A legendary Warlock returns in Destiny 2’s first expansion, Curse of Osiris

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A legendary Warlock returns in Destiny 2’s first expansion, Curse of Osiris

The next chapter of Bungie’s epic galaxy-spanning saga detailed in debut trailer

Hello again, PlayStation nation! We’re at Paris Games Week to talk about the next destination on your journey. If you saw the livestream, you know that we just revealed Curse of Osiris, the first Expansion to Destiny 2. If you missed it, check out the trailer for the next story we’re telling with your Guardian as the hero.

Curse of Osiris sends you back to the stars to solve a new mystery. The Vex are on the march, and our only hope to stop them may lie with Osiris, the notorious heretic and most powerful Warlock in the history of the Last City. On your quest to find him, you’ll meet new characters, explore new places, tackle new challenges, and earn some sweet new loot.

Here on the convention floor in Paris, the first wave of Guardians will face each other in battle on a brand new Crucible map that you’ll find only on PlayStation. After the show is over, we’ll make our way home and continue the conversation in a series of three livestreams that will reveal more about the mysteries that await.

We’re just getting started. We hope you’ll join us for this exciting new story.

Destiny 2 - Curse of Osiris PGW-07Destiny 2 - Curse of Osiris PGW-06


Destiny 2 - Curse of Osiris PGW-05Destiny 2 - Curse of Osiris PGW-04Destiny 2 - Curse of Osiris PGW-03


Destiny 2 - Curse of Osiris PGW-02Destiny 2 - Curse of Osiris PGW-01


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  • I don’t expect an answer just more hiding. The amount of glitches in the current raid is abysmal which is an absolute shame as I like it but 4v4 crucible is rubbish. Once again once the max level is achieved it’s time to go into hibernation. Sidearms are a joke, I’d rather have a catapult. No machine guns just a fusion rifle taking up the heavy slot (sorry power). There is a lot good about destiny 2 but the drop off in players must be alarming as there is no replayabilty factor. The trophy system is also laughable. The micro transactions are horrible(especially paying money for the base game plus expansion pack) I feel like a well milked cow. Overall some parts the game work well, other well, no point in having my comment banned. Drops mic

    • God you are just like the other thousands acting like butts about the game not delivering to your expectations. It’s a shame that so many people are salty about it. You didn’t enjoy it. Big whoop, so many other games out there to enjoy.

      Sure Bungie might have tried something new with the second one, but it needs to be polished, just like the first game was over the years.

      Replayability is definitely there, I play everyday even if I have finsihed most of the missions in the game. Microtransactionyou dont even have to touch since you get so many bright engrams just by playing the game.

      Crucible is great not that it kind of leans towards the idea of actual teamwork.

    • Chijatsu.

      It’s called having an opinion.

      To add my opinions. It’s neither good or bad. It’s in between.

      You see ten-bucks as a “butt” on the other hand you seem more like a blind fanboy. We should not expect a game to be polished over the years, especially not that to get the complete package we have to fork out more money. It has become the norm these days in the industry however now it’s more about how much they can water down vanilla version and then give us more in paid DLC. On top they want more in terms of microtransactions. Tbh I don’t care about microtransactions but I see why people care.

      Destiny 2 is definitely better than Destiny 1 at launch. However there were things that worked in Destiny 1 that added to replayability that was removed. That’s a shame. You mentioned you have finished most missions. The only thing I haven’t had done yet is prestige raid, I don’t see a reason, the rewards are bad. Got one of each character to 305 power. Done the adventures. Now the purpose of playing is kinda gone. Crucible is fine, could use some more maps maybe gamemodes. But crucible is fun enough.

      My biggest negative comment is they wasted such a great story opportunity. That we lost our powers, for 5 minutes. They could have used that much more, that could have added more to the story. Since endgame is pretty bare they should have had more early and mid game. They removed randomized gear rolls, which was the grind. Yes it’s more casual friendly which is fine, but for people who like to work for stuff it’s bland.

      In the beginning I didn’t like the gui/menu but when I went back to Destiny 1 the other day I realized that Destiny 2’s actually was an improvement.

      For me it’s just a bit too short, a bit too bareboned. They had so much feedback from Destiny 1. Anyway for me personally I will most likely take a long break from Destiny 2.

      ^My thoughts. and opinions. TLDR: Not that bad but not too great. Got positives, negatives and missed opportunities.

  • Well said fleexie.

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