6 things you need to know about SingStar ahead of SingStar Celebration’s release next week

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From alternative names to superfan videos, we countdown the best franchise moments ahead of next week's release

We’re all super excited about the launch of SingStar Celebration next week, and can’t wait to get the party season started! In the run up to the launch, we’ve unearthed some fun facts about SingStar, including our favourite community submissions!

  1. Did you know, over 115 different SingStar titles have been released since its first launch in 2004? That includes in over 15 languages around the world. There’s even a SingStar Bollywood!
  2. SingStar Celebration

  3. Amongst many different suggestions, we decided on the name SingStar. Originally we had quite a few options, including the name SingAlong.
  4. SingStar Celebration

  5. The most viewed community video of all time is this fan, (The_New_Guy) with over 31k likes. His rendition of Tina Turner’s classic ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?’ is pitch perfect! He’s giving us serious SingStar goals!
  6. SingStar Celebration

  7. We hosted a SingStar Crystal Mics competition where over 11,000 fans entered. This was the winning video by super fan, SooziBags singing Mamma Mia by ABBA. We love, love, love her outfit and found ourselves dancing along….
  8. We’ve had some incredible fan submissions over the years, but here are some of the London Studio favourites. We particularly love this Storm Trooper expertly dancing and singing to Scissor Sisters, as well as a superstar chin belting out a Jamelia hit song!
  9. SingStar CelebrationSingStar Celebration


  10. Last but not least, our favourite fan video from Christmas 2016 is this submission from arcticflea. We’ve been chuckling along as we watch him sing, whilst getting into the festive spirit in the office!

SingStar Celebration

SingStar Celebration launches next week, 22nd November. We’re already practicing our favourite tracks and warming up our voices.
We can’t wait to see your song submissions from SingStar Celebration!

You can check out the full track list, here. Happy partying!

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2 Author Replies

  • And not number one thing you need to know about singstar is that it’s not been supported in over 7 years.

  • No, the only thing I need to know about this new singstar game is that it will be totally optional, and not forced onto my system in a firmware update so I have to see an annoying ad every time I turn it on.

  • They’re so “super excited” about this game that they all numbered the six facts as “01”.

  • I haven’t had opportunity to play it much over the years but I’ve had fun with it at social gatherings.

    (I do however think singing into your mobile phone looks way dorkier than into a microphone :P )

  • Fact number 1 – The PS3 version of Singstar was backwards compatible with the PS2 disk versions of the game, allowing you to still sing along to your favourite songs. A much loved feature of the game.

    Fact number 2 – The PS4 version has no backwards compatibility with previous disk versions and allows only some of your digital purchases to be upgraded to work with the PS4 version.

    Fact number 3 – Fact number 2 is why Singstar is now dead to a lot of its old fans!

  • Some additional facts:

    Promises of ‘exciting news’ after months of no content releases or song migration ended up being a huge list of tracks being removed from the store.

    After over a year of no updates, the official Facebook page closed rather than actually replying to the fans who were still waiting around, hoping for some good news.

    The promise of getting access to old content purchased on the PS3 saw a sporadic scattering of transfers to PS4, but left a huge load out.

    Sorry, Singstar, after supporting you on PS2, with every version purchased, then spending money on around 600 tracks on PS3, I’m done! The ignoring of your community, the months of sudden silence, and constant lies have soured my love for the game. Rock Band gets my full attention these days.

  • I can’t wait for it to forcibly placed front and centre on the home screen, maybe this time you can have it automatically start when the console is turned on too! ?

    • Its nice to see people here still complaining about such a thing when it never even happened on PS4. I WANT them to force it onto the PS4 menu just to to see the moaners here. Hell, those moaners sure won’t be here praising any awesome stuff anytime soon, at least it will get them here.

    • I praise many things on here but the Singstar fiasco is something that shouldn’t be forgotten, though you seemingly missed the tongue in cheek humour of my post also. ?

    • Ah, the horrible memories… In a way we have something very similar with the ‘What’s New’ section now. I can’t stand seeing those pictures of random people after startup.

      andrewsqual, that’s so petty…

  • What did Sony expect with a post like this?… my kids grew up playing SingStar, but with a total lack of support, no new songs and hundreds removed from the store, the franchise seems dead and buried.

    I still fire it up occasionally and may even pick up Celebration, but it’s such a shame what’s happened to the game.

    As for my kids, they never play it any more as none of their favourite artists or bands (ie. anything released in the past 18-24 months) are featured on the SingStore.

  • A question I have is whether we’ll be able to “disc-swap” between Celebration and Ultimate Party?…. The whole thing seems broken on PS4, even the DRM which prevents other users from singing songs bought on my PSN account.

  • No reply to my previous question… here are a few easier ones:

    1. Will the SingStar Celebration get a digital release as well as physical?… (Ultimate Party was disc-only)

    2. Will we ever get any more of the currently PS3-only songs made available for PS4?

    3. Will we ever get any new songs on the SingStore?… the last two updates were 16 Dec 2015 and 23 Mar 2016!?

    • It is in the netherlands.

      There’s a box out called Playlink collection consisting of :

      -Hidden Agenda

      -Knowledge is power

      -SingStar Celebration

      -Thats you

    • Hi, thank you so much for your message! Regarding PS3 songs, we have nothing to announce at this time. We wanted to release a SingStar title packed with our favourite songs to get any party started! Although this is on disc, you can add to the SingStar Celebration experience with additional songs on the SingStore, via the game.

      With SingStar, there are lots of parties involved, and lots of processes to follow when adding new songs to the game, so it can take longer than expected. We really appreciate your patience on this.

      We know how loved the franchise is and it has become a PlayStation classic. We love hearing from the fans and are absolutely committed to keeping it alive and continuing to develop it. We’re in a time of change as we reassess how to make SingStar more relevant and fun, and will share updates on the PlayStation blog and SingStar Forum as soon as they’re available.

    • Way to respond, saying listen to fans, whilst seemingly actually ignoring all the post from fans who have lost all confidence in you as a team.

      You listen to fans – by ignoring them on the official Facebook page for almost a year before shutting the whole page down (and the community aspect it brought to us all at the same time)

      We heard the excuse that licensing and talks can take longer than expected way back when you used that as use on the Facebook page. This was followed by a post about “exciting news coming” which then (after a couple more months of silence) turned out to be removal of songs from the store.

      Sorry, but none of your reply on this thread has given me and confidence for a future of the game, and I will only considering this entry up when it is in a £5 bargain shelf at CEX. Even then, I’ll probably have second thoughts about it.

    • Morning Annem,

      Today is the day this could bomb worse than even GT Sport and that has not gone well!

      As i spoke to you on the other thread and you promised to address concerns of the Singstar community and also *fans* of Singstar i told you then to answer on the thread on the *Singstar celebration* and also on here.

      I still think this could be a success if you answer the concerns of the Singstar community and people that have been *burnt* from the ps2/ps3/ps4 era.

      I also personally asked if some of the songs/collections would be added to ps4 catalogue now as i wanted *Bruno Mars* catalogue and this is only available on ps3.

      There is still such a market if you only support this which you say you will.

      Tell us for plans for updates etc. after this initial disk release please.

      If you dont answer these concerns or do not reply at all, i sadly do not think this will get anywhere which is very sad as this was a part of the infrastructure of playstation one time. Which I and i bet many welcomed and anticipated when either it was time for a new generation of playstation or you had a new Genre eg:Take that singstar, Abba singstar etc etc.

    • Hello! We’re unable to share exactly what is next for SingStar at this stage, but we’re working hard behind the scenes. We’re in a time of change as we reassess how to make SingStar more fun for fans, and will share updates on the PlayStation blog and SingStar Forum as soon as they are available!

    • Hi Annem,

      Thanks for replying, well i have to admit i did purchase Singstar celebration and we are having a great time so bring on the updates please.

  • Sorry, replied in the wrong place

  • I’m not really sure how Sony can ever reinstil any faith back in to the Singstar crowd. They made their bad bed, so let them dwell in the poor sales figures after treating their loyal customers so atrociously over the years.

    This deserves to fail unfortunately.

  • Oh and the irony of posting a PS2 Singstar disc cover as your first image is over the top! ??

  • SingStar died (or should have been put out of its misery) in 2013 when Nina left and Isabel took over as content manager. We enjoyed fortnightly updates up until 2013, then we got 2-3 a year, and absolutely nothing since March 2016.

    Having changed SingStar with 3 different user interfaces and the introduction of the PS4 version has left both versions (PS3 and PS4) in a buggy, almost unplayable state. On the PS3, it causes the console to crash and requires a hard reset. We can’t even use the old disc versions to boot off, as they too result in crashes. With the PlayLink version being PS4 only, I guess the PS3 version will never get an update, so that’s giving a big middle finger to those of us who’ve spent $1000s on PS2 and PS3 discs as well as digital content (which was promised to be made available on the PS4, but only a small portion was ever transferred over).

    Now we’re meant to get all excited about SingStar’s return on the PS4? What about all of our PS2/PS3 discs? What about all of the SingStar DLC that was only available on the PS3? Will SingStar DLC made for the PS4 even work with Celebrations???

    Why should we support a company that left the game in such a buggy state? Please fix the current PS3 and PS4 versions of the game and then we’d consider it. Rather than launch a PlayLink title, I think we all would’ve preferred continued support of the existing game along with new content released at regular intervals. If Rock Band and Rocksmith can release new music weekly, there’s no excuse for SingStar. NO releases since March 2016 and the last public notice being a removal of 100s of songs from the SingStore. They even went as far as removing their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Why? They really don’t want to provide customer support it seems. I’ve been a loyal fan right from the start, owning 22 PS2 and 31 PS3 discs from all over the world, along with 1273 songs I bought from the SingStore (only 765 of which are available on the PS4)… I feel a bit ripped off and let down by London Studio!

  • 07 – Fun fact. Did you know that annoying, insulting, uwanted, undeletable Singstar icon has 5 years anniversary already?

  • Annem still awaiting on your reply!!

  • I nearly bought this before but without the support of London Studio or response i am not and i know many others wont.

  • When playing SingStar it’s around 90% PS2, 10% PS3 and exactly 0% PS4. It’s a shame theres no backward compatability for PS2/3 Discs on PS4. Without it SingStar on PS4 is dead, indeed. That’s why I still have a spare PS2 inplace, just in case the other on breaks ;-)

  • Why release a “new” game, when a number of the songs can be purchased anyway individually and many people probably have them already? Sorry, but Let´s sing is better and more modern!

  • Guys i have downloaded Singstar but when i am trying to open Singstar store a message appears and says that “There is no content”. Anyone knows about this issue?

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