Your PlayStation Plus games for October are Metal Gear Solid V and Amnesia: Collection

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Your PlayStation Plus games for October are Metal Gear Solid V and Amnesia: Collection

Plus, Monster Jam Battlegrounds, Hustle Kings, Hue and Sky Force

So long September and hello October: the home of hilarious Halloween costumes, unpredictable weather patterns and – for the caffeine addicts among us – the glorious pumpkin-spiced latte.

We hope you had fun with September’s PS Plus games. If you’ve not had a chance to tear across the Seattle skyline as a delinquent neon streak yet or befuddle the agents of darkness with a slew of rhyming couplets, we suggest you hop to it, because October’s titles are coming in hot and you’re gonna want your backlog looking respectable.

What do we have for you next month, then? Let’s start with the big guy – Big Boss, that is.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The culmination of three decades of cutting-edge development, Kojima Productions’ farewell to the Metal Gear universe brought together dozens of disparate elements to deliver an open-world stealth-action sandbox quite unlike any other.

As legendary soldier Big Boss, it’ll be up to you to run countless incursions into the conflict-ridden territories of Afghanistan and Central Africa as you work to liberate captured comrades and recruit new personnel to rebuild your decimated private army.

Over the course of the adventure you’ll develop new weapons, capture key targets and uncover the shadowy figures that betrayed your organisation – all in the lust for vengeance.

Amnesia: Collection

With Halloween hitting at the end of the month, this one was a bit of a no-brainer. A true cult hit, if ever there was one, the Amnesia series garnered itself a reputation among gamers as one of the most terrifying experiences of last generation.

Last year, the complete series – Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and Amnesia: Justine – got polished up and released on PlayStation 4. Each unique adventure places you in the shoes of a different protagonist as they struggle to overcome their own personal (and some not so personal) demons, and (hopefully) escape with their sanity intact.

Feeling brave? Got a few friends that’ll hold on to you for the scary bits? Then there’s no better month for it – each is an experience not soon to be forgotten.

PS Plus Bonuses: RIGS Mechanised Combat League and That’s You

Continuing from previous months, all throughout October you’ll be able to download PS VR sports shooter RIGS and cheeky PlayLink party title That’s You.

Designed and built exclusively for PS VR, RIGS places you in the cockpit of a mechanical sporting titan known as a ‘RIG’ and launches you into a competitive sports league that combines first person shooter combat with team-based tactics and… erm, slam-dunking yourself through a giant gold hoop. It’s a must for PlayStation VR owners.

PlayLink title That’s You will be also be available for those who missed it in September.
In this irreverent party quiz you and up to five of your friends and family get to find out what you really think about each other. With your TV, PS4 and a tablet or smartphone in hand, answer over 1,000 funny questions, take part in daring doodle challenges, snap selfies for photo challenges and more.

Anything else?

The line-up wouldn’t be complete without two additional titles apiece for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, and October is no exception. That leaves the full run-down looking like this:

October’s games will be available to download from PlayStation Store from 3rd October. Until then, you still have a full week to pick up any games you might have missed from September’s PS Plus line-up. Here’s a quick reminder:

*Update – Amnesia: The Collection is now available in New Zealand. As a result of a delay in its release, its PS Plus promotion will be extended, so New Zealand players will still have a full five weeks to add it to their collection.

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  • Absolutely fantastic line-up, MGS V, Amnesia, Hue, wow, thank you so much!

  • Hooray for Amnesia Collection. I hope the IGC titles for PS3 and PSV will be better

  • Nice for those who havent already purchased all those games…

    Worthless month for me, enjoy guys!

  • I got two of them already, but have been leaing towards sky force and hue for so long. Now i don’t have to worry. Could have waited with Amnesia I guess.

    With the line up currently increasing it’s shape I am starting to wonder if I should be more careful with what I buy. Considering the fact that you always grab a game when it’s down to 75-80% discount it doesn’t feel like such a loss.

  • great line ups for months now. keep up the great work playstation!

  • In before that person doing the like/dislike poll, or has he stopped that?

  • MGS V, Amnesia Collection – excellent! Also quite pleased that Skyforce Anniversary is on there too. Cheers SONY!

  • Very good games for PS4, but for PS3 and PSV… You’re giving some [DELETED] titles again. There are so many good games for these platforms to choose from, but no, better give some crap…

    • Don’t know about Hue but Sky Force Anniversary is a pretty good game.

    • Yeah I have noticed the Ps3 titles seem to be getting pretty ridiculous, but Sony’s focus is entirely on the Ps4 so its understandable I suppose. Will probably give both of them a go regardless.

      ^ – Yeah Sky Force Anniversary was a pretty decent game, I sucked at it though xD

  • Ahhh bought MGS V from the store for £7 like 2 months ago. Still Amnesia I don’t have so very good update this month.

  • I already own MGS 5, but atleast i won’t need to insert the disc anymore. I recently bought Sky Force, but i owned Hustle Kings for like 10 years now anwyay.

    Still a good month for others.

  • LOOL I just wanted to buy mgs V [DELETED] i cant believe it man AWESOME –____– <3

  • WOW! MGSV great game , cant wait for you guys to try it. what a good line up !

    that what 4 months in a row of Psplus being decent!

  • Thank you for stopping the indie game [DELETED]. This month is GOAT. I hope this quality never ends.

  • Great Month :)

    There’s at least something every Month that takes my fancy (I at least try all the games – only fair), but this is an absolute blowout.

    Been wanting MGSV, Amnesia and Hue for ages, so this is awesome news (did want Sky Force but I bought that a while ago for like 2 quid).

  • What happened to Luc Bernard – Plague Road developer – asking Sony to make his game (Plague Road) a PS+ game for October for Vita. He said this in June, in preparation for Hallowe’en.

    So either he didn’t go through with it – though he promised he would – or Sony have ignored his request / said no – in favour of.. Hue, and Sky Force Anniversary?

  • Great to see some quality games, on a roll with the PS+ IGC lately!

    Already have MGSV myself, but it’s a fantastic and deep game, well worth the investment.

    Amnesia on the other hand, I was SO close to buying it, I’m stoked it’s now mine!

  • Have you been keeping an eye on my purchases? Got MGS: TPP not long ago :(

  • I don’t often comment, but just wanted to say THANK YOU! I still haven’t played Ground Zeroes but I have it from when it was free. And Amnesia Collection has been on my wish list for a long time. It feels like you personally did this for me Sony. Thank you!

  • I got Strike Vector EX (american account) instead of Child of Light this month. What was up with this? Any way I can get Child of Light instead?

  • MGS V is a formidable game. Play it if you haven’t yet!

  • Never been too keen into MGS universe, but i might try it now. Actually i have a question, which one is first? i mean story related. Heard it’s pretty messy. But Amnesia is great, will take it instantly.

    • The order of the main Metal Gears from earliest to latest go 3, 5, 1, 2, and finishing in 4. Peace walker if you count it is after 3 and before 5. For better or worse, MGSV (5 for the sake of order, though it is just V, not 5 in reality) can almost be regarded as the “casual” Metal Gear. Story wise, it’s not as strong as other Metal Gears, but that might not be necessarily a bad thing if you found the stories of the others a bit too weird and out there. There is still weird stuff, but it’s definitely taken a back seat in this one. Plus, it means you can play it without playing any of the others (though you might want to look up some of the lore to know about some characters).

      Personally, it’s my favourite Metal Gear since the first one and despite being incomplete and a little rushed towards the end of the game, for pure gameplay alone, it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played…

    • Forgot to mention, that’s the Metal Gear SOLID universe of the series. Metal Gear 1 and 2 came out on really old consoles. Those were set after MGSV and before MGS1.

    • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – 1964

      Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops – 1970

      Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – 1974

      Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes – 1975

      Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – 1984

      Metal Gear – 1995

      Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake – 1999

      Metal Gear Solid/Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes – 2005

      Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty – 2007/2009

      Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots – 2014

      Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – 2018

    • Whoa my head is spinnig, one could use manual to this universe, thank you for exhausting explanation gentlemen.

    • If u r going to download MGSV in game listen to the tapes it will give a lot of story.

      Heard this on YouTube

  • MGSV is probably my favourite game this gen, along with Bloodborne. Can’t recommend it enough. Also, don’t be afraid of getting involved with FOBs in MGSV. You’ll know what that is when you play it, but there are plenty of ways to get involved online without having people invade your base excessively. Very underrated feature of the game that extends the life of it. Might have to reinstall and see if there is a small revival on it’s online features…

    • The FOB thing is just kind of boring. It was also badly thought out from the start. As there is barely any variation, nor much of a challenge capturing other peoples assets it gets dull quickly.

      There’s also not much point doing it once you get past a certain point and resources are handed to you anyway, as are better staff members via the rewards. That’s also just ignoring that there’s a gating of pointless second or third bases behind microtransactions or grind.

      Of course there was the other online mode. Which was ok at first, but then was kind of ruined by host players leaving when they were killed or taken out of action, meaning the round would be restarted over and over unless the host was decent (using the sleep sniper was basically asking the host to leave). Still at least the singleplayer content is good!

    • oh that’s not very encouraging… i hated bloodborne.

    • @MiseryPrincess – Yeah, you’re talking to someone who grinded their way to getting all four FOBs fully upgraded…

      Needless to say, I enjoyed them a lot. Not to go into great detail, but they did do things to try to keep the mode fresh. Besides, I always found them most enjoyable between doing missions and side ops. Once I got 100% in the main game and FOBs were the only thing left to do, it did start to get a bit dull. But I managed to pad out the length of the game nicely to the point it was a good time to stop playing anyway. Also, the lvl70 FOBs were a pain at times, particularly if you don’t use op tricks like diving constantly. All good fun though!

      Not much opinion from me on the other online mode though. It had a lot of potential, but there were just too many things broken about it to make it enjoyable for me…

      @Carnivius_Prime – I mean, this is a totally different kind of game when compared to Bloodborne, so I wouldn’t write off MGSV just because I like both. This is also a FAR more forgiving game then Bloodborne if that was an issue. But yeah, apples and oranges…

  • Probably in the minority, but I haven’t played MGS V yet. Good things come to those who wait I guess

  • Child of Light wasn’t one of the free games this month for PS Plus. Not in North America anyway. I would gladly have taken that over Strike Vector EX (which was the free game).

  • I have a question: can I use my disc MGSV savefiles on the digital version?

    Also [DELETED] what a month. I mean. Metal Gear Solid V. Jesus. Christ!!!!

  • Nice additions to the collection, quite surprising for me :)

    I got MGSV for my PS3 before and absolutely didn’t like it (contrary to previous entries), but as I read before I’m a minority it appears so hope others have fun with it :)

  • Can’t wait to play amnesia on my PSVR!!!!!

  • wow! another awesome month! Thank You guys!

  • Wow!!! Six games I don’t own yet – all of which I’ll definitely check out at some point? What a month :D

  • Not a great month for me. I find the Metal Gear games incredibly tedious but hey I haven’t tried this one so maybe it might actually be fun? It’s free so I may as well give it a go even though I had MGS1 on PS1 and found that dull and MGS2 came with my PS2, it took my friend to actually play a complete it cos i hated it and then he bought MGS3 for my PS2 as an apology for finishing a game I owned. I rented MGS4 to see what it was like and still boring. But yeah maybe this one’s different?

    • MGSV is pretty different to other games in the franchise, it’s probably most similar to peace walker in controls but not really and is a mission based open worldish title. It can be played as a full on action game if you really want to do no sneaking around, and you don’t really need to know the story for it to make much sense. It’s worth trying out being “free” too.

    • Well yeah I’ll try it and I do so hate all the sneaking of previous games…and lengthy cutscenes so i tend to skip those…So yeah who knows, maybe i’ll like this one.

  • Dang, I got Amnesia a few months back for a 24 hour stream. Good game, not remotely scary (except two or so parts) but the plot and lore are exceptional, as are the solutions to the many, many puzzles you encounter!

    Got MGSV ages ago but returned it as my TV was tiny and I couldn’t play it properly, stoked to play it again on a better TV!

    Overall good month again from Sony.

  • Hey Sony!

    Great lineup! Thanks!!

    I just got a PSVR, are we going to see an anniversary sale in Oct like the US PS Store?? Pretty please!!!!

  • Child of Light is not free =/

  • Oh welp, another monthly fee for a digital rental of a game I own or don’t care for, just for the privilege of being online. Absolutely depressing service.

    * Stop making us pay for online

    * Stop making us pay extra for online via only option PS+

    * Stop ruining gaming

    • Stop complaining.

      Just because you already have the games/don’t care for them, doesn’t mean everyone else is in the same boat.

  • wow, at last the smile returns to my face after being hugely disappointed by sony. Let’s hope it goes on like this in the future and that this is not only to confront the upcoming superpowered xbox launch and distract the players.

    • I haven’t got an Xbone, not on some principle, or because it’s weaker, but because it just doesn’t have any games I care at all about. A small clock boost isn’t going to change that, nor is it like the PS Pro has been enticing to buy for many people. It’s pretty unlikely that the “pro” version of a less popular competitor is going to do any different.

  • What an epic lineup. I’ve been on the fence with mgs5 as to whether I want it or not. I liked how 4 ended and wasn’t much interested in big boss although I enjoyed 3 and peace walker but not as much as 1,2,4. That voice actor change bothers me but it does make sense for big boss and solid snake to have different voices. Is the last kojima metal gear worth it? Worth the time not the price haha

    Edit: we can edit comments! Excellent work blog team!

  • Another big AAA game on PS Plus is great news. Unfortunately I already bought MGSV recently in a sale, as I did with Infamous as well. So, another month with nothing to offer to me personally. Serves me right I guess! At least it points to good things happening in the future though.

    Have no inclination to play Amnesia at all as I’m not a horror fan, so that ones wasted on me. I did think about laying out a few quid on SkyForce recently though so at least this month has saved me a tiny bit of cash.

    Hopefully next month will have an equally big game, and one I’ve never bought/played (WatchDogs, God of War 3, Gravity Rush perhaps)?

  • Looking forward to MGS and Skyforce. Play Skyforce on android so will be great to experience it on the Vita.

  • Thanks so much Guys for this brilliant amount of content, looking forward to downloading some, most i have.. Icing on the cake would of been if Hustle Kings would of been PSVR also. I know i am greedy lol:P

    Anybody played Hustle on PSVR? maybe if it goes on sale i will get it?

  • you also get Hustle Kings™ for free aswell

  • Finally something great for switching xbox one to ps4

  • Bought MGS so long ago and still haven’t played it. Maybe this will remind me to. Honestly looking forward to Sky Force the most though. Vita games are always great fun.

  • Wow these last months are reminding me these golden times 2012 – 2014 when I was so happy every month from the line ups.

  • Thank you so much Sony hey in nov yes I know it’s early could we have watch does or battlefield hardline plz but thx do so so much MGSV has been my dream game!!!

  • I know this is very early for November games but can we maybe get battlefield hardline with dlc and possibly watch dogs

  • Lets not get too excited…its not rocket science to realize they had to do something this last couple of months seeing as how just before that they increased the cost of plus by 25% . In May 2017 there where 26 million ps plus subscribers worldwide , lets give a conservative figure here and say out of those 26 million , 250,000 where in the UK. So thats £2.5 million in extra revenue a year for Sony in the UK alone, and don`t forget the games we get each month are not “free”. Sony advertise it as part of the plus package , for them to be “free” they would have to give them to every ps4 ps3 and vita owner regardless of ps plus. Lets hope this trend of better games continues….Rant over and out…heheheheheh 

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