SingStar Celebration releases 22nd November on PS4, track list announced

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Grab your smartphone and join your friends in blasting hits from Adele, Kings of Leon, U2 and more in latest PlayLink title

SingStar is back and everyone’s invited to the party this month!

That’s right, SingStar Celebration starts its PlayLink tour on 25th October*, and today we’re thrilled to announce a mix of party classics and brand new must-sing tracks from 30 of the biggest artists around that’ll be joining the party. So whether you want to belt out a ‘Hello’ by Adele, be a ‘Cheerleader’ (OMI feat Nicky Jam) or ‘Dancing Queen’ (ABBA), ‘One Way or Another’ (Blondie) you and your friends better prepare for the ultimate celebration, so grab your smartphones and join us on the PS4 stage!

Check out the track list below:

  • Adele Hello
  • ABBA Dancing Queen
  • Amy Winehouse Rehab
  • Avicii Wake Me Up
  • Blondie One Way Or Another
  • Brandi Carlile The Story
  • Britney Spears Oops!… I Did It Again
  • Calvin Harris & Disciples How Deep Is Your Love
  • Ella Henderson Yours
  • Elle King Ex’s and Oh’s
  • Fun. Some Nights
  • Hilary Duff All About You
  • Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX Fancy
  • Jason Derulo Want To Want Me
  • Kings Of Leon Use Somebody
  • Lost Frequencies Are You With Me
  • Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
  • Meghan Trainor All About That Bass
  • Oasis Wonderwall
  • OMI feat. Nicky Jam Cheerleader
  • One Direction What Makes You Beautiful
  • Roxette It Must Have Been Love
  • Shawn Mendes Stitches
  • Sia Cheap Thrills
  • Tegan And Sara Closer
  • The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey Closer
  • U2 I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
  • Wham! I’m Your Man
  • Young Rising Sons High
  • Zara Larsson Lush Life


SingStar Celebration is the new addition to our PlayLink family and as part of the range, you’ll be able to turn your smartphone into a personal, pocket-sized microphone! The SingStar Mic is a free app for Android and iOS which will be available to download the same day the game releases.

We love watching your performances on SingStar, so that’s why we’ve made it simple for you to share your videos and pics from in-game directly to Facebook and Twitter. You can check out the thousands of fans singing their favourite tracks in the community here.

You can also visit us on the official PlayStation SingStar Forum and tell us which SingStar Celebration track will be your party song of choice!

*SingStar Celebration will release 8th November in ANZ. 

Note: The original version of this post stated the release date as 25th October. That release date subsequently moved to 22nd November and we have updated this post accordingly.

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10 Author Replies

  • All my Singstars song is locked to a PS3 that were broken 5-6 years ago, and is why i can never buy songs on any Sony console ever again.

    Everyone else locks to account, and not one hardware.

    • They used to unlock songs if you phoned up and requested it, I had to do this once when I sold a machine on. Unsure if they would still bother now though.

    • On PS4 they’re not locked to a console.

    • Hello. So: If you want to play your songs on a different PS3, contact customer support for PlayStation. Explain the situation and they can help get you singing again!  

      If you’re looking to transfer your PS3 songs to a PS4 you can do this by:

      Boot the game >

      Choose ‘Play SingStar’ >

      Press Triangle to open ‘Filters’ >

      Select ‘Transferable from Playstation®3 system’>

      Then select the tracks you want to transfer 

      Hope that helps. :)

    • Silly question, but will the ps4 disc work on ps3? I really wanted a ps4 but will loose to many songs as I have loads of ps2 and ps3 singstar disc. And I know these won t work on ps4. Any help would be great, thamks in advance

    • No they won’t in the same way that the PS2/3 discs unfortunately don’t work for the PS4

    • The Singstar app is normally free, the songs however are not, so I don’t see this being free. Probably £19.99 or something around that price. What I want to know is if they plan on updating the store for the first time in about 18 months with some newer stuff or if this disc/download is it.

    • £15.99 on Amazon UK with £2 preorder Prime preorder discount bringing it down to £13.99

  • Can the Singstar Wireless Mics still be used? Will there be a retail release

  • Shame you have done nothing in the last 2 years regarding songs being taken away from people that paid for them!

    you have completely neglected the community and had zero communication with them regarding issues caused by yourselves and lack of input!

    And now you release another game and expect people to be excited?! You killed this Franchise over the last 3-4 years with abysmal service and support and literally no communication!

    After spending over £500 on SingStar Stuff, discs, DLC etc It would take an insane push to make me spend anything on this company again due to the way they have treated the fans and customers recently!

    I think it’s a disgrace you can spend 2 years ignoring your players other than saying more content will be added in X months…of which is still yet to arrive, fix zero problems, and now come out with a new game expecting us to be happy to give you our money again?! Haha no!

    • 100% right.

    • You forgot when they finally gave us an exciting update….on what was being removed from the store.

      Oh and how they recently closed the official Facebook page rather than actually answer any questions about the future of the franchise. Would it not have been nicer to have posted updates about this game which must have been in development, rather than dismissing the once loyal community who have spent hundreds of pounds on your product?

      Guess I’ll never get to transfer the remaining tracks over to PS4, so guess I’m not giving this franchise a penny more going forward. Rock Band gets my cash these days.

  • Bring back the getaway forget about singstar

  • Same issue as some of the above. Over £500 spent on tracks before PS4 came out and no access to them.

    • Yeah the ‘trimming’ of the PS4 store was bad enough at the start with lots not transferring over, they then did a massive cull of songs around November 2016 and reduced choices even more. They really need to sort out the store before I think about buying another disc. Honestly best thing they could do right now is let us use our PS3/PS2 discs as well but that won’t happen.

      I’m surprised that with this new ‘partnership’ they say they have they haven’t been more vocal about what it brings to the players of the game. I’m expecting them to go subscription based maybe.

  • How dare you to promote this. The Singstore got twenty new songs since 2015. Hundreds of PS3 songs never re-released for PS4. Hundreds of songs actually removed late 2016. Singstar is the laughing stock of product support.

  • Will our previously purchased PS4 Singstar songs automatically be added/transferred to the game?

    • Yes, your library will carry into the new game!

    • Thanks! And if I have Singstar ultimate party inserted, will all the songs combine?

      And also is the Playlink version of the Singstar mic app different from the app currently available?

  • not a chance, long time singstar player, even up to ps4 but the way you have treated you audience over the last two years is appalling

    • Totally agree. The lack of any information, even after promising some exciting news, and the total disdain this franchise has had for its fans has made me think again about ever investing.

      There was a time when regular Singstar parties were an event at this household. Then the mess of the PS4 version came out, and the fun left the game. The promise of transfer of all our back catalogue turned out to be only partially true, and that revival of the game soon died.

  • Would be great if I could use the full collection of PS2 and 3 discs on the PS4. I know it’s probably not Playstations fault due to some recording artist rights, but surely they could have a quiet word with Sony Records and do a deal on their tracks to allow use on the PS4????

  • Hi Annem,

    It would be nice to know why there has been no support for a long time, and what are London studio’s/Sony Playstations plans going forward. A lot of people including myself have spent a lot of money on this franchise but had songs literally snatched away after buying them. I for one want to get my Singstar parties going again but if there is not going to be support then what is the point?

    Singstar used to be huge and a franchise that was *only on playstation* but you let this brilliant experience gradually die and it was only the community that carried it on.

    I would like to use my Bruno Mars packs on ps4 etc but cannot, please sort this out and many more problems that people have had.


    • Hello!

      Thank you for your message. We’d love for you to have more SingStar parties too! They’re the best! :) We love getting feedback from everyone who enjoys and plays SingStar and take your points on board. I know a number of songs were removed from the SingStore. This was the outcome of renegotiating the previous deal we had in place with one of our record label partners. I can’t give you details about future deal discussions, but I can tell you that we know how loved the franchise is and have always been fully committed to supporting the SingStar franchise. That’s why we’re so excited to announce SingStar Celebration. Hope the parties make a come back!

    • Annem Hobson

      The community has had years of these sort of no answer replies like the one you just posted, this is why alot of your customers are fed up.We know that the problem is with the record labels and the deals that need to be made for the content that is obvious.

      What most people want is just a straight answer on old content and what will happen in the future.I’m guessing anything left from the PS3 era that has not been moved over by now won’t be. It’s ok to just come out and say it instead of beating around the bush about it for almost two years.

      Will the PS4 SingStore be getting any more updates before the end of the year, agian if the answer is probably not just come out and say it.

      We are not stupid and the lack of honesty about what direction you are taking is extremely frustrating.

    • Annem,

      Firstly thanks for your reply,

      I really hope that Singstar will be fully re-vitalised now and lets (to quote a pink saying!) *get this party started*!

      Is it going to be download as in digital only or will there be a disc released for this ?

      I hope that all comments from the community to people on here will be fully taken account and fully replied to  gain the respect and support of that community once again.

      As a previous reply to you quoted that you really do need to let people know whats happeneing for the future or how can this begin to build again?

    • There was a reply.??.. I just read copy and paste rubbish that didn’t answer anything at abandoned us singstar, not the other way round so don’t be surprised that people are very sceptical

    • Hi! We have no plans to make updates at this time, but we love the SingStar franchise and want to reassure you that we’re going to continue supporting it in the future. The community will always be the first to hear as soon as we make any changes.

    • Annem,

      this is to highlight the need to have a Q&A session.

      Annem could you arrange that or get someone to speak to us all as in a Q&A session. I really think the future of your new product will be in jeopardy otherwise and or the whole franchise will fail.I want to get this new release but like so many i am concerned that this will be just left to die a Q&A session.!

  • What about unremovable PS3 Sigstar Menu icon?

  • No additions to the SingStore in two years, and you expect us to be excited about yet another track pack? No deal unless you put some hard work into your back catalogue and re-licensing department.

  • Will SingStar Celebration replace the current version of SingStar on PS4? Or is it going to live alongside it? If it replaces it what happens to the Trophy List currently attached to SingStar?

    • Trophy list will carry through, and any SingStore songs you have purchased will carry over. Just launch Celebration / Ultimate Party separately to play the songs on the disc!

    • Annem could you arrange that or get someone to speak to us all as in a Q&A session. I really think the future of your new product will be in jeopardy otherwise and or the whole franchise will fail.I want to get this new release but like so many i am concerned that this will be just left to die again.

  • Unfortunately, I think the folks at London Studio are under the constraints of their bosses… i.e Sony. I’m sure there’s many studio staff members that are embarrassed and irked about how the Singstar franchise has been handled over recent years.

    What we really need is a candid Q and A session with someone higher up the food chain than London Studio. Engaging with your client base can only help to alleviate problems and concerns, but ignoring them can only lead to failure.

  • This is very true and a very good answer !

    Annem could you arrange that or get someone to speak to us all as in a Q&A session. I really think the future of your new product will be in jeopardy otherwise and or the whole franchise will fail.

    I want to get this new release but like so many i am concerned that this will be just left to die again.


    • Hello! We won’t be leaving anything to die. :) We absolutely know how loved the franchise is and are committed to supporting it and kicking off lots of SingStar parties (the best kind of parties!) Feel free to ask me a question and I will do my best to answer it for you.

  • Hi Annem,

    Can you tell us why Singstar has not been updated for some nearly 2 years now?

    Can you tell me how often that Singstar will be updated once this new release comes out?

    I used to have the Bruno Mars pack on ps3 , can i get this again on ps4? it does not show now.

    People that are wanting questions answered or are moaning about the lack of support should put questions to Annem.

    Feel free as she has advised us , she will do her best to answer any.

  • Thank you Annem for replying again promptly and reassuring us that Singstar is here to stay again.

    I meant to ask is this still supported? developed by London studio still?

    Why have twitter/facebook accounts not been replied to?

  • Hi Annem,

    Please can you answer my other questions and not just the one that says is singstar Developed by London studio please.

  • Hello Annem can i get a reply???

  • I already have Singstar Ultimate Party. Can I buy this new Singstar to get these songs in Ultimate Party?

    • Hello! Celebration is a new disc so it will need to be inserted to play the new songs. If you want to play songs from Ultimate Party you will have to use that disc. Any songs currently available and already downloaded will be present in both. Hope that helps. :)

    • So theres no option to press select and transfer the disc like there was between discs on PS3?

  • Morning Annem

    I have directed the Singstar community to this page so they can recieve some answers from you.

    Hopefully we can get some faith back in Singstar then.

  • Hello can we get some response please ????

  • What? You’ll remove unwanted crappy Singstar icon from my PS3? I can’t believe it!!!

  • Annem, can you please reply.

  • I have also spent way over 500 GBP on songs across ps3/4 only to see them removed. To add to the frustration, no new content for years and the forum is full of people like myself. Such a shame because singstar is great. Won’t be spending/throwing away any more of my cash

  • Hello Annem,

    We have heard many times over the recent years about how the employees at Sony London Studio like, enjoy, approve, love, dream about, and want to support the SingStar franchise. You and your team’s enthusiasm is great and all, but happy thoughts do not support games. What kind of commitment has Sony made?

    “The community will always be the first to hear as soon as we make any changes.”

    Where will I find these communications?

  • Unfortunately, THIS is singstar. I’ve supported this title since the ps2 days and it never reached its full potential. I heard at one point that the quality is due to licensing issues. Such a shame. But I guess my wallet has been grateful for the last 9 years that I haven’t spent as much as I could have. Sony music plus karaoke game should equal greatest party game ever. The song selection is decent but is honestly lacking the better songs of some top tier artists ( ex: micheal jackson) or completely missing artists from game (ex: Beyonce). I’m just hoping they update the store again but more than likely this was a one shot release for playlink

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