Winter Soldier, Black Widow and Venom join Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite’s roster next month

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Winter Soldier, Black Widow and Venom join Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite’s roster next month

Trio of DLC warriors hit PS4 on 5th December, while new 30 character-strong demo is available this weekend

Alert PlayStation fans! We’ve just received intelligence that a soldier, a spy, and a symbiote have set their eyes on Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Your mission is to watch the action-packed gameplay trailer above to prepare for the upcoming DLC characters Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and Venom, all available on 5th December!

Bucky Barnes: Winter Soldier

Marvel vs Capcom

Young soldier Bucky Barnes fought alongside his best friend Captain America during World War II. Presumed dead after a dangerous mission ended in tragedy, he was captured by enemy forces and secretly brainwashed into becoming a deadly assassin known as the Winter Soldier. Bucky, now free from his captors, is once again ready to fight for the good of humanity.

Winter Soldier excels at ground combat using special moves that send the opponent flying across the screen and projectiles that bounce off the walls and floor. Bucky can activate Metal Shield, which utilizes his cybernetic arm to turn him into an anchor, allowing him to ignore attacks without taking any damage!

Natasha Romanova: Black Widow

Marvel vs Capcom

Trained extensively in the art of combat and espionage and outfitted with state-of-the-art tech, Natasha Romanova is the super spy known as Black Widow. Dutiful and fearless, she is a master assassin who found her true calling as an Avenger. She now fights to protect the world from Ultron Sigma’s influence.

As a deadly spy, Black Widow has tools for every situation. Her unique acrobatic jump can be performed in mid-air and followed up with one of her many tricky projectiles with the press of a button. Natasha also showcases her skills in hand-to-hand combat with her trusty electric batons.

Eddie Brock: Venom

Blaming Peter Parker for the failure of his journalism career, former Daily Bugle reporter Eddie Brock bonded with a malevolent, symbiotic alien creature who had previously attempted to bond with Peter. United by the goal to destroy Spider-Man, they are the fearsome force known only as Venom!

Prepare for the unexpected with Venom’s shape-shifting abilities. As a frightening force on the battlefield, Venom can launch himself across all angles of the screen and has no issue manipulating the opponent’s options to favor his own.

Marvel vs Capcom

Everyone who has the 2017 Character Pass will unlock access to Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and Venom on 5TH December – along with the previously released Black Panther, Sigma, and Monster Hunter. Each character is also available for purchase individually.

Free demo weekend: 24/11 – 27/11

For those wanting to try Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite or want to get your friends on board, we have some great news for you! We’re hosting a free demo weekend from 24th November to 27th November, exclusively on PlayStation 4!

All 30 launch characters will be available to play, meaning you’ll be able to witness Captain Marvel’s strength, Dante’s style, and much more. There’s plenty of time to see which characters and teams speak to you along with which Infinity Stone you’ll choose to bring into battle.

Be a hero and tell your friends and family to check out Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite! We’ll see you – and them – in the epic clash!

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  • Venom looks neat but i have no interest in the other characters. Far too MCU for me. Might give that 30+ characters ‘demo’ a go just to see if the game is worth buying after that really not very great demo that came out before release day. May as well… I think. I dunno. Capcom… I’m more looking forward to finally getting SFV Arcade mode almost 2 years after launch.

  • Having recently purchased this game I can confirm that anyone playing it is in for a roller coaster ride. Whilst some of you may think that means constant buzzing and excitement what I mean is that if you play the Story Mode first it superbly builds up to give you the feeling it’s on par with MVC 3… it isn’t!

    Whilst the story itself and characters are great it’s way too short and after this, unless you like to sit online and fight strangers, hoping they don’t just use fighting sticks and exploit moves to keep you in the air like a jugglers set of balls, it’s as flat as Holland. The arcade mode is literally like stepping back to the 1990’s 16-Bit consoles with almost zero fighter info, intro story sequences or ending stories and sequences. Everything that made you want to complete MVC 3 with every single fighter has totally vanished. In all honesty this feels like it was 50% finished then shipped. How on earth are there no individual character stories? Who thought that was a good idea? The roster is very small with that classic Capcom DLC bend over and brace moment for an extra handful of characters afterwards for prices that are just not even remotely worth it… especially with no background story.

    I paid £22 for my copy and in all honesty it’s not worth that unless you plan on playing online constantly and getting replay value that way. You won’t do the story a second time, you absolutely won’t do the game again and again with each fighter because there’s literally no point unless you are trophy hunting. It feels like you are shouting in a massive empty room, it’s lack of character stories kill this as a legitimate contender in the fighting game genre.

    Plus points are that it’s lovely and smooth and very colourful, the ridiculously short story mode is fun and Rocket is in it. I’ve had a ton of fun with Capcom stuff this year but this game was so not one of them, and I love the franchise so it’s not hate for hate’s sake. It’s disappointment for such a phoned in entry.

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