The Last Jedi hits Star Wars Battlefront II today – find out how DICE brought its locations to life

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The Last Jedi hits Star Wars Battlefront II today – find out how DICE brought its locations to life

Details on two locations from the film: D’Qar, a Starfighter Assault map, and a Galactic Assault battle on Crait

This is a pretty special week for Star Wars fans, isn’t it? Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits cinemas worldwide on Friday, and Star Wars Battlefront II The Last Jedi Season is available today, free* for all players.

Jump into the game and you’ll be able to play as Finn and Captain Phasma in multiplayer, try out new starships and vehicles, and explore the rise of The First Order in new chapters of the single-player in Star Wars Battlefront II: Resurrection.

Two locations from the films are included: D’Qar, a Starfighter Assault map set in space above a Resistance base, and a Galactic Assault battle on Crait. If you’ve seen any of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailers, you’ll recognise Crait immediately – it’s the one with the ski speeders kicking up red dirt and the massive AT-M6 walkers marching into battle. Yeah, that one.

Star Wars Battlefront II

What is it like to bring a location like this to life? Two developers weighed in, explaining the process.

“It’s a daunting task,” said Paul Keslin, Producer on Star Wars Battlefront II. “Since we’re taking inspiration from a movie that is actively being worked on, we need to work very closely with Lucasfilm on getting things right. Some of those things are obvious, like having giant AT-M6’s running through the level; but some of them are a bit more subtle, as in getting the proper type of rocks in the right spot on the map.”

Star Wars Battlefront II

But there’s more to it than nailing the look – you also need to hit that feeling. “Mainly, it’s about making sure we provide an authentic feeling of being on Crait,” Keslin explained. “And helping you play out a scenario that reminds you of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”

Peter Vesti Frendrup, Game Designer on Star Wars Battlefront II, said that working on Crait was both very exciting and very challenging. “Exciting because working with Lucasfilm on a new Star Wars location is the stuff of dreams and challenging because, for a level designer, a completely flat map with no cover is the stuff of nightmares. In the end, however, I think we found a great balance that is both true to the Star Wars universe, as well as fun to play.”

Star Wars Battlefront II

As a bonus for PlayStation 4 players, in celebration of this awesome week of Star Wars with The Last Jedi movie and free Season 1 content, we have two exclusive Star Wars Battlefront II themes that are available this friday for free download. One showcases the incredible detail of the Star Wars Battlefront II game art. The second named “Iden Theme” is a piece inspired by the challenges Iden faces in the game’s single player campaign.

Ready to check it out? All Star Wars Battlefront II players can jump in right now – we can’t for you to see it for yourself.

*Requires Star Wars Battlefront II (sold separately), all game updates, internet connection, EA account, and PlayStation Plus membership (each sold separately).

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  • Ow, a tumbleweed hit me in the face its so barren here lol.

    Please just give the license to somebody else who will give us a memorable, awesome Star Wars game like Amy Hennig was GOING to do but got cancelled.

  • Sorry EA, you pushed too far.

    Far too far.

  • Star Wars gamblefront!!! Gaming since Amiga 500, what is going on with games today??? Stupid loot boxes ! EA you greedy [DELETED]!

  • I was a huge fan of the last game, I never had a problem with the content and loved all the games modes…. So with Battlefront 2, on paper it looks good. They have more maps, more hero’s , a single player campaign, free content, more progression…. Yet to be honest it seems far less than the other game. Less Modes…. Where Extraction !!!!, cannot search for Maps, Haven’t even played on Hoth once yet, and I am currently level 13. The Story is average, but could of been so much more …. They some how messed it completely up….. All I want to do is play on the first one. I just hope they update the game into a version that I can enjoy. Otherwise I recommend staying with the old one, until this comes down in the sales.

  • EA you destroy everything you touch.

  • I know there’s a lot of competing pressures on you guys over at playstation but it would be great not to see products like this promoted on the blog. For the obvious reasons :) much love.

    • It would be nice to get out of the cycle of extreme levels of promotion of certain games like Battlefront, Horizon and Destiny 2 all get in general. Those things get waaay too much attention with articles weekly and sometimes multiple times in the same day about 5% off sales, new posters and the developer bought a tshirt.

      It’s not exactly like anyone hasn’t heard of them, and if they’re good games, they’ll sell themselves (which is why you should probably avoid all games with heavy promotion).

  • More lootboxes. No thanks.

  • Do you hear that EA? We are sick of you your greedy ass ways.

  • [deleted] it’s not just ea’s fault. this is on each and everyone who continues to [deleted] buy their [deleted] games and their [deleted] little loot crates, the 1 hour dlcs, [deleted],the pre order with 2 days early access to the open beta, the deluxe pre orders with some [deleted] golden weapon skin, [deleted]the super [deleted] deluxe pre order with that same [deleted] golden weapon skin plus the [deleted] bunny ears. gaming used to be pure, but ever since [deleted] in suits have take over triple a, it has become [deleted].

    • They’re basically just doing what they’ve been allowed to do by an over generous leash.

      People have given implied permission for gambleboxes by buying a pile of them in games such as Overwatch and many more before that. If we all said no to all paid boxes and microtransactions in all paid for games they wouldn’t happen anymore.

      People somehow forget it’s customers who hold all the power and supply all the income. We all need to stop giving our permission to commit anti consumer practices in all games. But, of course these kind of things will still get the permission of vulnerable people.

  • EA sucks, Star Wars sucks. Both used to be good and reliable. Now just crappy shadows of their former selves.

  • Enjoyed the first game despite the issues, but the whole lootbox gambling in this killed it for me. Taking my money to a developer that won’t try to exploit me.

  • im waited with worried

  • Nfs and battlefront 2 might not have been day one purchases but i would have purchased both within a few months. I might still give rhem a go. I will give you 20% of the asking price.

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