New God of War gameplay video shows how Atreus and Kratos team up in battle

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New God of War gameplay video shows how Atreus and Kratos team up in battle

New combat sequence sees father & son synchronize to take down terrifying soul eater, the Draugr

“That’s a Soul Eater. If that kills us, that’s it…no Valhalla…” – Atreus

When we unveiled a bold, daunting, new direction for God of War at E3 2016, Cory wrote here “Change is an essential part of life. In creative development change is often the explosive spark that transforms good enough into truly memorable.”

As we sit here in the studio on the cusp of our content lock for the game, I can tell you our team’s souls are downright driven to nail those memorable moments with as much determination as Kratos and Atreus are on their incredible journey. There are no Soul Eaters lurking in these halls, though today you may think otherwise with our studio Halloween decorations. This team is making it happen once again through perseverance, passion, and determination.

What you just witnessed is a smidgeon, a sliver, of the unflinching, intense, brutal, and often empowering new combat in God of War. Every time I pick up the controller to play, I feel like I have Kratos’ Leviathan Axe in my hand (I avoid using it as a projectile though!), and can hear Atreus’ arrows whizzing by (not to mention his witty motivational banter). The impact of every attack you connect feels like it has a titanic ton of energized force behind it, and the strategic decisions you’ll be forced to make mid-combat are your keys to survival.

Intensity, strategy, and an emotional combat connection between Father and Son is what Cory and all the creative leads want people to feel when seeing this Draugr encounter in the Huldra Mine. When Kratos launches his Axe at a Heavy Draugr to vault him back a step, Atreus comes in with an acrobatic flying double kick, sending him like a ping pong ball right back into a brick wall that is Kratos’ bare fists. That combat moment in the middle of mayhem is a perfect example of how Kratos and Atreus can take down their enemies, together.

Together, with Atreus at your side you have the strongest support next to Kratos’ primary weapon and bare fists you’ve ever experienced in a God of War game. The team worked diligently to ensure Atreus’ actions vary from long range arrow stuns, to enemy strangleholds, to acrobatic tag-team maneuvers that will help Kratos take down any enemy, any size, and any amount.

I’m still barely scratching the surface here on our new combat system that the team has been labouring on tirelessly, and can’t wait to show you more as we head into early 2018.

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  • I’ll be honest, I hate that point of view and the generic combat system looks nothing like God of War. You might as well have created a new franchise instead of piggybacking on the reputation of this classic series. What were you afraid of?

    And before everyone else complains, I agree too that the child companion is annoying.

    • Personally I liked the look of the combat. God of War was never going to stay looking like the original forever. Long established franchises need to look for ways to innovate and bring themselves up to date as technology changes. However, I do agree about the comment on Atreus. The demo we were shown was literally a minute long and that’s all it took for Atreus to get on my nerves. The thought of spending an entire game with him is really worrying me.

    • Like how Tomb Raider reinvented itself by innovatively copying the entire Uncharted concept? This isn’t so innovative either, looks like your standard third person action adventure. Traditional GOW stood out way more than that and just because Ascension wasn’t as great doesn’t mean the series needed to reinvent itself all of a sudden… It’ll be a great game, I just have the undeniable feeling it would’ve been so much better as a traditional GOW. Now every brawler wants to be a Dark Souls… AC Origins got the same treatment.

    • No, that wasn’t what I meant. That’s my bad though as I probably should’ve used the word ‘evolve’ instead of ‘innovate’. Think Super Mario Bros vs Super Mario 64. Regardless, I’m more concerned about Atreus than I am about GoW’s change of direction.

    • Ah yes, I suppose in the broader terms of evolving I can understand. But let’s not be too quick to mistake mere change for evolvement. When I think of evolving, I think of improving upon its strenghts and cutting down on weaknesses, not simply changing the whole ball game in an attempt to make it look fresh and new. Like OP said, might as well have started a new franchise and kept your hands off GOW and its brandname, that way you could still make a traditional one later and this would sell either way, name awareness or not.

  • Although it looks great as a game in general, I just can’t get excited about this, knowing it could’ve been a traditional GOW. Those almost had their own little take on the genre, which made them memorable, whereas this is more like your average third person action/adventure game, which is already well represented in today’s gaming landscape. I don’t like Kratos this docile and calm, I don’t like “Teal’c” as a voiceactor compared to the original, I don’t like the flying axe thing and its gameplay compared to the epic Blades of Chaos, I don’t like the lack of a fixed camera that made the action palpable in favor of bandwagon third person style, and so on… The only thing I think might be better is character development. But you lost everything that made GOW stand out and made it into a regular third person brawler. I’ll still enjoy it as a game on its own, I won’t enjoy it as a GOW as much as previous, traditional ones. GOW4 still stands out as the best one imo.

  • Looks good but i’ve never liked the off-center camera view for third person. It bugs me. dunno if it’s part of my ocd type things or what. But yeah the game itself looks good.

  • I can’t say I’m going to miss traditional GoW as I hated the over violent hack and slash but the boy is too up-to-date; his lines are more in line with spiderman.

  • So… maybe I’m not getting this, but… is the 90-sec spot it? Because… well, you know, the Soul Eater is the Huge Dude that lifts the grate and walks away. The guy who’s not attacking? The guy that Mom made sound much more dangerous?

    So how is this headlined: Watch as they coordinate (not synchronize) “to take down terrifying soul eater, the Draugr”. They fight a few small draugr, the Viking Zombies. Not the Soul Eater.

    Someone help me out, here.

  • Really like the look of it. But that kid was annoying throughout the demo.

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