Limited edition Destiny 2 Dualshock 4 controller, new PS4 bundles announced

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Limited edition Destiny 2 Dualshock 4 controller, new PS4 bundles announced

Special edition controller and the full bundle line-up coming 6th September detailed

We are pleased to announce a Limited Edition Destiny 2 Dualshock 4 wireless controller will launch on 6th September*. We also have details on the full range of Destiny 2 PlayStation 4 bundles available in our region.


The Limited Edition Dualshock 4 will feature a touch pad customised with the game’s logo, plus the iconic character class insignia, all in striking gold – making it the perfect companion for your next raid!


The Glacier White PlayStation 4 Pro bundle – announced in the run up to the beta -will include:

  • Blu-ray disc copy of Destiny 2 – with exclusive PS4 content**
  • Destiny 2 expansion pass
  • Premium digital content (Legendary sword, Legendary player emote and Cabal Empire themed emblem)


If that wasn’t enough, we also have a range of Jet Black PS4 bundles including:

  1. 1TB Jet Black PS4, extra Jet Black Dualshock 4 plus a Blu-ray disc copy of Destiny 2
  2. 1TB Jet Black PS4 and a Blu-ray disc copy of Destiny 2
  3. 500GB Jet Black PS4 and Blu-ray disc copy of Destiny 2

All copies of the game will include the PS4 exclusive content**, which features:

  • Co-op Strike
  • Exotic Sniper Rifle
  • Ship Variant
  • Multiplayer Map
  • 3 Legendary Armour Sets

We hope you all enjoyed playing the beta earlier this month and are as excited as we are for the full game – out 6th September.
Let us know what you think of the limited edition Dualshock 4 and bundles in the comments, and you can check out more pictures of the controller below.


*Limited Edition Dualshock 4 wireless controller not available in the UK, Poland or Russia. Please check with local retailers for further details regarding price and stock availability of the controller and PS4 bundles.

**Exclusive until at least autumn 2018.

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  • Wow, something NOT available in UK? Can’t wait to buy it in … Romania!

  • This is a EU controller. It is fine that the UK is excluded :D

  • Yuk, yuk, ewww. I am however interested in any PS4 limited edition controllers designed after ACTUAL iconic things to me like Spider-man, God of War, Everybody’s Golf, Yakuza or Shadow of the Colossus.

    Notice I didn’t say Gran Turismo because I won’t be TOUCHING GT Sport with its “single player campaign” tiny missions, essentially what GT 4 Prologue was. Gran Turimso PSP had a better campaign and it had none lol.

    Why don’t you just call GT Sport, GT 7 Prologue with such lack of content after 4 years of development???

    • How can you pass judgement on a game’s lack of content, when it ISN’T OUT YET???

    • Giving GT Sport full VR support is the best thing the series has done in years.

    • Are people not aware that the whole game can’t be played in vr and only a certain part?

      There was an article on eurogamer a while ago.

    • @audi2k20031 It has been revealed what the “Single Player” is going to be for the game and its a few missions like in GT4 Prologue. I am absolutely enraged by this and so should any GT fan. Check it out right on the official website No wonder they were quiet about it since the game’s announcement. (I am going to be bringing it up in just about every single Sony based blog post).

      @MaxDiehard And yet even with the lack of tracks compared to GT games the past 15 years, the game still doesn’t have “FULL” VR support, its partial like Xbone’s BC support lol.

    • Go ahead and bring it up because I’m pretty sure I saw the devs lurking in the comments section a week last Thursday for a brief second just to see if someone was triggered yet so I’m sure any second now you’ll be getting an apology and a free copy of GT Sport… yep any second now….

  • Seems odd having a special console bundle not include the special controller… (though that controller is kind of… something…looking)

  • Why no controller for the UK?

    I blame Brexit.

    See people this is what happens when you vote leave! XD

  • Please pretty please make it available in UK!!!!!

  • Really? Limited edition controller and you’re not launching it in the UK? Surely that has to be a mistake.

    Either that or GAME weren’t getting exclusive rights so passed on it

  • SRSLY? limited edition and is just one color with no design, PS4 Destiny TTK limited edition has a very good design so I was expecting more…

  • Where can we found it for pre-order in france ?

  • Can’t wait ???? I really ❤️ how the stunning gold beautifully kisses the glacier white PS4 it tremendously astonishing

  • I’m sorry, but the design of that Dualshock controller is just lazy. It’s a white controller with some logo’s and text slapped on. Off course it’s a matter of taste, but would like to see a higher design standard on such things.

  • But will it come to Canada or am I going to order from eBay?

  • Limited edition Duelshock 4 controller not available in the UK? Some Destiny UK fans will not be happy on this news.

  • Wow!! Limited edition Destiny DS4!! Does this mean you get the X and O buttons once you purchase it and later they release the R2 and L2 buttons?? And perhaps they even promise Start and Select buttons but wait instead and rerelease the controller for PS5?? Wow wow wow!! Can’t wait!!

  • Good god that thing looks hideous

  • Shocking that the UK isn’t getting this controller – bad enough that the pro is plain and nowhere near as good as old PS4 design – now you’re telling me we can’t even have the controller??? Let’s see what the Scorpion bundles look like as with all the PSN price increases in U.K. this year too I’m not seeing much difference now between the two – for #the players (who can afford it)

  • Haters will say there are only 3 tiny vinyls on the controller. Which is right! This is exactly the same as the glacier white controller. Lazy bungie wants the money, but they aren’t working to get it.

  • The white one to be handled in gloves* only.

    Jokes aside, I hope this will hugely improve my K/D ration in the game. Looking forward.


    * Gloves not included.

  • … I… seriously hope that these designs are NOT final… and that this has not actually been sent to the factory for production… because.. .this… is terrible.

    There is lazy…

    There is photochopped…

    and then there is Lazy Photochopping.

    These designs… especially that controller with just a couple decals dragged on to the grips… is somehow beyond Lazy Photochopping. After the actual special edition Destiny (1) PS4 console… this is pretty much an insult.

    Whoever did these designs needs to be fired; production orders need to be halted; and you (Sony, Bungie, and Activision) need to have a very short talk about how you can make this blunder right before the end of August.

    Tick Tock; clock’s running out.

  • Is it April Fools day? That controller design has to be a joke by Sony. Ha ha, you got me.

  • Why is the controller NOT included in the bundle?

  • Hello, My account is hong kong

    I pre-ordered Destiny 2 Deluxe edition 2 weeks ago and playstation store was viewing me how much time remaining until game release when I go to store to pre-order it, but now it show like I had never pre-ordered it , it show me to purchase again.

    Please Tell me what happened? Help!!!

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