Horizon Zero Dawn soundtrack white vinyl edition box set launches today

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Horizon Zero Dawn soundtrack white vinyl edition box set launches today

Relive the award winning soundtrack with the white vinyl edition box set – exclusive to PlayStation Gear

With over seven million listens on Spotify since its digital release back in March, we are thrilled to be bringing the award-winning* Horizon Zero Dawn soundtrack to vinyl. The collection features 74 handpicked tracks across four 140 gram vinyl discs, with each record sleeve featuring exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn artwork.

The collector’s white vinyl edition box set is available to buy now, exclusively from PlayStation Gear.

Horizon Zero Dawn

The award winning* Horizon Zero Dawn soundtrack has been a collaboration with composers Joris de Man, The Flight, Jonathan Williams, Niels van der Leest and the Guerrilla Games Audio Team. Opting for a thematic approach, Horizon Zero Dawn has a strong iconic motif, variations of which can be heard throughout the game, for a diverse yet cohesive soundtrack.

Horizon Zero Dawn

The opening piece of music features Julie Elven’s solo, which interweaves with the game’s main theme. It’s a powerful piece, even more so when considered in context with our protagonist Aloy. From the moment you meet Aloy as a child, Julie Elven’s voice is there to guide her, always there in the background, even as Aloy has to endure the darkest moments of her journey.

Horizon Zero Dawn

When exploring the game’s open world, the intention was for the music to blend in with the environment’s natural background sounds, complementing the ever evolving – but never overbearing – soundscape, adapting to both the regions and their day and night cycles.

The themes written by Joris de Man are interwoven throughout the entire soundtrack, leading the player from the initial prologue to the emotional epilogue. “Battle” music is never overstated. Instead it reflects the electronic/digital origins of the enemies. In comparison, percussion offers a natural contrast to the “digital” sounding world of the machines, reflecting the tribal themes of living in the wild, tinged with fear of futuristic ruins.

Horizon Zero Dawn

In addition, the vinyl box set includes an entire side full of music that has never been heard outside of the game. This includes a collection of short emotional vignettes, which evoke memories from the game such as witnessing its stunning sunsets.

With only 1,500 units produced of the white vinyl edition, make sure you head over to PlayStation Gear now to secure your limited edition box set, and let us know in the Comments section your favourite song from the original soundtrack.

You can also check out a whole host of other official Horizon Zero Dawn merchandise on PS Gear, from exclusive t-shirts and prints to mugs, key-chains and new Pop! Vinyl models.

Horizon Zero Dawn

*In July 2017, the Horizon Zero Dawn soundtrack won a Jerry Goldsmith award for the best original score in a video game.

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