9 new games join the PlayStation Now library today, including Fallout 3

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9 new games join the PlayStation Now library today, including Fallout 3

Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate, Brink and Wet also join the game streaming service

A fresh batch of games join the burgeoning PlayStation Now library this week. From today, you can stream Bethesda’s classic action RPG Fallout 3, fast-moving multiplayer FPS Brink and critically acclaimed arcade puzzler Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate, among others.

Read on for the full list of new additions:

If you’re new to PS Now, the service offers access to a large and ever expanding line-up of games for you to stream. If you’re not a subscriber yet then there’s no better time to join* – get your one week free trial today on PC and PS4. Once you’ve enjoyed your trial, you can continue to experience the freedom to play for just £12.99/€16.99 per month.

*This service is currently available in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Luxembourg.

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  • Please let sweden have ps now. That’s my most wanted feature on ps4. I love going back to the old games I have on my ps4, but I would love to play it on my ps4 as well too make it more accessible

    • Really?? You’d happily pay £12(euros) each month to play PS3 games?? If it was £5 per month, maybe.

    • How many countries even have access to Now? 5? 10 maybe?

    • Yes, why not? Ppl pay as much to get netflix or HBO. It’s not like there are the newest movies there either. They pay to listen to music or read magazines, so why not games? There are even ppl that pay three times as much to have sports channels.

      In sweden they wouldn’t even need to translate the service line they would have to for Germany and France…

  • not a great bunch of ps3 games. Wet can be enjoyable (feels odd typing that) but i hated Fallout 3 so darn much. Either way £12.99 a month is still just too much especially when paying £49.99 a year now for Plus subscription. I liked the service a lot when I did my trial week and would be tempted but certainly nowhere near it’s current price.

  • 1/ This “free” trial requires a credit card.

    2/ Demon’s Souls — when? It’s been available on PS Now Japan forever.

    3/ It’s absolutely unacceptable that PS Now subscribers who already own PS3/PS4 games (whether in physical or digital form) can’t access their library for free on this streaming service. Thanks to digital rights management, Sony knows exactly what contents we own on our consoles, thus they could allow us to run games we already paid for.

    • You do know PSNow costs money to run? So how would you suggest Sony pay to run it?

      Unless your suggesting that a company who’s soul purpose is to make money, runs a service for free, costing them millions because?…….

    • Demon’s Souls was released by 3 different publishers in 3 different regions. Sony published it in Japan so it’s simple for them to get the rights for that market, but in Europe it’s Bandai Namco and the US it’s Atlus. Neither one of them have really added any games to PS now (between 1 and 3 each).

  • A large corporation using DRM to benefit customers? Surely you jest, good sir!

    Would love that though, I own a number of PS3 games digitally that I haven’t had time to play/complete yet that are on PS Now, and I rarely play PS3 due to it not being set up, so would be great to play on PS4 via Now.

  • I don’t suppose the lag issues in Fallout 3 have been fixed for PS Now? I tried playing it again a few years ago and even with just one DLC (Broken Steel) it could end up being unplayable at times. It wasn’t my PS3 either and every other game is fine except for Fallout: New Vegas and Skyrim.

  • Just reduce the cost or encorporate it into PS Plus membership already will ya. Then you can stop giving away half-[DELETED] PS3 games each month and give us one or two good PS4 games plus PS NOW. That would be a good deal for customers I think.

    • That would be a bad deal for majority of Europe. Or at least majority of Europe would miss out and just pay so others can enjoy. Every time they add games to PS Now people always suggest that they just add it to PS+ and remove other PS+ stuff. They just don’t consider the fact that there will be a lot of people who would miss out on content. If they are to add PS Now to PS+ they should release it in other countries. Or give one other perk to those countries (Then PS Now people will get angry but what ever)

      They should instead offer tiered subscriptions. PS-O (Online functionality and other perks, PS+ except games) PS+ (The way it is now) PS Premium (PS+ and PS Now were PS Now could be at a discounted price like 40% off compared to normal subscription) This could work even if they don’t have PS Now in other countries, you guys would just have the opportunity to have package subscription. That would be an acceptable deal for customers. The optimal one would be making a it equal to everyone.

      Just my thoughts.

  • Cool,but shame you don’t always add the goty editions so we can also play the DLC.

  • please make this service work offline… more than 2 milion player in my country didn’t have good internet connection and im one of him make it likexbox backwards compatibility please

  • I subscribed to ps now for a couple of months last Christmas and I thought it was brilliant, just couldn’t justify the price. Why can’t we get a years subscription like they can in the US? They pay $99/£75 a year instead of £12.99 a month! I would probably pay that!

  • This is an amazing service and just keeps getting better for me personally. I know there has been many complaints about the internet connection but it’s working fine for me it have not lagged once since I switched to lan cable, it is much better than connected with wifi now and that warning won’t pop up when I’m playing a game so that’s what I advice you doing if you want the best experience possible. Also the price is decent people are whining about it too much. If you can’t afford it well then tough, this sevice is not for you. The games are incredible especially for Europe in the laat few months. But the only problem I have is that I can’t be in a party and play a PS4 game on PS NOW at the same time, they really need to start sorting that out and Share Play too because I don’t see why not and I want to talk and show my friends what I am playing. The minor thing that has happened this month with the new games added is that Brink does not even start, every time I try and start the game it always come up with ‘Can not preview this entitlement for user’ or something similar towards that so I checked if something is wrong with my console or account but every other game works including the ones that got implimented this month alongside Brink. So is anyone having this problem or only me?

    • It’s not that people can’t afford it, it’s just not value for money. You wouldn’t buy a car for more than it’s worth so why would you pay over the odds for this, weather you could afford it or not!

  • I’m still not sure I trust a company who still can’t deliver on flawless remote play on my very fast Internet connection to deliver me flawless streaming services.

  • Just an idea, Could we have a games request section? I would like to see some of the Arcade Archives games appear on ps now. Cheers.

  • yeh me too bro only brink not working for some [DELETED] up reason

  • The new selection of games this month is a bit weak , I’d love to see yakuza and persona 5 on here at some point in the future

  • I wonder if we will get oblivion it’s just been announced in the states. I bet we don’t!

  • Please can we have Crysis 2,3 ?

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