Sucker Punch’s stunning new PS4 game revealed: open-world samurai epic Ghost of Tsushima

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Sucker Punch’s stunning new PS4 game revealed: open-world samurai epic Ghost of Tsushima

Explore Feudal Japan and see the power of the Mongol Empire first-hand in dazzling debut trailer

Is there a game that you always wished someone would make, but they never did? Well, that’s what we’ve been doing here at Sucker Punch for the last few years—building the game we’ve wanted for so long to be able to play.

It’s called Ghost of Tsushima.

Seriously, how come no one has made a sprawling samurai open-world game yet? Feudal Japan is beautiful; from the swaying bamboo forests to the ornate castles, it’s a place that demands to be explored. Don’t you want to wear a suit of samurai armour? Wouldn’t you like to fire a six-foot-tall samurai long bow? Want to journey across a lush countryside with a katana on your hip? For me, the answer is clearly “yes, yes please.”

Ghost of Tsushima PGW-06Ghost of Tsushima PGW-05Ghost of Tsushima PGW-04


I’ve been a fan of samurai comics since 5th grade, from Lone Wolf and Cub to Usagi Yojimbo. The types of characters, landscapes, betrayal, and sacrifice in those stories are a rich vein ready to be translated into a videogame.

The artists and engineers here at Sucker Punch have brought this world to life on PlayStation 4, from tall grass blowing in the wind to the call of a far off crane: we want to make it feel real. All of what’s shown in our debut trailer was captured in our game engine, that’s the interactive world we’re painstakingly crafting together, that’s the world we’re going to set on fire.

In 1274, the Mongol army invaded Japan, their first stop: Tsushima Island. . In Ghost of Tsushima, you play as a battered samurai, fighting back against overwhelming odds. In the trailer, you see the leader of the Mongols, a guy I would describe as an “uncomfortably reasonable killer” trying to intimidate our hero. It’s all there, right in that little scene. The power and confidence of the Mongol Empire coming face to face with pure, lethal, samurai determination.

Ghost of Tsushima PGW-03Ghost of Tsushima PGW-02Ghost of Tsushima PGW-01


We’re excited to finally be able to talk about the game and look forward to sharing more in the coming months. Keeping it a secret for so long has been painful. The trailer is the perfect way to share with the world what we’ve been dying to play for so many years – fighting back invaders in feudal Japan, mastering the katana and building your legend as “the Ghost.”

(Side thing. If you’re trying to figure out which actors are in the trailer; Jin, our hero, is Daisuke Tsuji and the Khan is played by Patrick Gallagher. These guys can bring it.)

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  • Looks good :)

  • Hnnnnnng soo good! Day 1!

  • I am cautiously optimistic about this. (I did want a new Tenchu and I suppose this is the closest thing)

    • Oh but, I know this isn’t a heavily historically accurate game, yet his name being “Jin” is just weird.

    • How come? “Jin” is a common Japanese male name.

    • Jin is a common (to be fair it’s not really that common at all) male name, in modern times. However, in the 1200s it’s a bit out of place, like having Sir Tim the knight.

      Pretty much every single samurai ever has at least 2 characters in their first name for a variety of reasons.

    • I kinda get your point but kinda beg to differ. Maybe SP didn’t research archaic Japanese names extensively but I can think of at least a single example that would fit the time and setting. “任” would be perfectly suitable for a 13th century Samurai.

    • Samurai almost all had 2 character names due to how their names were formed. Normally there was one hereditary (from their father/family), and the other being personal or gifted, so both very important to the individual and unlikely to be dropped. What was the example out of interest?

      I think you mean “仁” not “任” if you’re talking about the name? There’s also the problem of “Jin” around time being the likely reading of a day of the week, and a few other things (nearby areas), making it even less likely.

      It could of course be that they just shortened his name to westernize it or something?

  • Looks cool,but would been better if was a full on Open world Usagi game…

  • Nice prerendered CG.

    Now waiting for the real gameplay.

    • As much as I trust SP (Second Son is still one of the best looking games on the PS4 four years after its release), we all know by now the console is not capable of such real-time performances, let alone with that degree of polish. It might be “in-engine” — which means it’s prerendered (frame by frame) with the graphic engine of the game, but not in real-time.

      I expect some serious downgrade down the road. Not that it matters much to me, if the game still looks good and promises to be a sort of RDR in Japan.

      If Sucker Punch ever proves me wrong… I’ll it my udon!

    • Please recall how Beyond Two Souls looked on PS3! That was one game nobody believed possible on PS3. QD used a smaller frame buffer (black bars) to achieve this. SP might be able to do the same on PS4 assuming the smaller frame buffer (black bars again) is used in the retail code.

      These are the guys who delivered a stunning launch title on PS4 after all!

  • How long will we have to wait for this?

  • Thank you Sucker Punch! You always deliver.

  • I liked the sly series you did, but found infamous very boring and repetitive hope this game is better.

  • An open world samurai game is something I always loved the idea of but there wasn’t anything to really fill that hole, way of the samurai is fun but a little goofy and not quite want I wanted, I really hope this game is good, as I am excited.

  • Day 1 this will be amazing!

  • My most anticipated game right now. I hope we won’t have to wait forever to play it…

  • I didn’t realize until now…. But there are not many studios, where you hear the name and you know the game will be amazing. While watching the trailer, I was interested….. But as soon as it said Sucker Punch….. Sold. The Trailer should of started with their name first, can’t wait !!! Great job guys!

  • It is visually staggering, if the trailer is game footage then this is the best looking game I’ve ever seen. The light is incredible!

  • This looks truely amazing! Wow, Sucker Punch, well done! :)

  • Must admit, watching the conference for me was to see what Sucker Punch might of been releasing, when I saw this trailer I actually looked away for a bit to do something else as Asian/eastern type games don’t interest me that much. But coming back towards the end of the trailer and seeing the “Sucker Punch” logo I admit took me by surprise.

    I am glad though that allot of 1st party devs are trying new things mind you.

  • My game of the show by far, one of the few new reveals. Samurai and Feudal Japan piqued my interest (I have some sort of infatuation for them) but I figured it would be by some obscure Asian developer or something. Seeing that Sucker Punch logo appear at the end of it really gave me goosebumps and made this the new reveal to look out for as far as I’m concerned. I have been wanting a proper samurai game since I was hooked on Kenshin Himura in my younger years and having been playing Assassin’s Creed Origins lately once again made me realize how much I want one in Feudal Japan, so this couldn’t have come at a better time. Now I just hope the swordplay is quick, smooth and responsive (I know Sucker Punch can hold their own in terms of combat, but it is a Western developer afterall, so I hope they get it right. Nioh might be a good inspiration). Not counting on it but also hoping for Japanese voice overs to set the right atmosphere. Either way, so can’t wait for this!

  • There IS a God! His name is Nate Fox. So hyped for this, looks totally stunning. Can we please have authentic Japanese voices on the soundtrack, at least as an option. Do this and you have solid gold on your hands.

  • Where’s this week’s Heads Up store update? I wanna see what other games are coming out during this week.

    EDIT: never mind, it’s up now. :P

  • Cant wait to play this stuff absolute perfectness in face modeling for me

  • This was my highlight from PGW, alongside Detroit. Thank you so much for developing my ultimate dream game, SP!!!

  • Being set in Feudal Japan, would the language be able to be set in Japanese w/ eng subtitles? I know it sounds odd but it would be a more immersive experience if so. Nevertheless, looking forward to it!

  • I realized the visuals look too good. In fact I’m pretty sure the 4k video is native 4k. Knowing that not even the PS4 Pro could manage those graphics at native 4k, Is the 4k video a prerendered video or is it ran in the prototype of the successor of the PS4 Pro?

    Also I noticed that the video in youtube Playstation Japan channel limits the resolution to 1440p, while the western video at the playstation channel shows it at 4k. The Japanese one starts with PS4 logo, but the western one shows a more general “Playstation”. Subtle but meaningful differences I would say

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