The Witcher 3’s Adam Badowski picks his favourite PlayStation 4 games for time-starved parents

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The Witcher 3’s Adam Badowski picks his favourite PlayStation 4 games for time-starved parents

CD Projekt Red dev details those games that offer quick-fix action, as well as his favourite story-driven adventures

Hey! My name is Adam and I became a dad not that long ago, so this one is dedicated to those of you who love to play games, but suddenly have a lot less time to do so. Here’s my ‘quick fix’ playlist for everyone who’s in the mood for some instant action. Additionally, since good storytelling has always been at the heart of what we do at CD Projekt Red, the list below also contains a selection of games appreciated by many of the devs here at the studio.

1. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

I really enjoy how The Phantom Pain allows players to approach missions the way you like — from being super stealthy, to run and gun, it’s all up to you how you choose to complete the objective. It’s a giant sandbox with some pretty cool toys at your disposal, which makes things really flexible in terms of managing time.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

2. Until Dawn

If you like intense experiences and fear is your thing, I think you should give Until Dawn a shot. The way the game plays with familiar tropes from your typical ‘cabin in the woods’ genre of horror, and makes them interactive, is worthy of high praise.

Until Dawn

3. War Thunder

Since the game’s release on PlayStation 4, I’ve been very fond of aerial combat in War Thunder. The game’s arcade flight modes are ideal for some instant fun, while simulation modes allow you to feel full control (if you have the time and patience to master them!).

War Thunder

4. Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is intense from the get go. It doesn’t take long before things become serious and you find yourself really invested in both the sanity of the characters you control, and their fate. Plus, it’s just a great RPG.

Darkest Dungeon

5. Ratchet and Clank (2016)

I like to reminisce and R&C is something that brings very fond memories of classic systems like PlayStation 2. It’s a treat for the eyes, and something you can enjoy with younger gamers in your family.

Ratchet & Clank

6. Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends is hands down one of my favourite platformers on PS4. Despite it’s not the easiest of games, it never frustrates, and always offers a great sense of satisfaction when you complete a level. Plus, I just love to lose myself in this kaleidoscope of colour and sound — the way everything’s combined with gameplay is a real work of art.

Rayman Legends

7. Bloodborne

Since we’re talking about challenges, Bloodborne, despite being an entirely different game than Rayman, also comes to mind. If skill-honing in games is something that you’re looking for, you’ll get a lot of bang for the buck. Plus, I totally fell for the Lovecraftian themes.


8 & 9. The Last of Us & Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

Definite favourites here at the studio, TLoU and Uncharted‘s story, pacing and superbly fleshed out characters make these games real must haves. I personally believe that the way these games run, look and feel will remain a reference for many future story-driven titles in the industry.

The Last of Us RemasteredUncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection


10. GTA V

Another studio favourite, GTA V manages to blend really good storytelling with a world you can freely roam for hours on end. I mean, there’s not that many games that allow you to parachute down to the course for a quick game of golf.

Grand Theft Auto V

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  • Yes to Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted, The Last of Us and Rayman Legends (not so keen on the other games listed here and got a couple there I kinda hate and one I truly despise but yeah)

    Odd for a list of games supposedly for instant action (MGSV, really?) there’s not really much in the way of arcade-like games which I feel are absolutely perfect for when you haven’t got a lot of time and just trying to fit in some fun gaming in between other respsonsibilities.

    • Yeah I agree, although I like most of the games on this list I wouldn’t necessarily categorise them as games for time-poor people. Most of them require a fair level of commitment to master or finish. Something like Zen Pinball 3 is perfect because you can literally jump in and play a game for a few minutes then duck out.

      To be fair though the Rest Mode feature on PS4 means that pretty much any game can suit someone with not much time to play. The only issue then is remembering the controls and where you are up to in a story which is another reason arcade games can be more preferable. No story means no confusion when you can’t remember where you were up to.

    • Agreed. I was under the assumption they’d be games that were fun but quick to finish. If you have little time then it could take you half a year to finish some of these. :P And I wouldn’t want to play Bloodborne and then have to rush off to care for a crying baby, only to return to ‘YOU DIED’.

  • Much as I love Bloodborne, it’s a terrible fit for this list. You can’t even pause! And GTAV’s loading screens alone require more of a time commitment than I was ever capable of as a new parent

  • bloodborne is terrible

  • I have 3 childrens, for me are best games:

    1.Everybodys Golf


    3.Worms W.M.D.


    5.Dangerous golf

    6.Pinball FX3

    7.The Witness

    8.Rocket League

    9.Bridge Constructor

    10.Tetris Ultimate

  • Not sure on some of these games tbh, I mean MGSV by example. Sure it has missions that can be short if you go in guns blazing. But most are centered around stealth & tactics which can take a while to plan. Not to mention all the cutscenes etc

    Think the only game I can agree on most is Rayman as each mission isn’t very long. And if you need to switch off midgame, there’s not much progress if any lost.

  • Not a parent, but I am quite busy with my dissertation. The only game I can find time to play is Overwatch, but I guess this list only applies to exclusives.

  • Bit of a different list to what I was expecting? I considered a list of games to fit in with parenting responsibilities would be short arcadey like games. So, yes to Rayman for sure. I think GTA V is great for just picking up with no particular mission in mind, just to cause some havoc for a bit and then put down. Other than that though, you want small indie/arcade games I think.

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