Limited edition Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation 4 console revealed

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Limited edition Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation 4 console revealed

Available on 18th October from participating retailers, alongside customised Dualshock 4

Today I’m thrilled to announce that a limited edition Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation 4 console will release across UK, Europe and Australasia from 18th October* to coincide with the release of the latest entry in Polyphony Digital’s celebrated racing series.


As you can see from the above, the small, slim and light 1 terabyte unit will feature an exclusive Gran Turismo Sport silver faceplate, emblazoned with the logo and a fully-customised silver DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller with the Gran Turismo Sport logo on the touchpad.

The limited edition console comes with a Day 1 edition of the game which provides access to $250,000 in-game credits, livery sticker packs, a chrome racing helmet and 60 PS4 avatars.


We will also have a standalone Limited Edition DUALSHOCK 4, as well as a version that’s bundled with a standard copy of the game*.

That’s not all though – we have more bundles available to suit every player which all come with a standard copy of Gran Turismo Sport on Blu-ray disc*:

  • Jet Black PS4 1 TB edition
  • Jet Black PS4 500GB edition
  • Jet Black PS4 1TB + extra Jet Black DUALSHOCK 4 edition
  • Jet Black PS4 Pro edition

*Check local retailers for further details regarding price and stock availability


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  • Why not a limited edition PS4 Pro model?

    • Because it sucks.

    • Why? Game is enhanced for the PRO…kinda short sighted.

    • Because a technical upgrade is a pointless gimmick for consoles. It defeats the whole purpose of them.

      Stuff like that should be saved for the next generation, and to make the most of the hardware you have. Too many games focus on graphics now instead of gameplay.

    • They won’t over market the Pro, it will always remain as a product to cater to the niche who desires more power. They keep it quiet as to not divide the fan base too much. The normal PS4 is the main seller.

    • What an antiquated way of looking at things… Since when do you decide how the market should respond and bring out it’s tech?

      Sounds like you’re just salty you’re too broke to afford the Pro + 4K compatible accessories.

    • I dunno. A lot of consoles have had technicaly upgrades in some form or other with various degrees of success. Mega CD and 32X being two well known failures at boosting tme Mega Drive’s lifespan. But even things like the Super FX chip in certain SNES games like Starwing and Yoshi’s Island is a form of tech upgrade but built into the game rather than the machine. At least with the Pro I could trade in my entire standard PS4 for it and many, many more games benefit from the upgrade whether with direct support or with Boost mode. I’m quite happy I upgraded. I don’t even have a 4K TV but am liking the improvements.

  • Disappointed that it’s not the Pro, especially as GT Sport is enhanced on it. Would have been interested if it was Pro but just for a PS4 Slim? Nope. Mentions ‘faceplate’ so are there going to be coloured and printed faceplates available to buy separately at later date?

    • Agree.

      Stupid decision to not do a Pro version of this seen as moving forward I’d assume more people will be buying the pro for longevity sake.

      I would have trade my pro for this if they had a pro version.

  • Thats the “BIG” reveal you have in the sleeve? Disappointing that Sony is not honoring the biggest Gaming Event in the world anymore…Sry but this is *everythumbsdown*

    • the gamescom is the worst gaming event ever, there’s so many visitors that’s the only think you do is waiting for hours, can’t move and very depleasant at the end.

  • Are you kidding that slim PS4 bundle what about Pro I don’t want Jet black I want silver smh what a joke

    • Can’t you rip the faceplate off and put it on the Pro? (Not serious, I wouldn’t be interested in buying two consoles, either!)

      However, this leads me to think that there may be faceplates coming for the PS4 [Pro]… just like there were different-coloured drive bay plates for the original PS4. I’m hoping this is to be the case anyway! (Pardon the pun!)

  • where is ps4 pro with 4k bluray drive? even xbox one s got one :/

    • Haha yeah that’s great but what about some games for the games console ?✌?

    • Haha, yeah that’s great and all but your spin doesn’t change the fact that the Xbox One S does do what the PS4 and PS4 Pro can’t. This is a deal breaker for some, obviously not you.

  • Not interested in racing games at all, but isn’t this quite contraproductive? I mean why not use this skin on your flagship PsPro? What is more shocking that GT has ps pro support…

  • Can you detail how it’s fully customised? Shorter trigger stops, adjusted height on the sticks, improved responsiveness?

    …or is it just silver with a logo plonked in the middle?

  • I was hoping for a limited edition PS4 Pro model. It looks nice but I’m set on getting a Pro. Make it happen please.

  • Ahh, so this is why ps plus has gone up, to pay for a new silver paint scheme, well done sony, hats off to you

  • Looks sleek but should be the Pro. Slim is the ‘budget’ machine.

  • this smacks of the beginning of the last leg of a product lifecycle before announcing the next generation, trying to flog as many inexpensive SKUs as possible, in bulk. It’s neither particularly limited in the grand scheme of things, nor is it a pro. I mean, for GT, surely anyone with an iota of sense would push a pro!?

  • Not buying this game anyway and I’m a GT6 Platinum trophy holder. NO PROPER CAREER MODE EQUALS NO BUY.

    • GT6’s Platinum is Easy, If you mentioned you had GT5’s Platinum then I’d be slightly more Impressed. But glad we’ll have one less “Cry’ Before you Buy types around.

    • That’s fair, it should have a career mode. But there are folks here who’d buy a [DELETED] if it had a logo slapped on it, like the edge-lord trolling you with his “cry before you buy” trolling.

    • @Marky26422 Lol true, I have more trophies in GT5 than you after all. You would be more impressed if I had the SKILL to do the Used Car Lottery to try and get 1000 cars in GT 5? No thanks, not that you did it either.

      I think I have every right to be disgusted with this game. “Before” I buy assumes I will be buying it ever, I won’t be. I’m also a “cry before I buy” type for the Resident Evil and Final Fantasy series and look how they are doing now too lol. 10 years of RE to get a half decent game in RE7 and 10 years of MAKING a new FF game to get whatever the heck FFXV is.

    • I’m glad you took such an Interest In my trophy list. I couldn’t be bothered to look up yours. My Comment still stands. You can whinge & whinge all you like. The Game will still Sell well & We’ll have less of your bemoaning for people who will Enjoy the game.

      The rest of your comments have nothing to do with GT Sport. And yet here we are… The Game hasn’t even been released yet and some how you have the ability to go into the Future to tell us all that there isn’t a Career Mode. You have no idea what the FIA & PD have planned for us so why don’t you shut the hell up and go back Into your corner Troll.

    • @andrewsqual Crikey, who doesn’t love an angry little squeaker, eh? I’m right with you on RE and FF. Them, MGS and GT were all seminal franchises back in the day and some of them just evolved into muck… purely for the likes of troll-boy there, one would imagine. With Fear Effect coming back, are you tempted to pick it up if the reviews are favourable?

  • Gotta love the GT5 Prologue colour scheme Because that is what this game is, a GT Prologue and nothing more.

  • Not impressed. Bad move. The bundle should be with the Pro.

    Why would you have a flagship racing game that can take advanateg of the flagship console, but have the ultimate bundle offer with the re-trimmed old console???

    I don’t see a point in buying a regular PS4 to save 20-25% on the purchase price for something with essentially half the capability of the Pro.

    I have been puting off buying a PS4 as I was waiting for GT to come out and waiting for a budle deal with the Pro.

    I guess I will be buying a PS4 Pro separately as I want the pre-order version of the game for the extra goodies.

    The Pro version on offer is nothing special.

  • Very disappointing. Such a great colour scheme wasted on the Slim model. Sony, you really need to look at the market of enthusiast players who want a limited edition console and understand that they want a PRO model. With such a huge install base, a majority of people who want to play PS4 likely already own one – no point getting another one (even a limited edition model), unless it’s better. Guess what’s better: the PRO Model

    • Maybe they’re aiming this at “collectors” who will never open the box (to keep the value) so it doesn’t matter what type of console is in it?

  • Sony know what they’re doing clearly. If you don’t have a PlayStation 4 then this is perfect for even new comers to the Series. For those that bought a PS4 Pro recently & Upgraded (e.g Me) then this leaves us a little hollow inside. I’m going to purchase It for the Collector Factor alone If It’s cheap enough. I’m also glad the Limited Controller can be purchased separately as I hate the Black Controller bundled with My Pro. (I had the Batman PS4 before I upgraded to the Pro) 

    That all aside the GT Emblem Is beautiful & I love the Two Tone feel of the console & Controller.

  • Wow this actually looks amazing :O

  • I would’ve purchased this in a heartbeat if it was a ps pro. Unfortunately cool stuff is implemented to the slim because the marketing team is behind the real decisions. At least that’s what I guess anyways.”PS Slim sold more than ps pro so make limited editions for slim”. Something like that

  • I used to love the Gran Turismo series. Been there since day one. The original was the reason I first used the dual shock pad, after switching from my old digital controller, and I never looked back. The second game was bigger, better, everything about it was an improvement on an already brilliant original. Then came the PS2 games. Gran Turismo’s 3 and 4 were everything I wanted from a racing game. Huge amounts of cars, tracks, different driving challenges, the hill climbs, the off road, I still loved the series so much. Then I got Gran Turismo 5 on the PS3, and whilst it wasn’t that much of a leap technically, I appreciated the new graphics, being able to race online, and I had a huge amount of fun with it. Then came 6. Oh. Or should I say Gran Turismo 5.1. No innovation, nothing new, barely an upgrade from the previous game, and I was a little disappointed. Still, I played it for a long time, and definitely got my money’s worth. When Gran Turismo Sport was announced my heart sank a little. The main draw for me, with these games, is starting out in some underpowered road car, upgrading it, gradually earning a bit more money to move up to the next set of races. It had a really nice career progession type thing, but all of this seems to have gone out of the window with this new game. Still, it was a new GT game and so I was excited to try the beta. I wish I hadn’t bothered. It was bland, boring, and had none of the excitement or charm of the old games. It felt almost clinical. And the graphics have barely been updated since Gran Turismo 5. I lost any interest I had in new games in this series after about an hour with the beta. It’s such a shame to say, because this was one of my favourites franchises ever on the Playstation, and like I said, I’ve been there since the beginning. I’ll be looking elsewhere for my racing thrills this year. Fingers crossed Project Cars 2 is good… :(

  • Honest question. Why do people on here care about this, don’t most of you already own a PS4 making it completely irrelevant for you as an individual?

  • What’s even more lame besides no Pro version, is no USA version of this release… The U.S is literally the core of your business and it seems we always get shafted, we already get screwed daily by our government, now by Sony.

    • The US/NA region sells about half of the hardware and Software of the Europe region so that might be why?

      Also it’s probably not viewed as something the NA region is particularly interested in. There wouldn’t be a Madden special edition PS4 released in Europe either.

  • “PlayStation 4 console will release across UK, Europe and Australasia”


  • This is incredibly disappointing- why can’t there be a PS4 Pro bundle? I was hoping for a gold or silver version, but it’s apparently never going to happen. C’mon Sony, please! :)

  • stop making stupid pros some of us like to use the optical slot for audio so the slim is just a downgraded basic ps4 to me as its had stuff removed so either make a pro or it will just give me further proof that your dont care about gamers just profit and if something doesnt chnge before november i can say with certainty that i will be buying the xbox one x as its a better machine simple

  • Looks nice but what I really need to know is what’s is GT Sport, we’re 2 months from launch and theres no details of the online part – have we got 100’s of races/events to choose, season pass ?

    Hopefully there’s something to do, as for the offline you’ve got a licence test, photos & livery mode and then what ? Create custom races (maybe events?) in Arcade mode.

    The series peaked with GT4, I think I wait for the reviews on this one.

  • Who can even see the top with the console in their media unit? This is a single line of silver different in practice. Why are Sony’s LE consoles always so boring?

  • Looks really nice.

  • Despite thinking the Pro is a bit of an insult to us morons who lined up for the “inferior” launch PS4… [DELETED] Why isn’t this a Pro??? Absolute madness.

    Sorry all, I have to rant. Sony, your past year has been utterly awful. PS Now (that ISN’T EVEN AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE) instead of real BC, dividing the userbase with the Pro, Increasing the price of Plus while never adding any benefits to it, garbage uncustomisable interfaces added to the console (eg being forced to scroll through apps I DON’T HAVE in the video section)… I jumped ship from 360 to PS4 last gen because of how Microsoft screwed up the One so badly. Willing to do it again if you keep up this nonsense. MS have been humbled this gen just like you were last one. Don’t expect to stay on top forever.

  • Just wait people who buy this will only put it on ebay for double the price

  • Is the dude on the box taking a crap or what? xD

  • does anyone know if this console will be released in the US or Latin America. I’m looking forward to it.

  • YTP – Angry Grandpa’s Shish Lasagna

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