Earthbound-inspired action adventure Reverie announced for PS4, out 2018

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Earthbound-inspired action adventure Reverie announced for PS4, out 2018

Upcoming 90s style RPG on PS Vita adds another version to its party

Grab the nearest household item-turned-weapon and set sail for a fictional island in New Zealand in a new 2D action adventure inspired by the legend of Maui and the Giant Fish. In Reverie, you play as Tai, a young boy on summer holiday exploring the dangerous Toromi Island, in an effort to calm angry spirits threatening the safety of the land’s inhabitants.

Now, some of you may already know Reverie is coming first to the PlayStation Vita worldwide in Q1 2018, but we are very happy to announce that it will also be coming to PlayStation 4 soon after, as a physical release and digitally on PlayStation Store.

The physical PS4 and PS Vita editions of Reverie will be released in small quantities after the digital launches because of the time it takes to produce the physical goodies we’re including: a manual, map, physical soundtrack CD and the game cartridge/disc (obviously).


As a little extra to celebrate this announcement, we’ve decided to show off a new area of Reverie! Since we are closing in on Halloween, how about an exclusive look at the spookiest place on Toromi Island… Butler’s Cay! (The name sounds familiar, no?)


The notable landmarks of Butler’s Cay are the cemetery and the church. We’ve tried to be accurate in our design of these sights as they’re based off early New Zealand architecture and history, such as the Christ Church in Russell. There are many other secrets to find on Butler’s Cay as well, but we don’t want to reveal too much!


For more information about the game, or us, you reach us easiest on Twitter, or via our email address Thank you for your time!

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