Your November PS Plus games include Worms Battlegrounds, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and Bound

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Your November PS Plus games include Worms Battlegrounds, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and Bound

Plus, R-Type Dimensions, Dungeon Punks, Broken Sword 5, more

Good afternoon! We hope you had fun carving pumpkins, perusing your horror collections and prancing around in your fancy dress costumes! If not, we hope you had something nice planned for Halloween, even if it didn’t involve fake plastic noses and bad ’80s B-movies.

All Hallows’ Eve, of course, also marks the end of October and so, like any other month, that means it’s time to talk PS Plus. We’ve got another bumper month lined up with a little something for everybody, so hold on to your broomsticks, here goes nothing…

Worms Battlegrounds

This month’s first PS Plus title is a true icon of the industry: the helium-huffing, bazooka-brandishing nematodes known quite simply as ‘Worms’.

Having been part of the gaming scene for over two decades, the increasingly absurd antics of these embattled invertebrates continues to be as gut-bustingly hilarious as ever, with 2014’s Worms Battlegrounds bringing the series bombastic brand of fun direct to PS4.

Sheep Launchers, Concrete Donkeys and the legendary Holy Hand Grenade are but of few of the mad-cap bits of weaponry you’ll be getting your hands on. So, whether you’re taking on the new, refined single-player campaign or blowing good friends to kingdom come in classic local co-op (up to four players) you’re sure to be well armed.


Taking a totally different tact, November’s second game delivers something a little more contemplative.

2016’s collaboration between indie development team Plastic and our very own Santa Monica Studio produced the artful and balletic platformer Bound. A deeply emotive story told through abstract geometry, player movement and metaphor, it invites you on a surreal and dreamlike journey into the main character’s memories.

The real showstopper here is the game’s incredible visual direction, with an absolutely stunning use of colour, shape and animation bringing the entire experience to life. Fittingly then, this game has full support for both PlayStation VR and PS4 Pro, bringing both 4K visual fidelity and immersive virtual reality to the experience.

PS Plus Bonuses: Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and That’s You!

On top of our two main games, we’ve also got a few extra treats. First up, for you horror hounds out there, we’ve got 2016’s gloriously grisly PS VR exclusive Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.

From the same team that brought you horror-hit Until Dawn, this unique spin-off draws inspiration from the original game – including locations and characters – and, using the power of PS VR, plunges you into a haunted carnival ride of truly disturbing proportions.

Visceral and violent, this surreal take on the classic first-person arcade shooter is the perfect way to keep the scares coming, even after Halloween has passed.

And as if that wasn’t enough, PlayLink title That’s You! will be also be available for those of you who haven’t picked it up already.

In this irreverent party quiz you and up to five of your friends and family get to find out what you really think about each other. With your TV, PS4 and a tablet or smartphone in hand, answer over 1,000 funny questions, take part in daring doodle challenges, snap selfies for photo challenges and more.

Anything else?

Of course there is! No monthly line-up would be complete without a selection of PS3 and PS Vita titles to add to your library, and November is no exception. That leaves the final line-up looking like this:

And that’s your November line-up, available to download from 7th November. In the meantime, there’s a little over a week left, if you still haven’t picked up everything from October’s line-up. A handy reminder, lest you forgot:

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  • Well, the good times couldn’t last forever.

  • Not that good this month PlayStation the wait wasn’t worth it

    • To me personally the last time we received a mediocre/poor lineup was back in April. I found it rather annoying having to wait for the November IGC games to be confirmed by Sony since I expected this line-up to be announced the week before this line-up was officially confirmed. Then when I saw the leaks of this Month’s IGC titles that’s when my mind had officially been in a mental downward spiral…

    • Playstation, come on guys. After a AAA game like MGS last month, we get CCC games this month. I guess it’ll take another 3 mths before we get another top range free game???

  • A new all time low has been met.. This is disgusting..

    • I disagree but hey, you know, opinions

    • Take in mind that while both (ps4) games are not completly garbage, they have been around sales for years at price range around 5e. 99,9% interested already got them. Also mind the very recent psplus price boost, and there you got my definition for the new all time low

    • You and the 23 people who liked your comment must have very short term memories.

      You think this is the worst month we’ve ever had? You don’t remember the months and months of back to back awful indie games? Not that it’s much consolation if you don’t have VR, but at least there’s Rush of Blood this month. That game is amazing.

    • While I don’t particularly like this month I don’t think nothing will beat April of this years offering. For the 1st time ever I stopped my plus for a while out of protest.

    • I quite enjoyed several of April’s games. Curses n Chaos gets a lot of play from me on my Vita and some on my PS4.

    • @McRenasGR I’ve not seen Worms: Battlegrounds that cheap in sale yet as I’d been waiting for that one. Previous games had been but I passed as I just assumed most online players would be playing the latest and now with it being free I can be assured that there will be plenty of players. :)

    • Bound is actually a good game. Worms is Worms, if you like it you’ll have fun. R-Type Dimensions is also good. Not the greatest lineup but still there are worthwhile games so long as your taste isn’t too narrow.

  • Not bad. Worms Battlegrounds is one I been meaning to get and Bound is gonna make a friend of mine pretty happy. Dungeon Punks might be worth a go cos i like brawlers. Only game I enjoyed last month was Sky Force (and Hue for a while too). Tried to like Metal Gear but I just couldn’t.

    I wish R-Type Dimensions was PS4. I have it on PS3 and it’s great but I don’t use the console anymore

  • Bad month. Especially considering the price hike recently. Still, we’ve had some biggies as well recently so I guess it would be churlish to complain. Except, why can’t we expect biggies every month?

    • Yeah there are a few ‘biggies’ I’m surprised we’ve not seen. Far Cry 4 or Primal, Killzone, Gravity Rush Remastered, The Order 1888, Black Flag…. loads to pick from that I don’t already own.

    • Wouldn’t mind gravity rush (though i got the Vita version on Plus and it didn’t hook me). I’ve no interest in the others and you can get Killzone for £5 on disc in some stores.

  • Really though, it’s not that bad. Worms is ALWAYS fun and if people are playing online it could be a laugh. Bound and Broken Sword please me, and you can’t go wrong with R-type.

    • Right. With Worms being a freebie that means there almost certainly will be a whole new bunch of online players. The £19.99 price always put me off a bit (i feel like i’ve spent a bit much on that series over the years while hoping Team 17 would make more non-Worms games) so getting it as a freebie is exactly the sort of thing I want from PS Plus. :)

    • Id be happy if it was just worms to be honest. Many a good time has been had on that game

    • R-Type D. Isn’t even a remastered version, just a port.

      And it’s 2017, just let worms die, everybody is tired of it.

      Bound is just pure [DELETED] garbage, it’s not even a game, just a sad cash grab excuse.

      Well we at least had Metal Gear last month, should last until December line up of games xD

    • From someone who only owns 4 paid games, being 2 of them FIFA not sure how are people supposed to take your opinion seriously lol

      Plus I’m sure you don’t know what a indie game is… (・・;)

  • Okay month, nice to see more vr games

  • Uhm, increasing the PS+ price and now this weak line-up? T least one AAA game should be available.

    Seriously, this is a weak line-up compared to the last two months.

  • Claps sarcastically……..

  • Pretty nice month, thanks!

  • Bound in PSVR is amazing. Glad more people will enjoy it!

  • Couldn’t care less about Worms. Pretty mediocre and overrated.

    I’m happy about Until Dawn though, glad I held out on buying it.

  • and the bubbles burst

  • 2/10 must try harder.

  • Oh well. I can’t say I’m surprised. I was hoping PS+ had turned a corner but Sony aren’t exactly known for being consistent.

  • until dawn: rush of blood makes this month worth it for me (well that and…you know..not being able to play online otherwise)

    and don’t be so quick to dismiss bound, it’s not a bad game..but I’ll admit I never finished it lol

  • Atleast Xbox One had a good month this time. :)

    I recently bought Bound on PS4 which sucks. Worms Battlegrounds were free on Xbox One like 2+ years ago.

    And i have all 5 Broken Swords games on Steam.

    Dungeon Punks is the only game i don’t own here…

    • Xbox has a good month this time? Not from the list I’m looking at….

    • Oh no!!!! Could you please give us your full Steam list of games please so we all get our monthly Plus games going forward based around that. Thanks.

  • Glad we now pay £50 a year :)

    *obvious sarcasm is obvious*

    However, I will be happy with Bound.

    • I don’t think I have ever paid full price for PS+, even back in the PS3 days. There’s always an offer of some sort, somewhere at some time of the year to take advantage of before your subscription expires.

    • Yeah CD-Keys are selling 12 Months for like 35 I think

  • Just a heads up for anyone thinking of getting the Worms Anniversary edition which is in today’s sale, you should be aware that it contains Worms Battlegrounds and Worms WMD so since Worms WMD is also in the sale as a standalone game there’s not much point getting the Anniversary package. Bit sneaky that Sony..

    Both good games tho.

  • Rag Doll Kung Fu™: Fists of Plastic??? really? this game again? this was one of the first games on the PS PLUS…. u joking???

    Bound is amazing in VR but i already have it and finish it.. :(

    worst month ive seen from the beginning of psplus…

  • Buuuuuu this line up sucks

  • I’m actually glad that we are getting some smaller games again. As great as the last few month’s were. I already bought all those games minus Amnesia and Just Cause 3. Worms is going to be fun around Christmas times. Just wished it was WMD instead of Battlegrounds. Is Broken Sword by any chance playable on the PS4 as well? I loved playing the First 3.

  • Please kill me fast

  • Glad to see you’re putting more effort into the blog posts! Also happy that PSVR games still haven’t stolen any slots from the other consoles

    All the people complaining every month is unbelievable. I’ve gotten thousands of dollars worth of games from PS+ and even if there’s a month full of games I hate.. there’s still the rest of the Plus collection to go through. And there’s that 60% off sale on a bunch of games happening right now too.

    • A lot of people are angry (justifiably) about the price increase, without any noticeable improvement to the service. Sony’s saving grace has been the good games on offer for PS Plus. If it goes back to the poor quality that used to be offered on a regular basis, I can see a lot of people grabbing their torches and pitchforks…

    • I know right? And the same people had no praise to say whatsoever in the months they claimed the “games were good”. Sony must have assumed “hmm not that many people give a toss we went bigger with the games, oh well.”

      @The_David_Diablo01 Except the price increase was NEVER about improving the service. It was all to do with inflation and doing what every other company has already done ages ago. Xbox Live went to 60 quid for a 12 months sub too you know but they DON’T have something like Shareplay on their service or even anything a tiny bit close to it. Maybe speak up next time when you thought the games weren’t of “poor quality” (seriously how is Bound of poor quality, they didn’t put something on it like Thief lol).

    • @andrewsqual – What the hell are you talking about? I don’t usually reply to stupid people, but this is just too dumb to let slide. Xbox live is £40 for 12 months, same as it has been for years. You can even get it for £30 or less if you pay attention to deals… Also, I HAVE complimented Sony for the improved selection for the past few months, even last month when I already own MGSV. Maybe pull your head out of Sony’s a** and think next time before you comment…

    • Well, we are paying to literally rent these games. Once the plus subscription ends you can’t play them. I’d understand if they were actually free indefinitely like some of the xbox lineup. But they’re not. When we’re renting things we expect quality. Not silly little indies/ms paint games that didn’t garner much interest so ended up on plus.

  • Sony, take in all these games and put them in trash.

    And said wanna make plus better, really?

  • VR games? That’s like giving someone a problem instead of a gift. Another poor show this month.

  • Hopefully Team 17 have fixed the servers for Worms Battlegrounds as they were broken AF when I last tried to play it online. The game itself is great, but anyone aiming for the platinum is going to struggle thanks to the servers

  • Worst line up this year nothing lasts forever .Just pick up worms battleground. Next month before Xmas please AAA games .

  • Poor quite honestly. While I’m happy that we have been getting great games recently and this is the first bad month in a while, I do fear that Sony has done a classic bait and switch here. Up the price of PS Plus, but give people a month to get it for the lower price. Offer good PS plus games to say, “look, we’ve changed! We are listening to you!” to really tempt people who wouldn’t get PS plus otherwise, then go back to offering sub par games for the rest of your PS plus year membership…

    They knew that they were bound to lose customers to Microsoft with the Xbox One X and this might just be one last grab at a lot of people’s wallets for Sony. I hope I’m wrong, but we’ll see what December’s lineup looks like and should give a better understanding as to whether this month will be the norm or the exception…

  • At this point, I think they should just put ‘that’s you’ on the free to play section.

  • Stop making thats you happen. It is not going to happen.

    • Well clearly some people are playing it – personally I agree with its lack of staying power, played it like 3 times and it wasn’t too great

  • What a terrible month…. PS3 getting rubbish again!! Stupid that we have to pay an extra £10 for psvr games for a device most don’t even own or want! Good for the 5 out of every 65 PS4 owners that actually own one…. Its really bad how much Sony neglect the PS3, so many good games they could put on plus… And the console has been left in a bad state especially the PS store.

    • I agree. Vita as well has a lot of good stuff that is overlooked

    • It’s not 5 out of 65, it’s 1 out of every 70. There’s been 70 million PS4s sold and 1 millon PS VRs. That’s also not including all the people who pay for plus for Vita or PS3 games (and yes, the store on PS3 is so slow now I just use the browser one).

  • Broken Sword on Vita, awesome. Bound is also something I thought of picking up but never did. All in all, still a nice month for me ^_^

  • Why still supporting Vita and PS3 ? Why didn’t they support the most important and main console and offer Broken Sword 5 for PS4 which is the best version yet and has the most content even that PC version doesn’t have?

    Also only a minority have PS VR. Why waste every month on a new PS VR game while the majority won’t be able to play it ?

    When they offer a PS VR game, they could offer an extra PS4 game and a good one too.

    • I still have a vita and a PS3 that I use, and there’s a ton of amazing Vita games still never released on plus.

  • Wow. What a horrible month. Only thing in a long time worth getting was amnesia, and I already bought that before. Unbelievable.

  • *sees a so-called AAA game* “Everyone has this already it was in a sale where is xxxxxxxx this is why you fail”

    *sees an indie game* “urgh fail I’m buying Xbox literally any AAA game would be better this is why you fail”

  • Broken Sword 5 is also on PS4, isn’t it? Why aren’t we able to at least get that version too? In fact could you please stop with the Vita stuff? Content for a dead system no one got is nothing but a way for Sony to artificially bolster this list. At this point you should be considering phasing out PS3 content too.

    Otherwise though the price increase, followed by this is just a slap to our faces.

    • I have both the ps3 and vita. Both great systems and both have a great back catalogue of titles that haven’t even been touched yet. Not every family can afford a PS4. As ps3 etc are cheap now they’re ideal for poorer families. Both vita and ps3 still have games being released also. So the systems are far from dead.

    • A system is never really dead (if you can hold on to an old TV you can still connect your old consoles to it) but that doesn’t mean it should be supported well into the new generation. Those systems have plenty big libraries of their own and don’t need to take the spotlight and space of more relevant content.

      It’s actually completely ridiculous when you think about it. Take the case of Vita. When people who bought it actually wanted to buy games for it, there were none available, it didn’t get supported. Now that it’s dead, it’s good enough to put back on this shady service (maybe in an attempt to sell more hardware now?) lol, doesn’t that speak volumes? To both their hardware, and this PS+ service… If they don’t respect their own products and services, how can they expect us to do so?

    • I sympathise with people stuck on last gen systems, but if those systems are no longer being sold in shops, it’s time they were removed from the Playstation Plus programme.

      My reasoning: PS+ giveaways have to be negotiated with developers. Sony can’t just give away whatever games they want. And those negotiations often (but not always) involve money. That money comes from PS+ subscriptions.

      If Sony only had to support one or two platforms we’d probably be experiencing another IGC golden age right now (you all remember how amazing PS+ became back in June 2012, right?). But no. They keep adding more platforms (now PSVR) without removing support for older systems so the negotiation budget must be divided between them all. I’m only speculating based on the limited data I’ve come across over the past year, but this budget is surely smaller for the PS4 now than it was for the PS3 back in the summer of 2012.

      Anyway, that is why PS+ will continue getting stuck in this low quality glut. Until PS3 and Vita support is removed, I suspect we’ll keep seeing these 1-2 month spurts of AAA giveaways before the service falls back to mobile and indie titles for a few months.

      Whether that is enough to sustain the service the users will decide.

    • The vita and ps3 are still sold new.

    • The Vita isn’t sold new anymore in most the world, I’ve been looking for a new one for about 2-3 years. All there is, is second hand ones and PSTVs (which don’t play all the games). They seem to still be sold in Japan though.

  • Until Dawn Rush of blood is great fun on VR, you won’t be disappointed!

  • Holy cow people are ungrateful here. Why don’t you just accept the fact that we get games each month? The whole idea with ps plus is that you are supposed to try out games you usually haven’t thought of playing. Complain all you want, most people still download the games and give them a try.

    I’m surprised to see blood rush! Saved me some moolah :)

  • Always funny to see how many people moan like petulant little kids lol

  • Just Cause 3 and MGV… Huge games to lull us into a sense of security… To make us think the price increase was making a difference in the “free” (they’re actually rentals) games catalogue… And then you come out with these? Wow. 2 steps forward 1 giant step back. Literally.

    • Yep, classic bait and switch. Hopefully, this is just a one off and next month will be great, but I do worry that Sony (and Microsoft for that matter) have shown in the past that they are not above these shifty tactics…

    • Dude, that’s nothing compared to the shady tactic of not merely charging for online (although to people who come from Xbox this is pretty standard and probably effects them less, still, it’s a major dirty tactic that people should stand up to if they care about gaming at all), but combining it with the unrelated, more expensive PS+ service (in fact I’m sure that most of the total price goes into the PS+ concept, considering it was the same price on PS3, optionally and without the supposed costs of online access). Think about it people, open your mind sayeth Quato! Free online and optional PS+ is beneficial to every gamer, at the small cost of a few profits for Sony. So unite and demand that ish already!

  • I believe they should start to put more UNKNOWN psvr games, because most of vr owners (like me) already bought the known vr games such as rush of blood and bound! The unknown ones surely is cheaper for them to put on the list and more usefull for the vr owners!

  • Junky mini game and a 2 hour “art” game. That’s a disappointment. I guess the best game is erm, R-Type Dimensions?

    • No vr I’m guessing? ? Don’t worry Santa will be coming soon

    • The problem with VR is, it’s basically the cost of a whole new console, and as there’s like maybe 1 – 2 games I want to play on it, it’s a bit shaky from a cost/benefit perspective. So at the moment it makes about as much sense as buying an Xbone or Switch.

      Maybe when there’s like 6-10 full games I really want it will be more appealing, but we’re not at that point yet.

  • Total crap. Even Im not interesting add this to account.

  • Just reading the comments here and jeez… what do you expect for your fiver a month. If there are games you really want why don’t you buy ’em. Been working pretty well for me the last 30 years. And if you think worms multiplayer ain’t fun, UD rush of blood is an awesome vr experience, and all the other free stuff … c’mon people, really and truly they don’t have to give you anything and most would still get ps plus for the multiplayer. .

    • Exactly mate. See below ☺☺

    • I expect not being forced into it -albeit indirectly with online access- no matter what the cost. You don’t expect being forced to rent a boat just to subscribe to Netflix, do you? Or being forced to eat a meal you hate, just to get one you like? There’s no question about the value of the service (eventhough they’re just rentals, it’s all relative ofcourse), it’s just that many of us are simply not interested in the concept of PS+ (random, digital rentals) at all, and shouldn’t be forced to sub for unrelated online access.

    • Most people don’t have vr. It’s too expensive for the average gamer.

  • No way in hell I’m renewing my sub.

    • That’s it, my man. Fight the power! I’d do the same if it weren’t for those few games that are always online like Destiny… Hardly ever play actual multiplayer anymore and in my experience it’s usually more laggy than on it was on PS3…

      Oh, Sony, why did you have to get so money hungry… Making online free really would make everyone of their customers happy, at the cost of some unjustifiable PS+ profits for Sony from the people who exclusively want online access. Then anyone who subs does it truly optionally and not merely to get online.

  • I still can’t believe that people are still moaning about the games on ps plus. Your paying your yearly subscription for playing games online. Every month it’s the same with you little whingers going on about all ready having them. Boo hoo grow up and either subscribe or don’t, it’s as simple as that. Sony must be so peeved with you bunch of losers moaning all the time. I’ve already bought most of these games too but oh well that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

    • lol you sound a bigger whinger than them. People will always do that and they are free to do so.

      Do you really think anyone at Sony has ever had a thought that went anything like “That blacksheepwall on the euro blog says he’s already got Just Cause. I’m so peeved”? I Bet not once.

    • Used to be free to game online and the plus bonuses were an extra incentive to purchase… now it’s the total opposite… pay twice to play with friends and get a ton of old tat to boot! Laughable!!! Whiners and moaners that’s right ?

  • Awesome month for me as I don’t own either of these PSVR titles :)

  • First the price increase then the long wait now weak line up Sony you have slipped so hard you need to step it up or everyone will wonder why stay for second class

    • there wasn’t a long wait…

      If you paid attention to when the Plus games are announced per Month its the same…

      If you don’t want to pay for it, stop paying !

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