How to transfer your Gran Turismo Sport demo save to the full PS4 game, out tomorrow

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How to transfer your Gran Turismo Sport demo save to the full PS4 game, out tomorrow

Transfer your cars and credits from the Limited Time Demo to the retail release, out 18th October

Built from the ground up for PS4, GT Sport is Polyphony‘s most ambitious undertaking yet, utilising the latest technologies to deliver “The Real Driving Simulator” experience the franchise has come to be known for.

Focusing on what the franchise does best, GT Sport doubles down on the energy, performance, and adrenaline of motorsport racing. GT Sport is the culmination of Polyphony’s career, with the acclaimed studio and their team of engineers-cum-developers fine-tuning the best motorsport vehicles, along with their most interesting and race-worthy tracks.

Taking GT3: A-Spec’s love for only the best, GT5’s ground-breaking online mode, and GT6’s industry accreditation, GT Sport races onto the PlayStation 4 with the full weight of one of the industry’s most celebrated and experienced developers behind it.

Not only does the PlayStation 4 allow for unparalleled photo-realistic graphics and physics simulation never seen before, but GT Sport’s mechanics were designed not just for the professional driver, but to align with human intuition.

GT Sport is optimised for the very beginner with accessibility features, and right up to the seasoned professionals and core Gran Turismo racers.

Transferring your save

For those that participated in the GT Sport Limited Time Demo, it gave our fans a chance to experience a taste of Sport, Campaign, and Arcade mode. New features to the series including Scapes Photography and Custom Livery Editor were also available for the very first time.

You’ll also be able to transfer your hard earned in-game credits (up to 1,000,000 in-game credit) and unlocked vehicles from the demo to the full game starting today!

To transfer your demo save data to the full game, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Upon PS4 power up, on the main menu, select GT Sport to load the game (note – you must be logged in as the User Profile used for the limited time demo)
  2. On the GT Sport main menu, an on-screen message will appear asking you to confirm save transfer of the limited time demo to full game:
  3. TITLE

  4. Select Yes, and a second confirmation of carry over data will appear
  5. Transfer successful!

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  • So, a short status update, how far along are you with the „true“ single player campaign mode, Mr. Yamauchi.

  • Each time I see anything GT sport related…I get angry for what they done with the franchise…why no single player campaign? Why? That was the meat of the game! And no, the new “career” mode is just the licence tests form the old GT games, not a proper carrer mode

  • The complainers need to get a grip with your moaning. There are plenty of driving games available that will fulfil your needs. Dirt, Project Cars, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 2, F1 2017, Driveclub and many more….

    So what if GT Sport is heading to a more online focused experience ?! Get over it, find a game that suits your requirements and suck it up.

    FYI, Project Cars 2 is amazing. Ignore the hate (I know you wont because you are likely to be part of it – given that the internet is now driven by whiny entitled idiots), the game has received 2 patches since release. It’s got so many tracks, amazing weather effects and different race classes it will keep you busy for a very very long time. The only reason GT 1,2,3 and 4 didn’t have online is because it wasn’t possible. Anyway, what was so special about the offline elements anyway ? It was a futile exercise of racing bad AI, winning every race and building a collection of cars like children collect pokemon.

    • Nobody said that we don’t play other racing games too, but we all know the GT Series, and there were some great games (e.g. GT3, GT4) back in the days. So almost everyone want’s a great GT on the PS4, and that is unfortunately not the case with this half-baked Version (always online, no proper single player mode, etc. …).

    • No, you need to stop whining about complainers. That’s the lowest form of complaining. Actual on-topic complaints need to be heard.

    • Problem is fun online games require players. Not just any random players, players who are equal in skill, fun to play against and not ragequitty/cheaty/cheap/annoying/laggy/whatever else. Though, even if there are some to start with, in 6 months (or even less time) online games usually have terribly low player numbers and finding a decent game is even more slow and annoying.

      Make a decent singleplayer game and it can be played whenever you feel like. For as long as you like, even when the internet is down or it’s 3 in the morning. Bad AI is still much more fun than bad human competitors and sitting around waiting for lobbies to fill or hosts that don’t quit. They could always just, you know, make AI better. Makes much more sense than spending time on an online mode most people statistically don’t care about or even touch.

    • You should try the game, you might be surprised. There is quite a lot of offline content.

  • No single Player campaign mode and you basically have to be online all the time.

    “Additionally, you’ll only be able to use cars and tracks that you’ve unlocked while the game is connected to the Gran Turismo Sport servers.The worst part of this online-only requirement is that you can’t even make progress in single-player only modes when the servers are down. You can’t do simple things like view or buy new cars, take photos of your vehicles in scenery mode, or do driving school challenges. You’re effectively blocked from any progress when offline”

  • I cut the cord and cancelled my pre order. Will pick it up later if they don’t hold out on a sale too long.

    For one thing I’m glad people are complaining about the online focus, maybe they’ll get it right next time.

  • I purchased the Steelbook in Australia with the Europe Theme Pack.

    I’m missing the Liveries, the Chrome Helmet and the $500,000 bonus credit that was supposed to come with the Europe Theme Pack.

    Many users are reporting missing or duplicate DLC…

  • Wasnt sure didnt play the demo watched a few streams and why not , descent looking and feeling game . Its a nice online racer for £50 .


  • Oh look. Transfarring

  • Didn’t get the transfer screen. Instead, game is loading like normal. Any idea on how I can get my demo credits and cars back ???

  • NOT WORKING. I have received a similar message to redeem my steelbook bonus content (cars, helmet, money etc) but NO message with the demo cars and money has ever appeared.

  • Data didn’t transfer over from gtsport beta. Really annoyed and also the game won’t get onto the network to be able to start saving progression. Not a great start. However did get a birthday car given but probably hasn’t saved. Sort this out Sony/Polyphony

  • Never touched the demo. Was in the Beta. Hated it. Gonna wait for GT7 in 2022.

  • This means only the demo (from 9th to 12th Oct.) and not the beta (summer)?

    I participated in the beta testing but not the demo, and nothing showed up asking me for transferring any data ?

  • Can anyone help I havnt received my starter pack cars where do I get them I received my money but no cars

  • I enjoyed the demo but the lack of meaningful single player content along with the always online shenanigans has completely turned me off the game.

    a shame because i used to love GT during the ps2 days……

  • This post is a [DELETED]. It doesn´t have any help, only a obvious.

    The data transfer from Beta don´t appears. I am the only user that played it.

    Anyone know how to get the beta game data?

  • Is it possible to transfer a save from a disc version of the game to the download deluxe version? I had a friends game to try it out, I’ve going to download the deluxe to get the cars and 2,000,000 credits but I want to keep the cars I have earned in my first save from the disc.

  • Hello!

    I just bought the GT Sport as a second hand. But now I cannot use the code is in the box. How can the code be transferred to my account so I can use it?

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