Far From Noise, a game about a conversation in a car on the edge of a cliff, arrives on PS4 next week

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Far From Noise, a game about a conversation in a car on the edge of a cliff, arrives on PS4 next week

New trailer and fresh details about the narrative game coming out 14th November

Far From Noise. What? Who are you? What does this mean? How far exactly? Hello. I’m George, I made Far from Noise, a game about a conversation in a car on a cliff. It’s coming out quite soon on PS4. 14th November, to be exact.


Who’s in the car? Why don’t they just get out? Where are they? What does it all mean?

Right. So. Far from Noise is a narrative game. It is a story told over a day and night through dialogue and events that happen around you. You’re trapped in an old rusting car, balancing on the edge of a cliff. You can’t get out. You’re stuck. Teetering over the edge of an eye-watering precipice in the middle of nowhere while the blanket of night ominously descends. There’s no way out. Perhaps all that’s left is to sit back and contemplate your imminent death…

Far from Noise

That sounds fun doesn’t it?

Alright so it’s not that bleak. Not the entire time, anyway. Before long, your lonesome clifftop introspection is broken by the approach of a welcome stranger.

Far from Noise

Your time together is spent discussing a great many things. Who this wandering interloper might be. Why you came to the middle of nowhere and drove off a cliff. Loneliness. The unifying forces of nature. Tranquillity. Life. Death. Tortoises.

Your companion invites you to slow down. To take a deep breath. Let the wind wash over you as a wave. Being in your situation need not be such a bad thing. Take it as an opportunity. A chance to stop, completely. To focus your attention on the horizon, the stars, the sounds of the lapping waves. How you choose to spend your time balancing between life and death is up to you. If you thought everything was coming to an imminent end, it doesn’t have to be despair… Does it?

Far from Noise

An original musical score written by Geoff Lentin fills the world on the cliff with so much life. It flows with the story and the gradually dissolving sun. Together with a rich soundscape, it sounds beautiful.

Great! But… What do you actually do? The gameplay of Far from Noise is in choosing dialogue. The journey you take is shaped by what you choose to talk about. It’s a naturally flowing conversation that goes in all directions. There are different ways your story can end. Creatures may come to join your sunset observation. Not always the same faces, every time you play things can change. The forces of nature happen around you. Life continues, while you balance back and forth.

14th November. All will become less vague.

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