Announcing the winner of the WipEout Omega Collection music track remix competition

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Announcing the winner of the WipEout Omega Collection music track remix competition

Music track will be added into the game in a future update, but you can listen to it now

This summer, we announced that the tracklist for WipEout Omega Collection was missing one special track: yours. We challenged you to come up with an explosive remix of my track Shake It,  with the winner of the competition getting their track onto the full game, to join the heavyweights of the franchise’s blistering audioscape such as The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy.

Competition was fierce, the quality was sublime, which meant tough calls by our panel of judges – picked from Sony’s WorldWide Studios – to make. But after a lengthy time spent living the tracks both through the studio’s sound systems and personal headsets, the judges crafted a shortlist of 10 finalists, and from that, a winner.

Step forward Vieille Griffe, who impressed the panel with his piece which felt like it slotted in alongside the already fast-paced beats of the soundtrack.

There were a lot of cool and original remixes out there, with a variety of different approaches. Ultimately though Vieille Griffe produced an ultra energetic, high-speed remix with a tone that fitted WipEout perfectly. 

In what may be a familiar story to some, Griffe’s introduction to electronic music scene came when he joined the Anti-Grav League back in 1995. “The soundtrack of the original WipEout was my first experience with that genre; strange new sounds, as powerful as the ships and as uncompromising as the tracks we raced on.

“So when I started making electronic music, I was naturally drawn to the harder and faster genres of Drum N Bass, like darkstep and neurofunk.”

And things came full circle as his own remix was influenced by those genres: “I tried to recreate this futuristic feeling in my remix, which for me is what WipEout is all about.”

Griffe’s track will be brought into the Omega Collection fold via a future update, but you can listen to it right now. Just close your eyes and imagine roaring round futuristic race tracks.

And congratulations to our runners-up as well, who made for such an exciting shortlist of contenders: Dozakh, Mintorment, Greetings Program, Andre Hinrichs, Blindvegas, DJ Simple, Jan Brunzel, Projektflya and Markowy. 

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  • Oh man, this is so wipeout! Loving it. Great mix homes. Keep it coming. Glad to see you add it into the new game :)

  • Right… Now add new or more remastered Psp race courses and a few more ships and skins, a inverted menu theme, campaign and remove the location/region search for online games… :P

  • The contest was a great idea, but happens I dont like the winning track at all, oh well :/

  • Nice! Could you, guys, please, include in the future patch custom music support? This will be an amazing feature which the game currently lacks. It was before, why not to implement it again? Sure you can use native PS4 software players, but zone events do not react to the custom music =(

    • Hi SeriousSergey,

      As strange as it may be, the reason why we cannot support custom music is that the PS4 system does not allow it.

      Otherwise WipEout Omega would have had this feature from the first version!

      What you do have is the possibility to replace the ingame music with your Spotify stream.

  • Congrats to the winner (even if not my kind of tune, but then most Wipeout tunes aren’t my thing though I did like Body in Motion and Canada by Cold Storage and Firestarter by Prodigy was always a good tune to race to)

  • Oh… If anyone is looking for a good WipEout community on the PS4 there’s mine called “WipEout Omega Community” and WipEoutZone’s called “WipEoutZone.” They are both public communities that have been around before and since the omega collection launch.

    Also if there are any devs reading, it’s a good way to check out what people are saying about WipEout. My last post was brief but regarding what I said it seems the region feature limits the view for available online games when it comes to the default region search. Personally I think it would help if this was changed so all available games regardless of region show up in the default search. Also leaderboards and photo modes seems to be the key things spoke about.

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