Blast through WipEout Omega Collection in PS VR with free update

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Blast through WipEout Omega Collection in PS VR with free update

Race every track in VR, plus new cockpit view with head-tracking & full 3D audio

Attention all anti-gravity pilots, it’s time to suit up once again! You have piloted your ships through the tracks of WipEout HD, Fury and 2048 in the Omega Collection in stunning native 4K* while listening to a whole new raft of thumping tunes.

Now, prepare to see the world of WipEout in a whole new way as you blast round Omega Collection’s tracks in PS VR. Check out the first trailer above!

And this isn’t a separate slice of gameplay: you can race in every track, across every game mode, off or online, with this free PS VR update.

But not only that: we’ve created three new ships for PS VR pilots, featuring a special cockpit view for PS VR that includes head tracking, so you can check out the interiors of the new ships and see the futuristic racecourses like never before. And as you can now enjoy the game’s blistering soundscape in full 3D audio, this’ll be the most immersive WipEout experience ever.

We’re also happy to announce that this update will also include the new remix of “Shake It” from our recent competition winner Vieille Griffe.

You’ve been asking for it, and now we are almost ready to give it to you. WipEout Omega Collection will be playable on PSVR in early 2018.

*PS4 Pro system and 4K display device required to view in 4K.

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  • Very cool to see this happening. i never expected this to happen lol.

    A few questions i’d like to ask

    About the 3 new ships,are they brand new ships exclusive to PSVR Only? So the non vr players can’t play them? Or is it current ships that is designed for PSVR? for example, Feisar, AG systems & qirex but designed for VR

    Is there any chance to Make the following tracks playable on specific modes (Pro tozo, mallavol, corridon 12 & syncopia) Available to play on Single race & tournament’s? These tracks has no textures when played on PS3 version, because there was a glitch to access them, but this is now fixed in the Omega collection, however there are leaderboards for these tracks on the modes i mentioned, however there are 0 players on the leaderboards, if they are in the game files for the omega collection, make them playable in racebox!

    The 2048 zone skin (white skin) is the best looking skin for 2048, is locked to zone mode only, is there any chance making it available on all game modes? There was a glitch exclusive to online that could make them pop up, and they work perfectly fine. and look so amazing.

    Sol on C & B class unlockable. Another glitch found in online that was proven they work perfectly fine on those classes, regardless of what ship you used. Make Sol unlockable in racebox at those speeds. The vita version you could play at C & B at sol.

  • I forgot to mention that, is the cockpit view playable without VR as well?

    • ‘But not only that: we’ve created three new ships for PS VR pilots, featuring a special cockpit view for PS VR that includes head tracking, so you can check out the interiors of the new ships and see the futuristic racecourses like never before.’

      So, no. VR only.

  • I am beyond stoked to see this update! Thank you so much whoever green-lighted/is responsible for this, it’s a dream come true to be ‘in’ the WipEout universe!

  • Absolutely fantastic news for VR owners,keep it up sony

  • Absolutely fantastic, thank you for listening! 2018 is the year of dreams come true… again.

  • Zomg! Best news, thanks! :D

  • Great news, I always thought this was a perfect mix and had been playing it through the headset in cinema mode. Really good to here it’s every track, every mode and a free update. Good work!

  • I have played a bit of wipeout in the past (mostly demos) but never really got into it.

    well now with vr it’s a game I can get into quite literally so may get it in the new year.

    Also being an arcade racer it can be played in short bursts which is good as playing in vr can get a little uncomfortable after a while.

  • Bloody fantastic news! I even would’ve paid a bit extra for a VR version :O! The VR racing lineup is starting to look very strong

  • Get the puke buckets ready!

  • Wow DiRT Rally might have a VR friend.

  • Well, now omega collection has just made it onto my list of games to buy in the 2 for 25!

  • This is exactly why I bought WipEout in the first place. VR was inevitable, well done.

  • Great, now you are talking my language! I almost wrote off the possible PSVR patch for Wipeout but you did it, thanks a lot! I’ve already bought Radial-G to appease my hunger for VR racing and it is incredible. I believe Wipeout on PSVR will push my experience a few levels higher though! Can’t wait to play it.

    P.S. Thumbs up to the Wipeout porting team! And thumbs down to the GT Sport devs, they should be ashamed while looking at the full VR support in Wipeout comparing to their so much advertised “racing in VR”, shame on them.

  • “But not only that: we’ve created three new ships”. Cool, then very next paragraph begins: “But that’s not all: we’ve also created new ships”. Proof read guys. Yes, I’m a pedant. Really stoked for the VR update.

  • Really excited for the update. I’m wondering if there will be a VR edition physical release of the game, with the update available on the disc and the “VR compatible” label on the cover. Just like it was the case with Dirt Rally.

  • will you be able to play in vr online against other vr players??

  • Hello John! Thanks for this awesome news and yet another compelling reason to check out PS VR.

    I want to ask, could you look into the possibility of bringing back the HUD scaling option that is present in the PS3 version(s) of HD/Fury? I really miss that feature. Thanks!

  • This is absolutely fantastic news me and my brother was just discussing this a few weeks ago about how Wipeout should be in in the VR to make use of its full potential and now we’re getting it great job Sony this is exactly what we wanted now if we can only get alien isolation or a new alien colony Marines 2 game that takes the VR will be all set.?

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