PlayStation Plus Double Discounts kick off today on PlayStation Store

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PlayStation Plus Double Discounts kick off today on PlayStation Store

Plus, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition is the new deal of the week

Return to an iconic land of dragons, lords and secret orders in our Deal of the Week, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition.

After emerging unscathed from a ferocious dragon attack that claimed the lives of your captors, set out into the intimidating wilderness of Tamriel’s frozen northern territory on PS4. Head to PlayStation Store to save on this classic today!


But that’s not the only deal on PS Store this week…

PlayStation Plus Double Discounts (until 23/11/17)

Our PlayStation Plus Double Discounts promotion is back, and we have a host of amazing PS4 titles on offer until the 23rd November. Not only that, but if you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you can bag yourself double the savings!

Save on the likes of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, UFC 2, Everybody’s Golf, Injustice 2, Mass Effect Andromeda and plenty more*!

PlayStation Store has all your regional pricing and if you’re not a PlayStation Plus member already, you can purchase your membership on PlayStation Store too!

Here’s a look at everything on offer!


*Please note, some titles may not be available in your region and offer dates may vary for certain titles

Ends 15/11/2017

Ends 23/11/2017

Digital Zone (until 15/11/17)

Digital Zone continues this week with a selection of amazing digital PS4 content available on offer.

Top picks include Megaman Collections, Disney Afternoon Collections, Axiom Verge Wonderboy: The Dragons Trap, and many more.

Start your next digital adventure today!


PS3 and PS Vita Savings (until 15/11/17)

Finally, we have a host of PS3 and Vita savings starting today on PlayStation Store.

Grab a bargain on classics such as Far Cry 4, Persona, WRC 5, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag – Deluxe Edition and many more!

Head to PlayStation Store today to save, download and play!

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  • Amazing discounts. Already bought a lot of them. But some are discounted quite heavy. Got for it! What I still dabble about is whether I should get kingdom hearts or not. I read somewhere that someone mentioned that it would be removed from psn store next year. Haven’t found it anywhere else, so hopefully it’s a lie.

  • damn so many games…..

  • So you know when you start a new sale, could you maybe update the web store to reflect this? Every time. A sale is announced on the blog so I go to the online store and it’s not showing up as a sale. Click on deals and offers still just shows the Halloween sale and deal of the day still claims to be the Crash collection. It’s a real pain and happens every time. Sometimes it takes hours for the web store to show new sales.

    • But you have the links on the blog that shows all the games listed. Just click on them to begin with. All prices are usually updated around 2am on wednesday.

    • Well, no because that’s completely inconvenient. I want a list on the store with all the games and prices, not having to click each game individually to check its price. The fact is, if they’re advertising a sale on the blog, the store should be updated at the same time. Don’t advertise the sale until the links are ready on the store.

    • Every time they update the blog I usually wait until between 3pm to 5pm and the offers pages update on the consoles PlayStation Store. (These are UK update times based on my experience)

    • To be fair, you can’t expect it to be updated within time of the post. The do this at overnight. I just place the games I want into my wish list, check every second wednesday if anything is discounted, if not i move on. Big whoop man, get of the high horse. They what they can in order to put up the prices. Don’t forget that it has to pop up on the consoles as well. They have been doing this since day one with their updates.

    • I’m not on a high horse. I’m asking for basic functionality, and synchronisation between the blog and store. Sorry it’s bothering you so much ?

      The fact is, It’s annoying being told there is a sale, and then going to the store and the sale not being there. These aren’t part time bloggers doing what they can when they can, they’re one of the biggest companies in the world and it’s just not good enough.

    • I mean The Vita store STILL isn’t updated [DELETED]

  • Gotta love developers discounting multiplatform games on PS4, but not on Vita.

    Case in point, Toukiden Kiwami, every Final Fantasy, Musou and Atelier game, Mask of Truth.

    And only Persona 1 out of the entire SMT lineup. No Lucifer’s Call, DDS, P2, P3, P4, P5, nothing.

    • Agreed, it’s a bummer. Still waiting for some good deals on the vita.

    • To be fair though, those games you’ve listed have been on sale dozens of times for the vita. This is the first out of a dozen times where the vita version didn’t get the discount. The Atlus SMTs used to go on sale every other month so at least we get a few new games this time. Just wait til Xmas. They’ll be on sale again.

  • I’ve just let my Plus subscription run out. Guess it makes sense to join for a month to get some double discounts. Pure witchcraft by Sony.

  • Some not bad discounts but its Call Of Duty week and the pounds are on that , thanks though

  • Gonna pick 2 of those. Why can’t I see the Double Discount category on the shop though? It works only if I click the links to given games here on the blog.

    PS. Any idea if Grand Kingdoms and Exist Archive would be discounted this year?

  • Any danger you can start updating the site for offers like this before you actually announce them here and on Twitter?

    Just a thought.

  • Include the GD New Zealand version of Max Payne 3 already!!! Just incase you can’t figure it out Sony, it has a separate listing, I’ll even provide a link for you!!/en-nz/games/max-payne-3/cid=EP1004-NPEB01037_00-B000000000000846?smcid=nav:ps-store:home

  • Still NO Mass Effect: Andromeda in Ukrainian store( Thats bad(

  • Dang, still not Flinthook or Kero Blaster. Was hoping Nex Machina would be on sale again cos i missed it the last time. Oh well i’ll have a look at some of the other titles i haven’t yet got.

  • Also would be nice if Capcom would be kind to folk who already have Street Fighter V and put a sale on the Season 2 pass… but hey..Capcom…

  • There are some really good deals. Although, Modern Warfare Remastered did not get a discount this time too.. But other Cod games like Infinite and Advance Warfare and the community favourite Ghosts are ALWAYS getting a discount.

    Is Agents of Mayhem good enough to buy at this price, or should I wait for a price like Saints Row IV has?

    By the way, Mafia 3 at this price is worthy for me and Matterfall is an okay.

    I’ve heard and read that The Surge is running on 60 fps. Is it true? On both consoles (Original PS4 and Pro)? I have the original PS4.

    Ohh, and almost forgot! Where are the PS+ November games? Isn’t it meant to be announced yesterday?

    • No. As other people have said… PS+ games get announced on the Wednesday evening before the first tuesday of the month where the store updates. So wait til later. :P

  • Can i ask is the Euro ever going to get the VR sale that USA got some weeks ago now??  We have had a handful of titles with a tiny amount knocked off when USA has a huge sale where a lot of titles where 50% off or more.

  • I wont bother asking about Singstar anymore as it seems that London Studio is too busy with their new project.

  • Where is the link in the web store under deals for the ps3 and vita sales list? It’s not there.

  • Is Deadpool worth picking up at that price? Never played a Skyrim game before so am tempted by that.

  • ff type0 for me! *happy*

  • Nothing good I don’t already own… I will, however, pick up Telltale’s Batman : The Enemy Within.

    They should also start displaying discounts in the store eventhough we already own the game. I’d like to see if the sales got better after I purchased something.

  • I bought Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Season pass edition and Deadpool which were 90% off.

  • Steredenn on sale for PS3 but not PS4, go figure (and no cross-buy either, that’s a deal breaker).

  • Nice sale. It’s been a while since I’ve had to make a choice rather than just look once and go nope. Now to decide between Shadow Tactics, Sudden Strike, Kingdom Hearts and Yakuza.

  • I was soo happy to see Horizon Zero Dawn on the line-up for the US players and was really looking forward to get that discount here for EU players as well but not this time. I really miss that, but great lineup Sony nevertheless..

  • Well shi-

    Just snagged STAR OCEAN: IAF DIGITAL EDITIONS after skipping the abomination until bargain bin. And my dear baby Star Ocean® Till The End Of Time™.

  • Great price for Dreamfall Chapters for PS Plus members. I immediately added the game to the basket. Thank you, Sony!

  • PS3/Vita section of deals is not working properly on the website, doesn’t show up deals. However it works on the PS3/Vita console stores.

  • What’s the difference between a regular Playstation Plus card and one that says Playstation Plus for PS4?

  • Why The Surge, who should go off from this list on 23th, today is already at full price? I waited especially for today to combine it with the black friday sales, and now you throw this.

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