15 big PS4 Pro-enhanced blockbusters discounted this weekend in the PlayStation Store Black Friday sale

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15 big PS4 Pro-enhanced blockbusters discounted this weekend in the PlayStation Store Black Friday sale

This year’s biggest games look even more mind-blowing in 4K

A very happy Black Friday to all! With exactly one month between now and Christmas Eve, we expect you’ve already got your eye on all the must-have bargains in this weekend’s big retail blowout.

If, however, you’ve got room for a couple more things on your big seasonal shopping list (and, like me, you’re a sucker for tech), then check out the huge range of PS4 Pro-enhanced, ultra-HD titles available in PlayStation Store’s big Black Friday bonanza.

1. Horizon: Zero Dawn

As awards season kicks into gear, Guerrilla Games‘ post-apocalyptic action-RPG is already shaping up to be one of the year’s most celebrated games, netting a string of awards and nominations from both The Golden Joystick and The Game Awards.

An absolute technical tour de force on all fronts, it was also one of the first exclusive titles to truly showcase the power of PS4 Pro. With full 4K visuals and HDR support, Horizon Zero Dawn‘s incredibly detailed world only becomes more mind-boggling on the supercharged PS4 Pro hardware.

2. Destiny 2

Having revolutionised the FPS genre back in 2014 with their multiplayer-driven, sci-fi saga Destiny, Bungie returned to the fray this year with its highly-anticipated sequel, Destiny 2.

Taking everything they’d learned from their pioneering work on the original title, they delivered a worthy follow-up that combined the best of the original formula with a whole host of new stories, locations and features.

Not least among these, was support for PlayStation 4 Pro that delivers Destiny 2’s unique visual flair at a full 4K, meaning crisp, ultra-sharp image quality throughout.

3. The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

Earlier this year, Bethesda gave long-time fans of The Elder Scrolls series a special treat as they brought Morrowind’s much-loved land of Vvardenfell to The Elder Scrolls Online. Featuring dozens of popular locations such as the vast city of Vivec and the ancient town of Balmora, it’s a must for fans and newcomers alike.

On PlayStation 4 Pro, the sumptuous design of Tamriel’s unique island nation gets a fourfold boost in image quality (along with all other locations in the game), displaying at a fully-native 4K – who needs rose-tinted glasses when you have that?

4. Gran Turismo Sport

The long-awaited evolution of Polyphony Digital‘s legendary racing franchise finally let its engines roar this year and the results were worth the wait. Boasting some of the most highly-detailed track and car models anywhere in the industry, it delivers a truly immersive, competitive racing experience to every car-enthusiast on PS4.

Long-time tech veterans, Polyphony Digital also pushed the PS4 Pro hard to deliver one of the most cutting edge HDR implementations ever seen in a video game alongside a massive increase in picture quality, almost trebling overall resolution.

5. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Forget what you learned in history lessons, or at least put it out of your mind for a moment, it’s time to step once more in to the shoes of William ‘B.J.’ Blazkowicz and liberate 1960s America from a Nazi invasion – naturally.

Yup, as unapologetically over-the-top as ever, Wolfenstein is back on PlayStation 4 and not to be out-done it gets full support for PS4 Pro that comes in the shape of improved performance right across the game and massive boost in image quality that pushes twice the pixels of base hardware to make every blood-splattered moment all the more glorious. Try not to have too much fun!

6. EA Sports FIFA 18

For football fans, there’s no greater event on the yearly release calendar than the chance to get their hands on the latest edition of EA’s marquee footballing franchise. An ever-expanding sports experience that combines classic gameplay with brilliantly additive online modes like FIFA Ultimate Team, there’s literally no better way to indulge your inner armchair coach.

What’s even better? On PS4 Pro this runs at a native 4K and a locked 60FPS. Enough said!

7. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Riding high on the critical success of 2016’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, iconic studio Naughty Dog wasted no time in putting together a standalone spin-off for fan-favourite characters Chloe and Nadine.

An unabashed celebration of everything that makes the Uncharted series so memorable, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy naturally boasts ultra-HD support with a massive boost in resolution right across the game to bring all those fine details and bombastic set-pieces popping out of the screen.

8. Call of Duty: WWII

This year, Activision‘s behemoth Call of Duty franchise put boots back on the ground as it returned to the setting that first launched it and which fans were clamouring to return to: World War II.

A jaw-dropping recreation of 1940’s Europe, the team at Sledgehammer Games left no shell-casing unturned as they brought to life some of the 20th century’s most pivotal conflicts. On PS4 Pro you’ll be enjoying these stunning settings in a full 4K resolution at 60fps – it’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

9. The Witcher 3: Game of the Year Edition

With two huge expansions to complement an already massive base game, The Witcher 3: Game of the Year Edition, represents just about the best value for money you can find in the current generation of gaming.

On top of this, it’s also one of the generation’s most celebrated successes, setting a record in 2015 for the most Game of the Year awards ever netted by a single game. Just last month, developers CDPR put the final finishing touch on their masterpiece: PS4 Pro support. Yes, players wishing to visit the monster-infested wilds of the Northern Kingdoms can now do so in full 4K, with improved performance.

10. Knack II

This year, SIE Japan Studio followed up on their PS4 launch title Knack with a massively-expanded, multiplayer-touting sequel that combined the quirky characters, colourful aesthetic and shapeshifting combat of the original with more ambitious level design and full co-op support.

The brainchild of PS4 Pro lead technician Mark Cerny, unsurprisingly, the game offers a suite of options for PS4 Pro users, including beautiful ultra-HD visuals or an option to play with massively boosted performance, if that’s what you prefer.

11. F1 2017

Considered by critics as a winning return to form for the veteran team at Codemasters, F1 2017 builds on the long-running series excellent pedigree with a whole swathe of new features and career mode options to deliver the most complete Formula 1 experience in modern gaming.

Running at a buttery-smooth 60fps, PS4 Pro owners can also expect absolutely stunning car and trackside detail thanks to full 4K visuals and improved effects work – we’ll see you on the grid!

12. Ratchet and Clank

Last year marked a welcome return of PlayStation’s legendary platforming duo Ratchet & Clank in a complete remake of their PS2 debut outing. Featuring cutting-edge visuals, bags of new weapons and gadgets and even a movie-tie it proved to be PS4’s sleeper hit of the year.

Though it released well before the unveiling of the supercharged PS4 Pro, developer Insomniac Games dropped a new patch to accompany the console’s launch that pushes the CGI visuals all the way up to a full 4K and the results are absolutely stunning.

13. Assassin’s Creed Origins

After a two-year hiatus, the Assassin’s Creed franchise returned to PS4 this year with a whole bunch of new tricks up its sleeve. Boldly re-envisioning the elements of stealth, combat and traversal so iconic to the series, Assassin’s Creed Origins reinvigorates the world, characters and ongoing narrative amid a vibrant new ancient Egyptian setting.

One additional trick in new protagonist Bayek’s arsenal is of course PS4 Pro support, meaning that you can enjoy the dramatic, sand-swept backdrops in a stunningly crisp ultra-HD resolution.

14. Nioh

After a decade in development, Team Ninja‘s hotly-anticipated and unashamedly brutal action-RPG finally tore its way onto PS4 earlier this year. Widely praised for its finely-tuned combat and vast array of weapons, abilities and playstyles, Nioh became an instant favourite among hardcore players hungry for a challenge.

On top of this, it also delivered a comprehensive set of upgrades for PS4 Pro players, no matter what their preference. Boasting not only full-4K visuals for those that want the most pristine picture quality, it also sports a high performance mode for extra responsive gameplay.

15. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

Last, but absolutely not least, is Monolith‘s excellent sequel to 2015’s surprise hit Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Returning to the dark heartlands of J.R.R. Tolkien’s incredible fantasy world, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War continues the adventures of half-human, half-elven wraith Talion as he wages his ongoing war against the dark forces of Sauron.

And of course, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War also supports the supercharged PS4 Pro, delivering ultra-HD resolutions, improved draw distances and enhanced effects, dramatically improving image quality right across the game.

If you’re not the proud owner of a 4K display, then fear not, every game listed above shares its benefits with users of regular HD televisions, who will benefit from a noticeable boost in image quality thanks to super sampling, as well as other effects and performance enhancements.

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  • Was hoping for more VR games to go with my shiny new VR setup. Poor offering for vita. Think I’ll keep my cash and go to Amazon and Argos. There offers are half decent.

  • Feel a bit sad for everyone to have bought gran turismo to now basically see it in the bargain bin. Really says a lot about the game

    • Most knew about the severe lack of content. It’s around the price it should have been at launch all things considered. My local Tesco still had Day 1 Edition copies the other day too, says a lot! GT is finished. It was once the undisputed king of console racing however it has been surpassed by rivals. Sad but I see PD going the way of other former Sony studios. If they can close Liverpool they can close PD.

  • anyone know if there is a noticable difference between the ps pro cuh-7000 and new 7100 when it comes to fan noise? got a good deal but don’t know if it might be better to wait a bit and pay more for the new revision that’s only been sold in battlefront and gt bundles for now

  • Sony, it’d be cool if you actually lowered digital prices to retail prices. Both Horizon and GT Sport are £8 cheaper at Argos than your sale price.

    Guys, please shop around.

    • Shopto has it for even cheaper at £17.99. Sony sales really need to improve especially for PS Plus subscribers who have had their subscription charges increased by 25%.

    • Difference with the ps store is that it’s always in stock, i’d pay more to have it now then walk into shops where its sold out or online out of stock

    • Thank you for this :D was away to pay 25 for Horizon from the store, saw this post, looked up Argos, 18.99, my Mrs is picking it up for me while she is out Xmas shopping today! Thanks :D

  • That’s cool and I love enhancements for my Pro (even though I’m still on 1080p) but I was really hoping for a sale on some of the more expensive indie titles I’ve been waiting for to be in sales. I had been waiting til today to see if more games were to be added actually on black friday. :/

  • Got Nioh a couple weeks ago, amazing game.

    Really enjoying Nier: Automata on my PS4 Pro too!

  • Witcher 3 in full 4K? I wish. Looks better than it did but that’s a complete fabrication.

  • This is just another advert for the PS Pro. SONY really are pushing the sale of this right now, they are trying to rub MS’s nose in the dirt and show them that their console has the edge yet again.

    Tempted as I am, I will not be buying another console until next generation comes along. Mid cycle consoles are a trend I want to cease before it becomes the norm. If they want to enable mid cycle upgrades then their should be a way of upgrading the original console to the specs of the upgrade, it really stinks for early adopters otherwise.

    • None of the upgrade models seem to be selling amazingly well. When balancing between buying a whole new console for a few slight improvements or 7-20 games for the original it’s not really much of a choice (same for VR).

      The next console will already be 4k, and as 4k isn’t even proper UHD (which is 8k, the screen manufacturers pushed for a mid step to sell more upgrade stages) then there will likely be a PS5 PRO with 8k full UHD support.

    • I don’t like half cycle consoles but I love the way they are doing it – the whole no extra content just runs smoother with nice visuals.

    • My Pro didn’t cost me that much after trading in my regular PS4 which I did mostly cos I just got sick of the steel grey mine was and the fact it was a limited edition based on a bundled game I did not like, Arkham Knight. I was gonna get a Slim but thought I may as well pay the extra to get a Pro and have some advantages. And I like my all black ProI slapped a Bat-symbol on. :)

  • SONY, why is the Morrowind stand alone package half price, but the Morrowind upgrade for Elder Scrolls Online is still full price? Which comes to more than the discounted price for the whole Morrowind package… and the store doesn’t allow me to buy the whole package since I already have the base game. Way to punch the existing ESO fans in the face :(

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