Introducing the car classes and tracks of Gran Turismo Sport

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Introducing the car classes and tracks of Gran Turismo Sport

Get ready to race around the world from everyday rides to concept cars exclusive to GT Sport

As players around the world gear up for the start of the Gran Turismo Sport Limited Time Demo and the launch of the Gran Turismo franchise PS4, we wanted to give you an insight into the cars and tracks you can look forward to racing.

With its emphasis on selecting only the best and fastest cars to take to the track, players will be able to pick every day cars, racing cars right through to concept cars that you’ll only be able to race in GT Sport.

Cars will be grouped into six categories from Group N (your everyday stock cars) through to Group X (those that too extreme for our other categories).

Grp. N

Citron Ds3 Racing


Grp. 4

Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport


Grp. 3

Lexus RC F GT3 Prototype


Grp. 1

Toyota TS050 Hybrid


Grp. B


Grp. X

Honda Project


This year you’ll be able to race from the streets of Tokyo, through the iconic Nurburgring to the dirtiest of rally tracks. With a total of 40 courses (17 locations), you’ll have the chance to test your racing skills in a host of different environments from around the world, and customise your experiences by playing across different times of the day and through varied weather conditions.

We’re really excited to introduce some of the fantasy tracks that the Polyphony team have created, using over 20 years of racing and driving game experience, tracks that are not only fun but will push even the most experience of drivers.

Tokyo Expressway:




Blue Moon Speedway:




But we’ve not forgotten the classics, including;

Brands Hatch










And here’s the full track list:

  • Alsace – Village
  • Alsace – Village II
  • Autodrome Lago Maggiore – GP
  • Autodrome Lago Maggiore – GP II
  • Autódromo De Interlagos
  • Blue Moon Bay Speedway
  • Blue Moon Bay Speedway II
  • Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit
  • Brands Hatch Indy Circuit
  • Broad Bean Raceway
  • Broad Bean Raceway II
  • Colorado Springs – Lake
  • Colorado Springs – Lake II
  • Dragon Trail – Seaside
  • Dragon Trail – Seaside II
  • Fishermans Ranch
  • Fishermans Ranch II
  • Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit
  • Northern Isle Speedway
  • Northern Isle Speedway – Infield
  • Nürburgring 24h
  • Nürburgring GP
  • Nürburgring Nordschleife
  • Nürburgring Nordschleife Tourist Layout
  • Sardegna – Windmills
  • Sardegna – Windmills II
  • Suzuka Circuit
  • Suzuka Circuit East Course
  • Tokyo Expressway – Central Inner Loop
  • Tokyo Expressway – Central Outer Loop
  • Tokyo Expressway – East Inner Loop
  • Tokyo Expressway – East Outer Loop
  • Willow Springs International Raceway: Big Willow
  • Willow Springs International Raceway: Horse Thief Mile
  • Willow Springs International Raceway: Horse Thief Mile II
  • Willow Springs International Raceway: Streets of Willow Springs
  • Willow Springs International Raceway: Streets of Willow Springs II

Don’t miss out on the chance to try some of these cars and tracks ahead of launch by taking part in the GT Sport Limited Time Demo starting 9th October at 10am.

We look forward to seeing you all in game!

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  • No single player career (outside of license test style scenarios), no grand valley speedway, no sale. What has happened to gran turismo? I’ll stick to project cars 2 thanks.

    • No proper VR support either.

    • PC2 for SP!? Don’t make me laugh! PC2 just has a few preset condition races, no rewards for completion.. Whats the point? You might as well make your own, far more settings & you’re still not working towards anything in PC2. Least in GT:Sport you’ll be earning money, learning the rules to racing, creating your own SP races & earning rewards – making progress. Still the best part is online for GT:Sport, its really good, cars are not spread thinly across a massive range of motorsports, so plenty of good cars to pick from while PC2 what is people racing online today? GT3… Sunny weather.. Same old tracks..

      I will give it to PC2 though, IF you have a good group of people to play with, change up the race settings, weather, car selection etc… I’d take it over GT:Sport but just jumping online, creating your own races… Just doesn’t work nicely… I try going out for a drift for fun on PC2, people join & they quit pretty much straight away.. Haven’t even seen anyone do Rally Cross online yet.. The one Holden V8 car, a few people but not full races. NASCAR rarely.. Road goings rare.. Its mostly GT3..

      GT:Sport for the win! PC2 great game, so much better than the first but still has a few issues, was totally dissapointed by the online mode after hearing the devs talk bout the ranking system ~ I thought it was going to be good like GT:Sport, but it let down after playing the GT beta.

  • So, Mr. Kazunori Yamauchi when will you announce the free campaign single player dlc, which we all be able to play offline?

    • I’ve been asking that the last 2 weeks lol. We know its coming. They really can’t be ignoring the 95%+ negative comments on these GTS blog posts lol.

    • Im hoping we get a traditional GT campaign added or some form of offline career at some point, plus an increase in tracks before I consider purchasing GT Sport. Unfortunately, PD have been slow when it comes to delivering DLC so I’m not holding out much hope, and if they decide to charge for It on an already content lite game then i won’t have any interest in picking it up down the line.

      I just can’t believe they have forgotten about us core racers who enjoyed it over the past 20 years and want to focus on esports which is a niche market to sell a game. Street Fighter 5 focused on esports and didn’t do well commercially. I stayed away like many others and they appear to have listened with their recent announcement but the damage has already been done. Time will tell I guess.

  • Wow, it never even occured to me another huge reason to pass on this new Gran Tursimo game (with the major reason to avoid being no main career mode OF COURSE) and that simply is……… no High Speed Ring, no Grand Valley East or Speedway, no Deep Forest, no Trial Mountain, no Autumn Ring.

    I wish I could DOUBLE boycott this game but sadly a boycott is just a boycott. The key word today is boycott.

  • Are you kidding me? No Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, and 150 cars? This may be the first GT game I will skip.

  • Great! New tracks instead of ones that have been there since day one. = More of a challenge. Lots of people will bemoan being out of their comfort zone. Good for them. I say bring it on!

    • Nothing wrong with new tracks, that’s definitely exciting, but why get rid of the old ones? The drop in the amount of content from GT6 to GTS is shocking.

    • Remember how everyone cried when the put old models in the last game??? They basically can’t win, Microsoft shill accounts telling barindead cretins how to think and what to be upset at Sony about….

  • I dunno… I thought some of the original tracks used in 5 and 6 were quite boring especially with High Speed Ring and Autumn Ring. Hopefully the new tracks are fun to replay though I wouldn’t surprised in the age of free maps and loot-box gambling like with Overwatch, we’d possibly have a couple of tracks returning.

  • There is something really odd about the look of this game in the screenshots. There’s so many flat looking objects that look a bit out of place. Those 2d spectators look reeeally bizarre…

  • I don’t care about gran turismo, I’m only here for the negative comments

  • Don’t dare say anything negative about Gran Turismo, with it’s early 90’s ‘adult film’ sound track, farts for exhaust notes and static cars. The same goes for a studio that takes 4 years to make its PS4 debut with this half-baked iteration of a once great franchise. A studio that operates with the mentality of the civil service; slowly and expensively to the point where I assume they squandered so much of their budget they couldn’t afford the licensing for a decent range of real-world circuits. If this fails to sell, mark my words PD will be going the same way as Studio Liverpool, Evolution Studios and Guerrilla Cambridge… If it beats Southpark in the charts, stuff it I’ll buy it for full price. It might not even beat WWE 2K18!

  • The track and car list is very weak, where are all the original greats in previous GT’s such trail mountain and deep forest? GT Sport is endorsed by the FIA, where are the real world tracks? Spa, Monza, Silverstone and Le Sarthe!

    Finally, what does GT sport offer us (in terms of progression since the traditional campaign mode has been replaced by licence tests) if you don’t like to play online?

    Disappointed and it will be the first GT I won’t be purchasing since the original way back in the 90’s. I hope you are listening Sony and PD.

  • It looks spectacular… that’s about it, really. It’s not worse than the Forza Motorsport 5 incident (which Turn 10 seems to have learnt from), but I’m quite disappointed in the lacklustre single player game modes. No amount of ‘free’ car DLC can save this one for me. I’ll probably purchase it later down the line, but not at release.

  • So much for the aited title of the millenium got the beta at 8am CET and it is close to 4pm and still have not been able connect to gt servers undergoing maintanence BUMP

  • Of all the tracks to remove – Grand Valley Speedway? I mean that has been in every single GT game! There better be free DLC tracks soon!!

  • Lack of cars I can deal with (although I would like some vxr’s or holden’s,…corvette and jaguar will do though) lack of campaign or offline championships are a dissapointment however as is the “track list” no le mans, no spa, no Silverstone, no laguna? Would be nice to see maybe monza, imola, cota, abi dubi, or even any number of less know real world tracks to have a go at,…brands Hatch is one of my favourite tracks however and interlargos is an interesting addition will get it but waiting for ages for a next gen gran turismo….expecting more considering its rivals… :/

    (Tracks are for me priority)

  • i‘m quite disappointed. with the old classic tracks missing, i really don’t like it, but i can deal with it…hoping for a free dlc. lesser cars…not too big thing, i see no sense anyways in having thousand sort of similar cars. buuuuuut…What is this [DELETED] bein forced to play online? ok, my fault, should have checked before. but all this online multiplayer crap, not my world, hate it, when i want to play tgth, then directly on the same couch. maybe i‘m too old, almost 42 now, but hey, i want to be ASKED if i want to play with unemployed hypertrained fulltime players or pupils which, at 13 years, made it to their profession to stress people in multiplayer games LOL

    joking…but i think my point is clear: [DELETED] for multiplayer, i don’t like it…and with THIS granturismo i am forced to do so. if i could i would give it back…

  • I’ve always loved Driving Games in general, and Gran Turismo ones in particular. Yes, I’ve loved the amazing amount of cars and tracks in previous GT games. Yes, I’ve also loved starting out with an old second hand “clunker”, gradually winning a few races & improving your car bit by bit by spending your hard earned prize money on bits n bobs. Plus the ability to completely modify your car upto Race specification. I’ve really loved the whole offline single player Career Mode and both the A (Racing Driver) & B (Racing Team Manager) Spec Incarnations. Sure GT Sport isn’t exactly what I wanted in a New Gran Turismo, but it’s still one heck of a Game. I’m not really a fan of racing on-line against real people, as too many idiots and cheats / bad sports around. but I’m willing to give it a go.

    The only real downers for me are…No “offline” game saves possible, so when the servers or my Internet fails, I cannot do anything meaningful with this game. At least you should be able to save your offline arcade races, driving licenses, etc., for Mileage or be able to create & save your own Liveries, or Scapes Photos for Download once the Servers are back up. Or maybe it would just be nice to browse the Museum / Timeline feature.

    Also, the lack of Cars and Tracks is an often discussed concern, although Kaz has said that they’re working on much more (Free) DLC at some point in the Future. But I love the fact that they’ve only included newly done High Res versions this time around and I know how much work goes into creating even a single car or Track.

    But I think the reason that there have been so many Negative Comments about this current Gran Turismo is that Kaz has made us all fall in love with this series…we all think we know how it could be improved to suit us better. But don’t forget that Kaz and the vast majority of the Polyphony Digital Team are all total Car Nuts as well, they eat, sleep & drink Gran Turismo and have done for many years. So I for one offer my humble thanks for their continuing dedication to improving the Game that I Love.

  • GT Sport is a very poor release – no career mode and you have to have Playstation Plus to play online. And the other players online, well, they exploit the rules and get the wins – albeit with crap SR but what do they care. I have spent days being bumped and nudged around tracks and it’s me that gets the penalties…and the car list, again very poor and no real choice.

    This all smacks of GT 5 Concept and we all remember how much we hated that one!

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