This monday, Paris Games Week 2017 brings a new PlayStation Media Showcase

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This monday, Paris Games Week 2017 brings a new PlayStation Media Showcase

Big new game announcements and updates kick off at 3pm GMT/4pm CET

The year is winding to a close, but PlayStation is just getting started. This Monday, 30th October, PlayStation’s Paris Games Week Media Showcase will begin at 4pm GMT/5pm CET, and we’re streaming all the action at

But plan to tune in early at 3pm BST/4pm CET! We’ll begin with an introductory livestream featuring 21 game updates, including seven all-new game announcements for PS4 and PS VR. You won’t want to miss it.

Then at 4pm GMT/5pm CET, our Media Showcase will give you an exclusive new look at the next wave of huge PlayStation titles.


After the Showcase, stick around — we’ll dive deeper into the biggest announcements coming out of Paris Games Week.

It’s going to be a wild day. Hope you can join us!

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  • Just wanted to say I am first.

  • Just wanted to say I am first. >thank you sony

  • mm… i’m ready to dream!

    Please give us/me the beta-release and an releasedate 4 that masterpiece of a game named dreams…

  • Hopefully something from Sucker Punch

  • May we finally see a new Burnout from EA… though it probably would crippled with having to pay a micro-transaction everytime you attempt to smash an opponent car.

    • What? Criterion are LONG dead mate. The main people left after EA and Nintendo ripped them off with NFS Most Wanted where neither publisher would market the game for Wii U which was an excellent port.

      Then EA split them up after that and put them into that crappy studio that makes NFS games on Frostbite lol. DEAD, just move on and remember the good times.

    • i was kinda joking. i don’t really expect to ever see a new burnout…

  • After E3 with just a few new announcements (I don’t care that much about new trailers of the titles I know already) I have small expectations. Maybe Sony will surprise me thanks to this attitude.

  • We would really appreciate Bloodborne 2 and TLoU2! Hopefully a release date for GoW!

  • Probably full of indie crap, please prove me wrong.

    • or a good variety of AAA AND indie games to suit the tastes of as many PlayStation gamers as possible? I tend to prefer the indie games (particularly the PS Plus freebie selections, for example Metal Gear Solid V bored the living crud out of me but I played Sky Force Anniversary loads) and rarely buy AAA games apart from a few (those tend to be Naughty Dog, Insomniac and a few other quality developers… not so much EA or Activision)

    • To be honest, I’ve been bored of basically all “indie” games for a long, long time.

      In a segment where there is supposed to be “innovation” there’s barely any outside of people trying to rehash the same tired junk with some gimmick or doing something (usually really really boring) just to be “different”. I’d much prefer games companies try something new and ambitious rather than retreading tired old ground over and over and over and over and over.

      An example is the two given. Sky Force Anniversary is the exact same as so many games from the last 30+ years. It’s repetitive, simple and ultimately dated, like so many of the boring indie titles. MGSV, is much more ambitious and unique as an experience and tries new things. Not all of those things pay off, but it’s a more unique experience, and asks more of the player. It’s also much less forgettable than simple sidescolling shooter number 2012424b. I’m sure simple sidescrolling shooter 20413949 and 3219304289 will be much the same.

    • Sky Force gave me what exactly I wanted. A fun uncomplicated game I can play and enjoy for a few minutes here or an hour or so there with no boring cutscenes, mission briefings or any of that other nonsense I’ve no time for. MGSV bored the hell out of me. I tried to like it, I really did but the opening hour was such a tiresome slog that by the time it got to the ‘proper gameplay’ (which itself was entirely derivative of other games in recent years) I was ready to just quit and delete it and never play again. And let’s be honest, MGSV is not doing anything new at all, it’s just the same old typically bloated unfocused mess of a product that seems to think making it as movie-like as possible is the way to go meaning huge gaps of tediousness in between anything actually enjoyable. Basically all the MGS games would work so much better as just actual films they clearly desire to be rather than the forced lousy gameplay they try to achieve. MGSV wasn’t ambitious at all, it’s just what happens when companies try to justify the crazy millions of dollars they pump into these products while forgetting that a game should simply just be FUN.

    • Being derivative kind of exactly the problem though.

      Skyforce is almost exactly the same as 100s if not 1000s of experiences that came before it. I could be playing that exact experience (with different graphics) on the PS2, or PS1, (or even earlier), which bores me. On the other hand, experiences like MGSV weren’t really as possible before the PS3 era. I wasn’t playing big open world stealth action games on the PS2, because the scope of what was possible was much smaller. One developer has done something with this scope, the other hasn’t. I’d like this scope to continue to grow too.

      I mean let’s be honest here, how many open world stealth games where you capture staff and zebras and do “horse stealth” have there been in the last 5 years vs scrolling shooters with ships and explosions in the last 50? (MGSV isn’t really that “cinematic” once you start it properly, it’s mostly pure gameplay for the 20+ hours it takes to do the main story (and the 50/100+ it takes to do everything), and there’s plenty of missions to do for a quick few minutes here and there)

  • “But plan to tune in early at 3pm BST”

    Doesn’t BST end in the early hours of Monday morning?

  • GMT or BST? You’ve used both! We return to GMT in a few hours…

  • Clearly they are giving times for BST and GMT

  • I hope for “one more thing”…

  • Hi want watch it on YouTube since like watching it on my tv . But would confence be on YouTube. If not how can watch it .

  • I’m hoping for some exciting new stuff this time! E3 was a big rehash of last year, with not many new announcements just updates on the same stuff from E3 taking most of the time up. Maybe a new Tenchu game (that doesn’t suck)?

    Hopefully the 7 games are full on titles though. Not small titles or 2 hour VR things. Big full games (at least half of them anyway)!

  • I know it’s not really a ‘big name’ title, but I’d love to have an announcement for season 2 of The Wolf Among Us. I loved that game – just as much as the first series of Walking Dead, and probably better than the second. Come on Telltale, get on with it!

  • And also – I’d really, really love to see EA’s Fight Night series brought back. Those game were absolutely brilliant, and way more fun than the UFC titles, in my opinion.

  • Is this available to watch on the PS4.?

    Thanks .

  • I read some rumors about Soul Reaver a while back. A sequel would be awesome. Also, Medieval, please!

    • SR might be unlikely due to the company who made it announcing they were working on a series of superhero games this year.

      A new Medievil would be great (even though the original studio closed)! Even a modern graphics port of 1+2 would be nice.

  • Demons Souls Remaster?

    • As long as they remove inventory item weight, reduce the grind for certain items and rarity of others (damned pure bladestone) then yes!

    • “Sort out world tendency” would be high on my wishlist too. Oh, and putting it in a bundle with Dark Souls 1

    • What i’d fix about world tendency is give more ability to go towards white, and opt out of it going towards the world average while maintaining the ability to play online.

      It is weird that DS1 hasn’t been ported, though the PC port was a bit of a mess. Playstation is the only platform where it isn’t available digitally too.

  • If only they would bring Silent Hills back :( Still, I pray for Bloodborne 2 and hope for some gameplay with The Last Of Us 2

  • Not bad, not great. Not a lot of new reveals in the AAA section and mostly a predictable, yet enjoyable show. I was just thinking how I liked the format of sort of dealing with the indie and VR stuff pre-show and then just do some quick vids on them during the actual show, but I did expect some more AAA reveals for sitting through the indie and VR stuff :) Most of it was footage for games already revealed so the Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima is the only thing that really phazed me. Great Last of Us trailer to close off but again, that was sort of expected :)

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