New Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds video shows how Guerrilla created the Banuk tribe

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New Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds video shows how Guerrilla created the Banuk tribe

Developer reveals creation process behind Horizon Zero Dawn’s most enigmatic tribe

Next week sees the release of The Frozen Wilds, an expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn that adds a dangerous new environment for players to explore. The expansion is set in the icy wasteland known as ‘The Cut’, where the bravest hunters of the Banuk tribe test themselves against the elements and the machines, but only few live to tell the tale.

Their tales, however, are of great interest to Aloy…

For the team at Guerrilla, Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds was an opportunity to go back and delve into the culture of one of Horizon Zero Dawn’s most mysterious tribes.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Although the Banuk didn’t feature prominently in the base game, the tribe’s rugged individuality, nomadic existence and harmonious relationship with natural and machine life set it apart them from all of the other tribes.

The developers went to great lengths to create tribes that would feel believable and at home in the environments they inhabited, and the Banuk tribe was no exception.

In the video interview below, Studio Art Director Jan-Bart van Beek, Narrative Director John Gonzalez, Lead Concept Artist Roland IJzermans and Lead Writer Ben McCaw talk about the development of the Banuk tribe, and the ways in which Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds builds on the foundations laid in Horizon Zero Dawn.

You’ll be able to explore the Cut and discover the unique culture of the Banuk tribe for yourself when Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds launches on 7th November. If you pre-order your copy from the PlayStation Store today you will also receive an exclusive PS4 avatar!
To stay up to date on the latest developments related to Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds, keep an eye on the PlayStation Blog and remember to follow Guerrilla on Twitter and Facebook.

Coming up tomorrow, new characters, environments and enemies will be shown off in the first The Frozen Wilds play through video at 5.00pm GMT/6.00pm CET.

Horizon Zero Dawn

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  • How does the expansion work with the new game plus on ultra difficulty? Is it possible to start a new game plus on ultra and complete the new content alongside it?

    • The new content becomes possible once you’ve completed the mission ‘A Seeker at the Gates’. That’s the one where you reach Daytower so not far into the game really. You have to bear in mind though that it’s designed for players who have hit level 30.

    • Level 30 that’s definitely not me then lol. I bought this game on release but after playing it for a few hours I just couldn’t get into it.

    • It’s definitely worth returning and trying again. I remember getting a little bored around the time I reached the first Tallneck but I think it’s because I was relying too much on stealth and taking much longer than was necessary with every encounter. After reaching Daytower the game exploded into life for me and I just couldn’t stop playing. I was also far more confident and jumping straight into combat with more machines at the point. Direct combat is more fun than stealth when you’ve worked out the various quirks of the machines. I even did a NG+ play-through immediately after finishing and I spent around 190 hours playing altogether. Hard to believe I had that “is this it?” moment at the beginning of my first play-through. ;)

    • same. I got addicted and now im almost done platinum-ing the game. Rn doing hunting grounds and collectibles :P mostly running around the map though

    • Thanks, I didn’t see this anywhere. I platinumed it, so I’m missing the New Game+ trophies. I figure starting a New Game+ then enjoying the expansion is a good plan.

    • To late for me I traded it in a few days after it came out, maybe I will try it again in the future.

  • Does this game really need another 39284138 articles every time anything happens? It gets heavier promotion than Destiny even.

    However much promotion you do i’m never buying this, mainly due to the dull/annoying main character.

  • How can you decide that the main character is dull/annoying without buying and playing the game. As none of the trailers show much to do with the main character (Aloy) in term of her character traits. It seems that you’re making a negative comment for the sake of it, when you had no intention of buying the game or giving it a chance.

    • Because this is 1994 and you can’t watch your friends play though games…

      I did have an intention of buying the game back when it was shown at E3, hoping it was a new Monster Hunter (back when it was difficult) and gameplay focused. But when the fixed main character was confirmed and endless things about “telling her story” I lost interest as I don’t give a crap about her or want to “be” her for any length of time.

      When i watched a friend play it I knew I was right. She looks utterly boring and acts like a generic and annoying “we all got round the corporate whiteboard and designed the least offensive female character” type. Her pulling all kinds of annoying pained faces while struggling to feign emotions is especially annoying. Also that damned bloated pumpkin shaped head makes it look like big head mode didn’t get deactivated properly. I’d pick a block of tofu with a knife over her.

    • Just play it for the gameplay, it’s worth the gameplay. Even I noted the lack of emotion in the story although the game makes up for it with its amazing gameplay and the world. I enjoyed the exploration aspect since the story was lacking. This game isn’t lore based more than it is gameplay based

    • I don’t really want to reward them for doing things I don’t like, it will encourage them in the wrong direction, plus I still find the main character painfully annoying (it will probably be free on PS+ soon enough anyway)!

      Plus in the meantime an actual (hopefully) proper Monster Hunter is coming out, which is what I wanted for this. It will also have the bonus of having a custom playable character, so I don’t have to be around this thing.

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