PlayStation Live From Paris Games Week is coming – here’s where to watch it

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PlayStation Live From Paris Games Week is coming – here’s where to watch it

Tune in on 30th October for big new game announcements and updates

Bonjour tout le monde! PlayStation has some big plans for Paris Games Week next month, and it’s time to start talking specifics.

On 30th October, starting at 3.00pm GMT/4.00pm CET, PlayStation Live From Paris Games Week will kick off with a slew of updates and announcements before moving straight into the Paris Games Week 2017 Media Showcase, where you’ll get a look at some spectacular new games coming to PS4 and PS VR.

And stick around after the Showcase – we’ll have further details and info to share in our post-show debrief.

Here’s the best part: you can watch all the fun from the comfort of your home, office or… home office, via, Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

So mark your calendars — and we’ll see you in 27 days.

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  • We say “Bonjour tout le monde” in french ;)

  • So (inevitably) I’m almost certain Detroit: Become Human will get a release date. That’s alone will make me happy for early next year.

    We haven’t heard anything from Wild so hoping it’s not been cancelled. Like wise with BGAE 2 as I’d like to see some progress via gameplay and how far they have come since E3’s trailer.

    In the rare possibility Ubisoft decide to show up a new Rayman Ubi Arts game on console would be killer. That’s pretty much my wish list for the show :)

  • hellooooo media molecule…

    “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”  ― John Lennon


  • I am hoping to see something Ratchet and Clank related. Its been over 18 months since the reboot so it would be a good time to see a new announcement

    • I really hope so. Wouldn’t get your hope to high though buddy as they had no idea what they were going to do next after the last game. They’ll definitely make another one. Just wouldn’t expect it until Fall 2019 if you ask me. ;)

    • In the movie there was a post credits scene that had Dr. Nefarious in his robotic look that we know from the previous games. Also, I don’t think it will take that long before we get a sequel. If you look at the previous series there’s only like a 1-2 year gap

    • I’m sure it will take long though. They are currently busy with Spider-man after all. Just went back and Platinumed Ratchet and Clank 2016 last week.

      On playing it again, one thing I don’t like is the music. Some of the levels are exactly like they were in the original game with even more expanded bits which is awesome but its a shame not hearing the tunes of Metropolis or Blackwater City redone (lol sorry “Aleero City”, that is just one example of the movie ruining things).

      Also there just isn’t enough dark humour in the game. Even Al is too kind and helpful, in the orignal game and the third he has this very funny, comic book guy, sarcasticness to him. Most of the interactions with characters in the game are way to nice.

      Would love the second game, maybe they can expand on Angela’s character, lol and make her roughly the same height as Ratchet this time. Get Kath Soucie back to voice her too ^_^

  • Timing is not great. Am I the only one that works?

  • Yep hence why I am booking the day off sucks but got to watch it live

  • So what time is that on in eastern standard time?

  • Hopefully there’s some new stuff rather than just some updates of last years stuff (again)!!

    Sony at E3 2016 was great, Sony at E3 2017 was basically a rerelease.

    • I doubt we’ll hear anything, but it would be nice!

      Last I heard was that Squeenix took over complete control. My guess is that since the 3 game model got so many people angry, they decided to take over the Project themselves in house – rather than the other Company who was making it (can’t recall) – and abandon it, leading into the lack of info.

      I think it could mean that they are possibly just making the entire thing now, as one game – hence why they’ve been silent.

      Purely something I’ve thought about, so its probably completely wrong haha

      Definitely would be great though, either at Paris Games Week or the Playstation Experience in December.

    • I just hope they do it right. Don’t need a release date yet, a new trailer will do :P

    • Yeah I can get behind that, well according to a few articles out at the moment, Sony held back a LOT at E3, so fingers crossed for something amazing! :)

    • they will hold a lot back because MS show nothing much at E3.

  • Doufám že na letošní konferenci 2017 ukážou Bloodborne 2 ;) ale nejraději bych uvítal starý icon tituly jako novej MotorStorm nebo SSX a Soul Calibur , no doufejme ze alespoň neco padne. :)

  • David Cage whoot! Soo can’t wait on their mature and story driven games! I LOVE cutscenes and this generation has had way too few of them. Even MGS lost its way… Stay gold and keep doing your thing always! This might be your best one yet with the sci-fi detective angle!

  • Playstation got exclusives and more exclusives incoming. Would like see more of dreams and reasle date . Unlike Xbox got nothing much.

  • I hope Bloodborne 2 will be announced!

  • When you say 4pm CET, you mean CEST right?

    EDIT : Nevermind, we will change to the winter time on October 29th, so it’ll be indeed CET.

  • i really hope for some JRPG love. :)

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