Your PlayStation Plus games for August are Just Cause 3 and Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry

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Your PlayStation Plus games for August are Just Cause 3 and Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry

Super Motherload, Snake Ball, Downwell and Level 22 also join the line-up

Greetings one and all and welcome to the red-hot reveal for the PlayStation Plus July line-up. We hope you’ve all had fun dodging saw blades, meat-hooks and the occasional backstabbing in this month’s macabre selection of titles? We’re happy to confirm we’ve got all manner of mayhem coming your way on 1st August. Without further ado, let’s take a peek.

Just Cause 3

If last month’s slightly more slow-burning mood left you hankering for something a bit more bonkers then look no further. An over-the-top cavalcade of pure, destructive chaos, Just Cause 3 delivers an open-world third-person romp with all the catharsis and tongue-in-cheek dialogue of a classic ’80s action movie.

As Rico Rodriguez, it’ll be up to you to sire political change in your troubled homeland of Medici through a thoughtful application of rocket launchers, wingsuits, grappling hooks and high explosives. Revolution is never easy, but as the old saying goes: if at first you don’t succeed, tie two helicopter gunships together with a grappling hook, cover them in C4 and smash them into an oil refinery… (you can actually do this).

Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry

If, on the other hand, you’re hankering after something a bit more stealthy – and have a soft spot for the high seas – then the mast-straddling, throat-slitting adventures of Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry could be just the very thing.

Set several decades after the piratical exploits of young Edward Kenway, this standalone expansion to Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag places you into the boots of shipwrecked sailor and Brotherhood assassin Adéwalé as he goes head to head with a cadre of French slavers. Expect death-defying acrobatics, copious bloodletting and a few pesky Templars trying to do something dastardly.

As per usual, our PS4 games are joined by four other titles on PS Plus this August. Your full line up looks like this:

These titles will be available to download from 1st August, meaning you’ve another few days to download July’s titles:

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1 Author Reply

  • Not too shabby. But a add on for Assassins creed!!! Really???

    • Stand alone expansion*

      those are like a minor stand alone game that add something extra when you own the original game.

    • It is not the first time they give a stand alone DLC and at least it is a good one.

    • It’s also a standalone game meaning you don’t need the original game to play it. Some games do that.

    • Ha ha ha ha! Love the description of it…”over 3 hours of new single player gameplay….” 3 hours…we’ve had demos that are longer than that!

    • We’ve had Gat Out of Hell and Infamous First Light on Plus before, so why not? Also, I own Black Flag and finished it three years ago but never bought Freedom Cry, so no complaints here

    • However, on the flip side, Just Cause 3 is supposed to be great (tried it previously, but had other games that took my attention more) if they’ve resolved apparent bugs?

    • My bad, didn’t realise it was stand alone expansion.

    • If you are going for 100% then you get about 5-7 hours out of it

    • Think more on the infamous: First Light side

    • The standalone version will crash a lot btw. Literally just played it. The DLC version of Black Flag was far more stable.

  • Pretty good month. Just Cause 3 is a great pick, however why not just offer the actual full game of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. I mean come on, it was a PS4 launch game. You could offer the DLC as a discount. Also isn’t Downwell Cross-buy with PS4?

    • Matthew Groizard

      Yes, I can confirm that Downwell will be Cross-buy on PS4.

    • The majority of people would have bought black flag by now as it was a great game! The standalone dlc is great, I’d rather that as you can’t find a physical copy of it

  • Decent. Might actually download these ones for a change

  • Just Cause 3 is a great game, same can’t be said for the rest of the selection though. Shame I’ve already got Just Cause 3.

  • Just Cause 3? Really? That broken game that recieved an update that made the game run worse?

    Dear lord, i really hope that Downwell is crossbuy…

    • Works fine on the pro

    • Runs “better” on the pro and not everyone (aka the majority) has a ps pro.

      Sad times where the “fixing” a fame is to purchase a better version of the same console…

    • Runs perfectly fine on the pro. If you don’t have a pro, then yeah it’s not great on the standard PS4 bit hey, I do so it’s all good

    • Nah it’s a figment of your imagination mate.

      Jesus some people will whine about anything.

    • @frodouk – Sure, “perfectly fine”…

      @Mojo_Man – Well, some people will defend anything so i guess it balances out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Never had any issues with JC3 on my standard PS4. I absolutely love that game.

    • Blubberislife710

      It is crossbuy.

    • Lol when you get a free game and complain about the quality of said game. First world problems.

    • Lol when people are brainwashed into thinking that a PAID rental service (with a paywall on the multiplayer) is “giving” games for “free”… (not to mention that the “free” games are broken, but who cares, it’s “free” lulz!!1!)

    • I bought JC3 since release on the X1 and I can say that after the first dlc update the game also ran worse on X1.

    • Lol, when someone is so desperate to win an argument they started, they will lie about how broken a game is.

      Stay salty Cyrax, just say you dont like a game and save us the trouble of digging yourself deeper

    • MattDark86, yes, if only there was reviews, opinions or videos on the internet to prove my point (especially from reputable sources like Digital Foundry). But you’re right, it’s a pointless argument to have, people see only whatever they want to see so have a nice day. :)

    • @MattDark86 First of all he’s not lying… play the game on disk and you’ll see how broken it is… I had lot’s of fun with the game but the constant frame drops where horrendous and somewhat tarnished what could have been a great experience… don’t know the difference with the game in the HD but no matter how much you try to control the damage you can’t change the fact that the game has issues!

      Second… The games are NOT FREE… seriously people open your eyes pls…

      Stop paying and you’ll see how much “Free” these games are…

      I paid for this service when the only reason to pay was the “free” games they gave… i’m talking about Metro Last Light, Bioshock Infinite, DMC , Etc. Now that we have to pay so we can play online the story changes a bit :P

    • Do you ever do anything but complain? They dont have to give you anything.

    • This Cyrax chap is clearly very highly strung.

    • Never had a problem playing it on my old standard PS4 and that thing was hella beaten up… Sounds a bit like SOME people had poor performance and that got more press because negative views are always broadcast louder…

  • Just Cause 3? This game is really WORTH checking out if you love open-world games and destruction. Highly recommend it. Too bad I already bought it last year on my birthday.

    • You sound like all the Youtubers that harped on about it before launch even it though it turned out a giant unoptimised mess then. So IS the game fixed now is all I want to know? :)

    • Nope still not fixed :/

    • Runs fine on the pro

    • I bought it a month or two ago when it was on sale… I’ve not had any issues with the game at all…. thats on an original PS4 too not a PS4.5 aka PS4Pro

    • Interesting Andrew, because if Supersmith sounds like an average YouTuber, then that must make you the average YouTube commentor. Spewing rubbish because you cant be bothered to check the facts.

      I bought the game in a sale last year, and while it had some issues here or there, it was never as broken as people love to claim.

    • Never mind the “runs fine on pro”, never once had a problem with it running on my standard PS4 -_-

  • We already had “That’s you” has a bonus title for July

  • Looks good to me. Only thing I could complain about if I were being pessimistic would be the two main games are both 18’s so nothing for the kids in the house, but I am not! I am really looking forward to JC3

  • at last a good little selection looking forward to it

  • Just Cause 3 is awesome but you need the season pass as half the best content is in it.

    Infinite jet pack, mech suits, airships and tons more of the coolest stuff is behind the pass.

  • Just Cause 3 is perfect for Plus and I already have Freedom Cry, the rest is just so bad…

  • Played loads of jc3.

    No idea if the actual gamelan is any good because I just play around with the wingsuit.

    That’s awesome no need to use any other vehicle

    • The vehicles became even less useful if you did the first bit of DLC to get the Jetpack. Just letting you fly round the map at high-speed.

  • Então porque no Brasil está aquela merda daquele jogo de nave ? Cadê o Just 3 para nos ? Pagamos tão caro quantos os outros países. Tem que ser o mesmo para todos!!!!

  • I moaned last month because of the never-ending interactive story kinds of games we were getting so I’m more than happy to come on now and say these picks are interesting. I have Black Flag so happy to get Freedom Cry, although if you DON’T have Black Flag I can understand you might feel a bit short changed perhaps? Just Cause 3 has been given free in Asia recently so I think we deserved that. In which case, I think we may get Killzone and Gravity Rush in the next few months as well.

    All in all, a good month for me. No idea about the other games to be fair though. Are any of them cross buy do we know?

    Oh, and I played some of those interactive games I moaned about and I actually quite like Life is Strange and Until Dawn (although I hate horror so haven’t played more than the beginning through fear). Still don’t ‘get’ Telltale games though. Nothing will change my mind on that I’m afraid.

    • Never was arsed with those telltales either but I gave GoT telltales a shot and man I loved it. Considering it was free and apparently worst of the series. I felt attached to the characters and loved the scenes where you can be a lord.

      If you haven’t tried it then give it a whirl I’m glad I did now I understand why people like it.

    • Freedom Cry is the standalone DLC rather than an add on for Black Flag owners so no short changing for anyone.

  • Seriously how can a game like Just Cause 3 be allowed on plus? The game is a complete mess!!! It runs terrible and I find it to be unplayable! I couldn’t last 2 hours before I deleted it. A patch came out that made it even worse!! Anyone who says it isn’t bad is just delusional… A game like this should not be allowed on plus IMO until the devs fix the mess they made… Easily the worst month ever on plus IMO.

    • I’m gonna give it a try and add my opinion on that as well as I generally have really high standards when it comes to the technical aspect of a AAA. From what I hear it’ll be unplayable for me but maybe people are overreacting..

    • I bought Just Cause 3 on sale a month or two ago and I haven’t had any issues with the game. People have said about frame rate drop… I’ve not seen any. This could be because its Digital and not Disc based.

    • Blubberislife710

      That might explain some of it.

    • I’m the same as Ziggy, bought a digital copy last year during one of the sales, and the only time I ever had any notable issues was when I started one of the first DLC missions.

      That was the only time I saw the frame-rate noticeably drop.

    • Unplayable is harsh. Never once had a problem playing it (think it crashed once after a long session but sure as hell no frame drops, and if there were they were barely noticeable).

  • Level 22 looks terrible, but I’m going to guess it’s more cross-buy PS4 padding rather than something for Vita owners?

    • Level 22 is available on the PS4, PS3, and PSV, but it’s not crossbuy. Just Downwell (PS4/PSV) and Super Motherload (PS4/PS3) are crossbuy titles this month.

  • After Until Dawn, terrible games. One additional package, the other one is not working stable and totally crappy game. I’m waiting september.

  • eh is ok I guess. Not really fussed about the big two. My fave game out of the lot here is Downwell but I already own it. It’s a lot of addictive arcadey fun though.

    • I never got how a game is supposed to be addictive. Not even Tetris back in the day was addictive to me. Where regular people get addicted, I just get bored.

    • It’s called gameplay. Something that’s often shoved aside for loooong talky cutscenes in most AAA games. But hey if even Tetris couldn’t work it’s magic on you then yeah that’s unusual.

    • @Cronos: Then it’s time you gave up gaming. If it doesn’t excite, pique your curiosity or addict you then gaming just isn’t for you.

    • Oh, I do get my share of excitement out of a good story. I just don’t get hooked on bland repetition. But I rarely read a book twice, or watch a movie twice, or play a story twice. I know it already, I get bored. While friends got addicted to WoW, I got bored after a couple hours. No diversity. And gameplay without incentive, i.e. story, is pretty boring in most cases, too. The only repetition that never bores me is making music.

    • But your avatar is from Virtue’s Last Reward…A game that you are supposed to “play” multiple times……? A little contradictory.

      It’s a fun game, but the logic between what you say, and at least from what I gather from the avatar use, doesn’t add up. Maybe you just liked the image.

    • Where do you re-play the whole of VLR? You jump around the timeline and choose different paths. That’s one playthrough in my book. Only because I reached multiple endings in Nier: Automata I’ll never say I played through it multiple times. I didn’t even finish VLR. Got bored. Plus, I didn’t say I never finish a game twice. It’s called reading. I finished Oxenfree, Journey, Heavy Rain or Shadow of the Colossus multiple times. It just happens very rarely.

  • Now that’s how you do it – between this and Until Dawn last month you’re on the way to redemption, Sony. Congratuwelldone! :D

    • Do people REALLY have such a short memory?

    • The only way they might be redeemed in my book is to separate online costs from PS+ or drop them altogether. And even that wouldn’t make up for the years I was forced to sub just to play online,regardless of whether you actually ever get anything out of PS+ by itself.

      Keep your standards up, people. It will empower us all.

    • @Cronoss69

      “between this and Until Dawn last month you’re on the way to redemption”

      -It’s called reading. The user specifically mentioned between this month and last month with Until Dawn, that they’re on the ‘way to redemption’. Aka…They’re headed towards that, as they’ve been solid for 2 months in a row. It doesn’t mean they’ll stay solid, but that they’re on the right path.

      Is this so difficult to comprehend or do you just like to hate?

    • Au contraire, the hate’s all you, dear human, don’t project it on me. Two okay months just don’t even begin to outweigh countless bad ones. But yeah, I cannot comprehend how it could for anyone else. Hence my question.

  • I don’t care for a game like Just Cause 3 because it didn’t share the same success as its previous game that I enjoyed i.e. a game that ran incredibly well on its last gen consoles it was brought to, as well as PC. THIS game is supposed to be all over the place with its optimisation though and I always avoided it even when it was in bargain bins.

    But I still have to laugh at all the other people complaining, the same people that probably always complain when they say “why isn’t there AAA retail releases on Plus”, well now you got it. Like when Xbone got the hot dumpster fire called Thief (that runs even worse on that console), you all went crazy that you wanted something like that too (I still have NO idea why). Well now you got it lol. What’s the problem?

    • What’s your point?

      There’s good AAA and bad AAA the same way there’s good indie titles and bad indie titles.

      Next month is Just Cause 3 that runs like crap, few months ago it was Broforce (and others).

    • @CyraxPT their point was very clear. People moan about wanting AAA games on plus and when they get them, then they moan about how crap the AAA game is.

    • Except the game doesnt run like crap Cyrax. But you keep telling yourself that…

  • Good stuff!

    I’ve been wanting to try Just Cause 3 and Freedom Cry for a while. And I remember playing the flash-version of Motherload a loooooong time ago, as well as the trial for Snakeball near when the PS3 first came out. So there’s a good deal of nostalgia right there! And I’ve heard good things about Downwell too. I don’t really care much for Level 22, by the looks of it, but hey 5/6 is pretty good!

  • Was looking forward to JC3, but the technical problems some of you are highlighting have tempered my expectations.

    • Same here..

    • Just try it. It’s *free

    • I ain’t had an issue with the Digital version I bought a month or 2 ago in sale.

    • TBH, the problems being raised here are being highly exaggerated. It has some issues here or there, some frame-rate drops if there is a lot of action going on (particularly if a lot of explosions and destruction is going on at once)

      But I’ve played it myself, and I’ve never had the issues other people claim to be commonplace in the game.

    • I wouldn’t worry: 1. It’s supposed to run better off the disc (go figure) and 2. those problems are hella overblown and situational (never had any noticeable problems myself).

  • Do this games will be to every psn accounts or just in USA. positive case, what about brasilian psn

  • I’d really like to know if JC3 actually runs acceptable on PS4, or if it’s still a glorified slideshow?

    And who the heck chooses the Vita titles? I can’t even remember the last time something decent was offered. Was it Golden Abyss or Gravity Rush? Long ago, anyway.

    • Performance is a mess on Just Cause 3 on PS4 and they still haven’t fixed it

    • I havent had any problems when i played

    • I’m with punkkid120 … I haven’t had any issues with Just Cause 3 either. People probably haven’t played it in that long or at all and just jumping on the “band wagon”

    • Not sure what joyrul is on about, as the others have said, the game runs pretty well. I’ve played it from start to finish, and only ever had 1 issue the the performance screwing up.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I guess, since I already paid for it, I may as well try it. I liked the chaos and b-movie style of JC2.

  • “For Free-to-Play, Dreadnaught, launching in open beta on August 1st, will be offering a $20 PlayStation Plus pack starting August 15th. All PlayStation Plus members will also get the Ravenswood Plus Pack free.”

    From the US Playstation blog, does europe also gets this or…

  • Come on admin you’re clearly looking at the comments… Please explain how Just Cause 3 can be allowed on plus when it runs so badly? How can a game like that possible be allowed? I dare you to explain.

    • Is it really that bad? First time I might consider downloading but if it’s that bad I don’t want to waste my time nor bandwidth..

    • I didnt have any problems when i played

    • punkkid120 yes you did, we all have the same console so there’s no way you experienced no issues

    • @ZombieMeat666 I bought Just Cause 3 in a sale a few months ago and I haven’t had any of the problems that people have been moaning about and for you to say that someone has had problems when you don’t know them or have seen them playing it is way out of order. Its almost bordering on “Flaming”… I say you should go back and try playing the game again… have you played it lately? I think not… oh wait I just went and did what you did

    • Zombie, seems plenty of people are saying they have played it and had no issues, or only minor ones.

      Sounds like you need to take better care of your console. OR actually play the game, rather than bleeting claims like all the others who seem to think they know better than the people actually giving their experience.

    • Never had a problem personally. Was really surprised to see all these posts!

  • Just Cause 3 on consoles drops a LOT of frames goes down to 20’s etc very unstable that you have to use PS4 Pro boost mode to make it barely playable, can’t believe they released the game in this state

    Assassin Creed Freedom Cry is terrible….

    Weak month…

    Also you forgot to note Downwell is also cross-buy with PS4

    • Never had massive frame drops on my old standard console, actually been surprised to see all these comments.

  • I honestly don’t know why you consistently shovel out this rubbish for ps3 and vita. It’s embarrassing.

    • I far prefer the PS3 and Vita games over the PS4 ones this month. Downwell and Super Motherload are fun. :)

  • Nice, last 3 months were great. Keep up Sony.

  • terrible month.

  • According to Digital Foundry latest patch of Just Cause 3 made performance even worse! Look it up on YouTube goes around 15fps in alot of cases disgusting

  • How about giving Vita a game that isn’t indie for awhile…

    • I’d really like to see Trails of Cold Steel 2 on plus. It would get interested players to get the first part, too, and I’d get more Trails-goodness. Buuut, won’t happen. At least not until I already bought it.

  • i don’t like this month, bad games.

  • First time I’m genuinely not completely disappointed (besides Puppeteer, which was last-gen)! Just cause 3 is a perfect PS+ fit for me : technically too underwhelming for me to ever buy, but definitely worth a try in general. Already own FC and the rest is shovelware as always.

    As always, as far as I’m concerned, to get some of my respect back and make it feel mutual you’d have to drop or separate online costs from PS+ as is the fair thing to do towards all your customers, not just the PS+ loving segment.

    Secondly, the last-gen support (shovelware) should’ve been dropped ages ago (or at least separated for a stricktly old-gen public, offering PS3 content to actual PS3 players and stricktly PS4 content for PS4). Right now we merely have 2 relevant choices every month, if that got upped to 6 I’m sure it’d combat some of the utter disappointment this money scheming service has wrought on us.

    A loving, but concerned fan.

  • Cool, Just Cause 3! Pretty sure both Super Motherload and Downwell are crossbuy titles, too. Downwell has got great reviews, looking forward to it!

  • Another very good PS+ month. Not played any of those games. Loved Assassin’s Creed 4 due to the ship battles. I hope it’s more of the same for the standalone expansion. As for Just Cause 2 never been a big fan of the series. I did enjoy messing around on the Just Cause 2 map so ill be giving this ago.

  • What annoys me is that because the trash that is JC3 is on we get absolutely terrible PS3 and Vita games. I mean a PS3 game from 2007!!! Seriously? It doesn’t even have any trophies! And anyone who says they didn’t experience issues on JC3 are just lying.

    • Sounds more like you are lying to yourself. Just because you claim to have had a bad experience with the game doesn’t mean other people haven’t been able to play the game without any issues.

      Sounds more like an issue with your console

  • Eww, lame o MS paint games for older consoles. Of all the great games on vita and PS3 you pick games that belong in the 80s/early 90s?

  • For (That’s You)

    we in the Saudi Account didn’t get it in the last month even though it was announced for the eu accounts, so can you please confirm/disconfirm whether it is coming or not to the Saudi Accounts ?

  • Sony can’t win it seems. I was one to yap about he 16 bit looking games but they’re now giving us PS4 games proper and people are still complaining? I don’t know. If they gave us Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Crash Bandicoot Trilogy some people would still complain.

    Thanks Sony for finally moving PS4 towards the type of titles we got on PS3. I have already owned JC3 and Until Dawn but it’s good to see PS+ is finally moving in the right direction on PS4.

    Anyone on PS3 needs to upgrade already. The PS4 is approaching it’s 4th anniversary. If you can’t afford a PS4 then save the money you spend on PS+ and buy PS3 games with it instead, they’re cheap enough now. Vita? We all know Sony gave up on that a long time ago so I did too. Unfortunate, but Sony like doing that and VR looks like it will be getting the same treatment before long.

    • It’s stupid. Now people really are being entitled, whiny babies. I haven’t complained about a lineup in months because they are finally providing good quality games. I think some people are just salty that they are moving away from giving indie games every month, while others feel entitled to only games that score higher than 85 on metacritic and have come out in the last six months. Just look at the votes on the bottom of the article, the majority is happy. It’s just a vocal minority complaining in the comments…

  • And still they moan.

    When there was no Triple A, that was a problem.

    Now we’re getting Triple A, it’s the wrong type of Triple A, or Triple A with a bad rep, or Triple A that they already bought or, you know, Triple A that they just don’t like and feel personally slighted by its very existence because EVERYTHING IS ABOUT ME ME ME WAAAAA WAAAA WAAAAAA ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME I’M IMPORTANT WAA WAAA WAAAA ME MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME.

    I can’t stand co-op games. Last month they gave us Killing Floor 2. GOOD

    I can’t stand sims. In May they gave us Port Royale 3. GOOD.

    I can’t stand mud. In June they gave us WRC. GOOD.

    And why does it not bother me that these games are made available, even though they are not precisely to my taste?

    Simple, really. Because I’m aware that I’m not the only person in the [DELETED] world. 


    Honestly, these entitled little brats simply do not know how good they’ve got it: more games than it is feasible to play, even if all you have is a modest game purchasing budget. Be thankful you were born when you were, tweenies, and not in a time when you’d have to work 20 hours in a fast food joint just to be able to afford one Nintendo cart’ that you’d be stuck with for three months, whether you liked it or not.

    You ungrateful little [DELETED].

    Hare Krishna.  :-)


    • This is so accurate

    • To be fair, I think it’s just a vocal minority that is now complaining. Most people are happy with this lineup and the general increase of AAA games. Personally, don’t care if it’s indie or AAA, I’m just happy about the general improvement in quality of the games released. You have to admit, we have had some really crappy months in the past worth complaining about.

    • The thing is now we will be paying 60€ instead the initial 50€ for the PLUS Membership.

      But hey, everyone got what they wanted, AAA all the way, now you pay harder you pumpkins!

  • Blubberislife710

    Although JC3 is pretty buggy, I appreciate the wider variety of genres.

  • People love to complain about getting free stuff. Never had an issue with JC3, but even if I had, I wouldn’t care because I’m not paying for it.

    • Whats worse is how many people are in utter denial that people have been able to play the game without any problems. They say people are lying, but it sounds more like they are lying to themselves.

  • HOLY F…. I’m blown away!! Think I already own Freedom Cry. Just Cause 3 is a game i will be trying out! Thanks Eric

  • Damn no matter what we get people always find a reason to complain

  • Lol! I know JC3 has some issues, but its worrying how many people are claiming it was unplayable for everyone.

    Pretty sad they cant understand that people will have different experiences, so much they they will lie to themselves about how people couldn’t have a good experience with the game.

  • I don’t have the slightest clue what some of these people are complaining about. I haven’t picked up JC3 in a while because I got distracted by newer releases, but I put quite a few hours into it and experienced nothing but a great time.

  • At first glance it looks good, but then you check and both titles have had an average reception.

    Anytime a AAA title receives a metacritic of around 70% its usually pretty mediocre from my experience.

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