500+ games discounted in PlayStation Store’s massive January Sale

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500+ games discounted in PlayStation Store’s massive January Sale

Including Star Wars Battlefront II, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Fortnite & Persona 5

PlayStation Store’s biggest sale of the year is back, and it’s bigger than ever! The January Sale has hundreds of incredible offers available spanning PS4, PS3 and PS Vita until 19th January 2018*.

If it’s blockbuster’s you’re looking for, we have the likes of Star Wars Battlefront II, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Need for Speed Payback, Fortnite, Persona 5 and many more on offer**.

When it comes to add-on and Season Pass content, you can grab a bargain on Battlefield 1 Premium Pass, Wolfenstein II: The Freedom Chronicles Season Pass, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Expansion Pass, Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer, Tekken 7 – Season Pass** and more!

Got yourself a PlayStation VR headset? Save on top VR titles such as Superhot VR, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV, Arizona Sunshine. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard and more in the January Sale**.

We also have a host of digital titles available on offer for you to get stuck in to. Whether it’s Undertale, Grim Fandango Remastered, Firewatch, Euro Fishing or Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 there is a new adventure for everyone**!

There’s a lot on offer in the PlayStation Store January Sale… so much so we’re going to show you a selection of titles in each category, but you can head to the January Sale page on PlayStation Store to see the hundreds of offers available!

*Promotional end dates vary per product. Please see individual product pages on PlayStation Store for details
**Please note, some titles may not be available in your region

PS4 Games


VR Content

Digital titles

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  • Sweet! That’s what I’ve been waiting for! Thank you and happy holidays!

    P.S. Bye bye my wallet

  • Joyeux noel a tous.

    I hope next year’s PS+ IGC titles would be better. And more PS2 games, please.

  • Can’t wait to go check out the full list of deals. Nice to see a huge selection of stuff on offer, but maximum 60% off is kinda lame, could definitely do with better deals, guys.

  • Holy smokes. This time last year i bought a PS4 Slim and saved £200 on the sale. Looks like this year will be a repeat of that ? wowow! If onlyyy though MGS on Vita was on sale but hey.. Ratchet, Sly AND Jak trilogys will be mine tomorrow. I hope i can manage to play it all. Cant wait to have a proper browse of all the PS4 and Vita games in the morning.

  • No one I know are getting any Christmas presents from me this year.

  • Can you guys hurry the f up and put the full list of deals somewhere already? Just checked the psn store again and still no January sale listing.

    I want to give you my money but I can’t when you won’t let me see what’s on sale!

  • FINALLY you actually included Max Payne 3 for New Zealand! How many years did that take?!?

  • I love you playstation! Thank you for bringing down so many games on sale. SO MUCH MOOLAH TO SPEND!

  • Now we are talkin’

  • £11.34 for Friday 13th? I might be tempted now. :O And that’s just my first reaction… I’ve yet to have a proper browse through the whole sale. :O

    doh, still most of my wishlist games are not in the sale (for example really wanted Steamworld Dig 2 to be in sale) but a couple are.

    Oh Street Fighter V season passes are reduced! Season 2 for £11.99 instead of £24.99? Very tempted

  • For some reason I can only see mostly PS4 game sales being live, while a platform like Vita has… 15 titles on sale? How long is it actually going to take for the full sale to take effect, if it’s supposed to be over 500 titles?

  • finally some nice deals.

  • Thank you so much! Bit sad to see things like Job Simulator and Wayward Sky not getting a sale but I can wait! :)

  • Now this IS a sale! Well done and thanks! Merry Christmas everyone!

  • On the one hand, thank God you’ve finally remembered that the Vita and the PS3 exist.

    On the other hand, oh look, the “12 deals” games are on sale again, just like last year and the year before that, making the whole thing even more useless.

    And some games have been on sale for much cheaper even a few weeks ago, like the Nathan Drake Collection (which, by the way, only cost eight dollars on the US store a month ago or so).

    Eh, at least you tried this time. Maybe I will actually buy something. Merry Christmas.

    • “And some games have been on sale for much cheaper even a few weeks ago, like the Nathan Drake Collection (which, by the way, only cost eight dollars on the US store a month ago or so)”

      You do know that this team doesn’t run the US store? Comparing the price of the US store to the EU or any other region store is pointless.

      Also the Nathan Drake collection wasn’t this cheap a few weeks ago so why lie?

    • The Nathan Drake collection was 17,49 during the black friday sale 4 weeks ago vs. 19,99 now, check your facts before calling someone a liar.

      And I don’t think comparing prices with the US store is pointless. Why can’t this team arrange equally good deals as the US team? The games are digital so there’s no distribution costs driving up the price, I don’t see any reason why we can’t have prices like the US.

      I’m pretty happy with this sale overall but I agree with the points Axel_Mill makes

    • same price retail everyhwere.

  • Nice! I can now get all the rest of Hitman since I only have the intro pack! Oh no, wait a minute….I can’t because it’s mysteriously vanished from the store and I can only purchase the full game edition that, on a deal, is the same price as the standard Intro Pack upgrade! Way to treat your customers by removing content!? I was waiting for this sale to get the upgrade pack only to find that it literally isn’t there anymore!! Absolutely disgusting practice!!

  • But it’s not January yet

  • Definitely getting Rogue Galaxy for 72% discount. Witcher 3 GOTY too, maybe. Nice sale, btw

  • Now this is what I’ve (or rather: we’ve) been waiting for. Screw those 12 deals!

  • I got yesterday Horizon Zero Dawn, for 20 £ from ps store, I’m so happy now, my Christmas gonna be perfect

  • Yeah, huge sale…

    (Writer’s edit: “Ok, so they’ve added PS3 and Vita section with huge amount of titles, so now I will delete most of my comment)

    • Actually there ARE Vita discounts, but they’re impossible to find. For example, Mary Skelter for €20, Cold Steel for €8, Dancing All Night for €8, FFX for €12.49, the Miku games. The only way I could find them was by using the store’s search function.

      This sale’s actually a giant mess right now, I hope they fix it. If not, I suggest you try a website called PSPrices, if and when it registers all the current discounts.

    • Nevermind, they finally added the PS3 and PSV sections. 175 sales for the former, 117 for the latter.

    • @Axel_Mill thanks for giving me this info. I thought it was finished in state I saw it. I will edit my magical comment, but I was still mad for a 1,5 month we didn’t got almost any PS3 or Vita games, since Halloween.

  • raiden v and matterfall. christmas gonna be shooty.

  • Stop pushing Battlefront 2 on to us Sony, we arent going to buy it


    Can’t buy the other upgrade, because I have no season pass. I have the DISC!

  • Not bad Sony. Might pick up Trails of cold steel 2, for £6.99 seems rude not to.

  • Also, why are the ratings removed on the Vita store? It’s kind of annoying

  • I received a marketing email from Square Enix today saying that World of Final Fantasy is 50% off on the PS Store for both PS4 and Vita until the 5th of January.

    Currently only the Vita version has the discount, priced at £14.99. The PS4 version is still listed at £49.99.

  • Too bad Darkest Dungeon isn’t one of 500

  • Still no sale for Nier meh i think i will just buy physical copy

  • Lot of content but at all the same prices they have been in the previous sales. Only thing I’m still interested in is Fallout 4 pass and it’s still at 20 discounted, like it has been in the previous 10 sales. My wallet thanks you.

  • Decent! I picked up Edith Finch, Final Fantasy IX, The Sims 4 DLC and Just Cause 3 DLC!

  • Why is Dirt 4 now double what it was yesterday in this sale? This sale is a shambles!

    I’m waiting until January actually comes, they’re bound to add new deals.

  • Missed life is strange before the storm the other week so glad to see it again, will pick up sundered too

  • And why never see discount for the Seasson pass of Call of duty Black ops 3 ???!! Why Playstation !!Why !! T_T

  • I didn’t see Rime on the list but it’s 40% cheaper so I’m getting that.

  • Pleaseeeee Sony, check the TESO Morrowind DLC Upgrades… Now, it is more expensive to buy the Digital Upgrade (39.99 Euros for regular & 59.99 Euros for collector’s version) versus the Digital Full Game + Morrowind DLC (29.99 & 34.99 Euros). I received an email from Bethesda that said “upgrade and save a 50%”… however the store still with old prices… Thx in advance ;)

  • Hello Playstation blog team,

    First, I wish you all the best in 2018, keep up the good work :)

    Second, I would appreciate if You could tell me if the Star Wars – The Force Awakens (Ps4) videogame will be discounted like the other versions of the game?

    Thanks in advance

  • I feel that PlayStation has deprived people of being able to play for free without having to be members of PlayStation plus. They should’ve let things remain the same like they have for the ps3. When they see that people choose to stop subscribing being members they’ll lose sales besides people spend enough money on buying things from the PlayStation store without being deprived of being able to play with their friends.

  • I don’t understand why blog team cannot put prices next to name of a game.. like in us store.. it’s pain to open each title to see that price.. is it hard to use excell? Put prices for all eu regions.. it shouldn’t be so hard..

    Happy New year..

    • well, as for me, I check the list and pick 2-3 game only, then I look prices and buy only 1 best offer=))) or you buy the low price games only? =))) reminds me pay boxes or slots like https://affgambler.com/all-free-slots/ . Actually, if I have some games in my wishlist…I wait for minimum discount and buy it.

    • I am Sunday evening gamer.. I even haven’t finished crash bandicoot in a month, because I got other things to do, but slowly moving forward on it.. don’t care for most top rated games and so on.. If there is no good deal, than I can wait. Don’t think GT is worth 50euros.. If it falls dawn to 25 I think it will be good deal. Still need to finish wolfenstein 2nd part, after that my target will be wolfensteins new part.. So the price is better than sooner I’ll get it.. And while I waiting there is on my list gta, doom, diablo, and other cheap crap.


  • Please i need help i have 2 accounts in my ps4 this and an another one that contains alot of money in it but in the other account i can’t find january sale tge ps store is still stuck on the holiday sale week 4 but in the other account that contains 0 money it appears normally so if anyone knows how to fix it please tell me…please im bagging for help♡

    • well, probably you use 1 browser for both accounts. Use another one and log in to the account where you have money and be happy.

  • The Witcher 3 has been removed from the January sale? Cannot find it, it was there yesterday! Only full price versions available, can you confirm PS store pls?

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