How World War II is shaping the story and combat of tactical RPG sequel Valkyria Chronicles 4, out next year on PS4

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How World War II is shaping the story and combat of tactical RPG sequel Valkyria Chronicles 4, out next year on PS4

Producer Kei Mikami details how real world conflict impacted next year's PS4 release

In case you missed it, the beloved Valkyria Chronicles series is making a grand return to the west with Valkyria Chronicles 4! Revisit a WWII-inspired world with a refined tactical RPG battle system, rich painterly aesthetic, new ensemble cast of characters, and a captivating story about growing up on the battlefield.

Although the Valkyria Chronicles 4 team has been super busy, we were able to ask producer Kei Mikami a few questions about his experience working on the newest mainline entry of the Valkyria Chronicles series.

When did Valkyria Chronicles 4 begin development?

Kei Mikami: It’s been about two years since the project officially started. It might be a little longer if you include the time our director, Mr. Yamashita, spent in the planning phase.


What brought you back to the world of Valkyria Chronicles 4?

Kei Mikami: The aim of this Valkyria Project is to expand the series on a global scale. We haven’t released a mainline title since Valkyria Chronicles 3 in 2011, so our goal from the beginning was to attract new audiences worldwide. Our overarching vision is to return to the original Valkyria Chronicles’ roots, while building on improvements from the rest of the series. Valkyria Chronicles 4 is the culmination of everything we’ve learned up to this point.

We began setting the groundwork for this project with Valkyria Chronicles Remastered for PS4. Our intent was to let fans experience Valkyria Chronicles’ origins and core gameplay on a next-gen console before moving forward with a brand-new numbered entry to the main series.


What inspired the story, characters, and setting?

Kei Mikami: Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3 were both released exclusively on PSP, which was a very prolific console in Japan. Their themes, therefore, catered to our Japanese audience, such as a schoolyard environment or a fantastical special ops team. This time we decided to return to the first game’s grounded military setting. As such, we moved away from super soldiers with extraordinary powers. Instead you’ll find characters who are more like people you could see yourself meeting in everyday life.


We gathered reference material by studying countless records of the troops who participated in World War II. In doing so, we learned about soldiers who never lost hope, even in dire straits. Perhaps it was their youthfulness that allowed them to hold onto that positivity. These tales of soldiers whose dreams were crushed by the stark realities of war, only for them to stand back up and face that reality head-on, affected our team on a deeply emotional level.


What makes Valkyria Chronicles 4 different than the rest of the mainline series?

Kei Mikami: The first Valkyria Chronicles games focused on the small country of Gallia. This time around, the world itself is expanding to reveal an epic story that covers the full scope of the Second Europan War. We recreated a world history loosely based on the frontlines of the Eastern Theatre and want you to experience a different side of the Europan conflict. How did the war impact other continents? What lies beyond the Gallian front? Discover the global impact of EWII through the mechanical improvements and narrative innovations of our latest creation.


What’s new about the Canvas system?

Kei Mikami: New hardware allowed us to repaint the gorgeous visuals you know and love in a whole new light. In order to amplify Canvas’ hand-drawn, watercolour aesthetic, we deepened the shadows to make its colours pop. We also added real-time environmental effects — like footprints left in the snow, or heatwaves warping the air around you — to give the sense that you’re actually there in person.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 will be available on PS4 and will come out in Europe in 2018.

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  • Cannot wait for Valkyria Chronicles 4! I absolutely loved the first game and this one seems to be drawing a lot of influence from it.

    Only have one question, will there be a Collector’s Edition at all? Keep up the great work and I will be very much looking forward to playing this in 2018!

  • This sounds exactly like the sequel I wanted. Hopefully it’ll be great!

  • It’s good there’s finally a proper sequel! There isn’t really many other games like it, so it’s good to have more of it.

    Randomly, it would be nice if there was a port of the two Vita titles too, especially as one never even got a global release.

  • It’s great to see the game is going back to its root so we can get a sequel this time!

  • [DELETED] fantastic!!! A dream made real!

    I’ll be there day one. Might even buy two copies.

  • Completed VC1 three times between both releases on Playstation, and put hundreds of hours into VC2 on my Vita (well, I paid for those level 99 DLC missions, so you’re damn right I was going to grind to them ).

    Never managed to play the fan translated version of VC3 as that would have required … certain workarounds we can’t talk about on this blog, and the latest spin-off was a huge disappointment, so it’s great to see the series return in VC4. Seems a little weird it’s not getting a PC release also, since it was that version selling a million copies that led to this being greenlit, but I’ll be happy to play it on PS4. It’s just a shame VC2 and VC3 would need a complete remake to get them on PS4 rather than just a touch up, as despite the somewhat dodgy storytelling VC2 was great fun.

    No more Isara and Juliana moments though please … I don’t think my heart can take any more of those. It took me a month to pick up the game again after the first time I stormed the Marberry Shore.

  • OH MY [DELETED] GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. My history has been made, this is what dreams are made of.

  • Now, please complete the saga for people not able to speak Japanese with VC3, please. VC 2&3 HD Edition would be useful to encourage people to buy VC4 (there are some not willing to skip games, you know).

  • Fantastic news! I rarely pre-order games but will do for this one. I too loved the original VC, one of my favourite games on the PS3. I purchased a Vita just to play VC2, which was okay but nowhere near as good as VC. I just hope Sega release VC3 remaster on PS4 as they have been doing a great job with the Yakuza series.

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