‘Only on PlayStation’ discounts start today on PS Store

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‘Only on PlayStation’ discounts start today on PS Store

Plus, Digital Zone savings on indies, and a new deal of the week

We’re celebrating all things PlayStation in our latest promotion, Only on PlayStation!

Whether it’s Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh, Uncharted 4, Wipeout Omega Collection or Bloodborne, you can save big on some of PlayStation’s top exclusive games, add-ons and season passes.

Running until 18th October 2017, we have titles available on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita so head to PlayStation Store today for all your pricing and save, download and play!


Digital Zone (until 18th October 2017)

Our Digital Zone promotion gets an update this week with some more amazing digital only content on offer on PS4.

Save on the likes of NBA Playgrounds, Terraria, Warhammer Quest, Lumo, Castlestorm VR and much more.

Head to PlayStation Store for regional pricing and start your next digital adventure!

Deal of the Week (Until 11th October 2017)


Race to pole position in this week’s PlayStation Store Deal of the Week, F1 2017 Special Edition.

Available on PS4, the F1 2017 Special Edition includes the F1 2017 full game and F1 2017 ‘1988 McLaren MP4/4 Classic Car DLC’.

Don’t miss out on this amazing deal and head to PlayStation Store today!

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  • These sales are as dreary and predictable as the weather outside.

  • Was just the sale I was waiting for to pick up Gravity Rush 2. Shame you’re turning the servers off after only a year though, not a good sign :-(

    • That’s a friggin travesty with the GR2 servers. And not even offering an alternative way to earn the Dusty Whatevers once the online component is gone, adding insult to injury. Locking in-game items in that way… [DELETED] like that should be illegal.

  • Dagnabbit still not the indie games I been waiting for to get cheap (kero blaster and flinthook). Hm Wipeout Omega for £12.99. Is that good? Always preferred Rollcage myself but since we ain’t hadone of those since PS1..hey when can we please get PS1 support on PS4?

    • Wipeout seems to be kind of a showcase for the PS4 Pro – maybe even more so than Ratchet & Clank. So if you like the Future Racer types…

      Put another way, I don’t like racing games at all, and I’m still pretty sure I’m going to buy it, just to have something when the mood strikes me (not like that PS Plus “full version” of Drive Club…)

  • Same old, same old.

    And what about an additional discount for PS+ members? Oh wait

    Glad I didn’t renew my membership for this appaling “premium” service.

  • Nioh is not ‘Only on PlayStation’ it’s not PS4 exclusive

    It’s releasing on PC too Sony you can get sued for lying like that

    • nioh, they can’t.

    • Until it’s released for PC it can still be considered an exclusive of course. They’re not lying, imo.

    • Ohhh so I can go onto steam now and buy and play today?…………What do you mean no?

      So no they can’t get sued for lying. It’s not released until 7th November on PC. This sale ends on the 18th October. So yes it’s correct it’s only on PlayStation until November 7th.

    • Let’s sue Sony for putting games on sale. Those bastards!

    • They never said anything about PS4 exclusive they said it was only on PlayStation, which at the time of writing is the truth.

  • Repeating sales, but i still bought 3 of these mainly because Wipeout had a good discount.

    Wipeout Omega, The Last of us Remastered and DriveClub Bikes. (Only DLC i missed)

  • Wipeout is a good deal grab!

  • Who cares if some of those sales are repeated. Sony has been at the top of their game these past 2 years with all these continuous sales. It didn’t use to be like this – we got like 4 sales per year a few years back. Yet people still complain…

    Personally I’m very happy we get a new sale as soon as the old one ends. Keep up the good work!

  • Some tempting games on there for peanuts but now PS Plus offerings seem to have improved I’m a bit hesitant to actually buy any of these. Last few months I bought MGSV and Infamous for next to nothing in the sales and have been stung with them appearing on Plus. Does anyone think the following will be on Plus soon?

    Ratchet and Clank

    Last of Us Remastered

    Uncharted Collection

    God of War 3 Remastered

    Gravity Rush

    • The Last of Us Remastered and the Uncharted Collection can be bought for 19.99 Dollars on the US-Playstation Store; it´s the standard-price for these two games over there. When there´s a sale it´s even lower. In fact, last weekend The Last of Us Remastered could be bought for 10 Dollars.

    • I’m sorry, but the credibility of your argument – in my eyes – disappeared when you used “bought for next to nothing” and “stung” in the same sentence. You did get to play the games, didn’t you? Presumably earlier than the people that got them with PS Plus, too. And there are people that don’t have PS Plus (and constantly seem to feel the need to publicly flaunt that fact to no purpose I can decipher), so these sales and the higher-class of games we’re getting with PS Plus are more than welcome in my book. I bought both MGS and Infamous on their respective release dates, and I’ve had more than enough enjoyment from them to justify every penny.

  • It’s such a shame I was looking to buy f1 2011 if in the sale but still at £14.99 a lot of money for a now old game..

  • I havent bought anything for a while, but horizon zero dawn half price sounds good. Then there is Wipeout and Gravity Rush 2. Sweet as.

  • Horizon with PS Plus is the cheapest it’s ever been on PSN, so that’s good. Same goes for Nioh and its Season Pass. And Gravity Rush 2.

    And Wipeout is a great offer. So I don’t get why people are complaining about this, or saying it’s the same old sales. I also don’t get why people get annoyed that things from sales go on PS Plus. If you like the game, why not give a bit of money to the developers still – and unless you buy it literally a day or so before the new Plus games come on, you do get to play it – at often ridiculously low prices – at a time of your choosing.

    I did not completely disagree with people getting upset that stuff from sales then ended up on PS Plus one or two years ago, but with all the sales that have been going on this year, I think it would’ve been difficult to find a decent game that hadn’t already been on sale to put up on PS Plus.

    If there is one thing here that should rightfully be complained about, it’s shoddy PSN. Granted, it’s not as bad as it was when the PS4 came out, but it is still miles behind Xbox Live. On the other hand, Xbox has Microsoft behind it – and they at least somewhat know about computers and “the internets” – and Xbox Live was a paid service since its inception. If PSN on PS4 could maintain the same stability and quality, I wouldn’t mind just paying for online play on PS4, I wouldn’t even need the bonus games – yes, bonus games, because as someone who came from Xbox 360 to PS4 I had always been paying for online play. Xbox only started Games with Gold, what, 8 years after the PS IGC?

    And then there’s Sony’s slowly but surely more and more obvious disdain #4thePlayers – no cross-platform play with Xbox, less and less good features on big FW updates. And now that shut-down of Gravity Rush 2’s online component which will effectively make certain items in the game inaccessible (I really think that’s a new low – it’s predominantly an offline game, you “force” in an online component that is the only way to get certain in-game items and then you shut it down just 12 months after the game’s release? Shame on you, Sony. At least make Dusty Stars available to get off-line). While Xbox is making big strides (except for the XB1X, I just don’t really see that taking off at that price) to treat their customers fairly and listen to them, Sony has grown complacent, even belligerent and overbearing of the customers that got them into their current position in the first place.

    • This is due lack of proper competition, scorpio success will be benefical for both sides users. Therefore i wish them good sales.

  • Some links are broken, at least with a SWE account.

  • is something wrong with PSN online? it’s acting weird.

  • “joke” of the week as always.

    save up to 60% from 200% overpriced game lol, what a save .And when you finish the game, you can….delete it lol.Your “deals” are complete joke Sony.

  • I think it’s a wonderful idea

  • Damn what a week. The psplus lineup with mgsv, hue and sky force is awesome, and now Bound and super cloudbuilt for a cool 20 combined.

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