New PlayStation Store discounts start today on Final Fantasy XII & XV, Nier: Automata, Injustice 2, more

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New PlayStation Store discounts start today on Final Fantasy XII & XV, Nier: Automata, Injustice 2, more

Plus, grab savings on GTAV, Star Wars Battlefront and Fortnite

Power up and build the ultimate version of your favourite DC legends in our PlayStation Store Deal of the Week, Injustice 2!


We have both the Standard Edition and Ultimate Edition, which comes with a host of extras, available on offer on PS4. Visit PlayStation Store and save today!

GTA V Promotion (until 20th September)

The first of our title promotions this week is for Rockstar’s smash hit, Grand Theft Auto V.

We have the full game and Shark Cash Card bundles available on offer on PS4. Just head to PlayStation Store for pricing and save on this classic!

Square Enix Promotion (until 27th September)


We’ve got a special promotion on select Square Enix content on PlayStation Store, starting today.

Get your hands on Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age, Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy XV Digital Premium Edition and NieR: Automata at a drop down price until 27th September.

Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition (until 20th September)

The second of our title promotions starting today is for Star Wars: Battlefront Ultimate Edition.

Available on PS4, the Ultimate Edition includes the full game, the Star Wars: Battlefront Season Pass and five exciting in-game items, so don’t miss out on this great deal!

Fortnite offer (until 18th September)

Finally, we have the amazing Fortnite available on offer until the 18th September.

Save big on both the Standard Edition and the Deluxe Founders Pack on PS4. Head to PlayStation Store and save, download and play!

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  • It’s good that FF XII and Nier get deals. The digital versions are usually way more expensive but now it’s just as cheap to get them digitally as retail.

    On the other hand FF XV at 50% off is still 50% too expensive!

    • XII has been under £20 at a few retailers. Even today I can see it cheaper than this store price.

    • I may or may not be crying about this, because I just paid £35 for Nier in my local game store, when I was in picking up a Funko Pop. My luck would be non-existent if not for the bad stuff.

    • Out of interest where has it for that much new? The cheapest on google shopping is 24. I could always go for a cheaper price!

  • Oh yes. The usual issue of full game and deluxe editions but no sale on season passes rears its head again!!

    • SW Battlefront’s season pass is free though atm. But I’m guessing you’re looking for the FFVX season pass?

    • I guess that’s just how it works nowadays. When sales of a game reach a low, the publishers lower the price or give it for free (Plus subscribers) and then cash in on the DLCs.

    • No I am definitely not looking for anything to do with FF XV.

      The point is Infamous 2’s season pass is more expensive than the base game and Niers DLC is still full price. FF XV, (if people want more of that) is just as expensive as it’s season pass.

      The only DLC on sale is a 10% discount on a “micro”transaction game money card that’s also more expensive than the game. It’s like developers have accepted DLC as an integral part of the game, but just haven’t caught up that it needs to go on sale, or that not everyone spends 100+ on the deluxe edition at launch.

  • GTA V still 30€, really now Rockstar and Sony? It’s the only game of 2014 that the price doesn’t ever go lower. I think that by now should go with 19.90€!! It’s pointless to give it as in “discount” every 2 weeks. Make standard price 30€ and then discount it 35% to cost 20€.

  • Any chance of rise of tomb raider also getting a discount with SE sale? I just got my ps4 3 weeks ago and as soon as that game goes on sale it’s an instant buy from me. Right now it’s on sale in japanese store with tokyo game show deals but I heard that version doesn’t support english text, so I didn’t buy it. I hope they’ll have a discount for it here too!

    • I’ve seen it go on sale for £20 at least 3 times in the last few months. I never committed to it since I’m sure I just want it for the great PS4 Pro support, but I’m willing to bet it’ll go on sale again before the end of the year!

    • I am playing through it at the moment on PS4Pro, it is an excellent game. Imo Uncharted really needs to take a look at what Tomb Raider is doing gameplay wise because it feels so much better to play than Uncharted does. Same can’t be said for the story but you lose some and you win some.

      Anyway the version on PS4 has all the DLC loads and loads of content … finished 3 of the DLCs and the main game just got Endurance left to do now 9/10

  • Even on sales, those games are still more expensive than their physical equivalent. When your starting price is 70€ for a digital version of a game that costs no more than 50€ for the physical version on any decent merchant websites, it may the time to reevaluate your digital pricing strategy…

  • It’s great to see a sale dedicated to Square Enix stuff that lasts for two weeks and consists of… four games for PS4. No, it’s great, really! It’s not like there’s anything else that could be there as well, surely!

  • Gutted the ffxv season pass isn’t on offer :(

  • If Nier was 50% discounted I would have gone for it, still boggles my mind that FFXII costs more than FFXV haha! But FFXV and the Season Pass at 38 Euros is making me think about it …

    • NieR:Automata is worth every cent and then some. I would be ashamed to have payed anything other than the full price.

      If you decide to change your mind and do get it, you better make up the difference by also buying the DLC 3C3C1D119440927.

      2B or not 2B – that’s not a question!

    • There’s still new day one editions up on Amazon, so I guess it’s probably not the best selling game on the planet.

    • “I would be ashamed to have payed anything other than the full price.”


  • I was hoping for a big discount on the Vita versions of Final Fantasy X/X-2.


  • Don’t bother buying the Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition. Just buy the standard edition as the season pass is currently free for everyone.

    • Also, don’t bother buying the standard edition.

    • There is that too. A couple of pounds to play a few hours of star wars is an acceptable price though, even if you play the PvE scenarios.

    • Standard Edition is no longer available on store, suspect that’s why the season pass went free just before the ultimate edition was discounted so heavily.

    • I sense a disturbance in the force that tells me it may be on plus next month.

    • Thanks Jaspelino and Gotrek for posting this here, had no idea! Makes sense since the sequel is getting free dlc and this one was short on content. Now I’ve got a nice reason to give it another try.

      You’d think the blog would post ACTUAL valuable info like that, but no..

  • Dont understand what you guys are complaining about? ff with season pass is a great price. Plus Injustice 2 Ulti edition is hella cheap. Not grabbing both though since I got Destiny 2 on my hands all the time now :p

    Did buy FF XV this time around. And dont be a fool and avoid Nier 2.

  • Nier is £32.99 and €44.99. That’s a 25% increase for Eurozone. Thanks Sony!

  • Hey Rockstar. If you optimize GTA V for PS4 Pro, I’m gonna pick up a shark card. Now that’s an offer you cant refuse :)

  • If i wasn’t getting Persona delivered tomorrow I’d be raging that Kingdom Hearts has not made a sale.

  • If you click on either of the pictures in this article it takes you to a yahoo login page?!?

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