Turn your PS4 and TV into an aquarium fit for a supervillain with Aqua TV

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Turn your PS4 and TV into an aquarium fit for a supervillain with Aqua TV

Take a break from intense gaming sessions with over 20 different underseas species

Ever watched a James Bond movie and considered what changes you’d make if you were the villain? Cooler jumpsuits for your henchmen, extra time spent in those online poker courses, and of course finishing Mr. Bond off rather than assuming your over elaborate death trap will do the job after you’ve left the room.

But the one thing you would keep is that awesome aquarium, the one built into the wall of your volcanic lair. Who wouldn’t want an HQ with a view looking out into a gorgeous seascape filled with giant manta rays and white-tipped reef sharks – even if they don’t come equipped with frickin’ lasers!

Well, guess what, we always wanted that too. But we don’t have a millions needed to build a supervillain aquarium – nor the host of minions to clean it.

What we do have though is a PlayStation 4 attached to a big screen TV. So, we did the next best thing and created Aqua TV.

Aqua TV is more a piece of eye candy than a game. You choose your environments (tropical reef or traditional aquariums of varying sizes) and then populate it with a choice of fish and other sea creatures. And that’s just about it!

During development we had many (sometimes heated) discussions about adding some simple gameplay mechanics, but kept coming back to our initial goal – to create that ‘supervillain aquarium’ vibe – and that meant creating a beautiful – but passive – experience.

Okay, you can do some stuff other than just decide what you want in your scene. Like picking camera angles, zoom positions and background music; but it’s all about having something beautiful on your wall when you’re listening to your tunes, or just generally chilling out. At least that’s the theory. Try to get a bunch of game developers to agree on a playlist though, and even Aqua TV finds keeping the peace a challenge!

And speaking of getting devs to agree, there was a lot of debate on WHAT creatures to include. Sharks, sure. Rays, definitely. But outside of that everyone had their own favourites and with so many fish in the sea we couldn’t include everything!

Aqua TV

Oh, and the art team decided that the only way to model everything ‘just right’, given all textures were to be hand painted, was to request ‘research’ scuba-diving trips to Mauritius, Hawaii, the Caribbean and more (understandable I guess given the Scottish weather).

They were more than a little disappointed when a box of super high quality fish photography and Blu-rays arrived! But I hope you’ll agree that even without trips to far flung places they did a great job on the 25 creatures that make up our selectable species list, along with the dressings, backgrounds and floors for the aquariums.

Aqua TV

Aqua TV launches on 12th December in Europe, with a limited time 30% discount for PS+ members!

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13 Author Replies

  • How many of the finest beans do you want for this experience?

    • Hi funkpower,

      The standard price is €9.99, £7.99.

      There’s a 30% discount available for PS+ users at launch.

      Hope that helps.


      Bobby, EMS

  • Will buy. Thanks.

    P.S. Does this support remote play?

    • Aqua Vita on PS3 offered remote play. There is no info if AquaTV will also do, but i think remote play is mandatory for every PS4 game.

    • @manthalon – I was thinking maybe if this is considered an app, it might not be mandatory to support remote play. But, i dunno…

    • Hi blendercat27,

      We don’t support remote play I’m afraid.

      Our thinking was that because Aqua TV was really designed to be viewed on as big a screen as possible that it wasn’t a feature that people would use.

      We did think some people might use the smaller screen, touch controls, offered by Remote Play to set up different scenes rather than use their PS4 controllers, but really didn’t know how many people would be likely to do this.

      If we find that people would be interested in doing this, then we’ll definitely look at it.


      Bobby, EMS

    • I wouldn’t mind a lil fish tank in my TV-less bedroom (yeah that’s right I have no TV in there… cos it encourages laziness… yeah that’s my excuse)

  • Another Aquarium application for our screens. It’s from 2001 that windows XP came to our PCs that those apps are trying to transform our displays into a virtual aquarium, few times they really succeed that. Let’s see if this time the dev managed to make the difference.

    • Hi Merdoc274,

      Yes, there have been many attempts at this over the years.

      We like to think that the Aqua TV + PS4 on today’s big hi def TVs is the best of the lot though!

      I hope if you decide it’s for you, that you agree!


      Bobby Farmer, EMS

  • Will it have Trophies?

    • Hi Klart,

      Unfortunately no, it won’t have Trophies.

      With Aqua TV not being a game as such it is not allowed to have Trophies. Which I suppose makes sense.

      Sorry about that.

      Bobby Farmer, EMS

    • My Aquarium on the Playstation 3 even had Trophies? I just do not understand that it’s so hard to publish. Bring out a Patch. :(

  • Unless you have giant sharks it’s no true super-villain aquarium

    But on a more serious note, if you don’t allow for more odd customization I feel it’s kind of a waste. As in having more strange or rare amphibious creatures. For example deep sea fishes (anglerfish, black dragonfish), river fish (like tigerfish and catfish), larger ones (like sharks and dolphins) or maybe even some “alien aquarium” where you make up your own amphibious creatures in more greenish water.

    I understand you have limited resources, but making it more than just a normal aquarium with sea turtles and stingrays would’ve helped the appeal.

    • Can’t just be a normal shark though, has to be a shark with a frickin laser beam attached to it’s head if you’re going full super villain.

    • Hi ZhePrime,

      The sea is indeed a big big place, and there are plenty of fish in it!But you are absolutely right on the resources front, and we know that something like Aqua TV – as an occasional use piece of eye candy – is something that would need to come in at a budget price.

      So knowing we can’t include everything our aim has been to pick a good cross section of fish and other creatures.

      If Aqua TV is well received we’d like to keep adding new content to it (free of charge), and we’d like to hear what people want.

      We’d been thinking about letting people submit new content requests through the website – perhaps through a poll?

      Keep your eyes peeled.


      Bobby Farmer, EMS

    • ABolkeCalledDaz, we tried to get some, but they’re on the endangered species list and it’d have taken months to clear all the red tape…. (c) Dr Evil, 1999

  • PS3 had something similar and even the Eye camera made use of it. You could see a “reflection” of yourself in the glass, fish would randomly follow your finger when you held it up to it and when you made a sudden movement all the fish would scatter in a panicked frenzy lol. This should have a VR option too where you are standing in front of an actual virtual huge aquarium too.

    • They offered neat stuff with gestures to feed the fish, but unfortunately Aqua Vita did not work without the eye toy. I hope the PS4 Version will do.

    • Hi andrewsqual,

      A VR option is something we’d absolutely love to add.

      If sales give us the funds to do this, then it’s number one on our list of things we’d like to add to Aqua TV.

      Bobby Farmer, EMS

  • Question is: 30% discount from what exactly? The Windows version is €3.99, hope this doesn’t go (much) higher than that.

    • Gold edition with season pass is 99,99 EUR, but also includes 3 Lootboxes. Standard edition has 3 types of fish included. Every 20 hours of watching gives you one additional loot drop.

    • Hi Planetjumble,

      Manathalon has the info below spot on :-)!

      Well, no not quite, but he makes a very good point in a very humorous way.

      The SRP is going to be €9.99, but unlike the Windows version it is a one-off price with absolutely everything unlocked. And always will be even if/when we release updates with extra content.

      On that version we charged a smaller amount for taster content, and people could then buy more if they wanted to – but it’s a model we’ve grown less comfortable with as time goes on.

      During the period we took to create the enhanced PS4 version we decided to remove all IAPs and just charge a single, we hope very reasonable, price.

      So not only does the PS4 look miles better than any other version, it also is much better value.

      Bobby Farmer, EMS

    • Thank you for that open explanation, that makes sense. Didn’t look into the details of that PC version, but 4 bucks plus IAP sure doesn’t sound like a much better deal.

  • How many of the finest beans do you want for this experience??

    • Hi Funkpower,

      Sorry, this should have been in the blog post.

      Standard price is €9.99/£7.99 with a launch discount of 30%.

      There are no other costs involved, ever.

      Hope that helps.

      Bobby Farmer, EMS

  • I’m gonna eat you little fishy

    • bad cat

    • “Coz I like eating fish…” #RedDwarf amirite?

    • It’s what cats do!

      And – no joke – was testing Aqua TV on a friend’s TV and both her cats seemed very interested indeed – just in the aquarium mode.

      Don’t think the reef mode worked as well for them, but they did seem to think there may have been some fishy treats behind the glass!

      Bobby Farmer, EMS

    • Was definitely a Red Dwarf thing but then realised I’m using a PSN avatar of a cat (nicely pixelled by a friend of mine who did graphics for Aqua Kitty DX, Rock Boshers and Iron Crypticle, all good games) :)

      Cats really respond to images of fish? it’s strange how some animals do react to TV and mirror images and some just ignore them.

    • My cat responds to many things on the TV. Not just visuals either.

      At one point when I was playing Minecraft and was in a room with a few cats he checked behind the tv to see where the meowing came from.

  • I would love a dark tank, full of bioluminescent fish and creatures. That would be proper bo, I tell thee.

    • One feature on our future feature wish list is to allow you to change the lighting.

      It’s not quite as straightforward as you might think, but it’s definitely be a cool addition!

  • 4K hdr for ps pro? Stick it on ps plus?

    • Can they at least try and make money on it before people start asking for it to be free?

    • Thanks AlexJones. Believe it or not, it has taken a lot of time and money to make Aqua TV, so yes, it’d be good to make some of that back !

  • I like Chips with my Fish :D Sounds and looks COOL :P Might pick this up before Christmas ;)

  • This looks beautifully relaxing – TAKE MY MONEY PLEASE!

  • Will it be available in Australia?

  • This is going to lead to more cat paw prints on the tv….

  • Amazing, take my money!

  • Why can’t I see the menu???

  • Why can i not find this app in the PS4 store? (Dutch). I see in the US store but i have no Plus there.

    I looked manual, search, try to go from the us store and then log in but then it says not available :/

  • Eveytime I quit the program, all my costumized tanks are lost. This is very anoying. Why can’t I save them? I don’t want to make new tanks everytime I open the app. There is any reason for that to happen or just a bug?

  • By not having an answer I beleive its a glich on the program. So, it does not worth the price. You cannot save your tanks.

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