Lewis Hamilton to provide expert in-game advice in Gran Turismo Sport

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Lewis Hamilton to provide expert in-game advice in Gran Turismo Sport

The three-time Formula 1 World Champion reveals his philosophy on life, and the necessary techniques to race like a pro

Following the release of the limited time demo, we’re excited to share more exciting news with everyone; Gran Turismo and Lewis Hamilton will be joining forces in the latest iteration of the franchise, GT Sport. Lewis will be appearing in game as a mentor to share his racing wisdom with players from around the world to help them improve their driving technique.

Take a look at the video below to hear from Lewis in his own words.

“I have been playing Gran Turismo since I was a child, so to actually be part of the gameplay design has been an incredible experience.” – Lewis Hamilton

Lewis will reveal his driving philosophy and techniques through driving images and interviews for players of Gran Turismo Sport, providing valuable advice to many players who strive to be as fast and strong as Lewis himself.

Gran Turismo Sport

The team at PDI are really excited to have Lewis as part of the team:

“From watching Lewis drive on TV all these years, I had an idea of how he might drive, but the experience of watching him drive in person was well beyond my wildest expectations. And I’m really glad to be able to share his driving and philosophy with the players in Gran Turismo.” – Kazunori Yamauchi

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  • An amazing Partnership! Well done PlayStation & Kazunori for bringing one of the best World Champions to the game!

  • Question: – Once the free demo ends today, when can we actually delete the 48.42gb GTsport Demo from our console? Do we have to wait till the full version is fully installed to make sure all our progress is transferred correctly. Or can we delete it before I/Us actually own the full retail version and know all our progress/saves are stored onto our ps4 (GTSport Profile) cloud. Thanks and best wishes to GTSport Team & Racers from all over.

  • Shame the game sucks total ***. No campaign, no real VR, most pathetic GT yet, even after the shambles that was GT6, stomping on the loyal GT5 players who waited years.

    • Wow really? Your complaining about the fact that the BETA doesn’t have enough content, were you actually expecting the full game?

      Personally I couldn’t racer less about VR although the rest of the world seems too although I do respect the platform it’s not a gamer breaker like you say it is. I thought there was a healthy dearth of content to sink my teeth into and actually had a lot of fun playing this. Sounds like your just being a whiner.

  • Steering is not up to par, I’m still debating on purchasing this. Feeling Forza more right now.

  • I was very excited, but the steering is killing it for me.

  • I love to see this collaboration between Hamilton and GT. How can we see these videos, tips etc please? It look very interesting and educational and exciting to have tips from one of the Best F1 drivers. Thank you in advance

    Ps. I am a Ferrari Fan

    • Each Driving Lesson and Special Event in the game has a video to accompany it. This is how it will be put across in-game.

  • Well I hope I can turn the [DELETED] off as I can’t stand the guy

  • I hope I can turn the Diick off as I can’t stand the guy

  • Great, now I can learn how to ask my team mate to slow down and hold any competition up!

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