Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition headlines December’s PlayStation Plus line-up

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Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition headlines December’s PlayStation Plus line-up

Plus, Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends, Forma.8, more

Well, here we are folks, it’s very nearly that time of year again and with only one month of the year to go, we hope that 2017 has been good to you and that you’ve got some well-earned downtime to look forward to.

In the coming months we’ll be taking a look back at some of the year’s best bits in the world of PlayStation (and there’s certainly plenty to choose from) but for now, with 2017 still alive and kicking and the month end in sight, it’s time to unwrap a brand new bundle of PS Plus games.

Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition

Forget your zombie apocalypses and your post-nuclear wastelands: the End Times OGs are here to show you how it’s done and they’ve brought a flaming ethereal horse – well, at least one of them did.

Yup, this month’s PS Plus selection kicks off with Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition. A remaster of the PS3 action adventure, the ‘Deathinitive’ edition has been carefully polished for PS4 with upgraded visuals across the board and all the original DLC bundled in for good measure.

Oozing with the brutal cool of a goth-metal guitarist, you’ll take on the role of legendary Horseman, Death, as he runs a scythe through various celestial plains in a quest to avenge his brother. Pummel enemies, collect weapons and work to uncover an ancient grudge that threatens all creation – it’s pure comic-book fantasy and it’s great fun.

Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends

What is Christmas about if not the act of loved ones casually bashing the stuffing out of one other as characters from a popular animated film series? Well, every family is different, I suppose…

Joking aside, if you do find yourself in need of a little family-friendly banter over the coming month, then Po and company should be able to sort you out. The premise is simple enough: one to four players hop into the arena as classic characters from the film series and go head-to-head to be crowned the ultimate kung fu master.

Each character brings their own unique kung fu style to the mix as they battle it out across the Valley of Peace in numerous locations that will be familiar to anyone who’s seen the Kung Fu Panda films. It’s silly, simple-to-pick up and a great way to let off some steam.

PS Plus bonuses: Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and That’s You!

On top of that, our special goodies from last month will also be available to download all throughout December: Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and That’s You!

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood comes from the same team that brought you 2016’s break-out horror hit Until Dawn. The spin-off draws inspiration from the original game – including locations and characters – and, using the power of PS VR, takes you on a thoroughly disturbing tour of one man’s unhinged imagination – definitely not for the faint of heart!

As with months previous, PlayLink title That’s You! will be also continue in the monthly line-up for those of you who haven’t had a chance to grab it yet.

An irreverent party quiz for you and up to five friends or family, That’s You! invites players to find out what they really think of each other. With your TV, PS4 and a tablet or smartphone in hand, answer over 1,000 funny questions, take part in daring doodle challenges, snap selfies for photo challenges and more.

Anything else?

You should know the drill by now: no monthly line-up is complete without a selection of titles for PS3 and PS Vita and we’re not about to break with tradition. That leaves our full line-up for December looking like this:

All the above (excluding the PS Plus Bonus titles, which you can pick up now) will be available to download from 5th December. That leaves a full week to pick up any titles you’ve missed from this month’s line-up. A quick reminder:

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  • Darksiders 2, already played on PS3. Wanted Corp, already played.

    Interested in Syberia Collection.

  • It’s a good month this time, hope they will add new ps vr games again next month

  • Hello darkness, my old friend…

  • When you take into consideration the recent price hike, this is really far from the best of offerings if you ask me. Hopefully it improves next month, but I won’t hold my breath.

    • We got the black friday big sale, we’ll have the Christmas big sale the next month and soon after, the January big sale.

      I don’t know about you but i think that the odds are that we’re getting something similar for January…

  • Come back to bad old times….

  • Wow another month with literally nothing for me as the only thing decent is Darksiders 2 which I already own. 3rd month in a row that has been crap. I barely play online anymore so i will definitely be considering drop my subscription when it expires.

  • Darksiders 2’s port is awful, I can’t belive you’d offer something that hardly works :/ Major miss this month guys.

  • Another disappointing month since the price increase.

  • shiBBy games every month

    price hike

    not interested in any online play

    you guys are doing my decision to stop PS+ super easy

  • A five year old game with slightly updated graphics is what we get after a completely needless PS+ price hike (for an online service that hasn’t improved one iota in the last seven years)? What’s the slogan you use Sony? Oh yeah… for the players. As if.

  • Good grief. I mean, that’s dire.

  • Already played Darksiders II, not interested in playing it again, and I also have forma.8. Which leaves XBlaze and the Syberia games, not exactly thrilled with this month’s selection…

  • Any chance Xblaze will also include the Vita version or is it strictly PS3? Thanks!

  • Hell yes!!! I’ve played Darksiders 2 on the PS3 but I’ve been eyeing up the Deathinitive Collection since they first announced Darksiders 3. I’m so glad I never bought it because now I get it for free!!!!

    I can’t comment on the other games because they’re all new to me but Darksiders is Deathinitely getting played. Yet another decent month in terms of a AAA game being present. Funny how a 25% increase in PS+ will do that

    • Darksiders is not a AAA game. Neither of them. They’re both good games but nowhere near AA, let alone AAA.

    • Are you kidding? Of course they are. WHat the hell qualifies for AAA in your opinion then?

    • No I am not. In my opinion there is not such thing as AAA games. There are just games. I appreciate and enjoy playing Bound from last month’s lineup as well as playing MGS V from October, equally. I just don’t get that selfish behaviour from anyone complaining about everything, expecting to receive the game they have imagined that they would get. There are almost 27 million active PS Plus users. How the hell could all these users be satisfied altogether. Could you please let me know at which point we have been promised something else than what we get? Everybody is free to make his or hers choices.

    • Ah ok that’s fair enough (though I didn’t really enjoy Bound and I kinda hated MGSV) but yeah I’m not usually bothered by the PS PLus games. Sometimes they’re ones I want and sometimes they ain’t but there’s never gonna be a month where they can please everyone cos PlayStation has such a diverse catalogue of games that it attracts a very diverse audience of gamers all looking for something different. We’re never gonna all get along and agree. :P

    • “AAA” means A ranked for quality in all 3 main areas. Normally Graphics/Presentation, Gameplay and Story.

      Soo, it’s not going to be getting even a single “A” anywhere.

    • AAA is a term used by a mid-large company, releasing a game with a big budget, longer development time, and a big advertising budget.

      Despite what MiseryPrincess said, AAA is not synonymous with rating A in 3 different areas. AAA games can look last gen, even ugly, or retro… and they can also play like rubbish.

      I worked for a an online review show when Darksiders originally came out, and spoke to THQ many times about it. Its’ fair to say it was a AAA game, they spent a long time on it, and put a lot of budget behind it. The sequel got a bigger budget, one of the largest THQ had done. In fact, it may well have helped towards their bankruptcy.

      But this is a remaster, and for that reason I’d not class it as AAA. Whilst remasters can be AAA, if worked on for a long time, and usually by the same team, when they’re simple graphic upgrades, it’s not really in line with the tag. Whilst the PS3 original may still be classed as AAA, a simple remaster is a budget game (as evident by the usual price tag of these games) they’re quick cash grabs.

      Despite the original team working on Darksiders 2, and fixing a few game balancing issues, the game itself is glitchy and many reported problems with the controls and general bugs. In no way did the cosmetic upgrade help, so less reason to call it AAA.

      I’m glad you’re happy with it though. I’ll give it a second shot myself. But as many others said, considering we all just got charged an extra £10 a year, I’d expect the quality to go up… but we got a cheap remaster, and a poor kids variations of Smash Brothers, that should have been a budget PS3 game.

  • Got to say it’s a bit underwhelming.

    Darksiders 2 is a great game but it’s £15 new.

    Still, better than a kick in the danglies lol

  • So cheap to not put Xblaze on Vita, knowing if there’s a tiny chance someone might actually buy it it’d be on that platform

    • Also looks like Forma 8 is another one of those cheap silhouette-style 2D games, I must have about 12 of those already on my Vita from PS+

    • and Xblaze is one of those incredibly dull ‘visual novels’ which is barely a game anyways. I’d take the ‘cheap silhouette-style 2D games’ over that anytime, thanks. If I want something to read I’ll get a book and save my Vita battery power for actual gaming on the bus and such.

    • More power to you. You must love ps plus, more terrible cheap 2D platformers than I know what to do with. Half of them are mobile ports. Heaven forbid they give us an actual good one.

  • Once again giving us games with glitched trophies – Syberia 2 speedrun trophy is impossible.

    And I’d really appreciate it if you started giving us some better Vita games, not third grade indies nobody ever heard of. I wrote it before – 99% of the players don’t care about third grade PS3 games so why not just let PS3 go to retirement (only IGC, don’t you dare turn off the store and servers) and let the money you spent on getting these games go to the Vita corner of IGC. There’s a ton of interesting japanesse titles in the store yet you’re still feeding us with these indies.

  • Not even trying at this point. Good luck trying to sell this on christmas.

  • Shovelware, really?

  • When I was considering buying Darksiders 2 a while ago I was told this PS4 remaster is broken and cruddy. Has it been fixed then?Either way it means I don’t need the double pack so I’ll buy the first game while it’s £4.79 right now then. :P

    Vita games look like my kinda thing too. Not bad.

    • Darksiders II was bugged and crashing on PS4 Slims. This was NOT resolved by THQ Nordic (who really have done nothing to improve on any part of the game), but by Sony’s 5.01 FW Update. It’s a good game, but hasn’t aged well, and on consoles it has ridiculously low FOV and the most horrible camera auto-centering in gaming history. Will drive you insane if you like looking around AND moving at the same time.

    • Oh well I’ll see for myself next week. I have a PS4 Pro not Slim so hoping for the best. :P I bought the first game last night and that runs beautifully.

    • DS1 is a great game – or was a great game back when it came out. I’m a big Joe Madureira fan (even if I can never get his name right), and I really like the whole Darksiders universe, but the camera auto-center in the second (and the way they handled it – back then, I was told that the camera movement is too intricately integrated into the game’s code to be modified), and now the remaster has the same horrible issue.

      It’s not so bad in the DS1 remaster, there’s much less traversal and verticality, the level design is much more confined, but in DS2… I like the game, I really do, otherwise I would not to this day still try to get them to patch in that camera option, but as soon as you ride up to the first hill towards that huge castle, all the architecture looks so amazing, you just want to look up and take it in. But you can’t. And that drove me nuts…

  • Happy Freaking Christmas to you too, SONY.

  • Wow. Can’t wait not to play any of those games

  • Sony are you taking the [DELETED]. Darksiders we’ve already played on ps3 and can pick it up for a £1. We don’t to play it again on PS4.

    Kung fu Panda sucks.

    You added rush of blood last month, I’ve downloaded it and played it last month.

    Take these games away and come back with some different better ones

  • Very disappointing month. Darksiders II on PS4 has major frame rate issues and is a broken MESS! I had one spot where the game WENT DOWN to 1FPS nearly crashing my game in the process and I hope THQ Nordic releases a patch for it.As for Kung Fu Panda, why? It looks really boring, generic and an unoriginal Smash Bros. clone.I’m gonna stick back to Everybody’s Golf and other good games worth my time. Please start offering us GOOD titles and not lame, average and generic games that are boring, repetitive and dull. You have lots of good indies and AAA titles on the store. Start making use of them please or lose subs.

    • Darksiders II was bugged and crashing on PS4 Slims. This was NOT resolved by THQ Nordic (who really have done nothing to improve on any part of the game), but by Sony’s 5.01 FW Update. It’s a good game, but hasn’t aged well, and on consoles it has ridiculously low FOV and the most horrible camera auto-centering in gaming history.

  • Jesus Sony, really?!

  • Got most of them. Was close to buying wanted corp before so that’s okay. Also may give Siberia a go, must blow the dust of the ps3 though. Who on earth decided there was only meant to be 24 hours in a day

  • Dear Sony,

    I use ps plus more for the discounts I get on games on sale than I do for the free games every month.

    But if I can give a couple words of advice.

    1. Although I still own / play my PS3 and Vita and have enjoyed the 300+ games I have received over the 7 years of ps plus, please just stop with the PS3 and Vita games. Unfortunately, they are not adding much value and are like a lightning rod for the comment section.

    2. Take a month off. Try releasing games every other month. Maybe the extra time and money will help secure the sought after AAA and indie titles that used to be a main stay in the ps plus line up.

    If you insist keeping ps3 and vita games, maybe stick them in on the down month.

    3. Improve the download list on your store front so that people can get an overview of all the games that they have gotten over the years through ps plus.

    Have a great day and keep up the good work. I know it isn’t always easy securing games. Publishers can be pretty finicky and shy; especially with the increased membership numbers.

    • Many if us still have and use our vitas and ps3s. Not our fault sony gives away shoddy games (except syberia) on them for plus.

    • *of.

      Stupid no edit button.

    • If Sony took your suggestions on board, I’d expect the sub price to drop significantly below £40. Xbox Live Gold standard price is £39.99, and for that you get 4 games (2 you can keep permanently).

    • There is an edit button. It’s on the posts at the bottom!!

    • It’s easy for someone without the older consoles to say “drop them” but for many, it’s a key perk to the subscription and a good reason to hang on to the other consoles. PS Plus was instumental in my decision to buy a Vita in the 1st place but I agree that the quality of the Vita Plus offerings has been steadily dropping for over a year now.

      It’s likely they’ll drop support soon anyway but we shouldn’t encourage them to do it – do you honestly think you’ll get a better PS4 subscription without the Vita & PS3 games? #ForTheBoardMembers

    • I, too, still use my ps3 and vita on a regular basis.

      However; after 7 years of receiving games for the platforms (that’s over a 100+ games for each platform) you reach a point of diminishing returns.

      I would prefer less quanity and more quality. But I respect your opinion.

      Have a great day.

  • You’d think with their main competitor releasing a new console they might pull out the stops and have a decent lineup, add to that xmas sales and it seemed a no brainer but guess Sony have other ideas, I guess those good few months (not Nov) were just to counter the plus price hike.

    • If you’d think about it, if you were EA, would you agree on a major discount deal to put a EA game on PS plus and distract people from battlefront and need for speed? The same goes to Activision, Ubisoft, etc… So giving a AAA game in November or December when no one is available to provide one, is kind of hard, no? If people use their brains they eventually get the logic behind this kind of stuff. Sony doesn’t work on this alone and others have their own interests to protect…

  • Absolutely appalling!…

    Can we please have an official response on why the price of ps plus was increased 25%? Because the service we all pay for certainly has not improved.

    Around the time of the price hike I was also lead to believe a “big announcement” regarding ps plus was about to happen, an announcement I am still waiting for as I hoped, like many, it may justify the increase. (And if you think the playlink title and VR game are worthy of the hundreds of thousands more pounds you are generating from plus members, you can think again. We aren’t silly, we know you put them in there as much for your own marketing strategies to sell more VR headsets as you do for our benefit)

    Your slogan may be “For the players”

    But ours is “Players never forget”

    Good luck for the next generation of consoles Sony…You’ll need it.

    • “Can we please have an official response on why the price of ps plus was increased 25%?”

      Because the CEO’s wanted a new BMW, a new holiday home, a new rolex…

    • Why did you convince yourself to believe that there was a big announcment for Plus after the price increase? Inflation. Its not 2010 anymore, they need to be charging a bit more for Plus just like every other company in the world that increases the charges for their subscription based services over a long period of time.

      Isn’t it funny the way nobody complained about Xbox Live doing it a year ago and they don’t even have a basic feature like Shareplay on their service?

      Lol, yeah, Sony need to listen to your warning because PS5 is going to bomb if you alone ignore the console and miss out on all of next gen’s amazing games.

    • An official response you’ll never get as nobody from Sony is listening in here.

      “In Sony, nobody hears your cries”

    • @andrewsqual Inflation to £10 more than the Xbox service? I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t think shareplay is worth that much.

    • The difference since the increase is the “bonus titles”…

      It looks likely it’s being used to reward adopters of their new platforms (PSVR and PlayLink) and promote the platforms to everyone else.

      Thanks for RIGS and Rush of Blood everyone :)

      No thanks for That’s You though :p

    • @Kinky_Friedman29 “More than the Xbox service”??? Xbox Live went up in price by 10 quid almost 12 months ago lol. What are you talking about?

      And you just proved my point. It was such NOT a big deal on Xbox (because they are used to that kind of thing for over 10 years now already) that you weren’t even aware of it.

    • Xbox Live Gold is still only £39.99 though and has provided a much stronger service for the most over the last few years.

    • No it hasn’t.

  • I’d have been real happy…. had I not bought Darksiders in the sale a few weeks ago! :(

  • So you give us Syberia 2 which never got a patch to fix an unobtainable trophy on the EU version and Darksiders 2 on PS4 which is an absolute mess… December should be the best month not the worst! What a joke.

  • The only thing that bugs me is that mediocre Kung Fu Panda choice lol. I mean, ANY Lego game would have been better then that garbage.

    • Any single Lego game would have been better than the entire selection.

    • I disagree, people seem to forget there is a 3rd Darksiders game on the way next year. Hopefully this Darksiders II will help get sales for it if it turns out great. I was thinking of grabbing the first game in a sale beause I never tried them out last gen and I did just purchase it now because I’m getting the second game. :)

  • Good month for me this time I don’t own any of the games, and I’m probably going to give all the games a try sometime – especially Darksiders 2, and Xblaze Lost: Memories

  • Is Darksiders 2 as buggy as it was on launch? I have heard some real horror stories about that game on PS4…

    • Darksiders II was bugged and crashing on PS4 Slims. This was NOT resolved by THQ Nordic (who really have done nothing to improve on any part of the game), but by Sony’s 5.01 FW Update. It’s a good game, but hasn’t aged well, and on consoles it has ridiculously low FOV and the most horrible camera auto-centering in gaming history.

  • Got darksiders2 in the sale the other week, had no issues with it what so ever.

  • At least PS4, PS3 and Vita are equally screwed…

    • And Xbox, they have been shocking last couple of months too, was happy to have a good selection of games accross my consoles but just lately it’s been meh, oh well at least switch may have some good classic monthly games soon hopefully

  • Merry Christmas to you too Sony! Poor month altogether☹️

  • Heh i didnt even know that some Kung FU panda game even exists. And very bad month indeed.

  • Poooooooo

    …….literal poo!

  • I am happy my PS Plus subscriptions expired couple weeks ago.

  • Wow Sony yall really be blowing with these bad games. It’s bad enough that we had to deal with Bound and Worm Battleground now next month we have to deal with Darksiders 2 and Kung Fu Panda smh

    • You aren’t a subscriber to PS+ so why does it matter to you?

    • “Deal with Bound”?

      Bound is a great game, and a nice addition to a PSVR collection if one has a unit, and even if one does not. Sure, perhaps it wasn’t your cup of tea, but don’t we all have different tastes?

      If all you have to “deal with” is a number of rental games that don’t appeal to you, then count yourself lucky. It appears that you don’t have Plus, on that account at least, so you don’t have to “deal with” any of it.

    • Exposed. You don’t even have Plus liar so how does it affect you?

  • Usually I find the complaints on these posts to be pretty silly, but..

    Yeah. Wow.

  • While I agree it’s a low quality month, I don’t mind getting the odd kids game like Kung Fu Panda as I’d never buy these games and it keeps my little ones happy. I reckon a large proportion of the PS+ demographic are late 30s or into their 40s with kids so this type of freebie ain’t all bad.

    • They could of course give a non shovelware children’s game?

    • And a comment such as this, is why Sony feels it can get away with charging something for absolutely nothing!

    • Seriously though, even if you paid the full £50 for a year’s subscription, you are paying £4.16 a month for online multiplayer and at least 2 games (assuming you dont have a PS3 or Vita). That’s max £2.08 a game. Think about that in terms of the cost of going to the cinema or renting a movie. We’re hardly paying money for nothing and on average the free games are pretty good.

    • If you break anything down to smaller chunks it looks a lot better but when you consider there are over 27 million Plus subscribers that equates to over 1.3billion revenue per year just for the Plus service alone, factor in sales of games and consoles and Sony are doing quite well from the Playstation brand.

      Remember that online multiplayer used to be free and Plus was all about the “free” games and exclusives so people do expect to get something for their money besides being able to play online.

    • To be honest, i’d buy neither of those two games on sale for 2 of any currency.

  • Hey Mr Groizard the producer… so this is the kind of crap you produce ? A PS3 Remaster (a bad one) and a crappy game based on a film ? For Christmas ? Seriously ? And you re not even ashamed of you guys after the price increase ?

    I m done with the PS+, you re not even trying so I m going to vote with my wallet and everyone who’s unhappy should do the same. Pathetic.

  • For anyone thinking of subscribing to PS+ for the games this month – don’t.

  • Just like last month you offered Broken Sword 5 for Vita instead of PS4 and now you offer Syberia for PS3 instead of Syberia 3 for PS4. Why do you offer games that most people won’t play due to the dead platforms instead of offering them for PS4? When are you going to support PS4 more with PS Plus? When PS5 is out?

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