Everything you need to know about SHAREfactory’s latest update, out today

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New transitions, comic book-style, faster loading times and lots more

Today we’re pleased to announce a new SHAREfactory update – v3.00 – which includes new themes and a variety of features requested by the community, including camera effects and text/sticker animations.

First – we’re happy to add two new themes with this update. The first theme is a “comic book-style” theme, which is packed with content including three intro, title and outro clips, eight transitions, three backgrounds, 39 stickers and a comic style font. The second theme is a special one for our PlayStation fans. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Uncharted franchise from Naughty Dog, we’ll have a dedicated theme to honor this critically-acclaimed franchise.

The new update also includes seven new camera effects. You can use the new “Hollywood-style” effect to add more flair to your edits. Add quake, bounce, stomp, pulse and more to enhance your best gameplay achievements.


Additionally, SHAREfactory’s 3.00 update allows you to add custom animations to your text and stickers. You can choose from many different types of beginning, middle and ending animations on your overlays, as well as control the duration of your text and stickers.

Other features in this update include:

  • Improved video USB import feature to support more videos
  • Over 20 new transitions and two new filters
  • Audio ducking to automatically lower game clip volume when Commentary is present on Track 2
  • Improved load times
  • New Project view options including Zoom for easier editing
  • UX improvements


We appreciate the feedback from our fans and we’re always working to update the service by adding new features and enhancements that are highly requested by our fans. It’s always exciting to see how creative PlayStation fans are using SHAREfactory, and we look forward to more epic videos from the community. Have fun and happy editing!

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7 Author Replies

  • Thanks to the team for their continuing efforts in improving this software; much appreciated. I just wish more developers would supply themes for their games.

    • Thanks for the kind words. We think you’ll really enjoy this new update. We are working hard to have new Themes added and there are definitely more to come.

  • This video editing tool is one of best tools I have ever used…. and it keeps on getting better. Great work and support …. Well done guys !!!

  • Nice update.

    Btw, is it possible to implement mouse/keyboard support for that app?

    • Thanks! Regarding mouse and keyboard, I don’t think so. You can however, use the PS Mobile Companion App for keyboard entry.

  • Great video editor – genuinely a pleasure to use.

    Any plans to have options in future regarding the quality and length of GIFs? They seem quite short and of average quality, obviously you don’t want to create huge file sizes but for a short animation I don’t see why the quality couldn’t be a bit better. Or the ability to crop for that could help. It’s easier to capture an action scene in gif if I could just take the centre of the clip.

    • Thanks for the feedback and suggestion. We are always looking for ways to improve the experience. Enjoy the update! Glad you like the app. We love to hear it.

  • Don’t think I’ve ever actually loaded this thing in the over 2 years or so I’ve had a PS4. I’m not sure why. I may do so when I’ve got some free time and have a look. :)

  • Nice features. Now I just need a theme for GT Sport.

  • please add a way to delete individual themes. i believe it was possible in one of the earlier versions or am I remembering that wrong? Maybe I’m thinking of Xbox’s upload studio.

    Anyway..it makes it a much more difficult decision to try out new themes than it has to be because every time I try a new theme and don’t like it I have to delete the whole app and re-download everything.

  • Argh! Why is not the default of sticker duration set on the entire clip ?!

    And why everyone has text animation?

    please set the default text without animation and the full duration of the sticker.

    • Hey there, we added the default animations but they can easily be removed by going into the Animation Settings and selecting NONE for each. Thanks!

    • thank you for answer. and where can I find animation settings?

    • If you go into the Overlay Edit function, there is an option to change the duration. You can also use the D-Pad L&R to quickly extend the length. Thanks!

  • Still no support for lossless editing?

  • You guys removed a feature vital for my commentary on my shows I upload each week on youtube via live stream. I used to be able to play the gameplay I captured Fullscreen in sharefactory and record audio as I watched my the game play by doubletapping my share button to start recording. But I am now greeted with a message stating that I can no long record gameplay during this scene. This wasn’t in the patch notes, so I assume it’s a bug. Please fix this ASAP.

  • Not sure where to post Stuart, i have uploaded over 500 videos with Sharefactory and tagged my friends in them.The problem i have now is that they do not show up in the Homescreen (WHATS NEW) .Before it used to show my latest video and message me that someone liked it or shared it, now it doesn’t show anything, can you help please as my settings have not changed at all.kind regards twlch63.

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