New games join the PlayStation Store Summer Sale today

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New games join the PlayStation Store Summer Sale today

Grab discounts on Horizon Zero Dawn, Sniper Elite 4, Hitman, Gravity Rush 2, more

Just when you thought our Summer Sale couldn’t get any better, we’re adding a host of additional games to the promotion today, with up to 60% off select titles*!

Whether it’s Horizon Zero Dawn, Call of Duty: Black Ops III Gold Edition, The Last of Us Remastered or Sniper Elite 4, you can make great savings on amazing content for your PS4.

We’ve added more add-on content too. Starting today, you can save on the likes of the Nioh Season Pass, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Season Pass, Hitman Requiem Pack and more.

Don’t forget, some games will only be on offer for a limited time, and some titles may not be available in your region – just visit the title on PlayStation Store for details and don’t miss out!

Here’s a run-down of all the titles joining the sale today:

In addition, a huge array of titles announced last week are still on sale. Here are a few highlights – but head on over to the PlayStation Store Summer Sale page for the full list and pricing details!




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  • just when i said i wasn’t going to buy anymore games Horizon goes on sale

    might as well pick up nioh’s season pass while i am at it

  • 50% of the new list is Call of Duty…

    • Almost 50% of games in my local 2nd hand store are Call of Duty. And the other almost 50% being FIFA.

  • The Heavy Rain™ & BEYOND: Two Souls™ Collection – for me! :)

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  • Meh Horizons physical copy is nearly the same price in my country. Also how about adding Nier Automata ?

  • Gravity Rush 2 – only 5%, seriously?

  • Knack at £3.99 is still overpriced.

    • It’s not a great game but it gets far too much stick in my opinion.

      It was never worth buying at £40 or more but I got more than enough entertainment from it in early 2014 when I bought it 2nd hand for £15.

      £4 is definitely a decent price, it won’t set anyone’s world alight but at that price it’s worth a punt for a flawed bit fun game

    • Yeah I might buy it again. Had it on disc ages ago when I got my first PS4. Not a fave of mine but it certainly doesn’t deserve the hate and insults it gets. I’d much rather play it than a lot of other successful games (like Call of Duty for example).

    • Glad it’s not just me. And I agree I’d rather play knack then COD. Im not a COD hater but not into online and every time I try the campaign I find the stories boring as hell lol

  • Yes 2750 Indian rupees. I am not sure about other regions but Indian region never gets a good price. I am tired of seeing 2750 again and again. How is that 60% off? Do something Sony. I get better prices on Xbox every single week.

  • I am quite curious about Nioh, is it just another shameless Dark Souls ripoff (like the Surge which i returned on steam) or some fresh and cool addition to the genre?

    • it’s a die and retry like dark souls , but you shoudl give it a shot cos it’ from the makers of ninja gaiden ( team ninja ) even if the original producer and director are not there anymore , if u like challenged games , it’s a good pick.

    • It’s got a few similarities and quite a few differences. It’s a fun game, and probably a bit harder than DS (maybe). I’ve played all the Souls games and liked them all and liked it too. I didn’t like Lords of the Fallen (by the makers of the Surge) though, it was just bland.

      The main 5 differences are probably

      Fewer weapon types, but you unlock different skills and movesets for them. “Diablo like” gear drops, with random properties with reforging. Along with stances for weapons (high/medium/low) allow for different playstyles with the same weapons. The buttons are different to the Souls games.

      Mission structure instead of more open. Story follows a set main character (though you can change his appearance to be other characters) and is more obvious (rather than Dark Soul’s usual vagueness) with a nice (historic) setting.

      No invasions or random PvP outside a dedicated PvP mode. Though the usual bloodstains give you a chance to fight a version of the player who was killed for a chance at getting a copy of some of their gear. You can join one of the clans and help get rewards every week.

      Can unlock and assign different guardian spirits to give you different properties and “super” type moves. Some of them are move defensive, some are more offensive, while others give special effects.

      Co op is done in two ways, a normal summoning (it’s random like Bloodborne) or a dedicated 2 player mode where either of you being killed depletes a bar. It’s nice helping out random people in random missions.

    • MiseryPrincess gave you a pretty good explanation of some of the things. Imo.

      Just some of my thoughts though:

      Argonark to answer your question we would first have to think what is a shameless rip off? Well is it a rip off when it’s RPG? When it got bosses? Weapons? and so on. By those means yes it has weapons, it is rpg, got bosses and so on.

      However it is pretty different than Souls games. The setting is completely different, the story as well. But so are the other so called “rip offs”. Then how can we say it’s not a rip off? Well the actual gameplay style is different, the way stances works pretty much make the experience different itself, the way you can shift stances mid combos, the stances have each own special moves. Each weapon type got it’s own set of moves for stances. Those combined with item properties you can make some really good combos on certain enemies. Else it is more of a story driven, area limited, RPG experience.

      For me there are not many things that ties this to a Soul type game except they focus on it being just slightly harder than the common RPG game. Another thing is the currency, but an RPG need some kind of currency and this game would absolutely not benefit from just a normal coin only currency, amrita is close to souls. Mostly this game would just fit under the RPG genre maybe more of a hack’n’slash arpg.


      It’s an RPG game. RPG does not mean Souls. Souls games are just RPG games. For this to be a rip off it should be pretty much copying Souls but it hasn’t.

      Btw the logic of rip offs has gone wrong the last decade or so. Now people think genres means rip offs. Sad.

    • Gentlemen, thank you for really detailed and deep explanation. I think i’ll give it a go!

  • The Vita version of Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom is still showing full price despite the PS3 and PS4 versions and some DLC being in the sale. How about showing Vita owners some love?

  • So, the two editions of Andromeda are discounted… but not the Deluxe upgrade pack.

    You had one job

  • Another sale and … there is nothing special for me.

    1) 37% off digital copy of Horizon is not great.

    2) The price for Uncharted 4 is exactly the same as it was on THREE previous sales!

    3) The Last Of Us (PS4) was even cheaper on previous sales!

    4) Where is Dreamfall Chapters? The Final Cut Edition has already received a great discount on Steam…

    No doubt I will opt for physical copies. Digital copies should cost significantly cheaper if Sony wants me to buy them instead of discs!

  • put rainbow on sale

  • Please add rainbow six siege to the list it didn`t go on sale for months

  • Need Persona 5, NieR Automata and Little Nightmares on sale!

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