5 big new PlayStation Store releases you need to check out this week

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5 big new PlayStation Store releases you need to check out this week

Star Wars Battlefront II, The Sims 4, L.A. Noire and more...

This week, set a course for a galaxy far, far away with PlayStation Store as we welcome the long awaited release of Star Wars Battlefront II. Join massive multiplayer battles or embark on an epic single player campaign that picks up the story after the Emperor’s death in Return of the Jedi.

Elsewhere, The Sims 4 is ready to set up home on your PS4; Marvel’s roster of spandex-clad icons unite against a common enemy in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2; Rockstar’s crime epic L.A. Noire gets a PS4 release; and get ready to experience Tamriel from a fresh perspective with Skyrim VR.

1. Star Wars Battlefront II

Heroes are born on the battlefront. Dive into EA’s shooter sequel and take part in legendary battles across iconic locations from all three eras of the sci-fi saga. Pilot legendary vehicles such as AATs, starfighters, walkers, or even your favourite hero ships in epic space combat sequences that will leave you in awe.

2. The Sims 4

Get ready for the Sims to wreak havoc on your PlayStation 4. Create and control your own characters in a world in which only you get to make the rules. Create unique Sims, from their physical appearance to their personalities, build their perfect home, and decide the way you want to lead their lives, careers, and relationships. Your choices will shape every aspect of your stories!

  • Why you should play it: The Sims 4 is the ultimate sandbox if you’re looking for casual fun and the freedom to create anything you want!
  • More info: The Sims 4 is coming to PS4. 
  • Available: 17th November

3. Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

Gather Super Heroes from different dimensions and combine their power to stop Kang, the time-travelling villain, from conquering the world. Play as Star-Lord, Thor, Hulk, Spider-Man and many other iconic characters from the Marvel Universe and put an end to Kang’s evil plan!

  • Why you should play it: Lego Marvel Super Heroes’ sequel offers full-on action, adventure, and humour as you return to Chronopolis.
  • Available: 17th November

4. L.A. Noire

Experience Rockstar’s open-world crime thriller LA Noire on PS4. Step into the shoes of detective Cole Phelps and investigate a series of crimes in the criminal underbelly of a post-war Los Angeles. With this PS4 release, L.A. Noire captures 1940s Los Angeles’ ambiance like never before, and in stunning 4K for PlayStation 4 Pro

5. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The ancient dragons of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are awaiting your return to Tamriel, but this time you’ll experience it like never before. Grab your PlayStation VR, your PS Move controllers or you Dualshock 4 and wield powerful magic, dual swords or even a bow, and use real-life movements to take down your enemies.

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17th November

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  • Is the UK getting the PSVR2 and Skyrim Bundle that was announced in the US releasing this Friday? If not any idea when UK and Europe can get there hands on the new version VR headsets as the communication has been very poor up to now.

  • Any news about Cities: Skylines – Premium Edition or Cities: Skylines Season Pass? I read that it was going to be released on November 14th, but nothing is mentioned above.

    I’ll be getting Tokyo 42 :3 Looks amazing!

    • Look up city skylines twitter they explained that they had to put release back abit im guessing to make sure snowfall looks better on ps4 and runs smooth they will announce new release date this week im guessing Friday 4 release

  • Do not buy STAR WARS Battlefront II. EA has ruined it with pay2win transactions and crazy grind, eg. over 40 hours grind to play Luke OR Vader. Do not support EA, when they launch a game with such hostile microtransactions. Rent the game or get it used in a couple of months, do not give them money, until they have fixed it.

    If the game sells less then expected, it will influence their budget and it will influence their stocks, which their investors doesn’t like. If you don’t want your hobby, to turn into a number-game by accountants who wants to squeze you as much as possible, this is it now, react and vote with your wallets.

    • Hear hear! Buttttttt look at all the DLC FOR ALL GAMES. It’s a criminal act that should be stopped or policed. How can a company announce DLC BEFORE a game is released? They could easily pop it into the game. We’re all mugs. They take advantage. We loose. They win. Terrible state of affairs.

    • They will never stop dlc so get used to it or buy a gamecube

    • I understand companies create DLC, as games have been at 60$ for a decade now and the expenses by creating games has gone up. DLC can work for a game, we have lots of examples of great DLC. The problem arrives, when such DLC removes content from the main game.

      Battlefront II on the other hand, is a scary example of how games can go, and as consumers this is now, we have to react.

    • CoolRichy007UK Ok thanks for the input. Keep standing in line.

    • The predatory exploitation of human psychology re: gambling (intermittent variable rewards from lootboxes, blind or otherwise) is unwholesome and vile. I canceled my pre-order for this after playing the beta, I will not be sucker-punched into a system like that.

      If they have monetization systems to cover the increased cost of games manufacture like DLC, costumes or whatever? Fine. Guild Wars 2 does this really well (PC title), where you can just buy your costume. And it’s entirely optional, no game content is gated behind a paywall. They seem to make okay money! On to their 2nd expansion of a great game, loyal customers etc. Why is it so hard for companies to understand: if you treat your customers like ATMs they will not love you for it.

      The thing I despise about the exec-level lootbox craze is the exploitation of vulnerable people. Gambling is a difficult thing for some people to resist. And now these companies are no longer content with skins: they’re gating real game content behind these pay systems. Seriously GTFO, I will not support a company that is predatory to their customers. There is no win-win here. This is some kind of vile cyberpunk future that I want no part of. When did making profits turn from being competitive with … your competitors, to preying upon your customers? Seriously, think about your life choices EA execs.

    • It is weird how actual gambling has to have all kinds of disclaimers and warnings, and be restricted to 18+, but gambling microtransactions do not.

      Also the “increasing cost of games production” isn’t usually down to, you know, actual games production (which has gotten easier and quicker if anything and games having less content in general). It’s down to bloated advertising costs and spending money on silly things.

    • He’s got a point tbf, the developers should only add dlc about a a month after the game releases, not putting it alongside the game at the same time.

      We already pay for 50+ for the game, why be greedy and leave out content of the game to sell it separately at the same time?

      It’s clearly greed, plain and simple.

    • Bloated costs are down to returns for shareholders too. It’s a perverted system.

      As for DLC, if the game I purchase is a complete experience and offers me value for my money I have no issue with being offered separate DLC to extend my enjoyment of the game. At the end of the day it’s my decision whether or not I purchase DLC.

  • when will be the November PS Now update? US got it a week ago…

  • Nothing’s jumping out at me as ‘must have’ this week. Is cool, I’m mostly using up my limited gaming time still addicted to fun matches of Brawlhalla. And never did I ever expect to enjoy a free to play Smash Bros clone so darn much…

    • Throws sims 4 at you :D That jumpy lol

    • *catches and throws it back* me not want that! :D

    • Most of the top 5 is a bit crap. Out of the overpriced rereleases, pits of microtransactions, oppotunities to play PC games without user content and lazy extremely overpriced VR ports, there’s erm, the Super Hero one? Those are usually fun, but probably not worth buying on release.

  • Still no ACA NEOGEO MUTATION NATION. Oh well, guess i’ll have to get it on another format.

    • Well here we are a Second week with out Mutation Nation or King of the fighters 97 both which where supposed to be released on the 3RD of November 2017 & prove my point https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2017/10/31/5-big-new-playstation-store-releases-you-need-to-check-out-this-week-9/ Come on Sony what are you playing at you can delete this thread if you want to it will not change much no new title this shame

    • Sony are anti Neo Geo really especially in the run up to Christmas when ACA Neo Geo Titles do not make they that much money they tend to push the bigger titles that they think everyone wants one but to say they are going to be released then not release is Mis-leading shame on you Sony

    • Yes it,s me again my frustrations on this one finally got the better of me & decide to download the US version of MuTation Nation & King of the fighters 97 both are running fine. ( region free) Why did i do it to teach Sony EU lesson about lying.

      For those of you who are thinking of doing the same you will need a U.S psn account & it only accepts U S psn network cards best place on the Web to buy them is Play Asia.com delete this post Sony you will only be proving my point & Sony that,s what you get for lying to us

  • Is there a reason the blog doesn’t list rocksmith DLC anymore? Would be nice to get that information here rather than elsewhere.

  • I just need to see what flag I get next to the comment as I can’t remember what region I set my PS4 too. Sorry!

  • What’s PES 2018 Lite? I couldn’t find any info about it.

  • Any news on when we will see steven universe save the light?

  • Why didn’t you highlight the release of Outcast. I fear people might over look it. They look to have done A HUGE amount of work to the game. A true remake. It reviewed EXTREMELY well back in 1999 and is the pre cursor to Mass Effect style gaming. It was so ahead of its time they had to use a voxel engine rather than polygons. This remake…..look great!

    • I’m looking forward to playing it (as I’ve not played the original) although how can I when it’s not on the store… I’d prefer to spend my $$ on that than a re-release of LA Noire which is far overpriced.

  • Isn’t VA11 Hall A not out on Vita this week?

  • It’s weird how Hand of Fate 2 wasn’t on last weeks or this weeks list.

    I’m still wondering if they’ve fixed the random freezes of the first game and tightened up the kind of floaty (and perhaps a bit repetitive) combat. It was a nice, if slightly flawed game otherwise.

  • Where’s Outcast – Second Contact Launch Edition? Everything else is on the store except this one?

  • The prices for some of this weeks releases are outlandish.

    Max the Curse of Brotherhood is a 4 year old(!) game that costs £20, substantially more than it costs on other platforms.

    LA Noire is even older still, 6 or 7 years old, reskinned, on sale at £35.

    What is going on?!

  • getting Sims 4 and getting LA niore for cheap on disc on PS4 this week .

  • Could u please confirm if the payday 2 master plan bundle is coming out this week because someone said that it was leaked early. Looking forward to hearing from u, thank u for your time.

  • hmmm School Girl/Zombie Hunter looks like my type of game.

    so bad and cheesy it’s actually good

  • Does anybody know why the stranger things vr experience has disappeared from the listing? It was supposed to release today according to this post when it was originally uploaded.

    • It looks like its not coming out 2day,can someone for the eu blog let’s us know What’s happened,thanks

    • That is very doubtful. They never normally answer anything. No explanation is ever given. Stuff just disappears and perhaps reappears

  • Is the wishlist broken for anyone else? Mine says I have 99 things on it (I had 77), I see items long removed back on it, can’t remove anything, can’t add anything, just full on calamity over there.

  • The wishlist is broken. Items have appeared that I already have, the filtering system has disappeared. Not sure what is going on.

  • The Snowfall DLC for Cities Skylines was meant to drop this week, already in the update but not on the Store.

    Any word on this?

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