Your PlayStation Plus games in September include Infamous: Second Son, RIGS & Child of Light

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Your PlayStation Plus games in September include Infamous: Second Son, RIGS & Child of Light

Plus, Hatoful Boyfriend, We Are Doomed, That’s You and more

Well, that’s August in the bag. On the horizon, the big guns of Destiny, FIFA, Star Wars and Call of Duty begin to ready their cannons for the run up to Christmas (don’t panic, there are still 117 days to go) and it promises to be an epic end to 2017.

Before we wade in the chaos of another explosive winter though, let us pause for a moment and unveil our own arsenal of explosives primed and ready for PS Plus in September – prepare yourself: it’s a heck of a payload!

inFAMOUS: Second Son

If superheroes are you’re thing then this one’s for you. He might not be a comic book icon with a box-office tie-in and a branded lunchbox, nor does he look terribly fetching in lyrca, but Delsin Rowe does have the super powers – lots of them.

The third instalment in the hugely successful inFAMOUS franchise, inFAMOUS: Second Son transports the action to an alternate reality Seattle where super human ‘conduits’ are being hunted by the state. Awakened to his remarkable powers by a chance encounter with another conduit, Delsin travels from his homely rural reservation into the heart of the besieged city with a score to settle.

Fireball comet drops, neon-light wall-running, concrete fisty-cuffs – use your powers for good or evil as you traverse a huge open-world recreation of the American North-west’s Emerald City.

Child of Light

Leaving behind the tattooed tearaways of Seattle, next up we have the beautiful and dreamlike fairy-tail RPG Child of Light. An impressive combination of painterly, hand-drawn visuals and song-like rhyming narrative, it was an early gem for the PlayStation 4.

You take on the role of Aurora, the ill-fated daughter of an Austrian Duke, who finds herself mysteriously transported to a magical kingdom blighted by the grip of eternal night. As the fated Child of Light, you must venture across the imperilled land in search of a means to restore light and happiness to the world and oust its evil overseer.

A clever combination of turn-based combat, role-playing character development and puzzle/platforming, this charming 2D adventure combines the best of traditional and modern game design.


Bonus game: RIGS Mechanised Combat League

Two down and more to go! As a special bonus this month, PS Plus subscribers will also be able to download PlayStation VR launch title RIGS.

Designed and built exclusively for PS VR, RIGS places you into the cockpit of a mechanical sporting titan known as a ‘RIG’ and launches you into a competitive sports league that combines first person shooter combat with team-based tactics and… erm slam-dunking yourself through a giant gold hoop.

It’s as chaotic and exhilarating as it sounds. Moreover, as you move through the league you’ll unlock new RIGs and upgrades, each tuned towards a specific role or playstyle that will broaden your options inside the arena.

It’s exactly the sort of gaming experience virtual reality was conceived to realise, where complete immersion and tactical awareness of your surrounding shapes how you play and your chance at winning.

Bonus game: That’s You

Last, but definitely not least, we have one further bonus for PS4 users. PlayLink title That’s You, available throughout July and August, will be also be available for those who missed it all throughout September as well.

In this irreverent party quiz you and up to five of your friends and family get to find out what you really think about each other. With your TV, PS4 and a tablet or smartphone in hand, answer over 1,000 funny questions, take part in daring doodle challenges, snap selfies for photo challenges and more.

Anything else?

As always, the PS4 line-up is joined by four additional titles – two apiece for both PS3 and PS Vita – which leaves the final line-up looking like this:

All the above will be available on PlayStation Store from 5th September, meaning you’ve still got a few days left to grab any of the August titles you might have missed. A quick reminder, in case you missed them:

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  • I can’t honestly call it a fantastic line-up because I already own inFamous, but I’m sure someone out there will love it.

    • Yeah same here. Its still an amazing looking game though and with the HDR update, even standard PS4s got a boost with that. And look at it this way, even with Crackdown 3 being delayed to May 2018 (i.e. the last month of Spring 2018), it will be launching over 4 years AFTER Infamous Second Son and I guarantee it will still not look half as visually stunning as Infamous SS nor will it even run at native 1080p on standard Xbone.

      People need to play this game if they haven’t. I have never seen Troy Baker in a more annoying role before lol. You just want to hit Delsin the whole way through this game. The soundtrack is also something special and really sucks you into the world.

    • I’ve platinumed infamous as and I’d still call it an amazing month. Lots of people who didn’t own a console earlier this gen may have missed it so it’s great for them.

      Plus you can’t just had a kind up because you own a game already that’s a bit selfish

  • Good games but already got em

  • Different games for US and EU again? Please don’t start this again.

    • US list for comparison:

      inFamous: Second Son, PS4

      RIGS Mechanised Combat League, PS VR

      Strike Vector Ex, PS4

      Monster Jam Battlegrounds, PS3

      Hustle Kings, PS3

      Hue, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4)

      Sky Force Anniversary, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4 & PS3)

    • When was the first time?

    • Why shouldn’t they start it again? Last time we had separate lists, we got MUCH better games than them. It’s the one thing we had on them

    • @PEYJ – a couple of months back they got Abzu when we had Alienation. Other than that, the lineups have been identical since the PS4 launch

    • Crap – that’s a much better list than what we get :(

    • They posted an update on the U.S. blog as the list they put up was wrong, Both E.U. & U.S. plus titles are now the same.

    • @elwasho — They aren’t the same. We get Child of Light and the US gets Strike Vector Ex.

  • Damn. The first time I ever already owned both PS4 games lol. Oh well. Still, less games like Infamous Second Son please that we all probably own at this point or can pick up for less than 5 bucks second hand. And PLEASE no utter garbage like Thief or Watch Dogs either. A game like Wolfenstein for next month would be great with the new one coming out and the fact that not everybody tried it out when they should have.

    RIGS is an amazing EXTRA bonus. I may pick up a PSVR eventually but will grab this now anyway. So is anybody ever going to comment on the EXTRA games that Sony have given us along with they 6 standard PS Plus games while they raised the price? Or are you all just ignoring that fact?

  • The best update in years for me.

    Any chance we can get Battlezone for PSVR next month? ?

  • Love Second Son but played it to death by now cos it’s old. :P Nothing else on the list appeals to me but that’s ok I got plenty to play and get on with anyways. And thanks for making the PSVR game a bonus title so those of us without VR can’t really complain. :P

  • Something AAA, a VR game, a pigeon dating sim… something for everyone. Cracking lineup

  • Keep this up and we won’t be able to moan about the price increase?

    • Exactly but people still will regardless

    • I bought infamous on release and traded it in. Have a new 4k hdr tv coming today so really looking forward to playing it again now they’ve made it all shiny and stuff! Child of Light is a beautiful looking game, really lovely story the only thing that let’s it down is it’s short! Rigs well didn’t see that coming at all. Cracking month but we will now have the ones that have been asking for older AAA games moaning cause they’re old games!! Sony will never win!

  • Played Infamous SS few years back… A must play PS Exclusive. Good lineup for those who don’t one this.

  • second time this year there has been different games in us and eu, is this going to be happening more? what happened to making them both the same?

    not a bad line up,think i will replay infamous, but i guess ps3 offering is just any old trash you can find these days though

  • Those PS3 and Vita games are impressively bad. There’s a reason games like “We are doomed” don’t sell well, it’s because nobody wants to play it.

  • RIGS is actually quite surprising. I got nausea playing the demo, but I’ll try again.

    Child of Light has been on my radar for so long…looking forward to playing.

    As for infamous Second Son, it will find its audience.

    Good month!

    • Same here Rigs made me ill motion sickness but I will download it and try again after taking motion sickness pills lol

  • Whoa, what a fantastic month of games… That I already own all 3 of! LMAO… ah well, such is my luck though. Maybe I’ll finally try that weird pigeon dating game now instead?

  • Not trying to cause a massive riot but xbox has a better line up right now….

  • Infamous is nice, Child of Light is great but I’ve already played it and I guess I’ll give Hatoful Boyfriend a try. Will we be getting a bonus VR game every month from now on?

    • RIGS is confirmed as being available for the next *two* months on the US blog. They have a completely different lineup from us so not sure how applicable that is over here, but I think one bonus VR game every 2-3 months is more likely than every month

    • RIGS is probably becoming free due to the studio closing and it not getting supported anymore?

  • Best lineup since PS3 days… I’m happy for Truck Racer lol been wanting to play that for ages!

  • Some absolutely fantastic games in that lineup… But I already own the good ones

    InFAMOUS: SS, Child of Light and Hatoful Boyfriend are all absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend everyone that doesn’t already own these gems to give them a try! Even if you don’t get Hatoful Boyfriend at first, just trust me, the the second half is phenomenal (And I found the first half extremely entertaining too, TBH).

    I don’t own a PSVR (and most likely won’t), so RIGS doesn’t do much for me. Although, adding VR games to the lineup every month might make me reconsider buying a PSVR, depending on the games.

    I really don’t care about Handball ’16. But I guess I’ll give Truck Racer and We are Doomed a try.

  • Good lineup for PS4. But PS3 and PSVita were just bad. It’s quite that both PS3 games comes from Bigben. And yet again, more arcadic games for Vita and one of them bascially has no gameplay at all. ¬_¬

  • Honestly don’t mind the price increase so long as the quality remains as good as this. I’d rather pay £50 to play online and have decent games to try, then £40 to play online and rubbish games to ignore… Having said that, surely it’s time to introduce a cheaper membership for those of us who don’t want games and just want to play online?

    • This is good? They’re giving away games that were sold when there weren’t any other games available.

    • Of course this is good! Just because it’s a launch title, doesn’t mean it’s gone down in quality! Infamous: SS is still one of the better PS4 exclusives.

      Trust me, if the offering was poor, I’d be one of the first ones complaining, considering I’m one of the people who believe that there should be separate memberships for people who want games, perks and the like and memberships for just online access.

      But this month we get, a good, well received AAA game, a good, well made indie, a good VR game for the few that have PSVR, hell, even a pigeon dating simulator! (Whatever [DELETED] that is…). There really is something for everyone and if you’re unlucky enough that you own one of them, then that is just bad luck. Doesn’t make it a bad month though!

  • Wohoo Child of Light <3

  • 2 excellent months in a row!

    Too bad i own all the games from this month already :(

  • Good offerings but, let’s face it, surely everyone who cares about inFamous has already played it by now? Especially since First Light was offered over two years ago? RIGS looks cool but sadly useless to everyone who doesn’t have PSVR. I will attempt CoL and Hatoful Boyfriend but only out of obligation…

    • Nope I waited for it to come to plus as I just knew it would, a few people I know did the same.

    • Surely, despite the fact that you don’t own PSVR, you see it as a reasonable thing for owners to receive via PS Plus. People who adopted the tech paid a fairly hefty fee for it and don’t have that much to play at the moment and a free VR game for them now and then is just fine as far as I’m concerned.

    • Indeed as Gudger alluded to, being from a Sony owned studio, i knew i’d come to Plus EVENTUALLY, i’m still waiting on Killzone Shadow Fall… maybe next month, or the next month, or the next month… :) .

      We also noticeably get a lot of Ubisoft and Square Enix games etc and indie games, which is why even when i saw the relatively recent The Division for sale in a shop for €18 last month, i didn’t buy it saying, “Surely it’ll be added to Plus soon…” :) .

      (Similarly i haven’t bought Firewatch yet,even though it’s currently on sale as it’ll definitely come to Plus eventually.

      For games from the likes of Telltale games, we seem to get about 50% of their games which is why i’m in two minds as to whether to buy The Walking Dead series 3 and their Batman game even though bought are available on sale for about €10 right now (i think Telltales’ Batman is €12), since they’ll likely come to Plus sooner or later too…

      I was kind of kicking myself when i bought Just Cause 3 about two months before it was added to Plus, though i did buy the “XL” edition myself… :) .)

    • Gotrek, why would ANYONE in their right mind who don’t own VR see that as a reasonable thing!? No please, I want to know? So others can enjoy them? A lot of that going around lol. If it only makes the next man happy, all the better, but not at an annual fee. As for being an early adaptor of unsupported, gimmicky tech, that’s their own choice.

    • Seems a lot of people don’t grasp the concept of BONUS content. As in it doesn’t affect the usual lineup. So many people are angry because a VR game was added as an extra!? Give me a break…

  • Bought child of light for £3.45 in 2015 still haven’t tried it. Looks good though! Infamous is fun.

  • hah! glad that i never bought infamous in any form or shape.

  • Please stop with the PS3 And Vita games and put all the effort towards the PS4.

    • Some people still actually use their PS3s and/or Vitas.

    • Vita fair enough but PS3 should be dropped.

    • I’ve tried to buy a new vita a few times in the last 9 months (or more) but can’t find one anywhere. Do they even make them anymore??

    • I am curbing my enthusiasm for AAA titles for the PS4 I did not previously buy, and find it way more refreshing to discover an indie game for Vita that I missed out on. So keep pushing those Vita titles, please. For the PS3 I would like to see more games for kids, as they are the only one in the household still playing on it. And I love have them play on it, so the PS4 is less occupied by them.

    • Sorry, did not see your post earlier, but I think they have stopped making PS Vita for EU market. Had the same problem and could not find any new one in store, not even online, and ended up buying 2 used Vitas. Good thing is you can get the 3G version pretty cheap, and many of them are barely used.

    • It’s a bit odd they haven’t made any announcement just kind of stopped making them quietly!

      Used consoles with a touch pad makes me a bit uncomfortable though! The only option I’ve found is importing one from Asia (which is fine as you get more colors though 〇 is select and ✖ is cancel on the system menus, though that’s easy to adapt to).

  • Lol hasn’t everyone and their mother played Infamous by now? I’m sure everyone who cares has, considering how cheap it can be picked up.

    Bit of a disappointing month tbh, especially considering the price hike.

    …but hey, at least our calls for better quality games has been heeded!

    Child of light looks vaguely interesting, I guess.

    Zero interest in VR as a product but I’ll still add rigs to my library :3

    • Perhaps they are making it free game because Sucker Punch may announce their new game in a few months

    • Nope.I played the first the Infamous games and was a big fan. When First Light came out as part of PS+ I was certain the main game would follow suit so I always had a resistance to buying it. I’m just glad I managed to hold out this long!


  • Very good month. All ready played and completed Infamous Second Son and got the platinum trophy. But I wouldn’t mind playing it again. Child of light I have not played but hear good things about it. RIGS is great news as it is one of the games I planned on buying when I get my PSVR in November.

  • Please don’t stop with the PS3 and Vita games, some of us still enjoy free stuff they’ve not bought before.

    • People still use their PS3s and/or Vitas. Why shouldn’t we be allowed games as well, we subscribe just as others do,

    • I still play both PS3 and Vita games*, as do many other people, while i’d like to see their generally quality return to what it was a year or two ago, but i’m still glad we’re getting games for all Sony’s systems… :) .

      (*Sure i don’t play them as much as my PS4 games, but i still play them :) .)

  • Not questioning the quality of Infamous but it’s a terrible choice, it was one of a very very select few ps4 launch window titles, the vast majority of people would have played this by now. Would love to see the download numbers for it next month. Additionally, please just scrap the ps3/vita options. They’re beyond dire now, it’s just a waste of everybody’s time and money

    • As I mentioned above, I’ve always wanted to play it and never picked it up. There’s no doubt that a lot of people have purchased it; as you say, it was released around launch when there were fewer options, but I think you’d be surprised at just how many people haven’t played it yet and are looking forward to it.

      Same with Killzone: Shadowfall. This was my launch title but I know for a fact that a lot of people didn’t pick it up at launch and would like it added to the collection.

  • Wasn’t there supposed to be some sort of big announcement regarding PS+ for September? This line-up is good but I’d say last months wasn’t much worse than this so I’m struggling to see what is justifying the 25% price increase? A VR game that 90% of users won’t be able to play?

  • Objectively speaking: cracking line up. Already own a few titles myself but looking forwards to playing Hatoful Boyfriend again.

  • Do we get a PS VR to be able to play Rigs? I’d rather see higher quality Vita games, instead.

  • PSVR games is a wonderful news!

    Already own Infamous but don’t mind, really good lineup

  • If you’re going to continue supporting the Vita with this then I think we’d like to see you put a little more effort in, with regards to the games you offer up.

  • You could’ve done better with the PS3 / PS Vita games!

    Also, am I the only one who wants the Instant Game Collection to return!?

    Games like Killzone: Shadow Fall, INFAMOUS: Second Son/First Light, LBP3, The Order 1886, and UNCHARTED: The Nathan Drake Collection should be part of the Instant Game Collection, Along with the PS3 and PS Vita games that were removed.

  • Recently finally bought PS4 and I’m glad I didn’t go for Infamous yet. Now I’ll have both new gen games digitally (First Light was on Plus years ago).

    Why do you even bother with PS3 anymore. Either give us some good games or non at all. PS3’s line-up really sucks these last months. I’d be much happier if instead of PS3 games you gave us some decent Vita games. Not just indie stuff nobody usually ever heard of. I love my Vita and still play it because it has plenty of niche japanese titles.

  • Even tho I own RIGS it’s kind of [DELETED] that EU doesn’t get it even after you raised the prices for PS PLUS

  • Great news seeing PSVR titles in the lineup.

  • A nice one up and around the level of quality which SIE should be considering every month instead of fobbing off PS4 gamers with the indie games no-one wants that they had become famous for. Throwing a PS VR game in is an excellent idea to reward owners of the tech and, potentially if they make it a regularity, charming others into purchase of said tech.

    Shame I own Infamous:SS and Child of Light already but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Time for some pigeon dating next month! ??️

  • Awesome news for PSVR gamers. Why should PSVR gamers miss out on free Plus content.

    As it’s a bonus, not at the expense of anything else (PS3,4 and Vita games) it should keep everyone else happy.

  • RIGS?! Brilliant! Thank you :D

  • Not the best Playstation For neXT month bare people Play it

  • Finally, Infamous Second Son, while i’m still not ready to play it after losing my about mid way through save in the first game around late 2011 when my launch PS3 broke*, i was still considering buying it in a sale wgen it was good value, but it took too long to come down to a price i considered good value and though it’s been available for about €10 in every PSN sale for about the last 18 months, by that point i was saying to myself, “But surely this game will be added to Plus soon… ok maybe next month… maybe next month… maybe next month…”, but now it is (well next Tuesday it will be) :) .

    Now i’m only waiting for Killzone Shadow Fall to follow suit… :) .

    I’m almost ready to play the latter, i have/had** a save about halfway through Killzone 3, i could surely be ready to play Shadow Fall after a weekend :) .

    As for the rest of the list, i’m pretty happy with it, but i mostly care about finally getting Second Son on Plus (particularly after we got its’ standalone expansion First Light about two years ago…) :) .

    (*It’s one of countless games/game series i’ve to restart/get back into, i was also mid way through Batman: Arkham Asylum and Assassin’s Creed II, among other games and had completed Mass Effect II, but now so my save in that and ME III are as complete as possible, since ME 1 came out on PS3 in late 2012, i’ve been playing to restart the full series away… :) .)

    ** I’m 90% i didn’t start Killzone 3 #til after my launch system broke, or if i was playing it on the reconditioned PS3 i got from Sony after it, which broke itself about 14 months later, i pretty sure i managed to save its’ save as i had an external harddrive at that stage and got all but a handful of copy protected files off it before it broke, i’m still playing on my third but only second new PS3 which i bought after the reconditioned one, which of course if i’d know about dead PS3’s encrypted harddrives, i should have bought the second my launch system gave me trouble :) .)

  • I’m so excited to play rigs

  • Is RIGS free for UK as well?

  • Child of Light has already been on ps plus..

  • cant complain renewed my subscription before the price increase and used a discounted top up voucher to pay so got 15 months ps plus for 37.99. bargain

  • “If superheroes are you’re thing then…”

    I am thing?

  • Pity we don’t get Strike Vektor like the US. It’s a great and fun game once you get the hang of it, but nobody really bought it when it came out (except for me). Would’ve been nice to try that again with a lot more other people.

    Second Son is a decent game – but sadly, there’s no profit in going a middle way, not unless you want to unlock all the powers, it’s either all good or all bad, and that just didn’t jibe with my personal attitude.

    Child of Light is beautiful and haunting, a fairy tale for young and old. It’s really one of the nicest games to play with a kid watching, helping out.

    The rest… I have no real interest in.

  • Good games on PS4 so I own them, which was mostly the case since it got slightly better on PS4. Oh well, still got Just Cause to try, judging by the numbers so far I should be glad to get one game worth dl’ing every decade..

    I’m sure the relevant public might enjoy their VR title, for the rest of us it’s obviously NOT DONE! Not paying so some guy on another platform can enjoy games I can’t or don’t want to. That’s mostly the case for the regular games as it is…

    You couldn’t give us an extra game we can all enjoy? Just as a sorry for oh, I dunno : dragging along last-gen up until even now so there’s really only 2 relevant games. Or simply because up to now you continue to force us to buy into this relatively completely useless PS+ service to get online, which should be a separate cost by all accounts, not some blackmailing tool that jacks up the price and falsely promotes and supports the service. We all know your numbers would drop drastically if people had the choice, most would go for a cheap online sub and only very few would bother getting a second, more expensive PS+ sub. So you decided to treat your own audience in the worst of ways for momentarily easy financial gains. Where are your ethics? By all means, stop striving to make it a better business like you seemingly used to and copy your American baby brother who joined the race last but managed to leave plenty of bad influences. As long as it pays and the public gobbles it up.. I could debate about this further but that’s it for my monthly rant/wake-up call.

    (I honestly can’t believe I’ve been practically begging them years for ‘just’ an online fee, since by principle I’m opposed to even that. No guarantee it makes for better online, on the contrary . It was better on PS3 and free.)

    • I honestly couldn’t agree more. Most of the games we get a truly aweful. The reason there on ps plus is no one would buy them in the first place. Time to do a ps plus staff clear out. Give someone who knows what they’re doing a chance.

    • While I 100% agree with you, the fact is consumer gouging is a favourite pastime of big business and Sony is no exception. Paying a subscription for the most random, unnecessary crap has become the norm, not just for gaming consoles. Honestly, I don’t know how it’s not been implemented for PC gaming yet… Probably because they know it would cause outrage…

      You’re right to say that this isn’t the right place to debate this, so I’ll just say that until EVERYONE complains about it and refuses to pay for PS Plus, then nothing will change. And there is no chance of that happening, so we have two options. Keep bringing it up in the hope that Sony throw us a bone and make memberships for online gaming only, or far more likely, we are stuck with it as it is… : \

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