PlayStation Store Halloween deals start today: Resident Evil 7, Outlast 2, Fallout 4, more

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PlayStation Store Halloween deals start today: Resident Evil 7, Outlast 2, Fallout 4, more

Plus, new savings on digital titles, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is deal of the week

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Witcher franchise, we have a host of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt content available on offer in this week’s Deal of the Week.


You can save on the full game (both standard and game of the year editions), add-on content and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt expansion pass until 25th October – see a full list of what’s on offer below!

Halloween (until 01/11/17)

Things are getting spooky on PlayStation Store as our Halloween promotion starts today.


We have a host of full game titles and select add-on content available on offer across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. Grab a bargain on the likes of Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Zombies Chronicles bundle, Outlast 2, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, Mortal Kombat X, Fallout 4 and plenty more!

PlayStation Store has all your regional pricing – here’s a look at everything that is on offer!


PS3/PS Vita

*Please note, some titles may not be available in your region

Digital Zone (until 01/11/17)

Our Digital Zone promotion gets a refresh this week with a selection of amazing digital PS4 content available on offer.

Top picks include Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, Slain: Back from Hell, Ancient Amuletor, SpeedRunners, Metal Slug 3 and many more

Start your next digital adventure today!

Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition (until 25/10/17)

Not only that but we have Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition available on offer until 25th October!

In addition to the Star Wars Battlefront full game, Rebels and Imperials alike will be able to expand their galaxy with the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass and enjoy a host of additional in-game items.

Head to PlayStation Store today to save, download and play!

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  • Wonderful sale, hope everyone enjoys yourselves during Halloween.

  • Diablo Necromancer on sale still 10€?? gg blizzard.

    On the bright side, the 12 days of Xmas sale should start in 6weeks. Totally expecting to pick up Uncharted Lost Legacy for a cool 20 during that one.

  • Halloween Sale without the “Friday, the 13th” game? Come on! Very disappointing…

    For full price I’m not convinced enough in the technical quality and the matchmaking.

  • Darn, I rush down to the digital zone section of these every time hoping to see several games I’ve been wanting a sale on but still they’ve not appeared even many months after release.

    • Same lol. I’ve been waiting for Prison Architect to come down since it was on sale last, which was a long time ago

  • At least post this post when the deals are actually live. Would be helpful. The full sale link leads to “0 results”.

    • I can’t search, or see 90% of the stuff on the store. Also third of my wishlist is gone now. Nice way to creep the hell out of me for halloween.

      Nice sale though.

  • Can you all tell us what happened to the anniversary sale of VR that N.a. got?? Been waiting for that and now it looks like we get this poor excuse instead!

    Are we getting that also some time this week?

  • Also waiting to hear some other reply to the SINGSTAR release thread as we where told by London studio they would answer questions.

    I fear if you don’t reassure your loyal singstar people who have waited patiently your franchise will be dead forever!

  • Blues & bullets EP1 & 2 are amazing ! Great game…. To bad it’s just half of the game, there are supposed to be more episodes but the developer has been quite about it for over a year, no tweets since ep2. So i would recommend playing this game, but don’t expect to finish it.

  • What!? No VR anniversary sales

  • 100% meh for me there. Not a horror guy so at least I get to save some money for another couple of weeks!!

  • I can advice Late Shift, which is a well made interactive movie. For that price it is really worth it.

  • It would be useful if someone actually replied to these posts please. Sanndeep Please?? ??

  • Yawn, where’s our VR Sale?

    • There have been constant VR sales lately. Frankly I’m sick of those tech demos filling up the sales list…

  • I can’t purchase the Lords of the Fallen Complete Edition because I have the PS+ base edition. Annoyingly the Ancient Labyrinth DLC is never on sale and the CE is cheaper than the DLC.

  • is people still playing star wars battlefront?

  • Activision on form again, sale price for cod zombie edition is same price as it’s sold in shops

    • Yeah but this way you can download it instantly and you don’t have to travel to a shop, hope it’s in stock, queue up in shop and travel home. Time > money

  • Why Cod BO3 zombies chronicle site is not loading? DLC 5 isn’t on sale?

  • The only ones of interest that I don’t own are Little Nightmares, Edith Finch and Fallout 4 pass but they are all at the same price as in previous sales. You’d think the sales get subsequently better, but they’re usually the same as before.

  • Thank you for this sale but I really have a serious suggestion for you when you do sales: whenever you do sales for games that have complete editions and season passes, especially the games you gave for free through PS Plus, please don’t forget to make discounts on the DLCs and season passes too. I take for example Lords Of The Fallen: What does that mean the main game on sale is 4 € and fuill game is 5 € while Season Pass is 16 €??? This goes for all games you gave through PS PLus like Just Cause 3 and many more. If you aren’t going to give the full games, at least let us get the DLCs and Season Passes discounted when you do sales. It feels like a sentence for getting free games through PS Plus because we are left with incomplete games and we can’t get their full versions either (that is why I don’t play incomplete games you gave each month because I can’t buy their DLCs later because they cost many times more than the full game discounted). So those with no PS Plus subscription have the real advanntage in sales while those with PS Plus are feel punished. This doesn’t stop here. Whenever you offer a free-weekend or full game trial of game, the system thinks you already own the game and you can’t buy it in discounts or packs. I really hope you reconsider such limitations (more like handicaps) in the store and the suggestions I made. Thanks.

    • One of the worst things about the PS blog these days is it is very likely this will fall on deaf ears, it’s a great suggestion but likely the wrong place to be heard, I feel like I should report the post so we know that a moderator has to read it lol.

      Dark Souls 3 + DLC £30 tyvm, even inticed me into subbing to plus again and got MGSV and others at the same time, very happy in this sale

    • I was wondering the same too. I couldn’t find where exactly to post this so more responsible people at Sony will hear it. Do you know where?

    • I don’t know Sorry, used to be talked to in here but short of phoning them directly these days I don’t think they pay attention. To even phone them would just be a waste of time too I think, they stopped listening :(

  • It’s lazy not to separate the PS3 and vita list. So people have to click the link and they have a 50% chance of finding out the game isn’t on the system they own?

    I did a double take when I saw aliens colonial marines thinking it was a vita game. Till I remembered I had the unfortunate experience of playing that trash game on PS3 when it came out.

  • Morning, can we have a little bit of response.

    • These are guys who don’t have any passion for what they do and rarely respond to anyone. Chances are they post the topic and never return to it thereafter.

  • no Friday 13 ? wait wait are you kidding me ??????

    • Aye! Considering it’s a Halloween Sale there should at least be some type of discount for Friday the 13th, I can’t believe it either! :/

  • I remember diablo 3 would frequently go on sale for 20e.Now all of a “sudden” it’s price has risen to 40e.

    I know this technically a different version since it includes “rise of the necromancer” but still…..

  • DISCOUNT for Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Duke Nukem Bundle NOT WORKING ! Fix it please before the deal is over. Thx

  • Please fix Bulletstorm – sale price broke and dropped out!!

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