4 tips for teeing off in style in Everybody’s Golf, out this week on PS4

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4 tips for teeing off in style in Everybody’s Golf, out this week on PS4

Advice on what to check out in the colourful sporting sim, out 30th August

Almost 20 years since its first release, the beloved Everybody’s Golf franchise returns this week, boasting more challenges, character customisation options and game modes than ever before.

Clap Hanz and JAPAN Studio are super excited to launch Everybody’s Golf for PS4, and we wanted to give you a few tips to get you ready to take on the friends you meet on the course!

1. Practice Range

Before you jump into an online Turf War battle* and play for bragging rights with your buddies, we recommend you hop into Solo Stroke mode. In Solo Stroke play, you’ll be able to play all of the courses without pestering friends trying to distract you from sinking your birdie putt!

Take your time, study the greens on each hole, perfect your backspin approach shots and master the franchise’s three-click shot mechanic so when you hop into the game’s more challenging multiplayer modes, you’ll have a leg up on the competition.

And don’t forget, we’ve upped the ante this time around when it comes to putting. In previous games in the series, you only needed to click twice on the controller while putting, but Clap Hanz wanted to raise the stakes and intensity, so don’t forget to practice your pressure putts with three clicks!

Single Player Stroke

2. Character and equipment upgrades

Once you’re feeling more comfortable with your shot repertoire, we suggest you move on to Tournament mode* so you can upgrade your equipment and boost your character’s attributes. As you progress through Challenges in this game mode, you will face rival characters and earn handsome rewards when you beat them! Better clubs, upgraded balls, more outfits, cheery spectators… all of the rewards earned in this mode will make you a better golfer.

And don’t miss out on Lucky Time! Lucky Time are side quests that occur randomly in Open Course mode and by completing these quests, you’ll be rewarded with more goodies!

Challenge Tournament

3. Outside the tee-box activities

With an open world that players are free to explore at their leisure, you’ll connect with up to 50 players when you play online*. And if you hadn’t already heard, Everybody’s Golf has plenty of fun activities that you can participate in when you need a break from the links.

You’ll unlock Fishing and Golf Carts as you improve your skill level and beat rival characters while progressing through the five available Open Courses. Once you’ve unlocked Fishing and Golf Carts, you can pick up your fishing gear at the counter by the pond and golf carts will magically appear by pressing the triangle button while walking the course. Treasure Hunting events, however, are randomly placed throughout Open Courses and all coins collected can be used at the shop!

4. Fashion envy?

While Everybody’s Golf characters are customisable from head to toe, we’ve created a tool so you can copy character designs from those avatars you meet on the course when you play online*. So, if you happen to meet some friends and you just HAVE to have their look, try the Avatar Copy feature by be selecting the options button on your DS4 to see a list of players in your course. Find a character you want to copy, and simply chose Copy Character. You can copy any character so long as the player has enabled the Copy Character option.

Everybody's GolfEverybody's Golf


We’re grateful to our beloved fans who’ve stuck with us for 20 years now and we invite a new audience of PS4 owners to give Everybody’s Golf a shot!

Looking forward to seeing you all on the course!

*Some online modes require PS Plus membership.

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  • Everybody’s golf on the Vita was one reason I was playing vita over the PS4 so can’t wait for this. If it is as good as the Vita version of Everybody’s Golf then we’re in for a real treat!!

  • Love this game.. mine arrived early due to the bank holiday. Been playing it all all day. So so good. My girlfriend who hates golf can’t stop playing this, even she’s become hooked. If you haven’t already grab it asap.

  • The last Everybody’s Golf game locked the top 3 levels of gear (balls and clubs) for both single player and multiplayer behind micro-transactions, they couldn’t be earned just by playing the game. Does this game do that? I haven’t been able to find confirmation one way or the other anywhere.

    • The DLC part of the ingame store is currently unavaliable as the game hasn’t officially launched yet, so we’re not sure what they sell in there at the moment.

    • Thanks for that. I guess I’ll wait and see, I really hope I can support this game, I enjoyed World Tour so much. But if they decide to arbitrarily remove the best gear from the game just so they can sell it back to me again, I think my love of this game will finally end.

  • Been playing this over the weekend and I love it. I love the new sense of progression, customisation and leveling up my clubs. There is alot to do, even at the start of the game. I just unlocked the Alpine course and it’s alot of fun. The course design is a bit tougher that the first one, but in a good way. I’m glad the courses offer a good challenge as it makes it even more important to level up your clubs. Here’s a little tip that will help a bunch: add backspin to every shot you can that lands on the green. If you don’t, you pretty much never get EXP for backspin on your clubs, So practicing this early on during the easy part of the game will help out a bunch later when you actually need to use the skill on tough courses.

  • I couldn’t play the PS3 game because of my colourblindness which made the swing meter almost invisible when in the rough. Does this cater to broken people like me? Always loved the PSP games so I really want this!

  • Hello, I have one question about mode online playing open courses. This mode now cannot set a private room in order to play with friends only, right? because when I choose this mode, I cannot see my friends in the courses. Thank you for replying. Love this game so much.

  • Hi All!

    Can someone tell me how you change the swing action to Advanced Shot Mode like you could in the old Everybody’s Golf. I really don’t like the basic shot mode with the horizontal power bar across the bottom. I’ve seen pictures of it in reviews of the game, so I knows its available, but I can’t figure out how to change it. Many Thanks!

  • Well, Everybody’s golf on the Vita was one reason I was playing vita over the PS4 so can’t wait for this. If it is as good as the Vita version of Everybody’s Golf then we’re in for a real treat!! https://imobdroapp.com

  • Anyone else having slight lag issues with the power gauge and pressing the x button. Almost have to hit x a split second before it reaches the sweet spot so it carries to the sweet spot. Very annoying. I hope they do patch the other swing modes. Been waiting TOO long for this game to find out it only has the standard power bar mode.

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