First look at new officially licensed compact controllers and mini gamepad for PS4

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First look at new officially licensed compact controllers and mini gamepad for PS4

Nacon Wired Compact Controller, HORI Wired Mini Gamepad and @PLAY Wired Compact Controller all launch this holiday season

We’re always looking to provide people with more ways to play, and help them and their families get the most out of their PlayStation 4.

Last December Nacon and Razer brought two unique pro controllers to PS4, helping our most competitive gamer’s fine tune their set-up for tournament dominance.

Today, we’re happy to announce we are expanding our officially licensed range with two compact controllers and a unique mini gamepad.


The three new additions will work with all PS4 models including PS4 Pro, and are expected to launch across the region from November – giving our players more options than ever before.

Each features a range of core controls including twin sticks, directional pad, triggers, bumpers and L3/R3, SHARE, OPTIONS, PS and action buttons.

So whether you’re looking for a design to suit your unique grip and playstyle, or interested in an introductory controller for younger family members, there’s a controller for you.

Nacon Wired Compact Controller


From Nacon, creator of the successful Revolution Pro Controller for PS4, comes a new compact controller, great for younger players and those with a preference for smaller grips.

Impressively in addition to a range of core controls, the compact design has a touch pad, stereo headset jack, vibration motors and a 3m long cable. It also features an LED* on the front which can display in-game information such as your player number or health status in compatible games.

The Wired Compact Controller will launch in November across the region, available in Black, Blue, Grey, Orange and Red colours. Nacon are also simultaneously launching illuminated Green, Red and Blue versions, which feature extra colour LEDs* for a striking translucent look.


*LEDs have no function with the PlayStation Camera.

@PLAY Wired Compact Controller


Our next addition is from well-known gaming accessory maker @PLAY, who have created a different but equally comfortable compact controller.

The two-toned design features the core controls plus a stereo headset jack, touch pad, vibration motors and comes complete with a 3m cable.

You can pick it up from December in Blue, Dark Grey, Red and White across the region.

HORI Wired Mini Gamepad


Created by Japanese accessory manufacturer HORI, the unique mini gamepad boasts a highly-compact design, making it an ideal introductory PS4 controller for young players.

The retro inspired design packs in a range of easily accessible core controls, touch pad button and a 3m cable for safe use. You can also simulate a range of touch pad gestures using both sticks.

Adults and children alike can get to grips with this unique gamepad from the 6th of November, when it will launch across the region in Black, Blue and Red.

Let us know what you think of the new officially licensed controllers and gamepad in the comments, and find out more about PS4 accessories here.

*Please check with local retailers regarding availability.

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  • Why downgrade bluetooth with wires? Pass >.>

    • Competitive controllers are wired because of data loss or interference ?

      When i pvp i never use blue tooth or wifi. 100% cable/wire play.

    • Dunno, I’ve never had problems with data loss or anything, and I’ve been using bluetooth dual shock controllers since PS3 release. The new controllers might look nice, but they just create far more inconvenience because of those pesky wires.

    • Ever since I got the DUALSHOCK 4 v2, I’ve only ever used the USB Mode on it.

      Wired is far superior to bluetooth.

    • True, wired is better for competitive, faster response. But it would be nice to include a wireless option to appeal to other people and not just Pro competitive gamers. Cables are an inconvenience.

    • Bluetooth is never as fast as a wired connection. It’s fine for casual use but if you want the best response time wired is where it’s at.

    • For the target consumer which is parents of young children latency is not that big an issue. The child running around with the controller in hand tripping up over the wire and pulling the console of the shelf in the process is a much bigger concern. These should have been wireless… end of story.

      For wired ultra low latency you can already get a Nacon Pro, a Razer Raiju or even just plug in the regular one.

    • To make it cost less.

    • yeah but if you’re in a party with wired mode on you’re mic will start buzzing which is [DELETED] annoying

    • Wired means no need for a battery which means it can be made smaller/compact easier :)

  • Not really interested in any of these, more options is good for those that are I guess.

  • Will these be supported by PSTV?

  • Hori has my attention

    • me too, hoping to ease my 4 year old son into gaming as he’s a bit lost on the big controllers. Was thinking the other day about retro controllers for him (getting a snes mini or something)

  • I’d go for Hori.. “Retro”

  • None of these look worth buying, but the “mini” controller looks awful.

    There isn’t a proper touchpad, so any games using that functionality are a bit screwed, and gripless controllers are just made for hand ache, whatever your age.

    At least the first one has decided on using the proper PS4 stick layout instead of the silly Gamecube/Xbone layout this time, so they are learning.

    • Hardly any games even use the touchpad anyway, so it’s not much of a loss.

    • You’re right but the “hand ache” comment is true and why make this controller wired? Can’t see anyone use this for truly competitive gaming.

    • Wires cost less than Bluetooth hardware. They’re trying to make truly accessible controllers.

    • Right, it’s not much of a loss until you need it, then you’ve paid extra for a controller without full functionality.

    • The Hori info does say “You can also simulate a range of touch pad gestures using both sticks” but yeah I don’t really go for any of these. The official Dual Shock pads are my fave controller ever made so I see no reason why I’d ever want an alternative. Plus although I’m not much of a PC gamer I do use my second DS4 on it for all my games on it whether they’re my usual indie stuff or the masses of emulated consoles and computer systems on there. The DS4 is just pure comfort for me & I know where all the buttons are without having to look down and I’m just so used to it I barely even think about it.

    • oh and i definitely am too used to handgrips these days. Tried using a SNES pad for first time in years and ouch…

    • I guess that’s what the “tp” button is for. You press that button then use the sticks or something, which seems a bit annoying!

      Also it’s worth noting that they decided not to include a headphone socket once again, so no communicating with anyone.

      The other options aren’t very appealing. The first company released a “pro” controller for double (or triple) the normal price, with faulty cable issues (and no wireless backup), so aren’t exactly outstanding quality. The second one just looks like a cheap crappy counterfeit controller, but probably costs more than the original. Maybe Sony just allowed these to be sold officially to make the proper DS4 look so much better? I mean, can no one at these companies design a proper D Pad even!?

  • Why on earth you couldn’t just make an official mini controller yourself I’ll never know.

    Having said that, I am in the market for something smaller for my little one to use – pricing info would be nice.

    • They intentionally limit the number of SKUs, it’s cheaper/better for them to partner on limited volume hardware.

  • This pads looks like cheap trash from Aliexpress

  • how about the analogue move controllers. that we want not them hideous things. ???

  • How about you officially license offset thumb stick controllers.

    • You mean the horrible Xbone layout that means you can’t use the dpad at the same time? They already did licence a model with that layout made by Nacon.

      It’s about 2-3x the cost of a normal pad, has questionable build quality, but it’s still an option.

    • Yeah I hate the xbox layout. SYMMETRY IS BEST!

  • Wireless latency is neglectable compared to your console and TV screen latency. Read articles about it…

  • Isn’t there a wireless version. I haven’t used a wired controller since the last generation ps3, I don’t even plug the controller in to the ps4, I’ve always you a dock for controlers. The only time I have ever touched the ps4 was to upgrade the harddrive! New wired controls make no sense at all isn’t this taking a step back. When the bravia PlayStation laptop and the Xperia PlayStation phone coming out!?

  • There is no such thing as cheap PS4 gamepads, even when they are wired so i wonder how much these will cost.

    For comparison, you can get Xbox One wired gamepad for 15 bucks new.

  • It looks pretty cool, I like that they made it wired so that the competitors wont have to worry about battery life. the design is special and has a very unique feel. Good job guys! ;)

  • I feel Sony should have a retro controller that has the weight of the PS4 controller with the PS3 controller’s body and button layout. In addition, I STRONGLY suggest that the trigger buttons be cradled to keep the buttons off the surface or from being pressed accidentally when placing the controller down on a surface; this is quite annoying when you’re trying to watch videos and it fast forwards/rewinds.

    So far, in terms of comfort, Microsoft’s XBOX One’s Elite controller is the perhaps the best controller. Through the years since XBOX’s spawn, they have went from the ugliest bulkiest designed controller to the most ergonomic controller. #Sony, what’s goin’ on?

    • Elite controller feels bad to me. DS4 is near perfect. And dude just use a remote control (my TV’s remote works on PS4 due to that option in the PS4 menu about TV linking) to watch media, it’s just better and saves the charge on your controller.

    • Agreed. It’s ironic that with this they tried to copy the Xbox controller and made it worse in every of those aspects, and Xbox their controller has gotten smaller, lighter and more streamlined as opposed to being the bulky one. Sony really has lost its way this generation… A controller that is a love letter towards the competition’s audience (at the cost of their own, who always loved and supported the original design, 3 gens at least..) and your silly notion of not only charging for online, but doing it via PS+ to close off the fail with an extra bit of profit. Your brand should be ashamed. I used to love you undoubtedly…

    • People complained about the DS3s “small size” (and rear triggers) all the time. Which is probably why they made the DS4 bigger, to appeal to the demands of Playstation users, not any other console.

      It’s not like they got rid of the grips and not have a rechargable battery or working dpad, that would be copying Microsoft.

  • What about motion? Zero info about it. Does it mean I won’t be able to play Flower and other motion-based games with those?

  • hori mini game pad for my son, ?

  • Enough with the wired ones. We need more wireless options! And when can we expect the DS4 Elite?

  • So much ugly and cheap… Anything but the official controller for a console is absolute blasphemy. I wish Sony got to working on more variations of the DS4 (since well, it’s no longer the practically perfect original design). An elite one; a smaller and lighter one with smaller handles like DS3 so your hands have some wiggle space as opposed to firmly having to grip for the optimal position. Facebuttons need to be more responsive, shoulder- and triggers more expensive and of better material.

  • Last gen I was able to find a TON of Dualshock 3’s for super cheap. The most I paid for one was $20. Yet this gen it’s been tough outside of buying used-like new ones from Amazon’s Warehouse Deals in the U.S. I don’t sit very far from my PS4, so for me a wired controller would be a fine choice. But after hearing about Nacon’s issues with their pro controller they released last year and the abysmal pricing of it I’m hesitant.

    FYI: Back in the PS1 and PS2 gens there were third party controllers(like those from Interact) that were of good build quality that functioned exactly like the first party ones. Personally all the extraneous junk Sony has added to the controllers this gen is what makes the first party ones garbage. Battery life went from 20-25 hours on a full charge with the Dualshock 3 down to 7-8 hours at most and that’s with everything turned off or dimmed on the Dualshock 4. I don’t care one bit about the light, the onboard speaker, using a WIRED headset(on a wireLESS controller) and I sure as heck don’t care about the motion control devices inside them. Just give me a controller with a good, long lasting battery that I can use rumble on if I choose to and stuff all the extra junk in the trash bin where it belongs.

  • Love that Hori’s one, i think i’ll grab that

  • I would buy one for my daughter, but for some reason sony doesn’t produce their own. And for some another stupid reason sony doesn’t license 3rd parties to make wireless ones… So, useless.

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