Digital flash discounts start today on PlayStation Store – big savings on great games

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Digital flash discounts start today on PlayStation Store – big savings on great games

Grab a discount on Firewatch, The Witness, Inside, Rocket League and more

If Black Friday wasn’t enough, we have an awesome Digital Flash promotion starting today and running until 1st December, where you can save big on a host of digital-only PS4 gems.

Whether it’s Rocket League, Euro Fishing: Urban Edition, Firewatch, The Witness, Inside, or the many more titles available on offer*, you’re sure to find your next digital adventure with PlayStation Store.

The Digital Flash page on PlayStation Store has all your regional pricing, but here’s a look at the complete list of games that are discounted!

*Please note, some titles may not be available in your region and offer dates may vary for certain titles.

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  • Excellent. I can afford some of these even though I’m skint. Good sale!

  • Flinthook for £4.99! I’ll have that. And Nex Machina for £7.39! Still no sale on Kero Blaster even though that’s been out since April and I’ve never seen it in a sale. But that’s at least two games I been waiting for a sale on I shall get and maybe I’ll notice more when I’ve had a proper look through. :)

    (PS Double Dragon Pack is a bit misleading. I clicked thinking it had something to do with the Double Dragon game franchise… it’s not that at all. It’s DLC of actual dragons for a game called Trove) :P

    • Holy crud I love Flinthook and Nex Machina. I actually feel bad for not paying full price for them. Especially Nex Machina given how the poor sales have resulted in Housemarque quitting arcade shooters. Well at least they made this one before that happened cos this is amazingly awesome. Robotron 2017! :D

  • why to buy them when sooner or later we will have them in the monthly games rotation.

  • Yay! Lawbreakers on sale!

    Haha, I’m kidding ;-P Won’t risk buying this to find empty servers…

  • I am still surprised that Stardew Valley was released only on PS4… I would buy that game but only if it was released on Vita… as always, wasted potential of fantastic console.

  • Sorry for double post… but I want to know something and probably I won’t get answer, but is Sony slowly stopping discounting PS3 and Vita games? Price Drop shows only 28 titles from PS3 and Vita…

    • I’m guessing that each year, less people purchase Vita/PS3 titles, it’s a dying market. It’s also the side effect of PS4 not having any type of emulation for those two plataforms, XB1 does have BC and that is why you see more 360 games during sales. Still, the biggest focus is on the new hardware, especially because the price of both the hardware and software is higher than on legacy consoles.

    • Even if it is, we still need some more discounts for the prior consoles. I still miss about 10 games in total on ps vita and ps3 to complete my collection.

    • CyraxPT I don’t know how it looks where you live, but at least here in Poland people tend to buy used games or just wait for really good prices during deals. We don’t earn good money which makes a lot of people kind of in a stealth mode, waiting for a moment to strike… I mean buy. Of course PS3 and Vita are kind of old, but games made on those consoles are being remade and remastered to PS4… which is dumb idea, but whatever… they need money. Market is dying? I don’t think so, maybe less people are buying them, beacuse we are seeing same titles over and over during deals. I’ve been waiting for 2 games and 5 dlc thingies over 2 years to be in deals. If you want to know how many times I saw them on any deals I can tell you. It was exactly zero times. I have few titles on my wish list that I have seen maybe once or twice during sales, just after those games were released. I would say people are interested in buying digital staff, but there’s a lot of titles and dlc that never went on sale, nor was discounted.

    • He’s from Portugal. Don’t know their gaming status, but Portugal doesn’t strike as a country that plays a lot of videogames. Hence the fact that pricing is probably not something that is done well in store in Portugal.

      Anyway, I am missing about 15 games for both Vita and PS3. I finally got Drakengard and all of the DLC about two weeks ago. But man it’s a damn shame that so many games are lost due to that. I also want PsNow in Sweden. Would have been the best option for people who went all digital. Hell, I only bought a new Xbox One Scorpio due to the Backwards compability function.

  • Wish Momodora: Reverie under the moonlight was a bit cheaper but happy to finally see it on sale. Will pick up Flinthook too.

    More flash sales like this please

    • yes I bought it as well. it’s been on my steam wishlist for a year now but I never bought it cause I knew I wouldn’t play on my laptop. didn’t even know it was available for ps4. sony srsly need to do an optimisation of the game the store recommends under ‘just for you’.

  • A PSVR game sale anytime soon? ;)

    • Have you checked the sale? Rollercoaster Dreams supports PS VR, Surgeon Simulator VR is there, Virry VR, Darknet (excellent game!), Waddle Home, etc. This weekend many PS VR games were also on sale.

  • I’m always left waiting for Hyper Light Drifter to go on sale, there are some good ones for me here though!

  • It’s bad, but whenever I see games for as cheap as £1.99 or £2.49 or £3.29 I just feel I have to buy it, justifying that it’s less than the price of a pint nowadays! So, Giana Sisters, Machinarium, Absolute Drift, Nidhogg….here we come!

    • I know what you mean. It’s why I’ve bought in the past tembo, my name is mayo and nubla and why I may get toren and or giana sisters

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