Gran Turismo Sport PS VR bundle launches today

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Gran Turismo Sport PS VR bundle launches today

Includes PlayStation Camera and PlayStation VR Worlds

Can you believe it’s barely been a year since PlayStation VR first immersed us in spectacular virtual worlds? Since October 2016 over one million PS VR headsets have been sold, with over 100 games and experiences now available to enjoy.

And so, with Gran Turismo Sport releasing today, we’re happy to announce the Gran Turismo PS VR bundle, that’ll get you race-ready*.

Included in the bundle is a physical copy of the Gran Turismo Sport standard edition, PlayStation VR and PlayStation Camera. Also in the bundle is a copy of PlayStation VR Worlds*.

Gran Turismo Sport VR

PS VR immerses you in Gran Turismo Sport like never before in a ‘behind the wheel’ experience with a hyper real 360 degree view. Every single race track in the game is playable in VR, so whether you’re roaring around the race track of Nurburgring, competing 1 vs.1 against an AI driver, or admiring the realistic interiors of over 130 different cars that are playable in VR Tour, you’ll appreciate the authenticity of Gran Turismo Sport in a whole new way.

The bundle will join the two other high value bundles currently available:

  • PS VR headset + PlayStation Camera + PlayStation VR Worlds game: €399.99 RRP
  • PS VR headset + PlayStation Camera + PlayStation VR Worlds game + Move Controller Twin Pack: €449.99 RRP

With these bundles, you’ll have everything you need to start your PS VR journey, straight out of the box.

With games such as survival horror Resident Evil 7, sci-fi shooter Farpoint and super hero sim Batman: Arkham VR, there’s already a huge variety of fine titles to get stuck into. And with the likes of military shooter Bravo Team, psychological thriller The Inpatient, fantasy epic Skyrim VR and the fast-paced Doom VFR coming soon, there’s never been a better time to pick up PlayStation VR.

*Availability may vary per country. Please check with your local retailer.

*Copy may be a physical disc or digital voucher. Please check with your local retailer.

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  • The VR content in this game is incredibly lackluster.

    • As much as I love both my PSVR and GT Sport I find it weird that they bundle a title with so little VR-value instead of others like RE 7 or whatever. Maybe this is a sign that they will add more VR content to GT Sport in the near future, but I wont hold my breath.. ;)

    • would that be because an RE7 bundle would limit purchases to 18+ as per the game’s PEGI rating?

  • I hope they add more content very soon. This is very bare bones.

    I would like also once again to ask what is happening with the VR anniversary sale that was started for N.a. region last week???

  • This is a massive insult and false advertising. The game doesn’t even have full VR support, just some pathetic 1 on 1 mode.

    No thanks, I won’t be buying that game until it gets FULL support.

    • I look at it like it’s a free bonus if you buy it for the main game.

    • It really isn’t.

    • They didn’t need to add VR to GT Sport for it to sell copies. Most PS4 games don’t come with any VR content so it’s a bonus.

      Yes PD could’ve padded the game out and sold VR separately like Driveclub VR but maybe they’re testing the waters see how many people are interested.

      Remember when the first Ridge Racer came out on PS1, that only had one track and it was classed as a full game back then. We’re only a year into the first real VR generation and we have stuff like this, Farpoint, Resi 7, Dirt Rally VR etc. I don’t think it’s too bad.

    • They mentioned VR from the start which would have made it a massive selling point, but they dumbed it down to practically nothing.

      It doesn’t matter if this is the first gen of VR, many other games have done so much more than this rubbish. Just look at RE7. A full game that can be experienced FULLY with or without VR, not just a standard game with a specific VR mode slapped on.

      Same with Super Stardust Ultra. It had a special VR only mode, but it also made the rest of the full game playable in VR too.

      Polyphony is nothing but an outdated dev so stuck in the past and can’t get with the times. All these years and they still can’t get vehicle handling or AI right.

    • Depends how you look at it. They said it’d be compatible. They never once said the whole game would be playable in VR. Unlike Resi 7 which was always said to be a full VR experience.

      Some games have full support for VR, some hardly any such as Tekken 7. Some pad the games out a bit, bundle it separately and charge for it (Driveclub VR etc) And some games have no VR support whatsoever. Naughty Dog haven’t made anything in VR but that doesn’t make them any less forward thinking. At least PD are trying VR out. And that’s not a dig at ND as they’re amazing. I’m just saying. Every game takes a different approach.

      I just think you have such a negative way of looking at it. Fair enough your not gonna get the game, that’s your call. I may not either as I hate the always online requirements it has. But I certainly don’t write it off as easily as you appear to simply because a PS4 game only has some VR support.

      I’ll just wait for a nice discount to pick it up instead.

    • Maybe you haven’t been around here very long but MaxDiehard is probably the biggest fan of PSVR you’ll find. He just wants it to live up to it’s full potential, and you really can’t blame him for that.

    • @dange198118 Its free alright but don’t try to pretend that at least another year of development time wasn’t used up to integrate this VR offering.

      How are they supposed to test the waters with something on a GT game many of us are boycotting because of the forced online and no proper career mode.

      I hope they “test the waters” with how much a disaster this game is going to sell overall after leaving out such an important feature.

      You are defending this to so much and then that all goes out the window when you say: “I’ll just wait for a nice discount to pick it up instead.”

      Lol, nice “testing the waters” there. So you are pretty much in agreement that the game isn’t worth a purchase at launch then, that is, the sales numbers that they are going to make all their future decisions on. Great argument there.

    • @andrewsqual A year wasted on VR integration? I’d say that’s a year well spent. Considering I want more VR content not less. The lack of more modes is disappointing but it’s not the whole game. They clearly spent the bulk of Dev time concentrating on the main game.

      How are they supposed to “test the waters?” Erm….. By doing exactly that! I’m sure they’ll have stats on the percentage of players who use the VR parts of the game.

      In regards to the always online and lack of single player content. I agree with you. That’s why I’m getting it when it comes down in price.

      I’m defending it so much? No, I’m voicing my opinion on the VR parts of the game. Or at least I was originally. My overall opinion of the game differs. Why does it have to be I love everything or hate everything? I haven’t even played the bloody game yet (as I said, I may pick it up cheaper down the line) so what the hell do I know.

      Back to your issues with testing the waters again- Sales numbers and stats for how many total players use VR are totally different. If 1 million people buy this game and 50% of them players play VR I’m sure PD will consider adding more VR content to keep interest up.

      Finally. You seen to have taken huge issue with the “testing the waters” part of my comment. Like it was some huge horrible thing. Don’t really see what your problem is and why you keep bringing that up like it’s something unheard of before. Replace testing the waters with find out if something (GT-VR) is likely to be successful or not. Happy now? Chill out dude.

    • @Vlucknuggets. Yeah I’ve been on here for years. A lot longer than VR has been a thing on here that’s for sure. However I don’t usually pay attention to who says what as it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. I just read the blogs, some comments and from time to time respond.

      However I did get from the original comment that @Maxdiehard is a fan of VR. As I am. I was simply trying to help him see the fact it has some VR content is a positive thing for us headsets users. Clearly I’m not getting my message across so I failed in my attempt. But to each their own. I’ll shut up.

  • Think this is a good idea. GT will sell some VR units. And promote the fact GT can be played in VR.

    Hopefully it also means the VR parts will get added to.

    • They kind of need to add something more to the VR section if it’s going to be a promotional tool for this. If the current VR content is as minuscule as is suggested it would cause a big dose of buyers remorse when they couldn’t play much with their new expensive headset. Otherwise this bundle is kind of a bad idea.

  • I can imagine someone buying this bundle and eagerly starting up GT Sport to experience the glory of GT in VR only to find out it’s just a glorified demo. I hope they don’t give up on the PSVR because of this.

  • I purchased the Steelbook in Australia with the Europe Theme Pack.

    I’m missing the Liveries, the Chrome Helmet and the $500,000 bonus credit that was supposed to come with the Europe Theme Pack.

    Many users are reporting missing or duplicate DLC…

  • Is this the new VR2 or the first version?

  • Based on the box image version 1 not version 2 can’t see the headphones

  • It would be interesting to see how many copies of Dirt Rally VR have been sold. But really this is a kind of week sign that they may improve the VR Tour mode. Even a hotlaping function or at least 1 vs 1 online would be nice. However knowing how many delays they had with the core game…

  • Thank you for this sale but I really have a serious suggestion for you when you do sales: whenever you do sales for games that have complete editions and season passes, especially the games you gave for free through PS Plus, please don’t forget to make discounts on the DLCs and season passes too. I take for example Lords Of The Fallen: What does that mean the main game on sale is 4 € and fuill game is 5 € while Season Pass is 16 €??? This goes for all games you gave through PS PLus like Just Cause 3 and many more. If you aren’t going to give the full games, at least let us get the DLCs and Season Passes discounted when you do sales. It feels like a sentence for getting free games through PS Plus because we are left with incomplete games and we can’t get their full versions either (that is why I don’t play incomplete games you gave each month because I can’t buy their DLCs later because they cost many times more than the full game discounted). So those with no PS Plus subscription have the real advanntage in sales while those with PS Plus are feel punished.

    This doesn’t stop here. Whenever you offer a free-weekend or full game trial of game, the system thinks you already own the game and you can’t buy it in discounts or packs.

    I really hope you reconsider such limitations (more like handicaps) in the store and the suggestions I made. Thanks.

  • Does this PS VR bundle include the updated PS VR V2 and the tweaked PS Move controllers with better battery?

    • Based on the box art this is not the updated version of the PSVR. I don’t think this bundle includes Move controllers.

  • I read this game is mainly an online game.

    Very disappointed because I always liked the single player aspect of GT so I need to skip this game unfortunately.

    • It’s an ALWAYS online game, not even the photo mode works offline – what a disappointment, you can keep this PD!

  • When is the new PSVR model and updated Move controllers coming to Europe?

  • races are 1v1 and only 2 laps, no time trials no races, just a VR cash grab

  • What about a 2tb harddrive ps4 slim. When’s this going to be released? And more to the point when’s the bravia PlayStation laptop and a Xperia PlayStation phone coming out!?

    • 2TB Slim isn’t going to happen. There is absolutely no sense in Sony making their range of products more complicated when external USB hard drives solve the problem perfectly well

  • Is this the new v2 PSVR which supports HDR pass through that was announced about 2 weeks ago? HDR pass through is essential to me hence why I have not bought the v1 headset.

  • So how much development time and money WAS wasted on this lackluster VR “mode”?

    • Erm a year at least apparently…. Down the toilet so I hear. Shame I’ve read what they’ve added is actually quite good. What a waste. It’s a good job they didn’t add much content. Could’ve taken them two years then. ?

  • So you can only play one mode in VR named ‘Arcade’? No multiplayer or local to friends?!

  • Yeah that’s right. Only the one mode at the moment. All tracks and cars though I believe.

  • This bundle coming already with new PSVR Model (CUH-ZVR2) ?

  • what i want to know is if sony is having plans on replaceing the transfer boxes for the VR set

    It would really be a good thing if you were able to get the new version of the box (with a bit of payment if necessary)

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