It’s all out aquatic war in beautifully bizarre PS4 shooter Ace of Seafood, out next week

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It’s all out aquatic war in beautifully bizarre PS4 shooter Ace of Seafood, out next week

An introduction to the wholly unique, futuristic world of team-based, laser-firing marine life battling it out in the ocean

Set in a distant future, Ace of Seafood is a third-person action game in which the culinary delights of the deep engage in all-out war. Build your own party of up to six fish/crustaceans, explore the vast ocean and battle with various marine life in order to expand your dominance of the ocean. Or go further, and join your friends in this underwater fray, and conquer together.

In commemoration of its PS4 release, Ace of Seafood has replenished its aquacultural stocks with delicacies such as mackerel, prawn, and octopus.

The mackerel are particularly quick, so be sure to catch them while you can. The octopus has been prepared with a new “Stealth” ability, pairing it with a lovely smoke for a delectable deep-sea assassin. The prawns absolutely melt in your mouth, much like they melt down enemy defenses. Even the elusive penguin makes an appearance, but these are protected birds; please don’t actually attempt to eat them in real life.

Anyway, this is the story of the far distant future, in which mankind has all but disappeared. A not-at-all absurd and totally realistic future where fish and crabs shoot lasers and go to war…


Let’s get back to the game itself. The PS4 version features full PlayStation Network compatibility. You can now use voice chat to put together and enjoy your own seafood party.

Do you have any seafood buddies? No? That’s cool, too―the full game doesn’t cost much, so do both us and yourself a favour and recommend it to your friends with more sophisticated palettes. The split-screen feature allows for two-player local play, and with two PS4 consoles connected via network, up to four people in the same party can play at once.

By the way, the vast Ace of Seafood development team―or, well, me―quit my full-time job in order to make this game a reality. While I was finally able to become an indie developer, unfortunately my base of operations became further removed from the sea. It’s pretty lonely out here, so if this title sells, I plan to treat myself to some high-quality sushi.


As this is a North America/Europe simultaneous release, I’d like to take the opportunity to enjoy the seafood of the world, if possible. I just can’t forget the crab I ate at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco several years ago. The crawdads in New Orleans were also awesome.

In this game, you can take control of snow crabs and red frog crabs, and you can even get your hands on their special PSN avatars as well. Those of you down at the docks can take advantage of these avatars to gain the trust of your crustacean prey.

It goes without saying that the iconic beam-firing tuna and sardine come with their own avatars, too. This is all part of my plan to gradually fill the PSN with seafood, one release at a time; hopefully this title won’t be the end of my epic scheme…

Anyway, I’m releasing this game in hopes that together we can all overcome issues and hurdles such as climate change, depletion of aquatic resources, and possible penguin poaching (…?) in order to bring the beauty and wonderment of seafood to future generations.

Ace of Seafood will be splashing onto PS4 worldwide on 9th November, 2017.

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