12 hidden PS4 gems that cost less than €5 on PlayStation Store this weekend

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12 hidden PS4 gems that cost less than €5 on PlayStation Store this weekend

From the weird, to the wonderful, there are some real gems discounted this week

Another week, another big batch of discounts on PlayStation Store. In addition to a huge raft of savings on hit Ubisoft titles like Rainbow Six Siege, Ghost Recon Wildlands and For Honor, we’re also offering a range of indie and digital-only titles for under €5 a pop.

You can check out the full list of offers here, but to help you on your way we’ve cherry-picked a few of our favourites for your consideration. Read on, and let us know what you’re picking up in the comments below.

1. Bastion

The fledgling title from artsy Californian studio Supergiant Games, Bastion launched to a rapturous critical reception back in July 2011. Having made the jump to PlayStation 4 back in 2015, it brought its sumptuous mix of narrative, combat and visual flair to a whole new generation.

If you missed it in the past, now is an excellent time to jump in – a true gem, which helped raise the bar for independent development studios and fuel the indie boom.

2. Super Meat Boy

Harking back to the old-school platformers of yesteryear, Super Meat Boy pulls literally zero punches in delivering a tough-as-nails platforming experience to a generation of coddled, wannabe gamers…

I’m kidding, of course! But it is tough, that much is true. Take control of a squishy, animated block of meat and bounce your way through stage after stage of death-defying platform challenges in order to save your bandaged lady-love from the clutches of a tuxedo wearing foetus – yeah, it’s a bit nuts, we can’t lie.

3. Magicka 2: Special Edition

Judging by the friendly and colourful art direction alone, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Magicka 2 was some kind of cutesy adventure for kids. You’d be wrong, though – very wrong.

Magicka 2 is actually something quite of its own: darkly comic, deceptively deep and teeming with all kinds of unspeakable violence. It also has one the coolest magic systems ever.

Want to summon a steam cloud? Sure – just mix water and fire and there you have it! Need to revive a friend? That’s some basic healing magic mixed with a shot of lightning – done! The simple logic of eight base magical elements, mixed and cast in dozens of different ways, makes for endless re-playability and creativity – just one thing though, don’t cast lightning when you’re wet…

4. Thomas Was Alone

Thomas Was Alone may be the ultimate testament to the concept of building an empire from simplicity. A lo-fi story involving a collection of geometric shapes traversing a dangerous world of platforms, puzzles and emotional constipation; it was the break-out indie hit of 2012.

The overall effect – the sweeping and somewhat melancholy atmosphere – is a mind-boggling achievement given the inherent simplicity of it all. Creating a compelling story can be difficult even with state of art the motion-captured animation and industry-leading voice actors. That Thomas Was Alone achieves it with just a handful of coloured quadrilaterals is something truly remarkable.

5. Nidhogg

Staying on the theme of inherent simplicity, please bow to, grovel before (and hopefully be consumed by) your new lord and ruler, Nidhogg.

Among the most hilarious fighting games ever conceived, Nidhogg places you and a friend in charge of two faceless, sword-wielding combatants who must repeatedly murder one another in a bid to reach the far end of the map and offer themselves up to their glorious, circuitous deity.

As simple as it sounds, there’s something brilliantly addictive and competitive about the madness.

6. Slain: Back from Hell

All the metal-heads in the house, throw you horns in the air – this one’s for you. Slain: Back from Hell is the sort thing that Slayer’s Kerry King might come up with if he made games.

Like his heavy metal riffs, this 2D side-scrolling action platformer is uncompromisingly brutal, doused in devilish overtones and, of course, has the occasional fiddly bit. Best of all, every time you beat a boss, your undead, sword-wielding protagonist will start head-banging to the metal soundtrack.

7. Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition

If you’ve ever felt like the humble Mexican luchador (those masked wrestling chaps) lacked proper representation in the modern video game industry, then I invite you to consider Drinkbox Games’ Guacamelee.

It’s a stylish, action-platforming adventure combining bare-knuckle fisticuffs, challenging platform sections and pop-culture memes to tell a story of Mexican mythology run amok in the modern age. There’s also a talking goat, giant piñatas, the occasional robot battle and an absolutely cracking soundtrack.

8. Guns, Gore and Cannoli

A game that’s every bit as irreverent as the name suggests, Guns, Gore and Canolli, takes the well-worn Mafioso archetype, mixes it with the setting du jour – a zombie apocalypse – and invites you and up to three friends to blast your way to freedom.

It’s good honest fun in the 16-bit era sense, with light platforming, masses of weapons and a heck of a lot of shooting. You’ll face everything from leprechaun zombies to World War 1 soldiers on your unfolding adventures and if that’s not enough, there’s a four-player arena mode, which is far more fun than it has any right being.

That’s some good cannoli!

9. Crypt of the Necrodancer

Ever wondered what happens when you combine dungeon crawling with a disco hall? You get Crypt of the Necrodancer: a challenging roguelike that combines classic procedural generation and perma-death mechanics with the limitless joy of a rhythm-action game.

If it sounds unusual, that’s because it is, but also terribly ingenious. Each dungeon is accompanied by a thumping soundtrack and the main challenge for you is to keep time with the beat as you move around. Stand still for too long or miss the beat and you’ll break your multiplier. If you’re the sort who plunged over a gazillion hours into Spelunky or Binding of Isaac then this could very well be your next obsession.

10. Push Me Pull You

Okay, so this one’s… a little left field, but just go with it. You’re one half of a conjoined snake person thing and you have to work with a friend who’s controlling the other end of said conjoined snake person thing and compete in a sumo-cum-football type game against two other players who are co-controlling their own conjoined snake person thing.

Make sense, so far? Yeah, we didn’t expect it to. It’s like Cat Dog crossed with people… and a slinky – it is quite literally bonkers, but it’s also hilariously good fun with a group of friends and there really, truly is nothing else like it (which is probably a good thing).

11. Super Time Force Ultra

As you’ll have already gathered if you’ve figured out the title’s cheeky little acronym, Super Time Force Ultra is a game with a sense of humour. So much so, that when the game begins you have just five minutes to save the world and, surprisingly enough, that’s all you need.

A straightforward enough side-scrolling shooter on the surface, it’s the game’s time-bending mechanics that really changes things up. Using these you can constantly rewind the action, adding copies of your time-shifted self – and other characters – into the fray to execute audacious, explosive campaigns wherein dozens of alternate timelines move at once decimate entire fortresses, levels and boss arenas.

12. Assault Android Cactus

Finally, we have hectic twin-stick shooter Assault Android Cactus. A carefully penned love-letter to the arcade blasters of old, this charming little shooter is one of the most relentless games you’ll encounter on any platform.

Stranded on a vast alien space craft, your constantly draining battery will ensure you’re always on the move as enemies crawl from every crevice and hundreds neon plasma pulses cascade across the screen.

It’s all pretty chaotic, but if you need to you can bring some friends along for the ride. Local co-op supported for up to four players, because you know, shooting stuff is always more fun with friends.

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  • Well my PS4 broke last month and I unsubscribed to ps plus, it’s been a month and I thought I would see what’s happening and if it was worth getting a new one.

    £400 saved, I now remember why I never bothered to get a new one.

    • Sorry to hear about your PS4 but let’s make it clear, your comment doesn’t have much sense. First of all you saved probably around 200£ because that’s how much you find right now a non pro slim 500Gb console. Secondly but most important, those games are the indie scene of all kind of consoles, if you don’t like them then get the Horizon Zero Dawn and everything will be back in order.

    • Thanks for telling everyone about your troubles. It is a shame you cannot find a game or two that you like, there are plenty out there. Plus has got some good games this month like inFAMOUS: Second Son and RIGS: Mechanised Combat League.

      Not sure how you reached the £400 price as you can get a PS4 for around £220 with a game, like Destiny 2. Again. thanks for telling us about this on a 12 Hidden PS4 gems post, it really makes you think.

    • 400£ is because I would get a PS pro if anything, seems silly to pay 220 for the same as I already had and didn’t want to replace lol.

      The reason I never bothered was that the best of the PS4 has been Indies and PS3 or PS2 remastered, I still have both consoles and the games, Infamous Second Son I done when it was new, as I have with most games.

      I don’t know it may just be me but I feel it has gone downhill in the PS4 era, in 1 release day I bought Midnight Club: LA, Dead Space and Farcry 2 for the PS3, 2 weeks later there was new stuff out to play and Im backlogged, that has never happened on the PS4, not even a month I can think of with 3 really good new releases, I love my PS4 but the best I have had out of it was playing Arkham Asylum again and BioShock again, I loved Bloodborne too but again it wasn’t as good as Demons and Dark Souls, Rock Band was a total flop, I don’t even know if we ever got the rb2 songs back I gave up before then. Fallout 4 v Fallout 3? No contest 3 every time, Skyrim is awesome, another PS3 remaster.

      Oh Destiny was really good I will give ya that one for sure but it was so little in end game content and then the add-ons came with also very little content, I’ve heard it is a lot better now with a lot to do but I was bored by that time and already onto other things.

      I said it here because I was looking through the most recent posts of new games, then the sales and both didn’t have anything I was interested in and next click was here to see if there was a ‘hidden gem’ that would pique my interest and again nothing so I decided to share/rant whatever ya want to call it :p lol

    • I see, you are not a player anymore.When you’ve played enough and the games don’t interest you, it’s time for you to move on ,but I believe PS4 gave you some good moments once , your comments really hurt the ones who enjoy it as much as you did before.

    • Maybe gaming just isn’t for you anymore. If no game released for the ps4 interests you than maybe it’s time to take a break. And it’s strange that a sign of a platform quality is the amount of good games being released on the same day, since business-wise that doesn’t make any sense. It’s a good thing that releases are more wide-spread nowadays. Just look at the amount of good games we got the first half of this year.

    • Huh… I do have a massive backlog on the PS4. Never played any of the games you mentioned though, not my type of games at all.

  • Already have 10 of these. Maybe I should buy Slain: Back from Hell and Crypt of the Necrodancer too.

  • You guys really need to put more thought into the titles of your posts. I clicked this link excited that there was a weekend sale, only to find an article about some of the mediocre games that are already on sale.

  • I am TRYING to buya couple of games! But for some reason the Store is not accepting any of my payment methods! Tried the Playstation site’s Help section – no luck. And the “contact us” link – does not work. I’m afraid I won’t solve the problem before the sale ends… Any tips on how to get in touch with Sony about this would be most welcome! (sorry for the half off topic post!)

  • I didn’t buy a PS4 to play Game boy styled games. Yet PSN is a wash with such games. Any wonder they are giving them away. If i want cheap gaming experiences like these games, I’ll dust off the Dreamcast.

    • Strange, I don’t see a single Gameboy styled game in this list.

      And many of these games tend to be full of more fun and creativity than the majority of the usual tired AAA games (the many, many FPS shooters like Call of Duty come to mind)

  • I wasted my damn money on Super Time Force Ultra, not knowing it was a damn single player game.

    Can’t believe a game like this does not have coop. I want a damn refund.

    Yet the freaking media and Cappy kept using the word coop for this game before its release.

    Guys coop means you COOPERATE with another living person either next to you or online.

    If you play a game and you are controlling 2 characters, that is NOT coop.

    If AI is controlling other character, that is NOT coop, because then we would have to say Half Life Episode 2 single player game is also a coop game.

    • Hey, let’s get something straight. Super Time Force Ultra is a damn good game.

      If you had bothered to read the store post that clearly states: “1 player 800MB minimum save size […]”, then you would know it’s 1 player only.

      You bought it from the PS Store, regardless of how Capybara Games may have marketed it. Demanding a refund won’t get you anywhere. A little common sense however, will.

      On the plus side, you have a great game to play. Give it a shot, you might even enjoy it.

  • I have a problem, I bought the game its spring again and I can not download it, I already tried it through psvita, the app and ps3, when I try to talk to the support it appears that it is not possible to find my account, the cancellation link email as page not found

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