How the PS VR Aim controller helps immerse you in the demon-slaying Doom VFR, out today

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How the PS VR Aim controller helps immerse you in the demon-slaying Doom VFR, out today

Combat options detailed that’ll keep you ahead of the hellish hordes out to destroy you

Take the fight against the demons of hell into your own hands with DOOM VFR and the PlayStation VR Aim controller. From the devastating BFG to the reliable Super Shotgun, feel the full weight and awesome power of your destructive arsenal like never before, in the most immersive DOOM experience yet.

Futuristic weapons, hellish demons, nightmarish environments…

Set shortly after the demonic invasion on the UAC Martian Research facility, you find yourself as the last human survivor – until you die. Under a top-secret UAC operational contingency protocol, your consciousness is transferred into an artificial brain matrix enabling you to transfer between various bodies and machinery in the UAC base. This gives you the ability to teleport as a style of movement and also interact with your environment to overcome the demon hordes.

DOOM VFR will launch you at breakneck speed into a virtual reality hell, as you battle to prevent a catastrophic failure within the UAC base. You are outnumbered, but never outgunned, with weapons such as the BFG, the Plasma Rifle, and the Heavy Assault Rifle at your disposal. You hold in your hands all the tools you’ll need for massacring demons; from Imps to Revenants and Cyberdemons, in the most visceral, gory, and devilishly satisfying ways possible.



Movement is key

Lightning-fast movement, instinctive evasiveness and the ability to think on the fly are crucial skills for survival, and these are just as important in DOOM VFR. The ability to use the PS VR Aim controller allows for unprecedented demon slaying accuracy. The L2 button at the front allows you to slow down time and teleport (great for lining up that perfect Gauss Cannon shot), while the directional pad is reserved for dash buttons, enabling you to dart forward, backwards, left and right. Stagger an enemy and dash forward to get up close and personal and explode them into a gory mist of gibs.

Doom VFRDoom VFR


As you power your way through the UAC research facility, you’ll encounter various weapon mods. Tied to the square button on the PS VR aim controller, gamers will be able to unleash additional fire modes for their guns to ensure those demons are sent back to the depths of hell in the most explosive way possible.

Additional ways to control

While the PlayStation VR aim controller puts the weaponry of DOOM VFR firmly in your hands, it isn’t the only way to play! The latest trailer below showcases the additional ways in which you can control DOOM VFR. Not having a PS VR Aim controller doesn’t limit you at all in the demon slaying carnage, as you can control and shoot entirely with a Dualshock 4 wireless controller or two PlayStation Move motion controllers, while surrounding yourself in virtual hell.

DOOM VFR is out now on PS4!

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  • Can’t wait to give this a go. But I need a PSVR headset. But they are all sold out in the UK now due to the recently sale. I think it’s a good time to release the v2 headset with HDR pass through in the UK nudge nudge wink wink.

  • Shame scalpers have massively pushed up the price of the aim controller.

    • I was kicking myself for missing out on the £40 Tesco bundle. Hopefully the release of the Bravo Team bundle will bring prices down again.

  • According to the reviews, using the Aim controller has the side effect of the left hand hovering weirdly at the side of the screen all the time.

    If you use the DS4, the weapons stay fixed at the same position, like they’re attached to your head.

    Hopefully a patch will sort things out.

  • Boy I can’t wait to buy yet another piece of plastic trash to go with my expensive paperweight headset. Would go well in the cupboard with the guitar hero controllers once Sony give up on the PSVR like they did the Vita

  • Guitar Hero has nothing to do with Sony…..

  • Please can we have a PSVR game sale for Christmas for all us new VR owners!? :D Pretty please!

  • Getting this. So glad we are getting another good Aim controller game. Needs continued support.

    Two things, until I saw this I hadn’t realised the game was out yet (and I be been keeping my eye on it) so seems to be flying under the radar a little.

    Also, I only recently found out it has full movement. I get the feeling most people think it just a teleportation only game as that what has mostly been shown. I wonder if this is intensional and if it negatively could impact sales. The moment I found out my interest jumped up massively.

  • Unless you are left handed! The game lacks options to invert the sticks on the Aim controller – Same as farpoint did at launch. Farpoint got it patched in within a couple of weeks! hoping Bethesda can get it patched in before Christmas!

  • Hopefully. I’m sure it will soon.

  • Anybody from playstation have any news when the aim controller will be back in stock in the uk . I refuse to be robbed by the scum on ebay

  • I noticed the the aim and Farpoint bundle in stock on Amazon atm (two left when I checked) but looks like it’s by a third party as it’s currently £88 which is more than I paid when it came out. Plus, you can get Farpoint cheap now.

    Not really sure why they cant produce enough of these to keep up with demand. It’s surely quite a small percentage of PS4 owners that are after one. If they’re selling out why are Sony not producing more? It’s been a good six months or so since release.

    I would think devs won’t support something like the Aim controller for too long with a small market if people can’t even get hold of one without these artificial prices. £88 on Amazon with a 6 month old game that people can pick up for under £20 now! Ridiculous. My mate already has the game but not the aim controller so what are his options? Buy the bundle at a crazy price and have two copies of Farpoint? Come on….Sell the thing separately and sort the shortages out please.

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