Jak II, Jak 3, and Jak X Combat Racing hit PS4 on 6th December

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Jak II, Jak 3, and Jak X Combat Racing hit PS4 on 6th December

Naughty Dog's classic PS2 platforming duo are back in action next week

It’s been a few months since Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy has been available on the PS4 via download from PlayStation Store. We’ve had a great time re-living our fond memories of the game, which is why we are excited to announce that Jak II, Jak 3, and Jak X Combat Racing will be available for download on the PlayStation Store on 6th December! The games are offered individually or can be purchased as a bundle.



On 14th October 2003, Naughty Dog released Jak II for the PlayStation 2 system, and something amazing happened for the Jak and Daxter franchise: Jak was able to speak for the first time, enabling players to hear and experience Jak’s own point of view using his voice, instead of relying solely on Daxter’s witty banter and exposition. This was the start of something special, and the franchise continued to reach new heights with the release of Jak 3 and Jak X, in part because of this one simple addition.


By giving Jak a voice, it allowed Naughty Dog to explore new narrative techniques that allowed them to create a grittier world with a much more developed and evolved storyline. Jak and Daxter evolved from whimsical lighthearted platforming characters to a much darker vision of a future’s past world where Jak and Daxter find themselves pitted against multiple dark forces moving against them.


The narrative tropes Naughty Dog explored in Jak and Daxter laid the foundation for the evolution of their highly innovative story telling. It put them on the path that led to the creation of future blockbuster franchises like Uncharted and The Last of Us— and to think it all started with giving Jak his own voice.


In celebration of Naughty Dog’s rich heritage, it is with great pleasure that we present to you these Jak & Daxter classics on the PS4.

Wait, there’s more! To help make experiencing these games even more nostalgic, please check out the Legacy Dashboard Theme on the PlayStation Store, also available on 6th December. Whenever we see this theme on our PS4 console, we can’t help but think about our fond gaming memories. We hope you feel the same way too.


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  • Will the Jak games have trophy support?

  • ..and Pro support?

  • Awesome. I have a massive backlog already but these games are definitely going near the top of the pile.

  • Any info on pricing? Will the people who bought J&D earlier in the year get any sort of discount on the bundle?

    • Working on figuring out a bundle for Jak TPL owners now stay tuned!

    • Do we have more info on this yet?

    • I’d also like to know, J&D tpl was the first game I ever played in my life born in 99 and ps2 was the first gaming system I owned. Although as good as it is I have completed and bought it now 3 times on separate systems. Cannot wait to play jak x it’s the only one I didn’t touch as ps3 was becoming a thing soon after.

  • Cool. I can’t say I enjoyed 2 and 3 as much as 1. The GTA-like additions didn’t do much for me. I’ve never played the racing one though so may check that out.

  • That theme

    Loved jak2 and 3 that music when you’re just cruising around is etched into my brain

  • Does the “Images Captured on a PS4 Pro System” at the end of the video confirm that the PS4’s PS2 emulator is finally getting Pro support?

    • PS Pro is supported!

    • Untrue in the sense I mean. 

      For example, Jak 1 renders at 1024×448 on PS4, regardless of whether you’re playing on PS4 (OG) or PS4 Pro, and all of the other available PS2 titles for emulation.

      Why isn’t PS4 Pro’s GPU power being used to push these games to higher resolutions?

    • Yet the PS3 version has a native resolution of 1024 x 720; I hope the bundle isn’t too expensive

  • It’s funny how this series and the Uncharted games evolved the same way. The first game was okay, the second was amazing and a huge leap forward and the third more of the same, just not as impactful.

    • I dunno. Opinion. Like i said above, my fave Jak was the first one. I found the 2nd a chore. 3rd was better than 2nd but I still prefer 1st :P

    • Jak 2 is still my most favourite ND game of all time. Such pacing and twists in the plot. I agree that Jak 3 was very similar but not much as impactful. It also didnt help that I completed it in half the time it takes to complete Jak 2 but then again, there was only one year of development between the two.

    • I’ve gotta agree with Carnivius_Prime here: Precurser Legacy > Jak 3 > Jak 2. Although I recognize reasonable arguments can be made for all three games, the Precurser Legacy was just such an amazing platformer, and had a lot more charm IMO than either 2 or 3. I also just always found the action-elements of 2 and 3 *far* inferior to those seen in Ratchet and Clank :P

      Don’t know where I’d place Jak X: Combat Racing in that ranking though… :/

  • I loved the Jak and Daxter games (played the trilogy on PS3) but I won’t buy these again on PS4 in their current form because they are the emulated PS2 versions, not actual remasters. I ‘d rather have a proper remaster, with a proper 1080p image and locked 60 fps. The PS3 versions look better and cleaner than the PS4 Jak and Daxter game.

    These games (along with the Ratchet & Clank and the Sly Raccoon trilogies) deserve better than being merely emulated. Please consider making a proper remaster of these classics.

    • So not true. Jak 2’s PS3 remaster broke the music. It couldn’t create the PS2 sound chip properly and the music was missing certain channels of instruments throughout the entire game. Also, the shaders were actually worse in the PS3 because it impossible to recreate those PS2 shaders in the Jak series. And this is also true even in the PC PS2 emulator PCSX2 that, 14 years later, still can’t enhance the Jak series with character eyeballs missing lol. It can only run the game successfully in pure Software mode.

      These proper PS2 emulated games are far superior.

    • Noted!

  • is this the same versions that you sold on ps3 or do you expect me to pay for the license again

    • They are not saying you have to buy it, maybe there are people who jumped on ps4 and never had ps2 or ps3, so we will have opportunity to play the game now too.

  • I will give it a chance, I am especially interested in Jak X, is it similliar experience like CTR or completely different?

  • Hope you fixed that autosave bug in Jak X. I remember playing through most of the game, leaving my PS2 on overnight… lol

  • Is there any changes to the soundtrack or the opening of Jak X due to licensing?

  • I don’t see PS4 being any different from PS3, it would be nice that for people who had digital edition to be allowed to download it without no additional cost. Same as for FFX. I got the PS2 edition, then international, PS3 remaster, PS4 remaster.

    I know it’s my fault for being stupid but it’s like Sony is counting on fans to be stupid and buy the same thing all over again. I don’t see “For the players”, only “For the money”.

  • Is it possible to purchase all four games in a bundle? :D

  • Shame for Sony and Naughty Dog, i allready got this games on my ps3+psvita with cross buy, sold my ps3 a long ago, want to play it again but NO!!!!

    I NEED TO BUY IT AGAIN ON MY PS4!! really sony? really? naughty dog how could you?

    Cross Buy feature is off for couple years with this EMULATOR games, GUYS THIS IS EMULATOR AND STILL NOT CROSSBUY!!!

    what gonna happend with Ratchet & Clank collection? no crossbuy?

    Sly Cooper Collection ? no croosbuy?

    omg please.. #BringBackCrossBuy!

  • Always wanted to try these games

  • More excited for the Legacy dashboard

  • Will it be possible to get the Daxter car in this version of Jak X?

    • Absolutely! All of the unlocks in Jak X have been updated. More info on that coming soon!

    • Or now, how about now?! Here’s the entire Jak X bonus content unlock list:

      If a Jak TPL PS4 emulation save game is present, you unlock Jak from TPL as a driver.

      If a Jak II PS4 emulation save game is present, you unlock Jak II as a driver.

      If a Jak 3 PS4 emulation save game is present, you unlock Jak 3 as a driver.

      In the original Jak X game if a Ratchet: Deadlocked save game was present, you unlocked Ratchet as a driver. For our PS4 emulation, if a Ratchet Remastered save game is present, you unlock Ratchet as a driver.

      In addition, the original Jak X game you unlocked drivers Ximon, Osmo, Kaeden and Taryn, as well as the Daxtermobile vehicle by connecting a PSP with Daxter present. For our PS4 emulation you will unlock those 4 drivers and the Daxtermobile when an Uncharted Collection save game is present.

      Lastly, in order to unlock the Sandshark from Jak 3 one must first have a Jak 3 PS4 emulation save game present and have completed the Grand Prix of the Blue Eco Cup. Once those conditions are met the Sandshark will become available for purchase at a cost of 40,000 Precursor Orbs.

    • That’s pretty cool. Yay Ratchet & Clank and Uncharted Collection I have so yay I get those unlocks! :)

    • Ok so this at least is incorrect.

      ‘Lastly, in order to unlock the Sandshark from Jak 3 one must first have a Jak 3 PS4 emulation save game present and have completed the Grand Prix of the Blue Eco Cup. Once those …’

      The game allowed me to purchase this vehicle (as well as earn the trophy for doing so) without Jak 3 even finishing its install.

      Can we please get some basic fact checking before we post replies.

  • Excellent, I get to play Jak 2 and 3 again!

    *plays Jak X first.

  • I haven’t played them. Should I?

  • Oh! yeah.

    Even though I got the game on PS2 and again on PS3, I already decided to buy it on PS4.

    I bought Jak and Daxter the Precursor Legacy recently and willing to by the entire collection.

    So, do keep in mind those who got Uncharted the lost legacy in advance and got the J&D game or bought the game for $18.99 back in August.

  • Can you tell me if the Jak and Daxter bundle will also have dubbing in other languages?(FR, DE, ES, IT)

  • will jak x have multiplayer using two controllers on the same ps4?

  • Seeing as I already own TPL, if I bought the whole collection already, would I be paying less or full price? Wouldn’t PSN give me a notice or some sort saying I already own TPL whilst making the purchase?

  • Is it a midnight release in the US?

  • I recently gave my PS3 to my daughter and have played this game extensively on that platform.

    Got the game and started playing on the PS4 pro – a delight – and cannot get past the spider chase even when making no mistakes.

    I have passed this 50 times on the PS3. Is it a bug?

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