PS VR exclusive One Piece: Grand Cruise lets you join the legendary Straw Hat crew

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PS VR exclusive One Piece: Grand Cruise lets you join the legendary Straw Hat crew

Explore the Thousand Sunny ship and fight off monsters in this tie-in to the popular manga series, out 2018

Hey everyone, I’m Florian Eichenauer working as a Product Manager for Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe. I’m very excited to tell you more on our upcoming title, One Piece: Grand Cruise. I’m very excited indeed since this experience allows you to discover what it would feel like to become a member of the Straw Hat Crew!

One Piece

This game was originally an experience only available at the Tokyo Tower in Japan, and we are now bringing it Overseas for all One Piece fans!

In this game, you will step onto the famous Thousand Sunny ship as a new recruit of the crew, and be introduced to the ship by the Captain himself – Monkey D. Luffy! What an honour to meet the Straw Hat in person, am I right?!

One Piece

After a little look around, you will be introduced to the various crew members. Each will have a specific activity related to them – so you’ll train to become stronger with Zoro or cook with Sanji, for example.

By choosing rooms to explore within the ship, players will be able to make choices to guide their own experience and feel what it’s like to be a pirate! But this is only the calm before the storm … Be ready to defend the Ship from the Marine, monsters and legendary foes of the crew ! (But then, this is just another day for a pirate.)

One Piece

One Piece: Grand Cruise will release exclusively on PS VR next year, and we’ll have more info to share every soon.

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