PlayStation Store 12 Deals of Christmas – Deal #12 is live

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PlayStation Store 12 Deals of Christmas – Deal #12 is live

Big new discounts inbound every 48 hours up until 24th December

The holidays are almost here and on PlayStation Store we’re celebrating with the return of our annual 12 Deals of Christmas promotion!

UPDATE: And the last of PlayStation Store’s 12 Deals Of Christmas is… GT Sport! You’ve got 48 hours to save on the acclaimed racing sim:

Deal #12: GT Sport

Deal #11: Horizon Zero Dawn

Deal #10: FIFA 18

Deal #9: Call of Duty WWII

Deal #8: Star Wars Battlefront II

Deal #7: South Park: The Fractured But Whole (Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands in the Middle East)

Deal #6: Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Deal #5: Assassin’s Creed Origins (For Honor in the Middle East)

Deal #4: Need For Speed Payback

Deal #3: GTAV (WWE 2K18 in the Middle East)

Deal #2: NBA 2K18

Deal #1: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Click on the link to see the pricing in your region. Make haste – this discount expires on 24th December, when it will be replaced by a new deal.

We’ll be updating this post at midday every 48 hours with details of what’s up next.


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  • No discounted yet

  • Not bad… Let the games begin!!!

  • £21.99 for Crash Bandicoot?? Nah! That’s a ‘less than a tenner’ game to my mind. Oh well, one down, eleven to go!

  • That’s the discounted price?

    I saw it cheaper…. So I don’t see how 12 deals of Xmas could make someone want it.

    • Where “do” you see it cheaper? This is price of it now, we want to know where you see it cheaper than this NOW, not in the past. Care to share? £27.99 on Amazon UK and £29.99 in Argos right now.

    • I bought it for £22 from Asda over a year ago. Generally It’s one game that seems to hold its price though, obviously due to its popularity. £19.99 is a good price if you like going digital, I prefer to have a physical copy myself though.

    • They’re talking about crash bandicoot buddy.

  • Standard playstation store. Add ‘hefty discounts’ which make the games still more expensive than most physical copies in shops. Laughable.

    • Cool, why don’t you actually share us some links from 90% of physical copies in stores (because of course, you said “most”) where its apparently much cheaper.

      That’s what I thought.

    • Give me time to reply and I will. Crash bandicoot is only £20 at Tesco for a kick off. Next game youd like me to price check for you?

    • £28 online at Tesco. Nice try

    • Bought it yesterday for £20. You snooze you lose I guess :)

    • HAHA exposed. No you didn’t. And I will call you out yet again. You said these deals are cheaper than “MOST” physical shops. Yet you can’t provide proof of a single one lol.

      So even if it was 20 quid in Tesco yesterday, which it wasn’t, it’s still cheaper than everywhere else for anybody that wants to buy it on PSN STILL right now, in the present. So you still fail regardless.

      Next time you want me to call out your BS?

    • Then go there and buy them. Like [DELETED] really helps. These deals are Europe wide. So they have to average out a price.

    • It was £20 in both Tesco instore and on Amazon during Black Friday. I know as I bought from Amazon because my local store sold out. It wasn’t such a great price.

  • Speak for your local store because here in Italy the situation is dramatic. To make an example, the other day passing from the local Gamestop my eyes stopped at the box of Infamous:Second Son used 35euros. That’s for loud lol’s if you concedere that we had it for free 2 months ago.

  • Over the last two years I’m 0/24 on 12doxmas purchases.

    0/25 now.

  • I don´t see any discount yet

  • I hope there is no COD WW 2 and similar with a huge discount of 20% which is still more than physical version.

  • And the 12 rubbish not even deals of Xmas start…. What a stupid price to be called a deal..

  • Bad price, the game is here €25 on disc.


    • Cool and does that version also inlclude the cover that isn’t the final boxart for the game? Seems legit. Can you keep your linking to less dodgy looking stores please?

    • The mediamarkt is one of the biggest stores here in the netherlands and germany. Are you working for sony? This xmass deal is rubbish. The disc version is still cheaper than this deal

    • Not only in the Netherlands and Germany either. I’ve been to MediaMarkt stores in Sweden. @andrewsqual, MediaMarkt is massive, and they don’t really need their online presence. As such, it’s no surprise certain images don’t get updated, but it’s definitely legit.

    • Fair enough, I will never be buying from it though.

    • Actually you might be buying from them :)

      In northern Europe the store chain is Saturn/MediaMarkt, but if you look closely at the branding you’ll notice it’s the same as Italie’s MediaWorld.

    • That’s the Irish flag not the Italian Shiver1976 :D

      Now what andrewsqual says is even more laughable. That he is biassed has already been proven by all the numerous posts he’s written against people saying negative things about these “deals”. But now he just responds with utter nonsense just to stick to his faulty point. Yes these deals are quite easily beaten by others on the internet or even real shops. No, Mediamarkt is far from a ‘shady business’, and he most likely knows this if he’s visited the site.

      Just glancing at their site, they sell nearly everything electronic wise, from phones to washing machines.

      They buy out competition and hold such a strong market position that they can afford to put pretty nice offers regularly, especially locally when they need to make inventory room.

      It is Europe’s largest retailer of consumer electronics, and the second largest in the world after the American Best Buy. It holds numerous branches across Europe and Asia.

      Next time, educate yourself better andrew and accept when you’ve lost an argument. You made yourself look bad.

  • Friendly reminder; wait for the new year’s sale.

  • I still find this type of “sale/deal” system bad. Well if it was absolutely spot on deals then perhaps. I guess we will see the usual FIFA, COD, other usually on sale titles.

    I would rather have you guys have a larger selection and switch them out once per week. Maybe 12 deals each week, then you keep the 12 deals of christmas slogan. Just of course it will be 12*4 but no one will notice. Well I hope to see some spot on deals and not some lame generic “allways on sale for a bad price” deals.

    Anyway Crash Bandicoot a good first choice. Also to an ok price. 3 games in one package so not bad. I already got it, so the first deal is a skip for me.

  • Never liked Crash. Never liked remasters. So… No, thanks. 11 more to go, so I won’t complain, I’m sure many people will be glad with this one.

  • And remember: PS Plus members are *not* eligible for an additional discount

  • The method of revealing the deals on the day is atrocious marketing. What if somebody has a budget and can only get one game? lets say crash was on their to play list but not at the top they then have to decide whether to buy Crash or wait in the hope that a game further up their wishlist makes it as one of the deals and makes it at a reasonable price but then if it doesn’t they end up spending nothing and Sony lose a sale. Keep the deals one every 48 hours but at least tell us what will be appearing on there at some stage.

  • I agree that 99% of the time the “deals” are ridiculous cause you can buy the same title cheaper or at the same price in a store. However my perspective slightly changed recently as I own 2 ps4 and buying a digital game let’s me play 1 copy of the game on 2 consoles so I can appreciate some of the deals thanks to that. ?

    • But you can play 1 copy of the game on as many consoles as you want with a physical copy ;)

    • He ment at the same time

      with digital copy you can play on 2 machines at the same time with single license, something you cant do with a physical disc obviously …

  • I have never seen a game on disc that was cheaper than the digital version here in Norway. It’s not unusual for disc games to be double the price of discounted digital games.

    • Believe me some game are 2 times the price than in store siper elite 4 49.99 in shop now for £22 then they put deal on before it was &£30+ just an example dnt spend hard earned money on games without looking them up fitst you may even hate it lol

  • I would really appreciate, if someone reveal all 12 Deals Of Christmas… Like last year :D

  • That is the idea to keep you interested dumb ass

  • Can anyone guess the next game???

  • I agree that 99% of the time the “deals” are ridiculous cause you can buy the same title cheaper or at the same price in a store. However my perspective slightly changed recently as I own 2 ps4 and buying a digital game let’s me play 1 copy of the game on 2 consoles so I can appreciate some of the deals thanks to that.

    • Back when PS3 launched in late 2006 in the US, all the way up to November 2011, you could buy a game digitally and play it on up to FIVE PS3 consoles, and at the exact same time without activating and deactiviating too. 2 consoles isn’t really a game changer 11 years later.

      That is true that alot of the time you can buy the digital game at the same price or cheaper than the physical copy but not always. Take that 1st Crash Bandicoot sale, everyone over exaggeratedly laughed at how it could be got cheaper, some clueless people even claiming over 90% of retailers (they said “most”) were selling it cheaper yet not one of those people could provide one shred of proof. One person got me with a German retailer or something but that was about it.

      But I still think anybody is crazy for buying a game that is over 40gbs for anything over 15 quid. I generally only buy digitally when the game is a small enough affair and the game is less than a fiver in a sale. What size is NBA 2K18 right now? 70gbs or something? Yeah, not even for a tenner will I touch that digitally lol.

  • Please ok give Nioh Season Pass a sale already. It was on Sale on other countries outside the US on BF. I really want to get it

    • It does go on sale occasionally (I got it on sale on the store), though it probably wont be one of these deals.

  • Blergh, sports games. Sits on money.

    Hope AC, WS2 or Mordor are in there. Otherwise I pretty much don’t care.

  • On the 2nd deal of xmas Sony gave to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    A crappy game full of microtransaction feeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

    Seriously the game is set up in such a way that if you don’t buy the MT’s then you will get NOWHERE in the game.

  • A discount for BF1 Premium pass would be nice, Playstation, because a game like Crash for 22 quid is not much of a ‘deal’ .

  • GTA5, really? I have a full wallet specifically for this sale, what’s the bet i end the month with a full wallet too?

  • Having GTA V on this list is like a cheat day. The game was released 3 years ago! The only upside is that it has finally hit the sub £20 mark (barely) for the first time.

  • 9 deals to go, and five of those are 100% guaranteed to be PES, FIFA, CoD, Assassin’s Creed and Battlefront. Fingers crossed that Hellblade is one of the remainder

    • Lets throw in Knack 2 to that list.

    • bleh. i wouldn’t mind buying horizon zero dawn again if super cheap (was the only game i bought on disc in the past few years only cos i found it for £25 not too long after release and at the time that was very cheap but i sold it for profit cos i wasn’t hugely into it but wouldn’t mind trying again if digital £15 or under but not likely a price)

  • I missed number 2 as didn’t realise it this same topic but then I see its NBA and i’m like never mind then.

    Already have GTAV and i don’t even have installed anymore cos it’s boring. I enjoyed it quite a bit online with my friend but we don’t play it much anymore so it was 60 gigs of space-filler. Can always redownload it if we feel like playing again. But yeah the story mode just bored me all to flipping hell and I don’t mind a bit of swearing but it seemed like every other word was cussing and it got tiresome and silly.

  • Thank you Sony for keeping my wallet safe with your crap “deals” !

  • Come on Sony. You can do far better than this! A good price for a game that continues to hold it’s value so well but there are probably as many GTA V sales as there are PS4s. Anyone who wanted this will surely have owned it by now.

  • I have finished GTA V on my PS3 in 2013. Is there any reason I should get it now for my PS4? Have they added some stuff that makes the game worth re-playing?

    • Nope. Well, this version has a 1st person mode but that’s about it. I 100%ed all offline content by late 2015 and that was on a friend’s PS3 copy I got a lend of eventually. After the disappointment that was GTA IV, GTA has never been great since.

    • I’m the same, I 100% completed it on PS3 in 2013. I never really got into the online side of it though and I hear that is much better now.

    • The offline version hasn’t changed much. Well yes graphics. And I think there are some smaller additions and changes. But the story is the same and such.

      Online mode on the other hand has been greatly improved over the years. Yes it is still a chore to get money, it will be slow, but there is generally more stuff to do. Once you establish a good source of income you will still struggle with getting everything but it becomes better.

      Is the PS4 version worth it? Well from my perspective (As also a PS3 and PS4 player) if you want to play Online, then yes. If you only plan on Offline then meh, well if you want to replay then yes, but it’s not that big of a singleplayer experience.

  • This is mockery nothing more

  • three french hens, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree…and what do we get? friggin gta v

  • Please give us something new… Last year we had it as well. Btw just exaggerating, though hope to see something good later on that I don’t have.

    I am not totally against putting a game on twice, just add an alternative. Else we will just have dejavu from last year the whole way through. GTA V is not a bad game, but it got some age now, and most people who want it have had plenty of opportunities to get it at a discounted price, I mean years.

    I wonder what day we will have FIFA, PES, CoD. We will most likely see some smaller discounts on AC:Origins, SW:Battlefront 2. I hope we will get some few good surprises though. It will be good if games like FIFA and PES could share same 2 days, instead of taking up 2 slots out of 12. That is if you add them but you usually are.

    I still believe that your 12 deals of Christmas should be overhauled and really get reworked. What you make such a big fuss about is actually worse than a lot of other “sales/deals” we get. It’s just not good when it feels like we have been here before (putting games on sales from previous years sale)

  • 2 for 30$ is better

  • I didn’t know the 12 days Christmas sale started.

  • Why are the games not on sale for the U.S.?

  • A garbage EA Frostbite engine game? No thanks, not even for 2 quid lol.

  • The typical Electronic Farts, shady rigged slot machines disguised as video games – disgusting!!! Keep it!!!

    (I know 3 puke emoji’s are still not enough)

  • Hoping Hellblade becomes available at a actual discounted price.

  • Nier Automata and DLC for 50% please. I won’t buy anything from EA!

    • Don’t worry Kroon1982 after Christmas we will have Ubisoft deals, after that EA deals, finishing with Bethesda deals… rinse, repeat over and over.

  • This is steadily turning into the 12 babs of babness.

  • Another EA game [DELETED] !!!

    So far 0/4 for me !!

    Sony Give us something worth our while !!!

  • I preferred it when we had a separate post per deal

    • They do it this way so that there aren’t as many posts complaining about the terrible deals. They’re keeping their KPIs in check.

  • These December offers finishes out to be an exact repetition of Black Friday games we just saw 2 weeks ago. Till now 4/4

  • It’s just going to be a i I soft game next then a COD game and wolfenstein and battlefield etc etc

  • Another year of pathetic deals that have been cheaper within the year already or will be very soon. Some are even cheaper in physical form right now. 2 for £25 is even worst most have been £8 or even less many times.

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