters


Have you ever wondered how the system calculates the rarity of a Trophy? A Trophy is considered Ultra Rare if the percentage of players who own the game and have earned it is 5% or below, Very Rare if the figure is between 5% and 15%, Rare if the portion is between 15% and 50% and Common when it goes beyond 50%.

Speaking of rarity, if you need a little help to unlock that Trophy that is driving you mad use the feature “Search Internet” in the quick menu by pressing the Options button on the name of the Trophy. This will automatically perform a Google search on the PS4 browser which makes it very easy to quickly read a guide (or watch a YouTube video about it) and go straight back to the action using the little trick detailed in pt.12…

12. Quick swap between apps

Double tap on the PS button to switch instantly between the last two applications that you were using. This trick works if you are playing a game and using native PS4 apps at the same time, such as PS4 browser, PS Store, What’s New, Live from PlayStation, Capture Gallery, PS Video, Communities, Events, Trophies and PS Plus hub.

13. PlayStation Plus hub


Want to have a quick picture of everything related to PS Plus? In the PS Plus hub (the first icon on the left of the PS4 dashboard) you can manage your membership, see your PS Plus games library, including the titles of the month, and check all the benefits and offers included in your subscription.

14. Alternative ways of typing


Point and click is not the only way to type words on PS4. Press R3 when the virtual keyboard is on screen, use the motion sensors of the DS4 to navigate smoothly between the letters and press X to type.

Want a faster method? Swipe your thumb on the touchpad and click on it when you are on the letter that you are looking for.

Special mention for keyboards – if you have a spare one, plug it into your PS4’s USB port and type away. You can even set your input language and user dictionary in the [Language] menu in the Settings.

15. Customise Quick Menu


Press and hold the PS button at any time and the handy Quick Menu will pop up on your screen for immediate access to frequently used features. By selecting [Customise], you can also personalise the slots with the settings that you use most.

And that’s a wrap ladies and gentlemen! We hope that you found the list interesting and don’t forget to leave your tips and tricks in the comments.

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  • i knew all of these.

    regarding 3.: that’s nice but unfortunately changes aren’t reflected anywhere in the UI so swapping buttons becomes confusing to use. it would be really nice if swapped buttons would show up correctly in in the UI and games. (for example if I switch X with O then throughout the UI it should tell me that X is for “back” and O is for “enter”)

    regarding 11.: why is it still not possible to sort the trophy list by anything other than ‘most recently updated’? c’mon sony, it’s possible on vita but still not on PS4 after more than four years. it’s so frustrating to find a game that I haven’t played in a while in that list. much easier on vita.

  • “4. The advantages of your primary PS4” I wish I could connect from my phone but I don’t wanna use Xperia so Sony maybe you start noticing that other makers sell 10x more smartphones than you?

    • didn’t it already work at some point on other phones and then they removed it again? or am I remembering that wrong?

    • It does actually work fine on a lot of Android phones. I had remote play running fine on my Samsung Galaxy S6 at one point, but you have to keep downloading the apk file every time it’s updated. It does seem silly to restrict to Sony phones. I have, however, since got a Sony Xperia just so I could remote play without the hassle. Shame it’s so laggy. Works fine on my Vita, and you’d think with only one phone officially supported they go all out at making it a flawless experience.

    • There are apps to use on iOS too to remote play but of course it would be nice if the Playstation app would do this automatically

    • Didn’t the folks that reverse engineered the APKs stop updating the APKs? I haven’t found one that works in a while.

    • There are some workarounds available, using Magisk. Basically it comes down totricking the Play Store into thinking you have a Xperia phone, so you can download and use the Remote Play app.

  • I knew all these but useful for new PS4 owners of which I’m sure there are plenty given that christmas just happened. :)

    My Xperia M4 Aqua got replaced by an Xperia XZ1 and I loves it but also I know have a Remote Play compatible phone. Also cos of the increased internal storage from 8GB to 64GB I can have plenty more apps in there including ones I would find useful but not need all the time.. which is why I now keep the PS App on there and used on christmas day to input a PSN voucher code browse the store for some games in the sale while waiting for christmas dinner at my folks far away from my PS4. :P

  • Sadly, 3) is not actual remapping, but button swapping. You cannot (easily), for example, remap L1 to the R1 Button, then SQUARE to the L1 Button. Right now, all buttons must have a designated output and no two buttons can have the same, which makes more complicated remappings very annoying to do. And you still cannot remap the triggers.

    As to showing switched buttons in games, that would have to be done by the game, I think. As in looking at the config file of the current accessibility remapping and then switching out button icons all throughout the game, meaning menus, tutorials (video and text), button prompts, on-screen or loading screen tips, etc., all of those would basically have to have place holders. While some games that allow in-game remapping do this, integrating the independent PS4 remapping is not a thing Sony can do.

    I wish it were mandatory for all games to have the option of complete control remapping, every single button, stick, and trigger, and then automatically integrate the changes.

    • Totally agree. I’m one of the rare few who loved No Man’s Sky, and it is, in my opinion, a perfect fit for remote play on the Vita. I really enjoyed the relaxing half an hour or so I used to fly about or do some mining before going to sleep – BUT – the lack of remappable controls meant that to boost your spaceship or use the mining laser which was assigned to R2, you actually had to touch the touch screen. All I wanted was to swap the L1&R1 to L2&R2 but the game just didn’t allow it. So easy to implement customisable controls on every game, but so many devs don’t do it.

    • You can definitely remap the triggers – I’ve set it up with L1&R1 switched with L2&R2, and then just switch the base level “button remapping” tickbox on or off depending on the game.

    • What id like to see is to be able to save the remapping for every game that the players wishes… It is frustrating to have to remap every time a game fires up… It would be also nice to individually choose the game that the remapping corresponds to and save it, so that it doesnt mess with the menus…

  • Surprised that with all of these, there’s not one mention of enabling two-step verification, given the importance of account security.

  • I wish I could invert the y-axis on the right stick of the DS on the Button Assignments menu. Some games don’t have the option, and I find them unplayable. Awful if you don’t know before buying!

    • Same here. If i can’t invert Y-Axis in a game, it becomes unplayable to me too.

      BTW: Even Nintendo always add Y-Axis swap in their games, because they know it must be there.

  • How to turn down the brightness of the DS4 should be step 1

  • Didn’t know #2 or #12. Should come in handy, thanks.

  • It would be nice if, when using the PS4 browser, it didn’t eat enough memory to crash games. Some games eat enough memory to crash anyway, but use of the browser really accents that it’s an issue. Having a game go slow or freeze entirely, locking up the console, is not a very easy way to look something up and get back to it.

  • Ok, but where’s the option to organise our video apps? I’m sick and tired of the apps I regularly use disappearing from my quick menu. I don’t use the Foxtel app. I never have. Why does that always appear and my Netflix or YouTube apps drop down the the sub menu?

  • I had no idea you could zoom in on a game! This is going to be VERY helpful for speech bubbles in cutscenes in Final Fantasy 14 :D

  • 15 things i could care less about … How about fixing direct connection between psvita and ps4 ? It is getting worse wih each update

  • Ok, I did not know about no. 11. Searching straight from the trophy is quite handy.

  • Hi,

    i dont know where to post it so i try here.

    I have PES 2017, which i played with my borther via shareplay, however, i cannot play this game via shareplay anymore and i think it could be because of PES 17 is no longer on psstore.

    why there are no older PES games on store, but fifa 15, 16, 17 is ?

    i buyed this game only for shareplay and now i cannot play it.

    • You need to both be PlayStation Plus subscribers to use Shareplay, seeing from the lack on PS+ icon on your profile, you’re not currently subscribed.

      Older PES games aren’t on the store because they never released digital versions for them for PS4.

    • i have his account as primary on my PS and he has PS PLUS, we played this game almost whole year 2017 as i buyed it digitally, but now it cannot be buyed anymore on ps store

    • If a digital game is no longer available, then it’s because the publisher has decided to remove it, or they no longer want to pay hosting rights to Sony.

      With all due respect, don’t be a cheapskate and buy your own physical version.

    • You do know there’s a bug whereby some of us don’t have the yellow + logo on our avatars despite being subscribers, right?

      I wonder if mine will appear again if I change my avatar from Until Dawn?

    • He doesn’t have PS+, his actual profile said as much, not here.

    • Ah OK I understand.

    • Do you know how I get my yellow + back?

  • Is there any way we could change the side notifications appear on screen. Top right hand side is best for notifications to appear. Top right hand side is worse because that is where maps and radars are on the games I play. And with group chats people get carried away with spamming my notifications. So turned them off and keep missing messages people send me and invites. Just something that kinda ruins my gaming experience now. It worked on PS3 on top right of the screen. Don’t know why someone thought it was a good idea to change to the top left.

  • Number 3 need some per game options and stick inversion.

  • Rebuilding database is a life saver , good tips!

    • Rebuilding Database is good but I do not use it often as it seems to mess with the folders – used it twice since folder s were introduced and after using found a lot of games did not return to the folders they had been in. The number not restored to the folders was quite substantial. I am not saying this would happen to everyone but did to me.

    • Well that’s what Rebuild Database is for, it reverts everything back to factory default, so yes, it deletes any custom folders, it’s not a bug, it’s intentional.

    • I disagree as some items end up in folders and some do not – if it was intentional then either all items would not be returned to their folders or they would all be returned to the folders.

      I want to warn people that it does neither! Again based on personal experience.

      I can’t see why rebuilding a database (I am a programmer) would set everything back to default surely the purpose is to return the database back to its current position removing any anomalies.

    • this is true. i have used the rebuild database and when i do the folders lose some of the contents, not all of them strangely, the folders themselves dont disappear, just the games i had in some of them have to be re-added, and seems random which ones

  • Good list. Maybe mention that one about holding down the PS Buttons and going to that section of the side menu where you want ALL the audio to come through any connected headphones.

  • I would like the ability to delete notifications again, this functionality was bizarrely removed a couple of updates ago and the ability to delete them is one of the most requested changes in the beta forums.

  • Ability to alphabetise the Trophy list please!

    And systemwide downsampling for 1080p displays on PS4 Pro.

  • #1 Please Add Easy Video Capture. (single press records video, no menus). its like Easy ScreenShots feature but with video.

    #2 Let us move/adjust the notification pop-up. worst possible position right now. 90% of games use that space for info

    #3 Let us add music to custom screen savers

    #4 Let us remove the TV/Video section entirely. or at least let us move it to a Folder

    #5 Let us delete any Trophy data we want.

    • There is easy video capture, you just double tap the SHARE button, it’s really not that hard to press it one more time.

  • I didn’t know about the search internet feature for trophies. When was it added? In which update? Or from the start?

    And the Quick swap between apps feature is good too. I was surprised there wasn’t a way to do it. Now that I know there is one, it that is great.

  • Most important things I want is an option to delete any game in the trophy list (thus eliminating the restrain to try out new things that are otherwise permantently in your list, even if you don’t like them) and more options to customize the what’s new section. I hate seeing those ugly, empty trophy pictures that friends decided to share. Personally I don’t share that stuff so it doesn’t bother others. But, obviously, the user should be able to customize what he sees in there, not his friends… Also, get rid of the pictures of random people in there.

  • All i want is to change icons and folders to transparent. I know some themes have it but i want it on my wallpapers too.

    It should be like it is on Vita and PS3 where you can mix and match parts of themes.

  • I knew all of this.

  • So many useless features and I still can’t remove a game from my trophy list!

  • Can’t delete notifications though… not even the sad spammers trying to phish personal info that I’ve reported by Sony seem happy to ignore.

  • Can we please have the ability to remove things from our library? I understand there’d be the danger of people deleting purchases, so limit removal to free content. Sick of mine being full of demos and betas. I just want to see my purchases in there.

  • Content sharing could really use an overhaul. I’ve got a PS4 and a PS4 Pro. And two PSN accounts (my brother and I) in a family, we’re both Plus members… yet, if we want to share games we need to resort to an extremely messy scheme with the master and aub-accounts. Families need to begin incoporating proper sharing of content, I seriously doubt I’m the only person in such a situation.

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